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  1. So mean
  2. I'm at peace and so is he
  3. Better day, hopefully better night
  4. What a day
  5. I am so confused...
  6. In-home care: company or individual?
  7. The end is near
  8. Nuerologist at this point?
  9. Changes in the house maybe not such a good idea
  10. Family Issues!! Why do they create more problems.
  11. I give up
  12. Torn up
  13. Arachnoid Cyst
  14. It's been a long weekend
  15. Another doc appt
  16. Mother's Day & B'day Presents...
  17. Flurizan- Alert, Alert
  18. Starting bank account for Mom
  19. Medicaid Application Process/documents
  20. Seems like Mom has had a fairly good day today
  21. New to the boards and looking for help
  22. Goodbye for now
  23. Sectioned under the mental health act
  24. My DH is home
  25. New here, and scared for my Mom
  26. Thrift Store
  27. hi - new here & starting with a bad "Mom" day
  28. I'm so sad
  29. Contacted ALZ Asso.
  30. I lost my dear mother in law last month to this horrible disease!
  31. Seroquel/Guardianship
  32. How do I know what "stage" he's in?
  33. letter from doctor
  34. Mom sleeps 12-14 hours per day
  35. My Rose-Colored Glasses
  36. Husband diagnosed at 52
  37. ALZ and depression
  38. Mom is stable for now...
  39. moms incomptent
  40. update on my nana
  41. Worried and long distance!!
  42. Bathroom issues traveling with Mom
  43. Neighbour driving us crazy
  44. Wandering Event
  45. Don't Know What to Do About My Mom
  46. Don't Know What to Do About My Mom
  47. Can an elderly patient with Alzheimers give up?
  48. Avoiding putting Mom in a nursing home
  49. anyone been thru this & have suggestions?
  50. Lost and sad
  51. No end in sight........
  52. Early possible symptom
  53. Altzheimer's Support Group in Perth Australia.
  54. Power of attorney question
  55. from the 7 stages sticky
  56. Help! Need to know if Alzhemiers affects walking
  57. Had an altercation with mom...
  58. Gotta ove in when your family turns on you
  59. pneumonia....fever....
  60. Tremors?
  61. Alzheimer's Prevention
  62. not necessarily alzheimer's disease but..
  63. medication against Alzheimer
  64. mom came for visit
  65. New With Questions
  66. Independence Questions
  67. Alzheimer Support Groups...
  68. Parkinson med for treating alzheimer
  69. need help
  70. My Mother's Stage 6
  71. Mom apologized to me....
  72. after AD and the grief process
  73. Rapid decline
  74. Planning for when Mom moves in to our house/her stuff
  75. Financial Help for Caregivers -- ??
  76. patient assistance program for razadyne?
  77. After diagnosis: Family uncertain about calling/talking to MOM
  78. What Is Right To Say To Someone With Alzheimers?
  79. Stage 6 to Stage 7
  80. Another appointment with doc
  81. Trouble with NH already
  82. Pantyhose
  83. 5 Years after Diagnosis - Update
  84. The day Mom disappeared
  85. Too good to be true??
  86. Mom's coworkers retirement party for MOM question
  87. Painting moms townhome...
  88. Is this a crazy thought? RE: AL OR NH
  89. Been a while since Ive posted here
  90. What's wrong with my Mom?
  91. Power of attorney question
  92. New to this board
  93. How does one find a companion or housekeeper?
  94. Mom's car
  95. UTI...why is this so common in the elderly?
  96. What the stroke did to my mom
  97. Fed up with mom's doc.
  98. Mom Sleeps all the time - doesn't want to eat
  99. nursing home
  100. A companion for MOM
  101. She wants to go home....
  102. dementia patient taking avelox hallucinating
  103. Mom diagnosed at 65; put on Aricept
  104. Well, I finally made the decision...
  105. Wife Diagnosed at 48
  106. Desperately need advice....
  107. Why do I think there's a chance she could go back to the ALF?
  108. Update on mom (stroke)
  109. Mum not good
  110. Family meeting
  111. Need some advice for grandmother....
  112. All she does is sleep...
  113. question?
  114. Does your AD loved one have mood swings and get hateful?
  115. dementia and anthesia
  116. My mom in hospital too - stroke
  117. Mum is in hospital
  118. Fewer cases of Alzheimer compared to 2002
  119. Welcome to Planet Alzheimer's
  120. Change in medications
  121. Not bathing, sleeping in clothes
  122. Updates on - "Issues with family because of dad's AD"
  123. Mom is in the hospital....and now violent!!
  124. Who to see?
  125. Very concerned About my father and the use of sedatives in care homes
  126. Not Coping.....
  127. New development..... wondering
  128. Looking for answers
  129. what am i dealing with?
