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  1. Frequent urination?
  2. Unusual bacterial infection in the urine??
  3. Been treated over 20 times since Dec. for UTI's
  4. help to end back pain
  5. Im really scared..
  6. White urine
  7. dehydrated
  8. Strange cycle of UTI's and sickness/occassional spleen pain after uti has cleared up
  9. In pain and out of options!
  10. blood and protein in urine
  11. Trouble using catheter
  12. help
  13. Hydrocele that wont go away
  14. sulfameth/trimethoprim800/160tabs
  15. Urgent Urination - What Should I Do?
  16. Severe dehydration every morning
  17. WBC in Urine - No Bacteria
  18. Sodium levels
  19. Bruised penis glans
  20. 10 yr old with burning
  21. meds for uti
  22. can birth control pill cause frequent/urgent urination
  23. Good Urogynaecologist/Urologist
  24. No idea what's going on but want advice!
  25. after turp
  26. human urine
  27. Worried Sick
  28. urine is neon yellow
  29. Bruised Penis glans
  30. I have a problem
  31. how human urine change into yellow
  32. I have chronic reocurring UTI's.
  33. reacuring UTI's
  34. Broken Penis
  35. Daughter has frequent/urgent urination
  36. Black specks in my semen
  37. dorsal slit procedure
  38. how can first urine test be so different from second
  39. Chronic neverending monthly uti,,, help!!!
  40. Blood in urine
  41. Decreasing blood in urine...please help
  42. black speckles in my urine
  43. when i cough really hard i get a cramp in the perineal area
  44. lesion on right ovary
  45. urinate every hour at age 24 years
  46. how to take the smell off my penis
  47. Frequent feeling I need to urinate
  48. 15 yr old male having trouble urinating what could it be
  49. Hydrocile
  50. what is problem when female feels urge to urinate and nothing comes out?
  51. Rt Flank pain
  52. BLADDER PROLAPSE - desperate for advice...
  53. urethroplasty and no self cathing
  54. Blood in urine
  55. Advice please
  56. hey yall a little bit diff. quest.
  57. urethral stricture
  58. TVT weakening?
  59. urethroplasty anyone?
  60. Swollen epididimis
  61. Blood in semen because of aggresive masturbation?
  62. prolapsed urethra
  63. Disgusting issue
  64. Chunks in Urine
  65. how do I stop urination for 12 hours
  66. Cystocopy after Rad Prostatectomy
  67. Does side effects go away?
  68. Post TVT surgery
  69. Help! Shrinking testicles after epididymitis?!?!
  70. penis pain 1yr pst T.U.R.B.t
  71. excess protein in urine
  72. ongoing urinary problems
  73. pseudomosis
  74. urology appointment UK
  75. Urinary pain after workout
  76. Bladder/Urethral Pain
  77. my bladder is smaller than normal how can i make it bigger?
  78. Why is my urine brown and a pain on the left side
  79. Self-catheterising
  80. excessive urination
  81. "Coaptite"?
  82. Help??? Multiple symptoms ...
  83. urinary tract infection, how long to wait to have sex
  84. enlarged prostate prolief procedure
  85. Itchy all over with chronic yeast infections
  86. IC is a systemic yeast infection
  87. can i take pyridium when i'm having an ivp
  88. Whats going to happen at my appointment?
  89. why my pee smell like acid
  90. epithelial cells +++ in urine
  91. My Pelvic Headache: How my UTI turned into a tight, painful muscle issue.
  92. pressure, slight leakage etc-what is this?
  93. why are white blood cells present in urine when the urine culture is negative
  94. what does no 4 indicate in white and red blood cells in a urine sample
  95. burning after ejaculation, but not whilst urinating
  96. antiobiotic hell
  97. Some help please
  98. Urology question
  99. TUIP - please help
  100. tiny vesicles under foreskin
  101. Greenlight laser used to repair scar tissue in ureter - related to kidney stones
  102. urine always smells
  103. what is the colored discharge after a prostrate biopsy?
  104. im urinating 24/7 why?
  105. after urinate few drops of blood
  106. what is blood in micro urine
  107. Culture showing UTI, but no symptoms - do I take an antibiotic?
  108. pseudomosis
  109. Catheter for Life
  110. Urine dribbling
  111. can't I urinate after cathera
  112. uti drugs?
  113. I had surgery 3 weeks ago to repare a 'leakage' problem and now there is blood in my
  114. Why am i still positive for uti after 3 months
  115. Seeking a good Urologist in NJ
  116. how many days after finishing antibotics for uti infection can i get a water test don
  117. Constant UTi and wont clear up
  118. Seeking counsel for a friend . . . Please help
  119. what does it mean when urine sinks to bottom of toilet
  120. Chronic urethritis and penile lesions
  121. Urinay Tract Infection-(from sex) - How long should you wait to have sex again?
  122. my vagina hurts more than just a normal uti what's wrong with me
  123. Phimosis
  124. Pepper Like Particle in Urine
  125. Health issues due to small penis and small testicles
  126. I'm scared for him... please help.
  127. urine total protein
  128. urine/kidney infection? or something else?? Opinions would be helpful :D
  129. odd symptoms 2nd time in 3 month
  130. does taking ibuprofen hurt with having just one kidney?
