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  1. Skin graft Recently & wanting to lay in Tanning bed...Any advice is appreciated
  2. Burning pain on right side of abdmomen for 3 years!!
  3. dull pain in upper left chest
  4. Trying to find out the cause
  5. I don't know what's wrong
  6. Burning sensation on nose sometimes
  7. Numbness
  8. Hooked to junk food and take away
  9. Dizziness, Strange Brain Sensations, 20 days off Ambien...
  10. Why do my eyes tear up?
  11. Restless Leg Syndrome?
  12. What the,,,,,,?
  13. PCOS,Hypertension,Under Active Thyroid, Hayfever and Allergies
  14. Confused
  15. When breathing my back-lung feels cold
  16. pain in chest
  17. Inverted nipples
  18. not sure whats wrong-any insight would be great
  19. Stress and vision
  20. distilled water
  21. Suffering Badly!!!
  22. Please Help Me!!!
  23. why i can't eat something when i am with my beloved
  24. B12 - false results?
  25. I need so advice
  26. Jailhouse Rock
  27. Lump on Buttocks
  28. Calf Muscle Injury Need Advise
  29. Olly
  30. Broken Wrist Question
  31. Bizarre- Medium sized welts appear on same part of shin
  32. Legs Sometimes Seize up when Im walking upstairs
  33. should there be an incident report at a health care facility
  34. Hands suddenly in pain
  35. Unknown symptoms please advise
  36. Vasectomy!
  37. ct scan contrasr dye goes into arm not in the vein ? freaking out
  38. A little worried and in need of advice
  39. 2 things shoulder and ear
  40. Add copper to my drinking water?
  41. I am just beyond frustrated...
  42. partial regiment Z pak
  43. Sarcodiosis Question
  44. Cold medications now impotent?
  45. Good restylane injector in the bay area/San Jose?
  46. if you go for second opinion do you tell that to the DR. ?
  47. Asthma, Allergies and Lyme
  48. :wave: I have a question!
  49. pins & needles all over
  50. no one knows....
  51. What is wrong with my legs?
  52. Very "unique" hearing : (
  53. Depression
  54. I'm very depressed I need urgent help! 22 year old
  55. Need Help
  56. kenalog injection ste
  57. Lump on shoulder Lipoma
  58. Osgood Schlatters Case?
  59. Tests can't find anything wrong. Please help
  60. please advise very worried
  61. prilosec klonipin interaction?
  62. Broken leg, walking boot?
  63. Rib Question
  64. Pain Under Jaw
  65. Platelet Disorders ET
  66. Help Please.. Diet and fitness, health
  67. Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS)????
  68. spirulina
  69. Discharge.
  70. Discharge
  71. fever
  72. Post ACL rehab
  73. Pulsing in ear
  74. Ativan prior to MRI
  75. Vitiligo treatment
  76. Can Scan Machine show your chemical levels
  77. Positive Thinking
  78. I would like to wear earphone but my ears swell up
  79. Which scan did I likely receive in the ER after my car accident?
  80. Problem getting RX refilled
  81. At the end of my tether, but not getting better.
  82. Scratched by a Bat
  83. What is this?
  84. Need some help on getting better
  85. Question about the heart
  86. lbac punch biopsy?
  87. I'm Looking for a Book on Dehydration
  88. Hypertension & Under Active Thyroid
  89. B12
  90. Help with Meniscus tear
  91. cold toes
  92. Constant headaches and shoulder/arm pain
  93. Weird constant sensation that my "Head, Neck" are about to twitch!?
  94. My whole body shakes?
  95. Shoulder/Chest pain
  96. Physical and Mental problems since Childhood
  97. hangover without drinking alcohol
  98. I Don't Know What The Problem Is - Help Anyone?
  99. knee pain
  100. Overworking Muscles?
  101. Overworking Muscles?
  102. Blood pressure 88/66 with meds, 150/99 without
  103. Some advice please. (Iron lvl's and pains)
  104. Lossing Balance
  105. Anabolic booster and hair loss
  106. kidney dialysis
  107. damage to hand
  108. Undiagnosed for years any ideas.
  109. Gastritis Problems or is this Gallbladder
  110. Neck Gland Masses
  111. HELP coughing up blood in phlem,fever, hearing loss
  112. Urgent help to save a life
  113. Varicella zoster IGG Antibodies test positive after 1 year 9 months
  114. RED hot ears
  115. Jaw& throat problems. i need answers
  116. Possible MS
  117. \Ischial Bursitis? consistent pain in the buttocks and hips
  118. Overeating
  119. doctor house call?
  120. Uncontrollable Muscle "Shaking"- Confused
  121. lost weight too fast ?
  122. Undiagnosed lower lateral flank pain/spasms
  123. Could This Really Be Anxiety?
  124. undiagnosed
  125. supplements for athletes
  126. Severe Constipation
  127. Cold hands, Not Raynaud's!
  128. Health Insurance
  129. hypermobile ehlers danlos with dissection?
