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  1. 2 Weeks later
  2. to all my posting buddies
  3. It Finally happened...
  4. What should I do?
  5. Watch the little things....
  6. An easter Smile
  7. respiridone
  8. abstract thinking
  9. feet don't touch floor in a geri chair?
  10. Sometimes I feel like a walking zombie caring for my parents
  11. Mild cerebral atrophy
  12. Torn
  13. End of my rope with my dad
  14. our first care home visit
  15. Mom is choking with food and her pills
  16. patience
  17. Mom and Dad moving
  18. Advice is needed
  19. needing suggestions
  20. adjusting of a shunt for NPH
  21. our first step-proactive:):):)
  22. advice needed!!
  23. Did anyone watch Dateline last week?
  24. Feeding Tubes/mom's condition
  25. My Dad who has dementia, brother passed away
  26. The journey is almost over
  27. Mom is better.
  28. what time does
  29. Shunt surgery done for NPH
  30. visit with Mom and Dad
  31. Could these be a signs of Alzheimers?
  32. Aricept and Nameda
  33. Deep throat
  34. Going to see Mom and Dad
  35. Mom is finally at peace...
  36. Dad finally did it!!!
  37. alzheimer's medication
  38. She agreed to go in to Nursing Home
  39. Need some of your advise...please!
  40. her Dad passed away
  41. Med ?
  42. She got lost
  43. Life Support / Feeding Tubes
  44. MRSA and Nursing homes?
  45. N"ew to this!!
  46. My mother!
  47. Mom and Dad update.
  48. Worried sick
  49. Mom pulled through again!!
  50. Tragedy
  51. Towel please..
  52. Preventing Dementia and Alzheimer's
  53. Fall prevention?
  54. Caregiving: Fair Market Value!
  55. When should you discontinue Aricept
  56. Finally testing for NPH
  57. now mother in law
  58. Concern
  59. aricept
  60. Confusion and Hope
  61. Mom's back !!!!!!!! maybe?????
  62. Families
  63. caregiver burnout???
  64. Mom is back in the Hospital again
  65. My mother thinks she is being controlled by Cell Phones
  66. New to this board
  67. Interesting event
  68. Combine stages
  69. little update
  70. Happy Birthday Ibake!!!!
  71. Could mother-in-law have Alzheimers?
  72. I am at breaking point...
  73. Needing some gentle prayers.....
  74. Another terrible sad story
  75. Alzheimer care unit visit
  76. more public awareness
  77. Family butting in with treatment
  78. Emotions
  79. We're Moving Mom !!! YIKES !!
  80. Missing money
  81. Taking a break to have a virtual dinner with my friends
  82. End Stage Concerns....
  83. NPH & Alzheimers
  84. Lewy Body Dementia
  85. Mom was Queen of Valentine Party !!!!!
  86. Final Update from CaringSister
  87. Local tragedy strikes here...I won't tell Mom..
  88. Keeping the NH on their toes
  89. is there a proper way to go off namenda?
  90. Caregiver Training
  91. Mom is in the hospital in Urgent Care.
  92. I would appreciate input
  93. Mom's gift.....
  94. PET Scan question
  95. Reminisent Center Transition
  96. CaringSister54 Update . . .
  97. Feeling defeated
  98. what other med helps alzheimer's sleep when psychotic med doesn't work?
  99. Aricept-discontinue?
  100. Is this Dementia
  101. Paying to take care of parents
  102. Stress or dementia?
  103. Frequency of visits to psychiatrist
  104. A newbie who is sad, feeling helpless and grateful to you all!
  105. Grandmother broke hip
  106. Hello, I am New... here & to dementia
  107. Is there a test for Alzheimer's "gene"?
  108. Looking For Advice Please
  109. Wheels turn slowly....
  110. Mom's journey ended last month
  111. Help getting Mom diagnosed
  112. Last stage ??
  113. To put your loved one in a research study group or not?
  114. Is this it?
  115. if my grandfather had alzheimer's does that mean i will get it ?
  116. got to get this off my chest . . .
  117. Second guessing things
  118. Finally...a doctor's appointment
  119. HELP! I lost it today
  120. does lexapro lower heart rate
  121. Mom in hospital
  122. My mother convinced daddy is still alive
  123. behavior
  124. okay the stress is going to kill me
  125. God help me, I lost my temper with Mom
  126. alzheimer's in the workplace; how can an employer help?
