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  1. i cant urinate i feel i get to nervious i cant relax
  2. Constant need to urinate, no infection, pain
  3. shortened ureter - growth spurt
  4. TUMT/Microwave LUTS therapy
  5. Pelvic Pressure + Pain won't go away :(
  6. Terrible Strong smelling urine- no infection
  7. Urine trouble
  8. question
  9. Scar Tissue in Urethra.
  10. uretheral sling
  11. kidney problems
  12. enlarged bladder
  13. UTI but Negative Test
  14. Older women: What does the brain have to do with urinary problems?
  15. Urine Seems Hot
  16. Twitch/Spasm In Urethra???
  17. CYSTITIS? Please help
  18. Urethral Strictures: Catherter or Stent
  19. Testicles
  20. constant pain and no answers:(
  21. Mustang73 how do it go
  22. Reddish/Brownish Urine
  23. TURP recovery not going well
  24. buzzing in penis, vibration in penis
  25. Adult Bed Wetting
  26. Penis head sticks to underwear, reddish spot in the opening
  27. Blood & Clots in Urine
  28. Can anxiety cause groin/testicle pain?
  29. Urethral Stricture
  30. Prostate infection, high protein in urine
  31. please can any1 help!!!!
  32. Embarrassed to urinate at work
  33. Pressure in Bladder Help
  34. Time for a TURP?
  35. trace blood, mod. leukocyte
  36. urinary
  37. Please help
  38. Bladder, Possibly Uterus Prolapse
  39. Does this sound like a UTI?
  40. Testes Pain
  41. what size kidney stone is considered large
  42. headed for dropped bladder surgery
  43. Burning while urinating
  44. Confused ?!
  45. Feeling of "having to pee" small but frequent.
  46. Anal Spasms
  47. how big is 6mm kidney stone in cm
  48. I cannot believe this is happening to me again!
  49. what causes pressure in the urethra?
  50. Related to UTI?
  51. Discharge of orgasm and pain while urinating
  52. do nuts cause gall stones?
  53. Recovery after 2nd TURP ?
  54. Kidney Stones - on after another! Please help me!
  55. Pain and bleeding from Penis!
  56. a little achy and I don't know what to do
  57. do kidney stones hurt on lower right side of abdomen
  58. Acute urinary retention - why?
  59. Frequent clear urine..?
  60. penis yeast / infection
  61. Leaking a bit of urine after urination.
  62. Cystoscopy gone bad
  63. I have to pee at least once or twice an hour, what's wrong with me?
  64. Turp
  65. prednizone and IC
  66. Turp recovery question
  67. Why am I urinating so much?? Please help
  68. what causes urine to foam and bubble?
  69. lump on right testicle
  70. painful urination after sex
  71. Worried.
  72. bleeding when passing urine after sex
  73. Polyuria ryhedration question
  74. Peeing Sensation Please Help
  75. urinary pain and alcohol
  76. Bladder
  77. Anyone over stretched their bladder by holding too long
  78. Safer Alternative to Levaquin ??
  79. Please Help !
  80. does the pain go after varicocele embolization
  81. An unknown issue - lots of blood in urine and pelvic pain
  82. It hurts:
  83. Dr. said OAB but meds aren't working. help!
  84. Help please!
  85. white residue in urine
  86. Is it Possible?
  87. Urologist Has The Answers
  88. Over active bladder
  89. Bladder Infections after Self Cath
  90. My wife wants to know why her pee is brown
  91. Urine with what appears to be oily like small circles
  92. Spot on Penis
  93. Healthy Young Male urethral discomfort
  94. Urine test Results
  95. Suggestions from Sufferers
  96. Fed up!
  97. Urethral irritation exacerbated by concentrated urine
  98. I have had botox?
  99. dizzy
  100. BPH How much Dribble?
  101. Turp a success but Scar tissue
  102. New Forydce spots and veins
  103. burning while i urinate
  104. what do I do to stop from urinating so much at night time?
  105. abdominal pain from a bladder that doesn't empty properly
  106. cloudy urine?
  107. IC and starch intolerance - help
  108. Recurrent UTIs and effects on every day life
  109. On and off cystitis symptoms.. no bacteria present
  110. Catheter bypassing...
  111. Bladder Spasms
  112. Frequent urination of large amounts
  113. VCUG procedure. Describe
  114. 6 mil spot
  115. 3 month old has had 3 uti's and two bouts of septicemia - Please help!