  130. Constant vertigo, heart palpitation
  131. Would I be excused from Jury Duty if I tell them I am a sole caregiver to mother?
  132. no cure yet please help
  133. bromelain & alcohol/ ethanol absorption data
  134. Lump on pancreas, 50x35mm
  135. Odd Pain
  136. trochanteric bursitis with foot pain
  137. Strange rash and strange dreams
  138. How can I improve my speaking voice?
  139. MRI weirdness
  140. broken jaw led to intense nerve pain in my lip!
  141. triple orthodesis
  142. never a diagnosis
  143. Clear Waterproof Patch... What is it
  144. Detox Diet Questions
  145. stress test with a DBS
  146. idiopathic avascular necroisis (bilateral) in knees
  147. Feel something hard in left lower abdomen.
  148. Neurosis? neurogical problems?
  149. L4 L5 discectomy post op. Questions
  150. Paranoid about possible exposure to Asbestos.
  151. chemo CEF for BC side effects
  152. Hi Everybody
  153. Lung nodules im scared to death i cant lose my father im too young!!!!
  154. Bad nausea and lower back pain after alcohol binge.
  155. Get very hot in bed burning up inside but normal on outside
  156. A bit worried about my mom
  157. Hyper Ventilation Syndrome
  158. What did this man die from?
  159. 31 years of tamazapan
  160. Feeling nauseous for no apparent reason
  161. Chronic pain from bone spur on anterior femur
  162. Phrenic Nerve damage
  163. wierd clusters of small lumps in gum lining
  164. Nexium-anyone felt jittery or had anxiety from Nexium?
  165. Problems swallowing food.
  166. Alcohol and Enzymes?
  167. I have lost my ability to imagine (sometimes)
  168. chlorpromazine
  169. facial bruise
  170. heart palpitations and pressure in my head
  171. Electric current in my head
  172. I have strange white growth on tonsil. Very swollen lymph node(pic).
  173. Increasing pain in Hand
  174. Home Remedy
  175. burning urine
  176. Help Me
  177. Underarm Break out
  178. URGENT: please help: dryness of nostrils and nose
  179. impetigo desperate help
  180. Headache, no energy, ears feel weird, tired
  181. Bloody snot
  182. red bump on buttocks
  183. 5 stroke victims from a family of 6, am i guilty.
  184. Pharmacist won't fill prescription
  185. Dizzyness,pressure in head,weakness
  186. memory problems.. uh.. severe
  187. Drugs without knowing cause of pain, And about Wasted money Med visits?
  188. odd lump on front of neck i believe on cervical vertibrae
  189. Question about health of College Freshman Son
  190. health concern
  191. Heavy Metal exposure question
  192. Recovery after posterior tibial repair and calcaneal osteotomy
  193. I'm not really sure where to put this
  194. Swollen knee, but no pain.
  195. worried for me and my girlfriend HIV
  196. Meds counteracting-causing death-each prescribed by a different doctor?
  197. please help me figure out whats wrong with me
  198. hi new here
  199. Vocal Chord Paralysis
  200. Pilonidal cyst? Bleeding butt. :(
  201. I have a question about female to male, gender reassignment surgery?
  202. ear flutter problem
  203. Various subepider-I mean, bumps under the skin.
  204. messed up
  205. Pinky pain
  206. Mom's Hallucinating Help
  207. Nose problem
  208. Fainting, falling down, legs weak, dizzy.
  209. lymphoma worries.
  210. irregular bleeding
  211. Wrist injury
  212. I have a odd question...
  213. WBC went from 4.99 to 8.1 in 2 months. should I be worried ?
  214. vision low blood sugar????
  215. Leg pain and numbness
  216. Need profesional help.
  217. [Serious issue]
  218. how much does a visit to an ENT specialist cost in the US ?
  219. Red Mark On Right Arm
  220. what are these unexplained bumps all over my body im getting every night lately??
  221. bentonite clay
  222. health problems, possible IBS?
  223. Ideas for what this could be?
  224. Pain after modified Brostrom. 1.5 year post-op
  225. Worms?
  226. Jst been to the Doctor with Chest Pain and a numbing Left arm...
  227. Having difficulties
  228. Need help what next step to take
  229. Pain
  230. Need answers
  231. Pounding (not just twitching!) nerve in upper leg
  232. Seroma after removal of large lipoma
  233. Anal/Rectal Severe Chronic Pain Due to the Phantom Limb Syndrome
  234. Started with dizziness,Now right side of face is a bit lower??
  235. i would like advice about pretty serious pain upper left abdominal rib area towards
  236. Advice wanted, Hurt back in car accident but no xrays
  237. head injury?
  238. strange symtoms--help!
  239. about acne
  240. Somewhat of an emergency!
  241. Help with bad breath?
  242. Fluid retention issue that can't be solved
  243. Submucosal Nodule in Esophagus/scared
  244. please help
  245. looking for more integrated care
  246. question about xrays and plantar fasciitis
  247. Painful hard lump on jaw bone. . .
  248. Someone please help with knee issue!!
  249. food stuk in throat
  250. rib cage pain

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