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  1. Late Stage PT or Massage?
  2. Long overdue howdy
  3. masturbation and dementia
  4. What is still always the same.
  5. one on one caregiver
  6. Mother-in-law keeps telling lies--dementia?
  7. Dabigatran and dementia
  8. alzheimers spouse
  9. My father has early onset alzheimer's
  10. shingles
  11. Thinking of you
  12. How close is death?
  13. Ready for Nursing home level of care ?
  14. Incontinence
  15. From Independent Living to Locked Ward in 12 weeks
  16. Durable Power of Attorney?
  17. 87 years old, question about my mother!
  18. new granddaughter
  19. Hearing
  20. Stages of Multi-Infarct Dementia?
  21. Mom thinks Dad has a girlfriend
  22. Symptoms of possible early onset
  23. More problems
  24. Mom in hospital with UTI infection
  25. Just needing support
  26. Help me help him!
  27. 2 years tomorrow
  28. replacement social security card
  29. Need Help Interp. MRI reults please!
  30. My heart is breaking for my Mom
  31. Hello everyone need some more advice
  32. wandered away
  33. Moving Mom into an assisted living facility
  34. Just a youngster !
  35. Walking
  36. Alzheimer's or ADD? Please Help?
  37. Nobody will listen
  38. here again 2nd time around
  39. Vacation
  40. I have prepared a letter for my mother's Doctor.
  41. Dad talking bad about Mom, not true!!!
  42. Board and care does not want mom back!
  43. Advise to tell Dad on lost camper<doesn't have>
  44. New here after reading back posts for days
  45. Question for you
  46. Difficult Mother
  47. Does my mom need a photo id if she goes into the hospital?
  48. Mom wandered out of locked wing 4x in 6 months
  49. Need to get a State photo id without ss card or other photo id
  50. leaving a nursing home?
  51. Questions
  52. Update on Namenda and Mom's progress
  53. What's always the same!
  54. How to deal with Alzheimer's
  55. My Second Post - Mother Update
  56. post stroke seizure again!
  57. question
  58. Bad mothers day in ER
  59. Quandary ??
  60. Wheelchair or Walker aid?
  61. mothers day
  62. Thanks for Encouragement
  63. The ER
  64. Thanks to all for the support--things are better!
  65. Can dementia be slowed down?
  66. when to start the wheelchair?