  131. Wegeners- Looking for Specialist
  132. inflamed urethra
  133. masturbating after laproscopic surgery for varicosele
  134. recovery from urethral diverticulum surgery
  135. female urology exam
  136. urinary problems
  137. Allergic reaction to Sanctura or Elmiron?
  138. varicocele pain location??
  139. urgency to urianate all time.
  140. white discharge from penis when holding urine normal
  141. HOLAP laser
  142. Is there a safer alternative to Toradol (ketorolac)?Also kidney stone?
  143. Horrible pain when urinating
  144. UTI?? Kidney Stone?? Worse?? Help!!
  145. UTI after 3 days antibiotics
  146. masturbation
  147. UTI, how long to clear?
  148. will mri shows ureters
  149. what does it mean when my urine is really yellow
  150. cloudy urine
  151. I have another uti?
  152. Varicocele- Have you had Micro surgery?
  153. cloudy/sweet smelling urine
  154. Burns when I Pee :(
  155. Extravasation of urine into penile shaft
  156. Please help!
  157. Urologists
  158. Dull Pain in left testicle that is radiating to left leg & left kidney.
  159. why does my urine always smell
  160. Penis health
  161. unine
  162. Urine
  163. antibiotics not working for uti
  164. UTI complications
  165. What to do?
  166. 12 UTI Infections in 2008, HELP!
  167. Urinary symptoms--not sure what to think
  168. urinary frequency
  169. Swollen vein on the shaft of my penis?
  170. Stinging when passing urine
  171. does color of human urine mean anything
  172. How do I stop bedwetting?
  173. phimosis options: circumcision, preputial plasty, dorsal slit?
  174. e coli in urine
  175. Microscopic Blood in Urine
  176. Urinating frequently
  177. This Might Be A Strange Question
  178. stuborn uti
  179. Vasectomy and very swollen testicle
  180. Libido good, inability to ejaculate, takes heart meds, frequent urination
  181. Cystocele/rectocele
  182. my son's urologist found scar tissue in his penile fascia
  183. Turp
  184. what does it mean when you pee a lot
  185. urethritis or urethral irritation?
  186. Constant feeling of urinating while drinking alcohol/itchy anus...
  187. Very bad OAB/Incontanace...
  188. Very bad OAB/Incontanace...
  189. vasectomy on an atrophied testicle
  190. need to uranate but can't
  191. Bleeding with a UTI?
  192. foul odor in urine for over a year - no uti!! Huh?
  193. Constant feeling of having to urinate
  194. bubbles in urine
  195. Penis glans nerve damage??
  196. e coli
  197. blood and protein in urine????
  198. Recurrent Hematuria with +2 blood levels
  199. Gotta Go Now-pee Urgency
  200. testicular pain
  201. lower back pain
  202. need help for a uti
  203. prostate enlargement
  204. Pressure when Urinating?
  205. Straddle Injury - Urethral Rupture, long term complications
  206. Abnormalities in the urine
  207. Kidney Stones
  208. vibrating pinus`
  209. blockage in penis
  210. Is trace blood normal in epididymitis?
  211. how do i help someone with a uti
  212. Sudden pain when urinating, visible "stuff"
  213. It hurts
  214. Any woman have these symptoms?
  215. help
  216. why is my pee brown
  217. why grown ups pee at night on bed
  218. why am i so thirsty and have to pee all the time
  219. Sweet Smelling Urine
  220. male with urinary issues
  221. Varicocele
  222. very yellow urine
  223. Ureaplasma, help!!
  224. can anyone help me with what these symtoms sound like?
  225. Did anyone have urinary reflux as a kid?
  226. How much cranberry juice when you have bacteria in the urethra?
  227. why does my doctor want to perform a cystoscopy on me without sedation?
  228. So worried
  229. Help I am peeing to much.
  230. HELP Atrophic Urothelial Mucosa
  231. How long does a person have to use AVODART?
  232. Young Males with Voiding Dysfunction
  233. UTI, kidney pain, ugghh
  234. Female frequent urination- Nothings working
  235. Stricture? Cystoscopy
  236. Blood in urine test, male
  237. Blood in Urine
  238. Kidney stone
  239. lumps on my testicels when i ejactulate
  240. Has this happened to you? Bactrim for UTI.
  241. what causes cloudy urine
  242. Kidney problems
  243. blood filtering thru the kidneys
  244. microscopic blood in urine
  245. how soon can you have sex after a tot surgical procedure
  246. Birth Control cause of cystitis?
  248. what is Bilateral mild hydronephrosis
  249. Night Sweats after kidney stone removal -cystoscopy
  250. NO UTI , what other causes of sensation to urinate