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  1. Antibiotics
  2. Hippa violation or not Help!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Anyone get salmonella?
  4. My brain falls asleep
  5. Triamterene 37.5mg/hctz
  6. my dad is currently in the end stage of dementia
  7. Strange back pain around my spine and behind my shoulder blade
  8. pain between eyes and bridge of nose?
  9. herring, sardines and cholesterol
  10. low blood sugar
  11. A tingling effect
  12. Is it a heart problem or not??
  13. Purple fingers
  14. Cracked rib
  15. Please help! Really worried
  16. what happened to me this morning?
  17. Stabbing left eye temple
  18. what does it mean when your fingers go numb
  19. Odd...Why do I suddenly need lots of water?
  20. heart attack pls help
  21. Colloidal Silver
  22. fainting on long haul flight
  23. Awaiting results
  24. Stomach ache, diarrhea, head ache
  25. I had acdf 2level surgery dec 2008
  26. Stomach Pain and Yellow Vomit
  27. Had bruise for over a year!
  28. Ache in upper right arm
  29. Accidentally cut myself.
  30. morphine build up
  31. enlarged Thymus
  32. Chest Pain and Breathing Problems
  33. this is ruling my life, please can someone help, please :(
  34. Side effects to tetraciclin?
  35. Could someone please Help?
  36. single long hair in random places
  37. Needing surgery
  38. R A and muscle wasting
  39. Extreme Sleep problem(warning : Very long post)
  40. motion sickness following a heart attack
  41. health
  42. tounge pain
  43. light headed/dizzy/hard to breath
  44. in some pain and worried
  45. please help dont know anymore
  46. canker sore turned into blister
  47. gross burps - something that helps me
  48. what age can a rectal temperature be take as a adult
  49. Dark circles and calcium spots around my eyes
  50. Sudden Onset of Joint Stiffness
  51. numb hands while sleeping vs. working out
  52. effects of radiotherapy
  53. hard lump on 15 yr old head
  54. After posterior tibial surgery.
  55. Does epsom salts have a use by date
  56. how long to get blood work back
  57. soft spot back of head
  58. Go to bed and within minutes a fierce itching forces me to get up
  59. Young Chest Pains
  60. what is a noguel i have pain in my sides?
  61. I have breathing attacks and lung pains!
  62. CBC Test result
  63. doxycycl
  64. chest xray
  65. Please help!
  66. Bruises won't go away & calf/shin pain!?!?
  67. Contagious GI Thing?
  68. Small watery blisters
  69. Possible Hormone Imbalance?
  70. What is this pain...im worried now.
  71. Buttox Pain- Piriformis Syndrome
  72. Tram Flap Surgery
  73. I need help
  74. Fainting
  75. Doctor question
  76. help with cysts?
