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  1. spontaneous venous rupture
  2. ankle swelling after knee dislocation
  3. Too much bloated
  4. Funny feeling in stomach, ora and dizziness
  5. Was paralyzed and now can walk!
  6. Drug use question
  7. Could these symtons be Menieres Disease?
  8. nail in foot
  9. Reoccuring viral(?) infection driving me NUTS! Advice, please.
  10. red patch on tongue
  11. Orange Tongue
  12. ASGUS rated at cin3 twice in 6 months and fertility after 2 leeps
  13. Symptoms: Anxiety, shaky hands, skin infections, etc.
  14. bumps on nose
  15. Turbinate hypertrophy
  16. Accidently Sprayed sunscreen in my mouth
  17. Why do I have white patches on my lower abdomen and upper groin area?
  18. c1 esterase [hae] deficiency
  19. B12 injections
  20. discomfort under ribcage
  21. hip popping and groin pain please help!
  22. Lymph Node pain....
  23. Whiplash 1 Year after ACDF (C5-C6-C7)
  24. Sores in the private part
  25. Pancreatist
  26. pain
  27. Where to get Doctor recommendations and info
  28. Stomach Acid
  29. My Mother has bumps growing
  30. Throbbing head pain
  31. Help required asap..!!
  32. Cholesterol, Vytoria
  33. anxiety throat issues
  34. What is wrong with my body?
  35. shooting nerve pain in head
  36. Weight Loss Help!!
  37. Awful thirst and hair falling out...Kidney/Diabetes?
  38. Would do anything to get back to normal!
  39. Is anyone able to help with my MRI brain scan results, please?
  40. Neck Pain
  41. Chesty pain in evening
  42. Do I need both ?
  43. Vitamin D defiency or MRI?
  44. infertility
  45. Problems with fainting on Amlodipin?
  46. Back pain, Hard to breathe!! (bicycle accident)
  47. Removed Mole
  48. Elevated alkaline phosphatase
  49. dowycycline
  50. Cancer in neck and throat
  51. Please help advice needed!
  52. Throat problems
  53. do i have a form of ibs?
  54. recovery from cystocele surgery
  55. Exercise and muscle pain
  56. worried
  57. Horrendous muscle aches after a cold/flu - anyone heard of this?
  58. What've I got?
  59. GERD Meds that won't trigger palpitations
  60. Creatine
  61. Quitting sleep medications...specifically Ambien CR
  62. what should i do if i am pregnant?
  63. Introduce myself
  64. geen/yellow tongue & producing lots of phlegm especially after eating
  65. they can't find what's wrong
  66. bowling ball after eating
  67. Height Issue
  68. Mental focus supplements - real or fake?
  69. sacroiliac joint fusion surgery
  70. Diarrhea 3 days in a row mostly in the morning
  71. Not sure what is wrong would like some advice please
  72. What is wrong with me!? Please help....
  73. my head hurts
  74. Bipolar or just Depression
  75. pain, pressure, burning in my head?
  76. Tonsil Removed and Questions
  77. Any suggestions?
  78. Extreme Tailbone pain! Please help :(
  79. what should i do?
  80. Anxious
  81. Endometrial ablation
  82. What's wrong with my grandmother?
  83. Low potassium
  84. child walking on his toes
  85. lung function tests
  86. could i get herpes this way?
  87. Post-ALIF Care-Giver Needs Info
  88. Body temp too high always
  89. eating and drinking off someone with hiv
  90. 23 male, waking up with chest tightness
  91. Severe Lower Right Abdomen Pains.
  92. mono?
  93. Blue toes? :(
  94. tingling and pin and needles in my head
  95. Adhesive allergy/burn?
  96. Celexa Withdrawal
  97. Missing Pain Meds for Pill Count
  98. Intolerance/sensitivity to heat, excessive sweating, overheating etc: what causes it?
  99. Can't digest meat
  100. I always get these pain after i eat
  101. Seizures or not???
  102. postpartum back ache
  103. my eyebrows
  104. nitro question
  105. Unidentified Condition -- Help?
  106. Unidentified illness
  107. head pain
  108. Undiagnosed chest pain - driving me crazy!
  109. Bumps on my right thumb
  110. need advice on mental health
  111. never drinks water, how does she survive?
  112. Please help me! What are these symptoms? :(
  113. Dull burn in lower abdomen
  114. low blood pressure
  115. Restless Muscles
  116. Recurring belly button abscess.
  117. implantation bleeding with negative hpt
  118. Geez, _what_ is going on with me?
  119. Hip pains
  120. abdominal pain
  121. Jaw and Cheek Discomfort
  122. Any advice with this? please.
  123. infection under my skin on my right but cheek
  124. orange tongue
  125. aneyurism
  126. I'm tired all the time...
  127. blood test results, any advices?
