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  1. Dementia and help available
  2. Swearing and hallucinating
  3. New to board
  4. Strangers
  5. vascular dementia + parkinison's
  6. What's new with you?
  7. My Dad was just diagnosed
  8. Is this a good idea?
  9. Doctor's Visits cause MAJOR anxiety
  10. Dad with dementia. Will he get worse as time goes on?
  11. Dementia Patients and signs to look out for
  12. Hitting Head
  13. What to do? My mother really took a turn for the worse.
  14. Family trip
  15. Trying to understand what's going on with my Grandmother
  16. Does Alzheimer's Skip A Generation?
  17. Moving Mom with Alzheimers to Assisted Living
  18. Thank you
  19. New Friend
  20. Dementia- what kind?
  21. What Do I do... Rena post? here's a helpful suggestion
  22. Testing for Alzheimers?
  23. Just Wondering
  24. Mom said she doesn't want to see me again
  25. Dont know what to do anymore
  26. What differece between Alzheimer and Dementia?
  27. Dementia (adult day care)
  28. The latest from TC
  29. Mother In Law granted eternal peace, rest
  30. progressing rapidly
  31. Just Doesn't want to Eat
  32. Beginning Signs of Alzheimer and Depressed
  33. Five weeks later..
  34. Marypar here again re: Hospital to NH and meds
  35. brother in law passed away
  36. Now that time as passed . . . here's what happens to some caregivers
  37. Tips on Transition to Nursing Home
  38. 7 Stages of Alzheimer
  39. Husband 45 yrs old forgetting all of the sudden....
  40. Hello
  41. Nursing home blues
  42. Finding a permanent home
  43. Nursing Home
  44. Need help in dealing with siblings at end of Dad's life
  45. Does Namenda or Exelon cause loss of personality?
  46. NH to hospital, NH to hospital.....
  47. Steps in getting help for your parent or spouse
  48. URGENT - Father with dementia charged with assault!
  49. Does SVD cause Dementia?
  50. HELP!! and I'm new to this message board
  51. Happy Canada Day!!!
  52. Looking for Support and maybe a towel
  53. Is it early-onset dementia, or something else?
  54. research
  55. Thinking of you all
  56. Have you heard of low B-12 in AD patients?
  57. Care meeting today - Entering Late Stage
  58. In Hospital
  59. Need advice on handling my aunt in regards to my mom w/dementia
  60. I think this is interesting
  61. 4 years into facility care
  62. Outings for woman with dementia
  63. Memory
  64. Update from marypar - haven't posted in a while
  65. fathers day
  66. Should we have chosen an ALZ unit instead of AL unit?
  67. Dr's Appointment
  68. Do they forget how to walk? Comments please
  69. How to deal with the guilt?
  70. Good Morning
  71. Is it Time?
  72. Need Info Please
  73. Trying something new
  74. I'm POA from my AUNT with Dementia who is in a Facility and DEFECATING ON HER BED !
  75. Help my mom please
  76. her final visit
  77. it was a year june 5th
  78. Nursing Home Vs. Home Care
  79. Supportive Community
  80. "Good" friend is just making this all worse
  81. How do we know when death is near?
  82. peaceful weekend
  83. "Baxter drug shows promise in slowing Alzheimer's disease"
