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  1. sharp shooting pain in upper right back, chest and shoulder
  2. pain in chest bone
  3. back pain
  4. Gastric Bug???
  5. natural treatment for cervical dysplasia???
  6. pain under left breast
  7. Please help me name this symptom
  8. Drunk and have not been drinking
  9. Help!... At a loss and getting depressed
  10. bump on uvula
  11. why is help so hard to get to people who need it
  12. Doctor seems stumped!
  13. sun damaged skin
  14. Please help, strange reaction to antibiotics and nystatin
  15. upper front tooth infection
  16. Any explanations for these?
  17. hair and eyebrows falling out
  18. Pain in leg
  19. Twitching Face
  20. why do my muscles ache after doing housework
  21. Does anyone know why i suffer from these problems??
  22. Lip stings on corners/sides
  23. Talking to self an abnormality?
  24. Piriformis syndrome or sciatica
  25. Hemorroid surgery, recovery, post-opt.
  26. Nerve damage in my left hand
  27. Talks up a storm with ah ah ah ah ah for everything very vocal is this normal?
  28. Sharp left upper arm pain when moved
  29. hmmm..concussion?
  30. New poster and confused
  31. Some Help Please!
  32. Feels like my hair is being pulled out
  33. "Concierge" Doctors
  34. momo1313
  35. confused and want answers
  36. Not sure what to do
  37. My 65 Father is running sporadic fevers 2-4 times a week?
  38. A number of cysts on my body.
  39. weight loss camp
  40. lump on arm
  41. How to go about getting a New Doctor???
  42. ache/pressure left side
  43. How to Increase Sperms count !
  44. Appendicitis symptoms?
  45. Bi-Polar II 18 yr old son. Moved in.
  46. Any help please?
  47. leg pain worse while lying down
  48. What is wrong with me?
  49. help pls
  50. Pain on right side of body
  51. I have a hard painful lump in my neck..
  52. Pain top of left leg at joint
  53. General feeling of unwellness
  54. Statins
  55. thread worms??????
  56. Is it possible to change from a weakling to someone strong?
  57. New Life
  58. Anyone have "shopping" addiction?
  59. What is it?
  60. New Bone Infusion Treatment
  61. My nephew gets drunk after eating sugar.
  62. sir 50 day ago street dog bite in my
  63. torn frenulum
  64. calf pain
  65. Tainted Heparin
  66. Offbalance dizziness tiredness weakness etc whats wrong? Ideas?
  67. Flu season and post surgery
  68. what can an xray see?
  69. Stomach discomfort
  70. Headaches, dizzyness, nausea, and pressure at base of skull
  71. Tremors/Shakiness Inside Chest??
  72. Hot Flashes Not Menopause
  73. Diverticulitis and black stool
  74. swollen glands
  75. Tiny lung nodule found when lung xrayed
  76. PLeeeeeeSe HeLP! THiS ReaLLy HuRTS
  77. Spiriva
  78. stress/anxiety/temper
  79. Poor circulation in arms and hands
  80. What probiotic would you recommend?
  81. Lazy/Tired Legs Problem. Help PLZ!
  82. Osteomyelitis :(
  83. possibility of blood being mixed, worth following up?
  84. What is this on my lip? I can't get rid of it!?
  85. Autoimmune Question
  86. Feeling Bad
  87. Help! Sick for over a month!
  88. Charita Disk Surgery
  89. What is an acceptable wait time in a doctors office?
  90. Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy Surgery
  91. orbital reconstruction
  92. Severe Ear Pain
  93. Ordering my own bloodtests?
  94. Shakiness inside
  95. neck pain & impacted wisdom tooth
  96. GERD Problem with throat issues Cholesterol
  97. Wierd Symptoms that may be unrelated, or related?
  98. I have had a weird ringing in my ear/ears for the past 5 weeks
  99. Constantly feeling sick
  100. tooth/headache
  101. living conditions + health problems?
  102. Feeling good seems to be random
  103. Blood from throat
  104. Black Lines on Thumbnail?
  105. cat scratch
  106. living with fear and chronic pain
  107. Incessant Cough
  108. Abdominal Pain and Accompanied Symptoms.
  109. Itch
  110. ferritin is 4
  111. Please help !
  112. Rapid weight loss or no? You judge.
  113. Stomach gasses please help....
  114. Help w/ Hormone Test Results
  115. werid itchy rash
  116. Blood relation
  117. Anxiety or healthproblem?
  118. this has never happened to me and i'm scared!!!!
