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  1. New Here and Need Help or Advice Please Read
  2. Shotgun electrocardiogram testing - is this common?
  3. Could I have gout in my hand?
  4. Protein Shake
  5. sciatica pains
  6. Does anyone recognize my negative behavior?
  7. tender head
  8. any help appreciated
  9. I don't know what is wrong with me?
  10. My 14-year air hunger journey
  11. scared - breathing difficulties
  12. Pregnesone
  13. There is something wrong with my dad.
  14. Violent nipple twitching
  15. Spinal Stenosis and Urgent need to urinate
  16. Not quite sure where to put this - Destructive/abusive thoughts/actions.
  17. Suddenly become sensitive...
  18. eyes wide open muscles locked
  19. Numbness in pinky and ring finger
  20. Allergies???
  21. Embarassing head shaking.
  22. I am hot all the time sweat and smell
  23. help
  24. often injured, slow to heal
  25. Aloe Vera
  26. Diverticulosis/itis - confused and concerned
  27. Fluid in and around calves
  28. Just need to know..
  29. Some questions about mono?
  30. Low Testoserone?
  31. sinking feeling
  32. can a pulled/strained muscle cause low blood sugar?
  33. Question
  34. Can anyone help me ...
  35. Is Mayo Rochester better then Jacksonville?
  36. Is there a relationship among these unusual symptoms?
  37. what is total bilirubin 2.7%
  38. Soft Large Knot Under Arm Pit
  39. tongue is raw
  40. Skipped Heartbeats
  41. Employer asking for return to work
  42. Any kind of physical exertion makes my head feel so "drugged"
  43. white spots in my vision
  44. Restless Body Sensations
  45. Swollen Calf :confused:
  46. Hives
  47. horrible B.O
  48. Swollen Lymph Nodes
  49. We are losing our Kids to OXYCODONE!!
  50. No Money Left and Terminal
  51. slightly elevated alp liver enzyme
  52. My hand fell asleep and won't wake up...
  53. Bronchitis 15 week pregnant
  54. crackling breathing sound
  55. just down..
  56. Afternoon Cortisol drop and then night elavation
  57. Long term problems?
  58. breathing problem with a heaviness in chest and lungs not taking in enough oxygen and
  59. abdominal and lower back pain
  60. bad pains in stomach going around to back
  61. Stomach Pain. Please Help!
  62. Smashed The Tip Of My Thumb
  63. Need help please.
  64. genital warts
  65. Getting a bit of a gut
  66. Bad FINGER rash situation!!! help ASAP!
  67. machismo
  68. high b12 blood level
  69. Sickness Problem
  70. 16 year old with heart pain
  71. complex partial seizures advice
  72. anything purer/cleaner for hot foods that pyrex dishes?
  73. IV meds administered incorrectly
  74. developing dry cough after taking a fall
  75. Heat exaustion
  76. Cataracts...
  77. Pranayama/Qigong??
  78. Help! I have no idea what's wrong!
  79. Neck pain.
  80. ultimate supplement /pill list?
  81. Cluster Headaches
  82. Wrist and Ankle Weights
  83. What is the problem with my blood sugar?
  84. Kidney Stones
  85. Help on questions regarding surgery on my right shoulder
  86. Tri cyclen lo and antibiotics, help!
  87. am i alone ?
  88. I'm at my wits end!
  89. What do you think it is ?
  90. Artificial Sweeteners & sore throat
  91. In pain and don't know what to do...
  92. can skin cysts cause low iron?
  93. Sever abdominal and back pain. Please HELP!
  94. Throat Problem
  95. Acromioclavicular (AC Shoulder) separation
  96. Disability
  97. Pain in lymph nodes
  98. fingernails curling
  99. Genital Herpes
  100. arteril fibrilation or panic attack
  101. low white blood cell count
  102. My dad's unbearable stomach problem
  103. What is this?
  104. needing help
  105. pressure on head
  106. Sustainable Living
  107. Palm/Wrist Pain, enlarged vein??
  108. Important might be appendicitis??
  109. Eczema with no family history?
  110. Help me please if you can!
  111. Confused... question about Colposcopy
  112. Strange No one know what is wrong???
  113. coffee bean sized bump above upper left biscupid
  114. Help diagnose wrist and finger pain
  115. What is Glycosylated Serum Protein?
  116. Pain and tingling throughout body..mostly left side
  117. Help Help Help ... mental crazies after using the computer
  118. left shoulder pain
  119. Help diagnose me please
  120. Stomach problems
  121. fell sick
  122. s1 l5 slip
  123. !IMPORTANT! Question about uncontrolable vomitting
  124. I'm 16 and I'm angry and frustrated all the time
  125. Stomach pains after taking paracetamol?
  126. Disability
  127. what do I have?