  77. Winter Heat Dryness Throat/Tongue Issues
  78. problems taking a DEEP breath
  79. Shoulder MRI - pls explain/serious
  80. Question regarding Catastrophic Illness from newbie
  81. Mild burning and tingling in bed, why?
  82. Stiff neck with crunching sounds
  83. Lower back pain for months
  84. Vietnam hotel , Saigon hotel , hochiminh hotel
  85. How Long do you have to take testosterone injections?
  86. How long does it take for side effects to start with new medications?
  87. toxicology
  88. Heart problems in a 20 year old?
  89. unborn infant has dilated kidneys
  90. Please help... just started Testosterone Therapy!
  91. blood clot in leg
  92. Hip Replacement Surgery and recovery time
  93. left shoulder type pain
  94. cuboid and calcaneus fractures In pain 16 days
  95. Feeling a lump in left side of rib when I'm sitting down or have eaten too much
  96. feeling a lump on left side of top stomach when sitting down
  97. Sigmoid Resection
  98. prozac
  99. dropped my phone in a pblic toilet
  100. Thigh Bulge
  101. how long does it take for the ulnar nerve to heal
  102. neck lump
  103. Help needed in finding herbal sleep/relaxant supplement
  104. wrist pain
  105. tongue
  106. zoloft
  107. swollen gland
  108. caffeine overdose
  109. after shoulder surgery related or not
  110. Trying to figure this one out
  111. blood tranfusions
  112. Honey and Cinnamon...
  113. No reflex in leg
  114. What does any one know about Amyloid???
  115. Does my friend have some kind of.. disorder?
  116. m protein
  117. nicotine in blood
  118. Bruised lower spine bone
  119. Need Info regarding Thoracic-Outlet Obstruction Syndrome
  120. Hip and Buttox pain, pleas help!
  121. Pain in calf of leg
  122. back opp
  123. at last - cure for frozen shoulder !
  124. Joint Pain - Not Arthritis (?)
  125. thumb joint replacement
  126. Sassafras Tea
  127. Skin whitening pills
  128. New here
  129. Not sure whats going on...
  130. Ear Problem? Tooth Problem? Both?
  131. Mono questions
  132. Do you find doctors too quick to prescribe medication?
  133. why is my ear hurting?
  134. Aching Thighs
  135. Flushed Face
  136. High Pulse Rate
  137. please help if you can
  138. Bulging forehead vein
  139. loose tendon
  140. Probiotic drinks and Tea's...
  141. xiphoid process
  142. Fainting & spasms at heights
  143. Abnormal Lymph Nodes?
  144. blood on my underwear always because of my hips condition
  145. Choosing a doctor
  146. Odd "attack" while playing basketball
  147. Don't know what this may be
  148. Please, I really do need some answers.
  149. Help me please, im a little scared.
  150. sciatica
  151. Please help!
  152. Im confused please help
  153. Squeezing/jumping in chest when running
  154. what in the world is wrong with me???
  155. e. coli?
  156. Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  157. sectoral heterochromia - Any cause for concern ?
  158. MRI-Open or Closed-question
  159. Your Experience Prednisone & Plaquenil
  160. bruise
  161. New Nalgene bottles safe?
  162. I sliced my right palm area open
  163. Anyone experience this
  164. One Thigh is Bigger Than The Other
  165. lump in both nipples
  166. Can anyone interpret the results on my MRI report?
  167. What do you make of these symptoms?
  168. so confused about symptoms!
  169. Tingle in Forehead/Third Eye
  170. Rash on hands/wrists or feet that comes back now and then
  171. High Prolactin Levels!!!
  172. numb tingly arms.
  173. Belly button
  174. Chocolate and caffeine
  175. accessory navicular bone injury/surgery
  176. Cancer?
  177. Ankle fusion help
  178. Burning smell and taste
  179. Heartburn & Constipation
  180. Genetic testing
  181. Swollen soft palate
  182. scabs on scalp
  183. Nausea
  184. Small second-degree burn- oozing
  185. Leucoderma
  186. banged elbow
  187. Swollen lymphnodes and fever
  188. how does a vegan coat their stomachs if they need to take meds
  189. Self-employed Health Options
  190. Cracked finger tips on both hands
  191. plz help
  192. Always hungry
  193. Itching hands
  194. what can cause shakiness?
  195. dizzy and nausea after ejaculation
  196. Funny Bone Not Funny
  197. Speech, mixed up words, etc
  198. Severe Depression from Gabapentin Withdrawal?
  199. Natural Sweetener
  200. Random UA's and my Doctor
  201. fasciculations, severe & sudden joint pain
  202. Severe Dizziness and Fatigue
  203. saliva leak while sleeping
  204. What is the Acai berry?
  205. biaxin and flonase
  206. Fingernails are white
  207. Smile problem
  208. Right shoulder, right chest, upper arm and abdomen muscle pain (right side of body)
  209. Those darn bunionettes...
  210. OA and MRI
  211. Window open or closed?
  212. How can we rule out kidney problem when we find cause of leg edema
  213. Swelling (edema) on right leg what that can be due to?
  214. Problem with ankle - balance?
  215. Stomach Pressure While Reading or Writing
  216. