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  1. Pain relief if you are on Coumadin
  2. Asthma, constant chest tightening.
  3. concerned sis about narcoleptic, broke, brother
  4. need advice
  5. Lump behind my ear associated with back pain?
  6. Worried about my dad mixing three cholesterol medications
  7. what does transferrin level indicate?
  8. Any help
  9. HELP! I feel like i'm going to pass out while driving....
  10. Mcv mch
  11. Hpylori
  12. Info or ideas
  13. m protein
  14. upper thigh pain
  15. Constant head/stomach pain & arms sometimes go numb
  16. Does anyone else have these symptoms?
  17. Blood Smear
  18. Low WBC & Neutrophils
  19. confused, need answers.
  20. Light headed
  21. Antioxidants - ORAC values
  22. Neutrophils abs
  23. Large lump
  24. spider bite
  25. Cheek Bone Injury
  26. High blood pressure
  27. Blood Inflamation URGENT HELP NEEDED
  28. Wierd Skin irritation/White itchy bumps!!
  29. connection between abnormal lab values and TPN dependency
  30. sleep but unusal topic-science related
  31. Please read and help me!!!!!!
  32. Blood test
  33. Coming Off Coumadin
  34. Question regarding Morphine...
  35. help! dr wants to discuss in person
  36. picking
  37. facial lipoatrophy treatment
  38. permanent dentures after teeth removal
  39. Advice needed please.
  40. Please give me some advice!
  41. Is this normal? Am I sick ??
  42. high blood iron
  43. False positive on Saliva Alcohol swab!!
  44. ferritin levels with PNH
  45. swollen node in front of left ear, mild vetigo, twitches...
  46. Multiple Shoulder Surgeries?
  47. i'm 18 years old & Possible dignosis PV or ET ( Doctors don't know :( ..)
  48. 75mg aspirin?
  49. Lower abdominal cramps
  50. Canadian Looking for Comprehensive Healthcare Centre in US
  51. I need some help, not sure where else to go
  52. Help Me So Sad
  53. damage from joint cracking
  54. Don't know where to go next
  55. Moveable lump in stomach , please help!!!!
  56. Thigh pain
  57. Gag reflex after drinking liquid! Please help!?
  58. Shaving reduce growth?
  59. Help!!!!!!!!!!!
  60. Need advice with Doctor problems?
  61. Reaction to Power Port
  62. Throwing up every morning
  63. iching and black patches
  64. Question about blood lab results
  65. Update on my boyfriend possible PV or CML
  66. Embarrassing issue - Flatulence & Borborygmus
  67. Scared a little
  68. 12-18 hours of sleep daily, still tired!
  69. About how much will it cost me?
  70. Dull pain in left side of pelvic region
  71. Very swollen & painful groin lymph nodes
  72. Bible Bumps
  73. Have a small painless pimple on the back of my neck, please help!
  74. Strange lab results...help
  75. sjogrens syndrome
  76. Do you get nervous before doctor's appointments?
  77. Fingers go numb & pain in upper back for months
  78. Unkown Rash - Weekend Get-A-Way Gone Bad!
  79. undiagnosed illness- cant find any info and could do with some help if possible
  80. Mouth FULL of saliva
  81. Rare blood group??
  82. Total Protein number
  83. mini stroke or pinched nerve?? Need advise
  84. No appetite but gained lots of weight
  85. my son
  86. Bone Marrow Aspiration
  87. My right arm is swollen & I'm in pain
  88. Lumps on inside of elbows (where bicep meets the forearm)
  89. Swollen hands
  90. Lithomin?
  91. Maple Syrup Question
  92. Can lipomas become inflamed?
  93. Ripping sound in elbow?
  94. Eating meat after exposure
  95. any danger from metal splinter?
  96. Blood Test interpretation - Low MPV
  97. not ovulating, losing weight, headaches, dizziness, tired
  98. chest pain when I move my shoulders... help!!
  99. right rib, burning pain
  100. Lump on leg
  101. Ferritin
  102. Aches, Pains & Numbness
  103. Needing help/advice :(
  104. Hi Everyone !!
  105. My girlfriend stopped Tri-Sprintec
  106. Red finger tips??
  107. 20yr chest + other problems?
  108. Protecting my GirlFriend from Genital Herpes
  109. hydrocephalus and more
  110. too much thin blood?