  67. visited
  68. AD Research Done Linking It To Nitrates and Nitrites?
  69. Mom Coughing
  70. Refusing to eat/take medication?!
  71. Resuscitation of elderly
  72. Axona and alternatives
  73. Suspected Early Stages of Dementia: Mom
  74. father in nursing home but still needs sitters
  75. I'm Back
  76. understanding dementia
  77. Hi! I'm new here.
  78. Moved MIL to Alz unit but....
  79. Same old stuff
  80. What's new and different...
  81. Magnesium to help with Memory?
  82. Need advice, no diagnosis for dad
  83. New care home adjustment
  84. Huntington's Disease
  85. things are getting better - keeping everyone updated
  86. New to board and taking care of Grandma
  87. Naminda study
  88. Moved Dad into Assisted Living/Dementia unit and he's out of control!
  89. New here and overwhelmed
  90. Making the move to the Alz unit...
  91. New to this...Dad has dementia...
  92. Complex family situation
  93. Urinary tract infection and aggressive behavior?
  94. New member father has demenita
  95. Dad Passed
  96. Took mom to the neurologist
  97. question about alzheimers
  98. moms birthday
  99. Stuff
  100. Maybe another TIA??
  101. Mom's rate of decline
  102. Two years later...
  103. I'm back. I think.
  104. Melatonin and Alzheimer's
  105. 96 year old mother
  106. Alzheimer's Prevention or Control
  107. Mother in Law is in Need of care
  108. Lewy Body Dementia
  109. Need counciling?
  110. Time for a nursing home?
  111. First post...my mom...my dad and AD
  112. Step-grandfather just passed.....
  113. New here--Mom's in last stages of dementia
  114. Nervous agitation in dementia
  115. Expectation
  116. Alzheimer's and statin link
  117. Why am I Here
  118. Testing
  119. Exelon patch, Lorazapam and transderm patch for vertigo..help
  120. Hey
  121. AZ mother-in law just lost husband...help.
  122. Mom back in hospital
  123. Dementia and paranoia
  124. decline
  125. Seizure 3 months after stroke
  126. Runny Nose/Post Nasal Drip Caused by Namenda?
  127. Dad's disease--alzheimer's, stage 5-6
  128. Pureed Food
  129. Visiting Mom in Care Centre
  130. Odds and Ends and Ups and Downs
  131. One year anniversary
  132. Thanks to our friends
  133. Can I be Helped?
  134. My Mom's Medicine
  135. News about your risk for Alzheimer's
  136. My mom
  137. Mum is changing rapidly!
  138. Please help me help my Mom
  139. Alzheimer's Disease and Surgery and Meds
  140. Leaving Care Centre to go Home
  141. Pulmonary Stenosis
  142. Incontinence issues
  143. Need Some Advice
  144. Subcortical dementia
  145. Moving long distance w ALZ
  146. The Procedure in UK for Dementia Patients From Home to a Care Home
  147. Interesting visit
  148. Mom is getting worse!
  149. I'm a bit disturbed by this
  150. My Les has passed away
  151. I think I am going to cry tears of joy........?
  152. Update!
  153. Hang in there
  154. here we go again
  155. Visit tomorrow
  156. Say a prayer.........I am getting mom a companion..........
  157. mrsa in the urine
  158. Update on mom..........himmylover.........
  159. How the Heck am I to get my handicapped ......
  160. OMG - Adult content - Sex drive?
  161. questions please?????
  162. ONCE AGAIN I try to help........and
  163. Coconut Oil as a treatment
  164. Not a good morning at all.....mom has me really worried...........again.
  165. Mom acting strange after stroke
  166. update on Les
  167. Can anyone get me some advise? PLEASE
  168. OK, it may be Aide & Assistance?
  169. My dad was a veterian..........VA
  170. How do I do a backgroud check on somone I might consider hiring to help mom out?
  171. Mom brought this up?????? She is scared.
  172. Not looking so good on my end.
  173. OK, I am too young to retire, however...
  174. Lorazapam, and question about mom.......
  175. The lawyer said........I would have to ...
  176. Need an answer quick.........again....love you all.
  177. Some days are harder than others
  178. So much has happened!
  179. New research... HSV1 cause AD?
  180. Ladies and Gentlemen........I just wrote.
  181. My Mom and her WILL.........help?
  182. Help please
  183. I am back and have tried to be strong..but.
  184. Dementia - Problems with Pill Giving
  185. Adaptation
  186. What can I mix niacinamide with that won't damage it?
  187. Don't Say Hi! Say Hi, Mom!
  188. Swollen ankles post stroke
  189. Confronting a Family Member about their symptoms
  190. Long time, but back
  191. Language and Alzheimer
  192. Early detection?
  193. My dad is gone
  194. Need some advice
  195. The family and friends
  196. Please help - language issues
  197. Mom is now on Hospice!
  198. Puzzling rapid decline
  199. New to all of this!
  200. what am i going to do?
  201. What to Say!
  202. fucoidan and dementia
  203. A new phase or the beginning of the end..who knows.
  204. Mom is one week one of ......
  205. Update!
  206. Himmylover here......new issue and VERY WORRIED.
  207. move to new nursing home
  208. Mom has sore throat and mouth
  209. Thanks K.
  210. How Much Time...
  211. So Happy, No 'dementia' attacks
  212. What Is Next
  213. Family support for resident in Asst Liv.
  214. New to the Website and needing advice and help
  215. MRSA ...
  216. New Here, has 85 yo dad living with us with stage 3 dementia
  217. three years
  218. Dementia very stubborn
  219. Post hospital infection
  220. Well.....mom did not even call to wish me.
  221. Does your family....?
  222. Does anyone know of someone to volunteer.........
  223. Still playing catch up
  224. Sunbelle - Chris
  225. Dealing with Grandmother's severe dementia
  226. Deceased Dad was Veteran... any benefits for mom?
  227. Don't know what to do...
  228. Scabies
  229. Help ladies and gentleman... Himmy here.
  230. Worried
  231. Nursing Home Problem
  232. Parents in same care home
  233. Advice Needed -- Possible Alzhiemer's
  234. What is the diffference between?
  235. How can one detect amyloid fibrils in urine?..Congo red?
  236. Outside family asking ?? About Mom.......
  237. looking for letter telling Mom she is moving out of my home
  238. what is the average life-expectancy
  239. Multi Infarct Dementia vs. Alz
  240. your experiences please
  241. Update
  242. Please can anyone out there respond to this query?
  243. Alzheimer mom refuses to bathe
  244. What do i say?
  245. I need some advice
  246. Hi all, I am just touching base .......Mom does not like me...and it hurts so bad!
  247. Charges for LTC
  248. Eating
  249. Vitamin IV's
  250. Dad's suffering is over

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