  128. Aching pain mainly on left side of chest
  129. please help
  130. I think i have luekemia
  131. rib cage
  132. Something wrong with my breathing?
  133. Dry Hacking Cough for extended time
  134. Various symptoms - Sleep apnea, nasal problems, dizziness, heaches, eye floaters, etc
  135. Chiggers-no more itch
  136. Fever, Migraines, WBC Low, RBC High, Anemia
  137. Question re: white blood cell levels
  138. Chronic Pain in Calves, Shins & More Please HELP
  139. At a loss.
  140. Back pain, Fever, and Stretch Marks?
  141. day time/ night time sweating
  142. middle of chest hurts sometimes (like swallowing hard)
  143. Anxiety in early morning/worry
  144. lower right side rib pain any info or opinions or if you have had this pain
  145. Post surgical hemotoma
  146. Coughing small amounts of white phlegm
  147. Sickness/Diarrhea -on/off month.. Getting worse. Please Help.. Im really worried :(
  148. large navicular bone pain
  149. help with narcisism
  150. FSH results: deciper all these numbers??
  151. blood test results
  152. help
  153. Allergies
  154. tarsal tunnel surgery
  155. bruised feet sensation at nightime amongst other things
  156. Did something to my ankle, no swelling
  157. foggy mind & numbness around head
  158. Quad/Glute pain...
  159. Help - Stiffness when opening and closing jaw
  160. high cpk and elevated uric acid
  161. I have little red pink spots on my skin than doesn't hurt.
  162. I really need help, Really sore!
  163. 3 Years of Chest Pain (Sharp and Dull)
  164. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  165. Bronchitis from allergies?
  166. Swimming hurts back
  167. hemoglobin
  168. Pls help me to figure out what i am facing...
  169. endometosis
  170. Cardiac pain please advise me!
  171. nerve twitching
  172. Dry eyes/mouth - how dry?
  173. I need help with lung flutter and back pain
  174. Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
  175. Lump at lower back - Hope you can help!
  176. foot probs
  177. Stomach Pain when hungry
  178. tingleing an numbness in right hand for over a weeek now
  179. Pain then "popping" in chest..
  180. Need dental help
  181. I really don't know whats happened to me.
  182. how long will it take to walk comfortably after breaking 2nd 3rd and 4th metatarsals?
  183. I got rid of my hypertension by Exercises.
  184. Holding Breath
  185. What's happening with my skin?! :'( Please help...
  186. Do breasts grow at age 21?
  187. allergic reaction to red wine
  188. too much iron with extreme tiredness
  189. tetanus shots
  190. swollen hands
  191. Nose Bleed
  192. Trying to find specific hospital
  193. Minerex
  194. Hand injury
  195. Constipation question/suggestions
  196. Having sweating issues. (I need this answered ASAP)
  197. really weird
  198. itchy welts under apron of stomach
  199. freezing all the time
  200. Dizziness when I get up
  201. Hematoma
  202. Help i been feeling off
  203. Day 2 of Suboxone-vomiting
  204. Ulnar Nerve Entrapment
  205. Stomach problems. Age 16 female??
  206. weakness and shakeyness???
  207. procedure
  208. chest injury caused by sneezing
  209. testostrone
  210. Need help
  211. ear pain
  212. Pain in quadriceps
  213. Can weight lifting increase male height
  214. Still having anixety
  215. Silent Migraines or Thyroid Brain Fog?
  216. Swelling in my foot
  217. Twitching cheek
  218. Speech and Augmentative Communication help
  219. benicar 20/12 hct
  220. Low Blood Count
  221. parathyroid gland issues
  222. leg discomfort
  223. lumbar punchure.
  224. Deep breath problems
  225. Strange condition of my brother
  226. health
  227. pilonidal cyst maybe?
  228. pain
  229. Pain in the lower right back of the head
  230. Where to find a doctor
  231. Palpitations, Shortness of Breath, and more.
  232. Light headed
  233. Pain in right abdomen
  234. Knuckle size
  235. Cyst
  236. Diarrhea and little brown grape-lookin' things in stool
  237. low blood sugar and diveratcula
  238. Terbinafine
  239. what would be the cause
  240. Can Someone give me an answer!
  241. Neuropsychological Evaluation
  242. What is wrong with me?!
  243. Help!!!
  244. Large lump under my left armpit? (recurring)
  245. Odd heart behavior while running
  246. iron transfusion
  247. confusing neuro symptoms
  248. Hard to breathe
  249. tramadol script
  250. Pregnant, HIPAA, and HARASSMENT

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