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  1. Yippeeeeee
  2. removed durogesic patch when can i take kapanol
  3. Why do they do it?
  4. What's in Store
  5. Can this help?
  6. Leaving for a time
  7. remaining life expectancy
  8. Yet ANOTHER question...
  9. Mom in Hospital
  10. Tooth problem
  11. my dad had an appendex attack
  12. Good news :-)
  13. sisters.... arg
  14. One Hundred
  15. Difficult mother
  16. I just need to talk
  17. Feeling down and just want to talk
  18. Need advice re: mom
  19. Picking at fingernails.......help
  20. Have you ever had insurance payment refused?
  21. something new... wandering
  22. Is this normal
  23. Stench
  24. Mom fell today
  25. Who are we?
  26. Nutrition
  27. Another very sad day
  28. Let me introduce myself
  29. She's here!
  30. Stepmother geriatric appt
  31. Well, it is all of four years since I found you
  32. Making a bad situation worse......
  33. no end to troubles
  34. Test reports...
  35. Mom just home from rehab!Questions!
  36. How often do you/did you visit?
  37. My dear Mother is gone now
  38. Father dying of late stage alzheimers
  39. Mixed Results
  40. Help A Newbie- How Do We Get Mum To The Doctor?
  41. Newbie Requires Ideas
  42. New development
  43. Taking Mom to Dr tomorrow
  44. Dementia
  45. Wondering what you would do....
  46. A Newbie!
  47. how long can a patient survive on liquid food
  48. Poor old Q, drifting off topic again
  49. It sure isn't easy!!!
  50. Mom's being discharged....yikes!
  51. Pics Disease
  52. An update from me.....
  53. Need drug info help
  54. Hugs and Thank you
  55. Questions about Mom
  56. Cant stop crying
  57. Any suggestions for preparing for mother-in-law?
  58. Keepin' me hoppin'!
  59. how long can you go without eating or drinking
  60. Limbo after failure to take test
  61. Anybody live with a Control Freak?
  62. aggitation.... what to do
  63. Trying to be strong
  64. View from a neighboring planet...
  65. Back to the hospital
  66. Confused and feeling guilty
  67. After all we've been through, how many consider LTC Insurance?
  68. Alzheimers & Ritalin along w/ all other meds
  69. Dentist visit
  70. downs syndrome and dementia
  71. Dad during the morning/afternoon VS Dad during the evening/night in the NH
  72. Not fun visiting my mother
  73. Is this common?
  74. A poem
  75. Mild cognitive impairment?
  76. my mom's at rehab.
  77. Advice needed regarding visiting...
  78. Nursing Home vs Home Care
  79. Great news Deb!!!!
  80. Another UTI
  81. Rock redux
  82. ibake?
  83. A new question...
  84. Support Group
  85. Are There Tracking Devices for Alzheimer's Patients
  86. no contact
  87. mother--paranoid behavior
  88. Off to JFK
  89. hypocanthus
  90. Hello, new to alzheimer's and dementia board
  91. How does frontotemperal dementia make you feel
  92. My mother is in the hospital
  93. new here, EOAD diagnosis made today
  94. New to this board and need help w/ my dad...
  95. Siblings causing crap?
  96. Good Luck
  97. Husband is freaking me out!
  98. Thankyou one and all
  99. Another week in Edinburgh
  100. need of loving arms
  101. I am new here..
  102. Respite-How to talk to dad
  103. First time out of AL house
  104. I was trained today by the PT to help mom walk...
  105. auf wiedersehen
  106. NO IDEA what to do
  107. Both grandparents with Alzheimer's
  108. Placement
  109. Information on 2 Alzheimer's disease trials....
  110. is it possible to get early onset alzheimers at 18
  111. Tell us a story...
  112. Took a little trip
  113. Dear ladies, I need a sympathetic ear.......
  114. Dad's new oddities...
  115. Mother with Alzheimer diagnosis--help needed
  116. Husband with Alzheimer's Part 2
  117. Trying not to sin...
  118. Can a urinary tract infection mimic dementia?
  119. Could she have something else too?
  120. Help meeting w dr about mothers meds, need advice
  121. advise
  122. Question about POA
  123. Guilt - Nursing Home
  124. You are the best
  125. For caregivers of Alzheimer's patients
  126. Too young for Alzheimer's
  127. Hard to wake up after surgery
  128. when is it time to come off of Namenda?