  128. Please read so tired of feeling like crap
  129. Hard lumps on pinkie finger
  130. My mates mom is going through something and hes really worried
  131. Is there a so called virus that causes lightheadedness???
  132. are symptoms related to osetoporsis or at all
  133. Can i qualify for ssi/disabilty?
  134. Unknown Virus
  135. I have a burn and I want to make it go away.
  136. Mystery vomiting
  137. to much to list what do i do???
  138. Hemianopsia - Stroke? Migraine? or TIA?
  139. Instaflex arthiritis medication
  140. can ibuprofen cause me harm ?
  141. urine color is very dark yellow
  142. Why am I feeling unwell?
  143. high white blood cell count
  144. red and yellow spots on chest
  145. Advice on sickness.....
  146. Why does alcohol relieve my hypothyroidism brain fog!!?
  147. Do I tell my dentist I was bulimic?
  148. cervical cancer
  149. My U/s results showed two hypoechoic solid nodules in my Thyroid
  150. Do you know what's inside your Coca-Cola?
  151. Who can help me????
  152. Stopping Lexapro
  153. Hives and angioedema. Research is key...
  154. Horrible stomach aches/gas
  155. jerking legs
  156. sores
  157. Too many symptoms PLEASE help
  158. Are packets of green tea for brewing healthy?
  159. thyroidectomy
  160. frontal eye pain
  161. i almost fainted for no reason
  162. Restless Leg Meds
  163. lump sensation in throat and sensations of breathlessness
  164. Can Herpes1 spread by scratching or is it something else?
  165. Whats this horrible rash, under elbow
  166. Hey smoking ain't that bad.
  167. Really bad leg pain!
  168. Burning Hands and Feet
  169. i believe my family member on life support was poisioned by another family member
  170. Lump in neck
  171. Excruciating pain in my arm
  172. Weird Pulse Readings
  173. Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome
  174. blood plasma donation vs. high red count
  175. Unable to eat (going days without any food) due to illness: what should I do?
  176. Strange Feeling in my head
  177. can't get my ring off of a swollen finger
  178. Bump under right clavical
  179. itchy feet, hands and dizzyness
  180. Recurring Ovarian cysts
  181. shoulder swelling much pain
  182. idk whats wrong?
  183. what wronge?
  184. I can't burp...
  185. abdominal pulse
  186. Doctor in the news
  187. Recent problem, any ideas?
  188. I Just Can't Take It!
  189. The shakes
  190. If I have raredisease/medical condition how can I get a diagnosis?
  191. black moles on labia
  192. Please help me
  193. pain coz of stiffed muscle or lump
  194. Drug test differences
  195. Does dietary pills effective?
  196. In so much pain
  197. Putting on weight
  198. Speech problem
  199. Please help in diagnosing-I get arm jerks & I speak & weep while sleeping
  200. Explosive diahrea and joint pain with rapid weight gain
  201. The What's What With Lexapro
  202. Spinal Tap Recovery? PLEASE HELP!
  203. Dizzy Girl
  204. any ideas what could be wrong ?
  205. I'm always falling asleep. Could it be Narcolepsy?
  206. In Agony - Advice, Please
  207. Hives and Angioedema with no explained reasons or causes
  208. Prostatitus
  209. Please help me, been running a low grade fever for 18 months
  210. sharp pain
  211. Trouble swallowing at times
  212. angiogram
  213. Need Help! Arm & Leg Numbness
  214. Adult Fetal Alcohol Syndrome / fae / fasd
  215. Please help. I'm so confused!
  216. Lower back pain
  217. 19 Days After TKR
  218. Cancer Question?
  219. lower leg pain and sting
  220. Blood Work: Glucose and Hep B
  221. blue lump in middle finger joint
  222. Glomus Tumor
  223. The switch between SSI and Child's Disability Benefits.
  224. Having a thumb issue
  225. My husband is addicted to Lortab...PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND!
  226. Red Bump Left side of butt near tailbone
  227. about acl reconstriction
  228. anemic with high iron levels--should I stop taking iron pills?
  229. My food is running right through me :/
  230. something weird happening in my stomach
  231. Odd red streaks on inner thighs, aren't going away.
  232. Chronic wrist pain at least four years?
  233. 10 to 12 hours of sleep a day!
  234. premature ejac
  235. spontaneous venous rupture
  236. ankle swelling after knee dislocation
  237. Too much bloated
  238. Funny feeling in stomach, ora and dizziness
  239. Was paralyzed and now can walk!
  240. Drug use question
  241. Could these symtons be Menieres Disease?
  242. nail in foot
  243. Reoccuring viral(?) infection driving me NUTS! Advice, please.
  244. red patch on tongue
  245. Orange Tongue
  246. ASGUS rated at cin3 twice in 6 months and fertility after 2 leeps
  247. Symptoms: Anxiety, shaky hands, skin infections, etc.
  248. bumps on nose
  249. Turbinate hypertrophy
  250. Accidently Sprayed sunscreen in my mouth

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