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  1. any tips before I get to see urologist???help!
  2. about to undergo first cystoscopy
  3. Pyridium effect time
  4. What can I do about my peeing at night?
  5. Help! Curing Urethra Stricture
  6. What is causing my daughters urge to pee?
  7. Intermittent frequent urination related to diet?
  8. I've had this achy scrotum for about 4 to 5 years now...
  9. Advise needed ref ache in uretha (please help)
  10. Toddler in Pain. Don't know what to do anymore. Please Help Us!!!
  11. First cystoscopy. So much pain, please help!
  12. Morning Erections and Urination
  13. Help!!!! Can never finish urinating!!!!
  14. Can't hold it
  15. Slight leak before urinating...
  16. rectocele surgery after cystocele surgery
  17. doctor saw abnormal urine test
  18. Multiple Hydoceles?
  19. No idea what's going on...
  20. Trace of blood in urinalysis!
  21. shooting testicle pain and ct scan shows dead area? what???
  22. what cause urination every hour?
  23. Hydrodistention and biopsy
  24. i have pain in my prostate when i urinate
  25. result of cystoscopy
  26. Constant UTI
  27. Urinating large amounts....what could it be?
  28. what does it means when have to urine alot to pain
  29. When should I see a Urologist?
  30. Pain when urinating, and blood
  31. please help
  32. They wont do cystoscopy is you have infection????
  33. Has anyone here done a cystoscopy before? Need advice.
  34. Is it possible to pull your urethra?
  35. Amoxycillin for a UTI?
  36. UTI's and Kidney Stones
  37. White Plastic coming out of vagina from sling support
  38. what is a lot of blood in the urine
  39. having a cystoscopy next week
  40. hematuria + amounts of protein
  41. Can a bladder/kidney infection raise your creatinine levels?
  42. Urination
  43. toddler with a UTI
  44. unable to begin urinating
  45. What+causes+bubbles+in+your+urine%3F
  46. anyone get a cause for their hematuria???
  47. ct is normal why have cystoscopy??
  48. need some advice....
  49. Bloody discharge after TOT surgery
  50. appointment with urologist
  51. what tests do they usually do first??
  52. YEA! Cystoscopy over!! Now Urodynamic, can anyone prepare me?
  53. Surgery scheduled. Not sure what to expect
  54. nocturnal erections
  55. Can someone explain Cystoscopy..I'm starting to get scared
  56. 4 days on trimethoprim, not working!
  57. Can anyone explain these to me?
  58. should I keep the appointment?
  59. Kidney pain constantly
  60. Tami
  61. i have a uti took all my antibiotics but its not going whats wrong
  62. need help
  63. Frequent toilet break..
  64. cystocele and rectocele repair surgery
  65. Penial Fistulas
  66. I have pain when I am finishing urination also I have urgency to go often, what is wr
  67. Possible vasectomy issue
  68. Anyone know what this is?
  69. need to go to the toilet but cant
  70. Self-cathing, just had success!
  71. Urinary Tract Infection.. help!!
  72. Burning and inflammed
  73. pee alot
  74. White blood cells in urine / no culture growth
  75. Kub
  76. what is proctitist
  77. Results from Cystoscopy today.
  78. UTI Question
  79. Cramp in my prostate when I sneeze
  80. 1 kidney- Peeing blood
  81. Frequent Sensation to urinate
  82. Still in pain
  83. what is this test and has anyone had it done?
  84. mystery leakage/bowel pressure.
  85. Urinary track infection--Help
  86. pain in my testicle and abdominal
  87. Testicular/Scrotum Pain
  88. Variococele....embolization again?!?!
  89. Don't know what is going on?
  90. Medication Side Effects?
  91. Catherizing
  92. why is my urine black
  93. Who to see...
  94. what treatment works best if IC Patients
  95. Strange Urine Results.
  96. Anyone Had A Cystoscopy?
  97. kidney pain and urine odor
  98. urine goes upward when my son pees
  99. Advice on self-cath
  100. Whats wrong with me?!!!!
  101. Long-term, MYSTERY frequent urination...help!
  102. Urinary Retention--need some advice
  103. problem with urethra
  104. urethral stricture
  105. Steptococcus species found in culture of urine
  106. Ejaculate With Blood
  107. Prostatitus
  108. Urethral Zaps---Ideas??
  109. Did what I ate cause my enterococcus????????
  110. feels like i need to go to the toliet - urinate when i dont
  111. What Would You Do?
  112. why would my 4 year old have a trace of blood in her urine sample
  113. Ejaculation issue
  114. Lump on my penis
  115. Foam/bubbles
  116. New to this Board---UTI Question
  117. Pain in penis, 24 7
  118. Blood and urine results..what do they mean?
  119. Penis hurts a bit to pee. UTI?
  120. constant sensation of needing to urinate
  121. Any Ideas?
  122. why am i peeing blood
  123. what does bright yellow pee mean?
  124. Blader Sling
  125. How to clean 'bits' from insde a urine bottle?
  126. t v t post op problems
  127. what does a subpubic catheter look like
  128. why urine smells like sulpher
  129. lower right back pain, and bad urine?
  130. Having to keep put catheters in weekly help re hygiene tips
  131. Bladder Pain after Hysterectomy
  132. chronic urinary symptoms??
  133. What could this be?
  134. What type of surgery is this?
  135. can Urethritis or bacteria such as gonnoreah be detected in a simple urine test?
  136. Here we go again...is it an infection or not??
  137. UTI - No Symptoms
  138. new here with a question
  139. Blood in semen
  140. Frequent urination but all test are normal ... what to try next
  141. Elmorin
  142. why would urin be so yellow?
  143. dark urine.
  144. Veins in Scrotum.
  145. scar on penis
  146. Uretha Dilation
  147. urology
  148. How Often Should You Have To Urinate
  149. pimple on testicle
  150. Uroaxatral
  151. Pro Lift Surgery
  152. Testalgia or Orchialgia
  153. gitelman's syndrome anyone???
  154. Urethra throbbing feeling/spasming?
  155. Any ideas what this is?
  156. Bright Red Blood!!!
  157. What can do for myself?
  158. what does it mean to have yellow urine
  159. Bright Red Blood Help
  160. praring(husking) the skin on pennis head
  161. paring(husking) the skin on pennis head
  162. urethral discomfort
  163. Help & advice needed for my husband please
  164. constantly feeling the need to urinate
  165. tingles when I pee and I need to pee a lot
  166. Completley Bloody Urine Sample
  167. finasteride
  168. Infection???
  169. Fishy Odor Coming from Penis Lately.
  170. Chronic Kidney Infections
  171. Frequent Urge To Urinate, Burning in penis
  172. Help Me Please
  173. Nebido
  174. urethral syndrome?
  175. Pain in testicles, maybe more obvious hours and days after ejaculating
  176. what should i expect with a endoscopy?
  177. Lumps in Semen
  178. First UTI still hurts
  179. Sling Surgery
  180. Anyone else here have a foreign object in their kidney(s)? (long)
  181. Prostate Massage
  182. Male voiding problem
  183. "Stage fright" when using the toilet with others.
  184. problems urinating for almost a month...no explanation...???please help!!
  185. First UTI
  186. Had a cystoscopy yesterday...urethrotomy tomorrow.
  187. atypical cytology report
  188. If you blow in the wind, I get a UTI
  189. What could this be from?
  190. Clots in urine, back pain and burning???? HELP
  191. Annoying frequent urination
  192. cystoscopy unnecessary?
  193. OTC treatments for uti??
  194. 4 years old baby,urinary dysfunction
  195. White blood cells and red blood cells...
  196. always get urinary issues after sex why is this??
  197. Kidney Infection?
  198. Uti
  199. TOT sling recovery?
  200. Hey, is testing supposed to hurt this much?
  201. blood in urine, high bp, Urologist stumped!
  202. Urologist stumped!
  203. frequent nightime peeing
  204. Going out of my mind
  205. Not a UTI- what is it?
  206. Testing for Ureaplasma in Canada?
  207. ?'s about son's symptoms!!
  208. testicle ache after masturbation
  209. Trouble urinating??
  210. what could this be?
  211. Anyone Familiar With Vascestomy Problems?
  212. recurring UTIs
  213. Some Advice Or Suggestions Please
  214. epididimytis
  215. permanent self catherization-anyone else?
  216. Discharge while peeing
  217. I urinate every 30min-1hr What is wrong with me?
  218. Prostate!? help!
  219. How long to get results back? average?
  220. Is this a UTI? Urethra spasms and...
  221. Brown spots on pennis's head
  222. prostate biopsy?
  223. Can you really "hold it" too long?
  224. My 15 year old Daughter and I have got Blood and Protein in Urine and i am scared....
  225. Update- had urodynamics today
  226. Varicocele + Pain + Fertility Problems
  227. pain urge to pee
  228. soda causing right side pain?
  229. Strange Urethra Question
  230. prostate massage
  231. uti
  232. Adult Male Wetting the Bed
  233. frequent urination
  234. frequent urination
  235. Urodynamics test has been scheduled
  236. Kidney Cyst
  237. urine dribble
  238. Large blood and protein in urine. other issues as well
  239. glabrata
  240. no sensation to urinate
  241. Right sided pain when uriniating.
  242. why is are urine so yellow?
  243. strong urine odor
  244. At wits end with OAB meds
  245. when i go and pee i have little specks in urine
  246. pyridium + sulfa allergy??
  247. Urination concern
  248. Post Catheter Problems - 6 Weeks Post Surgery
  249. Falling PSA?
  250. Frequent Urination PLEASE HELP

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