  116. Pain Meds Causing Bladder Spasms
  117. cystoscopy
  118. blood fibers in urine
  119. urethrocystoscopy
  120. Frequent UTIs after C-section??
  121. need desperate help w frequent urination
  122. white fatty material in urine
  123. Pee
  124. Uti
  125. doctor`s appointment
  126. Blood
  127. what's the best catheter for a 37 women with atonic bladder
  128. Kidney stone-large
  129. Help
  130. bilateral hydro nephrosis
  131. urinary tract infection symptoms without the infection
  132. i've got a urine stone in my kidney,so what should i do
  133. Lumps / swelling after surgery
  134. Whats Wrong with Me?
  135. urethreal stricture
  136. Need your advices please, very scared.
  137. How do I stop urinating
  138. What is considered a large kidney stone
  139. frequent urination
  140. very frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs)
  141. Green urine and severe back pain
  142. hematuria in blood
  143. How do you know if you have took too much Ditropan?
  144. prickling sensation
  145. Constant 'need' to go to the bathroom.
  146. Can RSD be a cause of pelvic/bladder pain?
  147. grains in semen
  148. So ive heard Lithium...yeah...
  149. seeking alternative treatment ideas
  150. Urethral Stricture, is it back? Do I need to go to the Doc?
  151. urine leakage
  152. how do I empty my bladder?
  153. Rectocele and Cystocele Repair, Bladder Sling, Hysterecomy...scared!
  154. Cut vein on underside of penis
  155. Varicocel Surgery, aesthetic outcome?
  156. Smelly urine (acetone), fatigue, headaches...
  157. Muscle spasms n bladder probs
  158. Feeling like I can't get it all out when I pee
  159. Prosta-Q
  160. Burnind ater ejaculation
  161. HELP!!! Kidney Infection
  162. bilateral orchiectomy
  163. Kidney Infection and Fever
  164. Questions about 4mm kidney stone
  165. Urinary Burning - Virgin
  166. Any Particular Reason Why This Is Happening
  167. have to pee every 5min, no sleep since 1995!
  168. stress incontinence and overactive bladder need help!!
  169. Pancreas, Liver, Intestines??
  170. What to take/Bladder...
  171. Catheter hurts?
  172. Somebody please help - uti question?
  173. cystoscopy test scared and was wondering what to expect
  174. first UTI -- not sure..
  175. Ejaculation pain plus clumps in semen
  176. Over Active Bladder
  177. Need Info on Ben Ong
  178. I take control
  179. TVT: Tension free vaginal tape/ sling procedure
  180. Ureter stenosis
  181. Bruised bladder from GYN exam
  182. Frequent Urination
  183. should i get second opinion?
  184. 9 yr. old with one kidney, disfuncional bladded, Mitrofinoff & fear of H1N1- PLZ HELP
  185. Post Tvt sling question
  186. `Have no idea what it is`.
  187. UTI on SMZ Antibiotic
  188. ongoing urinary problems
  189. Frequent urinating Problem
  190. health procedure
  191. Dr said no UTI so What is going on?
  192. Ureter Reimplantation
  193. my sister has institial cystitus and is making it worse
  194. Sacral neurostimulator
  195. Nocturia?
  196. Bladder infection...anyone?
  197. urodynamic procedure getting done
  198. red urethra/kidney stone/some prostate discomfort
  199. blood and leukocytes but no growth on Urinalysis
  200. symptom of frequent urinating when stomach is empty
  201. overactive bladder
  202. TVT surgery? Tape
  203. birth control and UTI's
  204. Ileal ureter
  205. Bladder discomfort/pain?
  206. Bilirubin in urine?
  207. Recurrent Utis
  208. urinary tract infection or more?
  209. Help me solve my mystery problem
  210. What is wrong with me? :(
  211. Bladder problems
  212. Undiagnosed Condition- Please help
  213. need help
  214. Newly diagnosed with IC - i think
  215. Frequent urination that doesn't want to go away...
  216. urine sensation
  217. Chronic Constipation and Overactive Bladder
  218. Overactive bladder + chronic constipation, help!!
  219. prostrate problems
  220. I have to have a microscope threaded up to my bladder? Yikes!
  221. my penis cracked
  222. After masturbation this happen
  223. Testicle Pain
  224. Difficulty urinating
  225. first visit with urologist - can anyone tell me what to expect?
  226. Pain in testicle
  227. constant recurrent urinary infections (honeymoon cystitis?)
  228. Urethral Stricture Buccal Mucosa Graft Surgery
  229. Buccal Mucosa Graft
  230. sex after rectocele and cystocele and hystorectomy
  231. Not emptying bladder completely?
  232. long term antibiotic?
  233. Frequent Unrianation / cramping in kidney area
  234. haveing urethroplasty in sept any advice/tips to prepair fo it
  235. Exercises for bladder/urine problem?
  236. Urgent Urination
  237. kidneys hurt when peeing
  238. prostate/urethra issues
  239. occasional spotting 10 weeks after cystocele surgery cystocele surge
  240. A Name For This
  241. FISH urine test- how long before results?
  242. TURP went well
  243. Really Frightened... Need help
  244. Can I get rid of a UTI without antibiotics?
  245. Constent bladder pressure with negitive urinary tract infection?
  246. Indwelling urethral catheter tips
  247. Constent bladder pressure with negitive urinary tract infection?
  248. Unexplained urological problem in 23 year old male
  249. need a urologiss doing bladder trigger point injections in mo.
  250. 2mos,bloody urine,back pain,dark urine-No answers-help

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