  127. What the neighbours must think?
  128. Do you stay with your ad loved one for hospital stays
  129. I'm so glad to see you are all still here.
  130. Things are progressing fast...
  131. Q has a good idea, she hopes
  132. Dreamed of my mother last night
  133. Okay hold the towel across because i'm gonna jump!!!! Catch me!
  134. Dad probably being moved to the locked unit
  135. Saga is slowly and painfully coming to a close, but I need help or answers
  136. What stage is my husband at?
  137. feel so angry
  138. dementia fatigue
  139. So many questions... PLEASE HELP
  140. question--mother-in-law--dementia?
  141. Update from CaringSister54
  142. Advice on treatment please...
  143. dad took a vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!
  144. Combative patient options
  145. Falls at the nursing home...
  146. A question about mom's stuff
  147. Status update!
  148. families of ALZ patients go through stages too?
  149. Okay Sister came over tonite
  150. Recommendations For Books for New and Experienced Caregivers
  151. Need Help regarding UTI's
  152. How often will they just not eat?
  153. I am new to the board: Why, Why Why?
  154. Walking controversy
  155. What to do about selling the house.
  156. Leaving nursing home on outings?
  157. vascular dementia
  158. How do I go on?
  159. artist lacks creative incentive
  160. Holistic approaches versus meds?
  161. How I wish it would all go away, but it won't anytime soon
  162. Bad day rant...
  163. 22 year old caretaker... needs advice!!
  164. Why they act as they do?
  165. Is this the start of Alzheimers?
  166. A Quest for Information
  167. Music and Alzheimer's
  168. which doctor to see
  169. my sympathies petal*pusher
  170. A New Year
  171. Don't think I can do this anymore.
  172. I'm new to all this...........
  173. my dad wants to take my mom home permanently
  174. Personal Space Boundaries in Nursing Home
  175. Galantamine - anyone else on it?
  176. But, I didn't open my presents yet! Where are they?
  177. okay follow up on some things
  178. mother's repeated phone calls
  179. PRI & application process re: Nursing Home
  180. First year almost over
  181. Turmeric/Cucumin
  182. Got through it
  183. medicaid question and others
  184. took the bull by the horns
  185. Just needing to vent
  186. Medication
  187. laughter and tears
  188. Going up to edinburgh
  189. Walker wheelchair saga continues
  190. a question about genetics and ALZ
  191. Hi everyone, I need help
  192. How do you deal with the anger????
  193. I have a question
  194. Help with Easing the Pain
  195. Dementia or depression?
  196. Poop question (sorry)
  197. Advice about estate planning
  198. first post, serious question
  199. Uti?
  200. Affects of antipsychotics
  201. Alzheimers patients had spirochetosis Lyme Disease
  202. Mom's Medical Woes
  203. A very nice evening with mom...
  204. Bringing Mom Home !!!!
  205. husband on two dementia meds
  206. Good News
  207. re: Enbrel
  208. I need info
  209. I feel bad
  210. Tonight... 12/3... special on ALZ treatment
  211. why is dementia so rapid?
  212. wheelchair
  213. help me
  214. Looking for advice and support
  215. Urinary/Yeast infections--91 year old mother
  216. Outside Caregiver accused me of Assault ....
  217. is early onset always genetic?
  218. Visit with Mom and Dad...
  219. medication changes after moving to new home
  220. Question about POA and Medical POA
  221. Question about POA and Medical POA
  222. Taking Mom to hospital
  223. Is This Dementia?
  224. had mom for thanksgiving
  225. I may never have my own life
  226. A Day of Thanks
  227. Some bright news
  228. Been reading and thinking of you all
  229. Not allowed to visit mother...
  230. Dining room close AGAIN!
  231. L'il Deb.....
  232. Holidays...I feel so guilty...
  233. I can't be the only one...father with alcohol related dementia...
  234. Saturday's time for the Non Care-giver
  235. Visit with Mom and Dad....
  236. why do dementia symtoms worsen?
  237. Good news unrelated to AD
  238. moved mom today
  239. New needing guidance
  240. okay, I did it! but what a day I had as well
  241. Looking for advice
  242. To the Alums....
  243. The whole system is rotten
  244. my rant for today!!!!
  245. little miracles
  246. okay - start the prayer chain for Saturday
  247. Precious rare moments.....
  248. vascular event
  249. Mom back to the Hospital
  250. Caregivers - What are you telling your own children to do?

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