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  1. My mother needs long term care.
  2. taking care of Mother in Law
  3. The ER today
  4. Mother+pull-ups
  5. It is now officially AD
  6. I Think I'm Losing It............
  7. Concerned about GI system
  8. Rant Time
  9. MIL is asking us to increase her medication.
  10. I have a question about timing how I get my ducks in a row!
  11. Can't do enough and feeling guilty
  12. It's Only Week 3, But ...
  13. Hanging in there one day at a time
  14. New Dr.
  15. Is this a "normal progression of the disease"?
  16. Today - February 15th
  17. Too much to handle
  18. Happy Valentine's Day to me--NOT
  19. Trying to Understand
  20. Mom fell
  21. Memory
  22. FIL trying to make amends
  23. Medication interactions with ALA
  24. New to board..Need help
  25. I'm still here...
  26. DNR Opinion
  27. Aggressive behavior in a NH?
  28. Any second
  29. Dementia: do they go back to childhood? and other stuff my MIL does...
  30. My first post........heartache
  31. Just read a report that b/p may be the link to dementia.
  32. It's me Janie
  33. Laundry, Odor, and Other Tips for Caregivers
  34. Alzheimer attack on a loving Husband
  35. The best incontinent diapers
  36. How to deal with MIL's friends?
  37. When it rains it pours
  38. My Mom..Dementia
  39. diagnosed and depressed
  40. The falls continue
  41. Its Over
  42. How can I calm husband so he will go to bed?
  43. Questions
  44. Positive update on Mom since August
  45. Thinking of this Board Today
  46. Bed sore question
  47. Temper and anger
  48. another day another issue
  49. New and looking for advice to help with Mom
  50. My poor granny
  51. The letter I want to write to my parent's church
  52. New here and need advice and hugs *s*
  53. Bank Accounts and Bills
  54. The off switch is gone
  55. New member...glad to be here
  56. quick question
  57. Prescription Food / and or Coconut Oil
  58. "Mental Tests" at docs??
  59. Top 10 Do and Don't List for Caring for Caregivers
  60. American Idol
  61. okay I know its not dementia but I need my buddies
  62. Your thoughts as a caregiver
  63. Total hip replacemnt in mid stage Alzheimers
  64. Newbie to this forum
  65. I think my mom has this, and she is leaving me away........
  66. My first post
  67. We're moving mom to AL
  68. birthday blues
  69. Experiencing the last stage
  70. do i agree or do i correct
  71. Weight loss
  72. Their mind is so mixed up
  73. When and how to tell MIL we will be placing her
  74. New & seeking advice
  75. Afraid of dark?
  76. Mini Mental S. E. question
  77. New caregiver with lotsa questions
  78. Latest on mom
  79. She is her own companion!
  80. Her heart?
  81. Getting her to see a doctor
  82. It's a new day
  83. Something else to worry about
  84. Signs of Dementia
  85. New Year's Resolutions
  86. When do we have to start lying?
  87. Newbie caregiver goes to the doctor
  88. Mom is back to one of her earlier stages
  89. Two years ago
  90. More questions re: upcoming doctor's visit
  91. Any suggestions?????? Hunger vs. Aspiration
  92. Crying inside, but so angry
  93. A New Year upon us....
  94. Adjusting to the Nursing Home ok
  95. I'm BAACK!!!!!
  96. Difference between Alz and dementia
  97. My Mom refuses to eat, drink, ANYTHING
  98. God bless and thank you
  99. Dementia and life
  100. grief response question
  101. Merry Christmas!
  102. Medications in last stage/doctor's appointment
  103. to my friends, my wish for you
  104. Both sides of family have it...what about me?
  105. Past year was a journey.
  106. Help....Please
  107. Have a peaceful Christmas
  108. went to las vegas
  109. My Parents are Lost
  110. Mother in law, late stage dementia; tube feeding
  111. Exam Results
  112. My Mother
  113. what tests or investigations does a doctor carry out for a patient with alzheimers?
  114. Working with Dementia patients now
  115. How to survive a major home repair?
  116. Where's the Cat????
  117. Etiquette Question: Xmas Gifts for Nursing Home Staff?
  118. Mom and Dad are together again!
  119. Alzheimer's Disease
  120. Admitted into a NH - now adjustment period
  121. Please help me!
  122. vancomyacin and merrem and alzheimers
  123. Now What To Do??
  124. How do I keep my sanity?
  125. scratching...