  119. help to understand MRI report
  120. Stopped up ear
  121. undiagnosed pain
  122. Legs hurting, taking klor con m10
  123. newbie in destress....p/s im really confuse..and i need help
  124. Weird bump in back of throat after i eat???
  125. Chest Pain
  126. I'm having a weird pain in my side....
  127. large mass/tumor on upper right thigh/hip
  128. More Pain...
  129. Should I open a HSA medical insurance account?
  130. Sick of feeling unwell
  131. knees and the bloody tibial tuberosity
  132. Sudden cessation of warfarin medication
  133. lumps and bumps
  134. Does blood transfusion work for HCL???
  135. Balance
  136. Dizziness...
  137. abilfy
  138. Pulsating in head???
  139. lip scar problem...please help :(
  140. Iron Deficiency Amemia / Hypertension
  141. really scared for my mum
  142. Meniscus?
  143. low platelet count
  144. i think ive hit rock bottom with my health
  145. pulminary embolism
  146. need help diagnosing head/brain "issue"
  147. Exercise Classes and Back Pain
  148. Blood vessel
  149. Feeling hyper on antibiotics??
  150. What is wrong with me? Doctors say hmmmm? Never heard of that before
  151. Worried about the Colorado altitude! Please help!!
  152. Almost impossible to find a vein for IV or blood drawing..
  153. illiac stents
  154. peritonitis...help and advice needed
  155. Blood test results
  156. vocal chord paralysis
  157. Low Blood Pressure
  158. Trembling when fealing a little cold
  159. after haveing a pumanary embolism
  160. I am feeling so rotton!
  161. eye twitch
  162. Muscle lumps
  163. Sprained wrist bartending
  164. I Can't Handle This Any More
  165. Getting Dressed
  166. Need Help with Pain
  167. Help with blood work...
  168. Help with lab results...
  169. Pain left shoulder,neck,ear,eye,temple,and in head above the eye
  170. test
  171. i need your help guys
  172. sick for 4 weeks
  173. blood nose
  174. Low platelets - cause?
  175. blood in mucous
  176. PVC/PACs
  177. head movements
  178. test results
  179. Some help?
  180. CAT scans and dye
  181. Could I be pregnant? Switched Ortho shot to Pill
  182. heat
  183. so many people in pain needlessly, looking at these posts -so sad
  184. spontaneous rupture of veins in fingers and/or hands, feet
  185. blood pressure problems
  186. I am scared help please!
  187. High ALT, GGT, and Uric Acid levels
  188. Micro chips and MRI SCAN
  189. I am sick all the time
  190. 25 year old female with yellow circles around eyes
  191. unbalanced
  192. Dizzy, Chills
  193. What does Thrush look like?
  194. Green and yellow poo
  195. Getting scratches (pls help)
  196. Why eat beets?
  197. Lower FT3 levels, normal TSH and higher FT4 level
  198. Puberty relates illness?
  199. Ankle Stiffness
  200. Knee
  201. 3 year old son what's wrong
  202. Advil issues?
  203. Forgetfulness at age 28
  204. internal and external shaking
  205. IRON and TIBC
  206. Chronic diarrhoea
  207. Hard painful lump inside elbow!
  208. need opinion quick
  209. Stomach/under rib problems
  210. Question about DVT
  211. Ok guys i need your help
  212. Can you get tetanus from this?
  213. Anyone have experience with Mayo Clinic Jacksonville?
  214. Red 'Scar Like' Lines on my back.
  215. Advice needed
  216. C-Section
  217. Could someone please help me?
  218. Patient Symposium
  219. large hard lump on chest (male)
  220. Acheing pain i top of leg
  221. What are these symptoms?
  222. Elevated H&H, Jak2 negative... Hemochromatosis,PV...Looking for answers!!
  223. Wasn't sure where to put this but I am in pain
  224. knee make a noise when sit down and pain a little bit when start walking
  225. Pain relief if you are on Coumadin
  226. Asthma, constant chest tightening.
  227. concerned sis about narcoleptic, broke, brother
  228. need advice
  229. Lump behind my ear associated with back pain?
  230. Worried about my dad mixing three cholesterol medications
  231. what does transferrin level indicate?
  232. Any help
  233. HELP! I feel like i'm going to pass out while driving....
  234. Mcv mch
  235. Hpylori
  236. Info or ideas
  237. m protein
  238. upper thigh pain
  239. Constant head/stomach pain & arms sometimes go numb
  240. Does anyone else have these symptoms?
  241. Blood Smear
  242. Low WBC & Neutrophils
  243. confused, need answers.
  244. Light headed
  245. Antioxidants - ORAC values
  246. Neutrophils abs
  247. Large lump
  248. spider bite
  249. Cheek Bone Injury
  250. High blood pressure

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