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  1. concerned about SEVERE short lasting pain I had about a week ago
  2. All my health problems, all my life...I think caused by mild dehydration!
  3. Lower mild abdominal pain
  4. coughing when i lay in bed
  5. My Girlfriend's Appendicitis
  6. what does heterogeneous liver mean?
  7. Heart palpitations - maybe medicine?
  8. Visible blood vessel on left temple
  9. bad knee pain
  10. How long is too long to wait to hear those words
  11. Will tb test show positive before 48 hours
  12. Daily headache...Lots of possibilities?
  13. calf pain
  14. blood
  15. Wife and I are lightheaded and....
  16. Tonsils-should they be removed?
  17. what if any are the side effects of anesthesia
  18. platelets
  19. Anyone have "shopping" addiction?
  20. lung and liver spots
  21. Left side pain?
  22. invisible bed bugs?
  23. Strep throat treatment... already too late?
  24. Huge back
  25. which doctor will treat genital ??
  26. Can't diagnose!
  27. Does anyone know about laser spine surgery?
  28. perspective on Medicare, scans, tests, etc
  29. Choking feeling in throat
  30. Right side under my rib..
  31. Starvation-like pain underneath ribs
  32. Steroids effect on existing tumor
  33. choosing a Medicare provider
  34. pain on my left armpit
  35. After a Colonoscopy question
  36. ibs, help
  37. I have no idea what is wrong with me..I need some help please
  38. What is it?
  39. Mpv
  40. Facet injections
  41. Should i be worried???
  42. Sharp Pain in Lower Abdomen
  43. Rib pain
  44. Problems with left side
  45. do coccyx heal on their own?
  46. pain in left hip and pelvis when lying on my left side
  47. Severe deep non muscular pain in mid arm and armpit
  48. neck and shoulder pain with numbness
  49. Sore Arms
  50. Pains, Vomit, etc. only in mornings?
  51. allergic reaction to prednisone
  52. Spinal Meningitis
  53. Stomach problems? I don't know.. maybe IBS?
  54. Having constant headaches and stomachaches. Can anyone help?
  55. Curve in the back of the neck?
  56. Chronic pain/stiffness
  57. what is the prohibited foods not to take if the person has a fungal toungue infection
  58. Help! Knee Pain!
  59. anger
  60. Strange Symptoms-Mystery Diagnosis
  61. Exscrutiating leg pain
  62. Cannot figure out why ear and neck hurts.
  63. In serious distress. Help.
  64. Ringworm? Help!
  65. Confusing abdominal and back pain
  66. eye pain and vision probs
  67. I think i have hypothyroidism
  68. Twitching
  69. Toxicology, What will it tell me?
  70. MRI's and related problems
  71. sides of my legs sore to touch?
  72. Pan Relief
  73. something pulling on the inside of beyy button
  74. Hip replacement
  75. female have a continuous pain in my right hand what is the reason
  76. Helpp!!!!!!!!!!
  77. nofloxacin ... and heart pounding
  78. Bump on finger/palm
  79. what are giant platelets
  80. Lump under right shoulder
  81. swollen lymph nodes
  82. Abdominal pain with Fullness feeling
  83. Tilt Table Test....
  84. cortochrondritis
  85. Metallic taste
  86. My husband has fishy smelling breath when he sleeps?
  87. lab results im not sure if its ok doc say eveything ok
  88. Help! Brain feels...loose?
  89. Strange Stomach Problems
  90. the inside of my belly button feels like something is pulling it what can this be?
  91. Flagy and Cefotaxin
  92. goose bumps, shaking, gasping for breath, help?
  93. expired milk
  94. Stomach problems, need help
  95. health concerns
  96. a lump in your throat when you eat
  97. what the average heart rate after a 1 mile run
  98. B12 Deficiency?
  99. Blood in Urine
  100. I need advice.....
  101. Unknown illness!
  102. what could cause mucus coming out of the belly button
  103. I'd like more info on polymyositis
  104. Pain in Ear and Headaches Daily and Worried About Damage to Organs from Medicine
  105. white dots on skin
  106. Very low body temperature
  107. Maybe One Day Someone will Know
  108. Spiked blood pressure
  109. High Humidity --- Tired
  110. sick with deja vu
  111. confused about elevated alkaline phosphatase in bloodwork
  112. What is this?
  113. tendonitis
  114. the summer makes me sick
  115. disadvantages of not wearing underwear
  116. Rapid weight gain of the belly
  117. Multiple Health Questions PLEASE HELP!
  118. Question, may be weird, but I'd like to know.
  119. Gastric pull up
  120. Wierd problem with throat and dizzyness
  121. soft plaque aeortic artery
  122. hydrocele/varicocele
  123. Can anyone help?
  124. Sweat problems
  125. legs feel heavy and weak?
  126. Blood under skin???
  127. iron is low and hemoglobins are high?
  128. fissured/geographic tongue
  129. Cymbalta and Financial assistance ?
  130. Feels like an air pocket??
  131. MRI help!
  132. Nervous for surgery on tuesday!
  133. What Is This?
  134. Encapsulated Cyst on Carotid Artery
  135. Dizziness
  136. Pain in Chest
  137. white cells?
  138. *urgent please help*rust poisoning*
  139. Tired of not knowing
  140. Is something wrong with me, or am I just paranoid?
  141. Blood test 3 yr. old
  142. what is wrong when your legs hurt and have a burning sensation
  143. Omg........
  144. Possible Skin Cancer Under Toenail ... Positive that it's not a bruise!
  145. from buprenorphine patch to Fentanyl patch
  146. Weird thing sometimes happens when I try to sleep
  147. I am a newbie, so sorry if I get it wrong.
  148. Couldnt take a breath!
  149. Please respond, should I call my doctor?
  150. New member looking for answers
  151. muscular chest pain
  152. Best Internal Cleansing Program
  153. does apendex grow back after being removed
  154. removal of the thyroid
  155. My Situtation
  156. Back of Knee/Leg Ache
  157. Daughter's stiff neck!
  158. I'm 20 and I want to stay young what should I use?
  159. why do hands and legs get hot
  160. Buzzing in the base of my head
  161. Knee cap slipping
  162. side effects
  163. predenesone
  164. how to avoid day time sleeping
  165. Teenagers very slow heartbeat
  166. Swollen Glands, Fatigue, dead spot on tongue
  167. Whats this lump???
  168. phlem
  169. My doctor disrespected me...
  170. Pain in Upper Chest near heart
  171. nitrogen liquid
  172. Hi
  173. Big Lump in Stomach, Pain
  174. Bad Breath
  175. how do I read my blood test for sodium and potassium
  176. Sore throat weired symptoms
  177. Allergic to the Cold?
  178. water sound in ear? can't figure it out.
  179. Lung CT Results - Scared
  180. skin feels like its on fire and itching
  181. hearing loss in one ear
  182. Lump at bend of arm!
  183. very sore muscles and short of breath..
  184. Tibia lesion
  185. what does indoscopy mean?
  186. just wondering
  187. eating disorder?
  188. TMJ Surgery Gone Bad
  189. Has anyone had children after being told they have Essential Thrombocythemia?
  190. random muscle aches with fatigue driving me nuts
  191. please help.son has a tibia lesion????
  192. pharmacy cut my script in half >>>Can they do this?
  193. My eyes hurt
  194. Blood in urine
  195. belly button bleeding
  196. spleen and liver is enlarged
  197. Phlegm/ congestion but not acid reflux?
  198. Burning sensation in legs
  199. Help me diagnose this/swollen lymph nodes
  200. took a major fall, now can't move arm. Please help!!
  201. pains in my knees and upper body
  202. find what's wrong by typing in symptoms
  203. swollen lymph nodes neck going down with antibotic
  204. Cough with yellow sputum in and morning
  205. Veristat
  206. Bilateral pulmonary nodules
  207. What is wrong with me!
  208. I am a New Member!!
  209. sternum mass with pain
  210. shoulder
  211. Cumadin
  212. elevated ANA centromere pattern
  213. large lump behind ear
  214. Every day gravol usage
  215. Bone Popping
  216. lump on crease of leg
  217. way passed curiosity, turning into frustration.
  218. itermittent pain in lower rib cage area
  219. Morton's Neuroma
  220. anyone get pain or ache in loin flank kidney after a treated uti???
  221. fever
  222. mole on back
  223. so im prescribed 20mg of adderall regular..i just took 180mg..need answers
  224. pergnancy
  225. caffeine free hydroxcut
  226. feeling fatigue
  227. i got a pill stuck in my throat what do i do
  228. I need help with an uncontrollable cough
  229. HELP! Bad taste in mouth!
  230. Need help urgent!!!
  231. excessive physical exercise??
  232. help me plz
  233. heart rate
  234. I am new on here and need some help with questions about my peroid
  235. eeg results
  236. pins and needles
  237. sickness abdominal pain and headache what is this
  238. Tape worms
  239. under arm &chest pain
  240. Somethings seems off...should I trust the doctor?.
  241. please some1 out der HELP!...am in pain
  242. merca
  243. Shoulder weakness after twitching? No idea...
  244. Fungus/Mold?
  245. How long after ORIF surgery on ankle can I walk???
  246. new medicine?
  247. afraid of what may be wrong
  248. where do i report a doctor being inappropriate?
  249. what are normal rbc hemoglobin and hematocrit results?
  250. pain in the coccyx

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