  126. When it rains it pours!!!
  127. I have a problem
  128. Your suggestions are needed
  129. Alz medications
  130. Will you guys adopt me?
  131. while you travel??
  132. Trouble
  133. Does stress, even "good" stress, accelerate this process?
  134. Thanksgiving
  135. It's advancing.
  136. Power of Attorney for finances
  137. My 92 year old mother is driving us crazy
  138. how do you ...
  139. Keep them out
  140. Has anyone heard from SusieQ?
  141. Mom's Outfit
  142. My parents are going into dementia and I'm trying not to panic
  143. Fall and Edema
  144. My father
  145. mom and her books
  146. Mom's Dementia. And My Guilt And Overwhelming Sadness...
  147. Ways to keep them from driving
  148. Medication
  149. Concerning my mother
  150. Money
  151. vitamin B12 and alzheimers symptoms
  152. new word I learned (visuospatial) mom's ALZ.
  153. Power of attorney
  154. Just got results from Doctor
  155. Nursing Home Wait Lists
  156. stop wanting to drive
  157. morning sundowning???????????
  158. All good things .....
  159. The last of the business end...
  160. neighbour with mind trouble
  161. update: on new inhome caregiver
  162. I REALLY need your advice....
  163. What to buy a dementia patient for Xmas?
  164. Back to work today.........
  165. not sure what to do
  166. Susie Q, where are you?
  167. new housecleaner
  168. Alz patients with Diabetes . . .
  169. Hard time getting back into it...........
  170. Short-term memory loss?
  171. Accidental good idea...
  172. hello my friends
  173. lunch yesterday with dad and his new companion
  174. Vascular Dementia and Early Alzheimers
  175. Just wanted to let my buddies know . . .
  176. The Evaluation
  177. How do you help
  178. Diagnosis of Stage of dementia/alzheimer's
  179. Rough day today.
  180. Nursing Home Questions again
  181. A Beautiful Day for Mom
  182. A book about Grieving someone else posted
  183. Mom has left us
  184. Comfort Measures for Mom
  185. How do I act?
  186. Did this ever happen to anyone?
  187. I've failed..........
  188. dedication ceremony
  189. ozaxepam suitable for people with dementia?
  190. Mom Is very sick
  191. Just checking in
  192. I'm tired and burnt out....HELP!!!
  193. Sightings?
  194. Lunch with an old friend...
  195. Newbie with a need to vent!
  196. pivot discs???
  197. pivot disc??
  198. my dad is dating after 4 months!
  199. Book recommendation
  200. Found a solution for the stairs!
  201. Wrong about dementia being worse when blood is thicker
  202. Hello
  203. Nursing Home Help please - applying now.
  204. Dr. says nothings wrong
  205. alzheiers and hallucinations
  206. Difference between Alzheimers and Dementia
  207. Mom's dementia is worse when blood is thicker
  208. Moved out
  209. news article from Associated Press
  210. How do I prepare for the inevitable?
  211. SOOOOOO Exhausted:(:(
  212. Question about early signs
  213. Only 37
  214. Medicaid Application Denied
  215. Extra help needed at home!!
  216. Beginning the move to IL/AL this week!!
  217. Bundle of nerves - nursing home coming???
  218. Medication making things worse?
  219. Regrets. I wish. Do it now.
  220. 85 yr old woman+mas
  221. dr visit
  222. my dad took a 1st step
  223. what more to expect?
  224. How do I keep my patience?
  225. Knee Operation #2
  226. At what point do we suggest losing a drivers license
  227. Help, I have never lied to my Mother
  228. Alzheimer's, a form of dementia, or something else?
  229. mom is not that advanced yet, but getting worse
  230. This is wierd
  231. One month
  232. Alzheimer's Disease: Our Biggest Long-Term Health Challenge
  233. 90 Minutes in Heaven
  234. Odd, no?
  235. I'm back..(how soon can I leave again?)
  236. My 84 year old mother said she had a baby
  237. Needing Some Advice ...Long Post !
  238. Hello
  239. it's the tooth now.....
  240. My dad is in final stage of mixed dementia and I need to talk....
  241. Mother's visit to the doctor
  242. Can they do this?
  243. Okay here's an article of interest repeated in my words
  244. Can I force my mom to move?
  245. New use for old drugs
  246. Another unresponsive attack.
  247. Yet another crazy hospital vist.
  248. Daddy's room
  249. a story I never told you guys about . .
  250. Mammogram

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