  130. From 'you're not my daughter' to this?
  131. My heart is breaking
  132. Mom said "you are not my daughter"
  133. Approximate amount of time for stages?
  134. Issues with family because of dad's AD
  135. Nursing Home Troubles
  136. Why is she always asleep?
  137. I'm new here and desperate
  138. Hello from Australia
  139. new, frustrated, UGHH
  140. Link Between Alzheimer's and Statin Drugs
  141. Financial question for those caring for parent in the home
  142. Hi everyone from LuvMyLilDoggie
  143. I never knew Gram could Play the piano??
  144. Attn: Ibake&pray
  145. Mom Has End Stage Dementia
  146. Antipsychotic drugs again
  147. Heavy Metals And Dementia
  148. asking for help any suggestions
  149. Dad has FTD and I'm going crazy!!!
  150. new here
  151. what would happen if alzheimer was left untreated
  152. The heartbreak of this disease.
  153. New here but not to ALZ
  154. Attn: Oretha
  155. Carer Burnout
  156. Hi, new here, needing to vent and need advise.
  157. For ginastanford
  158. Update on my mom - please advise
  159. Mom's A Wanderer
  160. Enbrel, Anyone?
  161. So, I'm frustrated.
  162. Dementia and forteo
  163. Worried about Mum in Law
  164. Going to visit Mom
  165. Caregiver Agreement?
  166. My twin
  167. Transition from AL to NH
  168. Alzheimers and behaviour patterns
  169. Elexon and other meds- info. please
  170. Possible breakthrough in AD treatment?
  171. Worried about becoming wtihdrawn
  172. future alzheimers dx by MRI ?
  173. Home Health Care and financial advice
  174. Wandering, hallucinations
  175. Good Riddance 2007
  176. Need some advice - family history of Alzheimer's
  177. Caretaker for gramie:-(
  178. I've just decided what issue I'm voting on (U.S. healthcare rant)
  179. Farewell for now
  180. Truth vs sanity
  181. Grandmother has Alzheimer's
  182. Drug-induced Dementia
  183. Mother has Alzheimer's and cancer
  184. Nursing Home
  185. anger with visitors -
  186. Mom is at peace now.
  187. Sources of information on part time/full time home care?
  188. Pretty sure this is early stages of Alzheimer's, what do you think?
  189. He took away the life insurance policy
  190. Is loss of leg function considered a part of Alzheimer's?
  191. Mom is sick
  192. Holiday wishes to all
  193. Pink roses......
  194. Good wishes & an update on dad
  195. What is the difference between Dementia and Alzheimers
  196. hearing hammering
  197. Terrible Rage
  198. my dad passed away
  199. Unrelenting screaming
  200. I Need Some Answers
  201. Home Care - When is it needed?
  202. oh dear, its christmas.
  203. Possible Alzheimer's
  204. my dad's stages, and symptoms are different
  205. what respirdol does
  206. When it rains....
  207. new here, hope everyones experiences can answer my concern
  208. Powerful, yet simple natural antioxidant, DMSO
  209. Sundown effect
  210. galantamine
  211. Moving dad out of state?
  212. Not in a holday mood
  213. Realizing I may have multi-infarct dementia in my future
  214. Ad Type 3 Diabetes. Must Read!
  215. visit and phone call
  216. Mom's Journey has ended
  217. How many of you are shouldering this alone?
  218. need some more advice, please
  219. Visit/Update with Mom
  220. Mom's battle is finished..
  221. yet another AD victim
  222. Need Your Advice/MIL Alzheimers?
  223. Happy Thanksgiving!!!
  224. end stage dementia
  225. Update: can't swallow
  226. Not Ready to Die
  227. Advice Needed...LTC Nurse will do interview soon...
  228. I think I have Angels around me...
  229. My grandfather
  230. Grace: Caring for dementia
  231. I'm frustrated & confused, can u help?
  232. Mom visiting her "real home"...
  233. I'm thinking of volunteering
  234. Emergency Care
  235. How Often to Visit Mom at Assisted Living?
  236. Checking in after quite a few months
  237. Some good news....
  238. Grandma just diagnosed
  239. Financial Question re: Care
  240. No diagnosis yet but hiding symtoms
  241. Face Rubbing Habits
  242. can't walk
  243. Assisted Living vs In-Home Care...thoughts anyone?
  244. feeling helpless and distressed - please help
  245. Hoarding and family denial
  246. what are the final stages of demntia signs
  247. Another update on dad
  248. Excelon patch
  249. How do tell FIL he needs to be in a home.
  250. Watching a Guy who has dementia, doesn't seem to fit the stages

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