  129. New to site--Desperate for advice!
  130. Help! This is all new to me...
  131. 72 hour hold
  132. how long can someone go with out eating or drinking before they die
  133. I'm so tired
  134. alzheimers and urine retention?
  135. What can I tell him?
  136. Scattering of ashes
  137. update
  138. Help
  139. The Forgetting on
  140. Namenda Question
  141. Please...need advice!
  142. Friend needs HELP with questions Please
  143. there is hope!
  144. Care Facility
  145. A question for everyone....
  146. Mom had a seizure - in hospital over a week now
  147. Learning from mistakes
  148. New Here - First Post - Question about Collateral Symptoms
  149. taking aricept if you don't have alzheimer's
  150. Sad.....
  151. My last time at my parent's home tomorrow...
  152. Mother thinks someone broke into her house????
  153. Hi it's the newbie again
  154. Skimps, Little Deb? WooHoo, come out come out.......
  155. thankyou, and a bit about me
  156. Concerned about jerking when hubby is dozing
  157. Wont sleep - help
  158. new problem
  159. Grammy passed yesterday
  160. Mom's rants....
  161. refusing to bathe.......help
  162. I don't know what to do...please help me
  163. Please help me!
  164. care for a parent
  165. question about alzheimer's disease
  166. Importance of testing...
  167. Happy 4th of July
  168. More advice needed..
  169. Kind of quiet here...so I just want an opinion..
  170. My Husbands Early Signs of Alzheimers
  171. Oh, the frustration!
  172. Legal Question...
  173. Went to see my Mimi today-----
  174. Hello, Friends
  175. Husband with Alzheimer's
  176. Respirdol side effects
  177. I am back!
  178. alzheimer's patients
  179. Good things don't last
  180. I signed the DNR regarding my mom...
  181. question about the time frame...
  182. Need some advice re: My Grandmother
  183. Well, I am taking your advice...
  184. Getting Mom Settled
  185. Just when you think it can't get worse
  186. Wonderful day with Mom
  187. fish oils and how much should I take ?
  188. Good weekend
  189. suggestions for mom struggling w/ mother w/ alzheimer's
  190. Alzheimer's and trouble with bowel movements
  191. My Dad passed away two weeks ago........
  192. I'm only 21...
  193. Meeting with Social Worker
  194. A Question for you with Bro and Sisters
  195. First birthday without my DH
  196. our first visit to AL
  197. Extensive Leukomalacia - MRI Report
  198. I am losing it
  199. got my paperwork in order
  200. I don't know what to think...
  201. Assisted Living Dementia Unit vs. Nursing home Dementia Unit
  202. Overwhelming Sadness....
  203. when grandma has dementia
  204. I'm now known as "mom"...
  205. An all around breath of fresh air.......
  206. Looking for advice
  207. Help please
  208. alzheimer's and moaning
  209. *sigh*Sometimes, I just get tired...
  210. did I do right????
  211. home after another visit...
  212. How often do you call them?
  213. Mom getting care
  214. refuse to help himself
  215. Aricept/Namenda
  216. When will we learn???
  217. A good weekend
  218. Alzheimer's in four months from depression?
  219. Appt with memory clinic
  220. 91 year old mother with behavior problems
  221. new to forum
  222. Some testing done... Now what?
  223. dementia drugs
  224. Dementia? Psychotic symptoms. Prognosis?
  225. I quit one of my day jobs!!!
  226. What to do...what to do
  227. New with vasular dementia
  228. I need opinions, please....
  229. Confusion and disorientation - Before and after Prathyroid surgery
  230. how to keep mom from taking off her Depends
  231. Crying....
  232. Help Needed With Feeding.....
  233. feeling a little scared...
  234. cleaning ladies threw my parents for a loop
  235. Thank you for your love and support
  236. Antibiotics and AD - a 3 month trial
  237. I'm new here...needing to vent
  238. Yet another question...
  239. Protecting my MIL's money
  240. HELP! Phone for Mother with short-term memory problems?!
  241. Minocycline and AD
  242. Somebody buoy me up?
  243. Back for my second parent - Help!
  244. I am new here
  245. So mean
  246. I'm at peace and so is he
  247. Better day, hopefully better night
  248. What a day
  249. I am so confused...
  250. In-home care: company or individual?

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