  111. Neutrophils and Leukocytes
  112. Query about Polycysts / Menstruation/ VAginal Itching and Discharge.
  113. Tingling face
  114. Nsf??
  115. Dizzy, weak, tight chest...what's up?
  116. Not feeling well!!!
  117. Aplastic Anemia and malaria
  118. Labcorp LOST MY URINE SPECIMAN.. What should I do?
  119. subconjunctival hemorrhage & head trauma
  120. High VIT B12
  121. floaters and allergies
  122. Punch biopsy?
  123. Sneezing black mucus?
  124. Smooth Muscle blood test
  125. need help reading abnormal blood test results
  126. Permanently Swollen Lymph Node (Now over a decade)
  127. MCV index
  128. Too much calcium
  129. Shoulder/Arm Pain
  130. septic shock
  131. Help...I just found out my boyfriend has herpes
  132. Hip replacement surgery
  133. Guys feel like going cross eyed?
  134. I was wondering if you can help with test
  135. pressure on top of head
  136. Help could this be a clot in my leg?!
  137. Have some questions about my body
  138. breathing sensations - would appreciate some peace of mind!
  139. hives?
  140. I have lumps in different parts of my body
  141. Strange feeling in lower right abdomen after taking Excedrin
  142. Is Beer Unhealthy?
  143. What is the best cough medicine?
  144. someone please help me out...
  145. Muscle cramps and soreness
  146. acetone use associated problems
  147. Burning pain in chest
  148. Blood on stool
  149. Please, getting worse for years need help
  150. Elbow problems :(
  151. Elbow problems :(
  152. Too much protein in blood?
  153. post-viral skin sensitivity??
  154. Strange stomach discomfort (+mucus)
  155. question about splitting pills, carbamazepine xt
  156. Polycythemia
  157. Sleeping in pain
  158. Dizziness
  159. soooo many mosquito bites!!!
  160. Panadol & Alcohol mix
  161. pregnant
  162. Ttp
  163. Bubbling and pain whenever I move
  164. How does Melenoma/other wart causing diseases kill?
  165. heart bypass & valve replacement
  166. Cut off of Opiates because I Detoxed Myself
  167. uvula
  168. Heart Attack... Could You Help?
  169. Can warts/moles of any size/color be life threatening if on stomach?
  170. Doctors false reports
  171. Father in hospital due to low blood pressure - internal bleeding suspected
  172. Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus
  173. odd sensation
  174. large red blood cells
  175. Imbalanced Gait
  176. Surgery
  177. high platlets
  178. allergic reaction to bee sting
  179. Husband being sent to hospital for Ultrasound-Blood Clot possible?
  180. Blood Extraction
  181. Turning life around, looking for advice.
  182. Hereditary Spherocytosis
  183. Throat swelling....
  184. Please Help
  185. Struggling to get a full breath
  186. Mother killed by doctor, gallbadder surgery
  187. sore throat
  188. Hip Bursitus - please help ??
  189. Aching Bones
  190. hip replacement
  191. Woke up with top of head completely numb/weakness in left hand
  192. Orange Blood
  193. worried about my upper left arm pain
  194. have a question regarding neck.
  195. RespirActin
  196. Low blood pressure: What does it mean?
  197. blood in spit only in the morning
  198. Not eating during the day
  199. Low wbc with high monocytes???
  200. Help with Medication or Medical Costs
  201. Can a doctor withhold college paperwork?
  202. Pv @ 22
  203. round red rash on inside of elbows
  204. Rapid Muscle contractions in Stomach
  205. My 80 year old dad is losing weight fast.
  206. Description of Unknown problem...please read
  207. So-called healthcare professionals...
  208. FYI - Drug & Food Interactions with Warfarin (Coumadin)
  209. Help...my husband won't let me sleep!!!
  210. Bee Sting
  211. buttox problem
  212. Relationship with prostate cancer companion
  213. Prostate surgery
  214. New Post - Truckdriver Joint Pains
  215. What ELSE could be causing my afternoon crashes?
  216. issues 10 yrs after a surgery?
  217. Liver Function Tests
  218. Gadolinium Dye Reactions?
  219. herpes on the skin
  220. After colposcopy
  221. Severe head pain
  222. need advice plz help
  223. Lump at the top of my butt crack, what could it be?
  224. Loss Of Balance
  225. Ds child
  226. Double Dose ACTH given For Stim Test
  227. Am I close to death?
  228. Left shoulder MRI
  229. swollen / stiff right index finger
  230. Swollen face and mouth
  231. Large soft mass to left of belly button
  232. Right upper lung
  233. Tooth Abstraction
  234. Frostbite?
  235. little red dots
  236. Cramps in feet when sitting flat
  237. Bleeding and Moderate to Severe Abdominal Pain
  238. Insomnia due to heart racing & stomach & pain
  239. trouble finding time to do the research
  240. Stress and Low Blood Sugar
  241. Bruising and bleeding
  242. Blurry vision and loss of hearing
  243. Swollen lymphnodes in groin
  244. How much Protein should I consume after my workouts?
  245. Throat
  246. Could this be something worse than simply IBS?
  247. 5 cm mass on kidney what could it be?
  248. teen going bald ?
  249. heart twinges
  250. Unusual Problem...

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