  84. Dementia and Antibotics
  85. Phone Call
  86. Towels
  87. genetic testing for alzheimers
  88. Today's Visit
  89. how long death and not eating
  90. To Tell or Not to Tell???
  91. This question is about my husband and me
  92. Aargh!!!!!!!!!!!!
  93. Mom's 1st Birthday in Heaven
  94. Parents going into assisted living tomorrow
  95. Caregivers are 6 times more likely to get AD
  96. Visiting Mom In Hospital
  97. Update on my DSD
  98. B-12 Shots and other goings on.
  99. Granddad with Alzheimer's and a frustrated Granny
  100. A very nice visit today but very sad
  101. In Hospital Going to "A Home"
  102. Hospital to Assisted Living or Long Term Care
  103. What would you think?
  104. Has anyone had a genetic test for Alzheimer's?
  105. Help with bathing
  106. Primary progressive aphasia
  107. Over reacting or a new nursing home - Need advice
  108. bleeding
  109. Please help
  110. Changes in mom
  111. The dread of Mother's Day
  112. mothers day
  113. Dad with Alz denies mom is dying, but may see it happen soon.
  114. I was being too optimistic......
  115. My mother is in the hospital
  116. reminyl er 8mg
  117. Alzheimer's: two at a time?
  118. Update: MIL is hospitilized and in critical condition
  119. My Grandfather is getting progressively worse...
  120. Dealing with dementia
  121. just wanted to share a 'good' story
  122. Hospitalized
  123. Freed from her prison
  124. Very worrying phone call.
  125. Mom needs to go in NH, family is giving us a guilt trip!
  126. my husband
  127. Alzheimer's or depression?
  128. Not too much longer
  129. Update: It's not hydrocephalis
  130. Home Care
  131. If this happened, what would you do??
  132. Mom doing better in some ways
  133. I'm a very good liar...but the others are not
  134. What to say about dead relatives (lie or tell the truth)?
  135. What to Do!?
  136. Difficult Situation
  137. My dad
  138. A new unexpected twist
  139. Dad wants to come home
  140. The public library is a geat resource
  141. Do you have a sense of smell?
  142. Mom is digging at her skin, looking for advice
  143. Seventh Inning Stretch
  144. I think I'm losing it
  145. What to ask in the nursing home? How to choose it?
  146. Grocery Shopping
  147. To The Caregivers: Thank You
  148. I am tangled in the threads!
  149. help for my mom
  150. Effectiveness of medicines
  151. Siblings are useless!
  152. Mom is getting worse
  153. Beginning to clean out the house
  154. Is there such a thing as AD prevention?
  155. The time element of this is dawning on me...
  156. Dropping in to say hi.
  157. Caregiving is 24/7/365 -- There's no holidays off, little if any vacation
  158. Another Day in the Life of Alzheimers and Dementia
  159. Police found my Dad today
  160. Memorial
  161. The Hartford - Alzheimer, Dementia and Driving
  162. my moms birthday and a funeral today
  163. Hi all.......Donna (Himmylover) here.
  164. Thank you for all your advice
  165. The baby is here!
  166. humming and repetition
  167. can anyone give some advice
  168. long term care insurance
  169. Hi All,,,,,,,,,,,,Just wanted to say HI to my Sisters!
  170. Can a person have hydrocephalis AND dementia?
  171. Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus and Dementia????OMG!
  172. Appt w/Dr. today - Abnormal amount of water on/in brain? What's this?
  173. Money for groceries and miscellaneous
  174. Himmylover.........
  175. My Friend's Sister
  176. Update on nursing home and questions
  177. It is me.....Himmy.......hi all.
  178. Now my mom has alzheimers
  179. Psych thinks MIL had a stroke
  180. Post stroke news
  181. What a difference a day makes..
  182. Not sure what to do
  183. Newbie - What is happening?
  184. Severe Caregiver Burnout and Guilt Over Leaving Soon
  185. Mom rehab/then permanent in NH
  186. Money, Money, Money
  187. Spring forward
  188. The aftermath
  189. Back in Skilled Nursing
  190. How long does it take until they stop wanting to come home?
  191. So Sad
  192. My mother's Doctor Called today
  193. Nursing home concerns
  194. Good news - mom in nursing home
  195. Ok, I am back from neuro with my mom.....
  196. Really Upset and Need Info
  197. Driving
  198. Hi all, sorry it has been a while.....say a prayer...
  199. nursing home questions - very nervous
  200. Dad is having a few bad days
  201. New to group-- Questions about my Grandfather
  202. Don't know what to do for mom
  203. Dad went home this morning
  204. I feel guilty for ......
  205. Why rehab for alzheimer's?
  206. Kicked out of day care
  207. Mom in hospital - hope you remember me.
  208. Grief
  209. Delusions?
  210. Experiences with aricept?
  211. Dad's decline
  212. My mother needs long term care.
  213. taking care of Mother in Law
  214. The ER today
  215. Mother+pull-ups
  216. It is now officially AD
  217. I Think I'm Losing It............
  218. Concerned about GI system
  219. Rant Time
  220. MIL is asking us to increase her medication.
  221. I have a question about timing how I get my ducks in a row!
  222. Can't do enough and feeling guilty
  223. It's Only Week 3, But ...
  224. Hanging in there one day at a time
  225. New Dr.
  226. Is this a "normal progression of the disease"?
  227. Today - February 15th
  228. Too much to handle
  229. Happy Valentine's Day to me--NOT
  230. Trying to Understand
  231. Mom fell
  232. Memory
  233. FIL trying to make amends
  234. Medication interactions with ALA
  235. New to board..Need help
  236. I'm still here...
  237. DNR Opinion
  238. Aggressive behavior in a NH?
  239. Any second
  240. Dementia: do they go back to childhood? and other stuff my MIL does...
  241. My first post........heartache
  242. Just read a report that b/p may be the link to dementia.
  243. It's me Janie
  244. Laundry, Odor, and Other Tips for Caregivers
  245. Alzheimer attack on a loving Husband
  246. The best incontinent diapers
  247. How to deal with MIL's friends?
  248. When it rains it pours
  249. My Mom..Dementia
  250. diagnosed and depressed

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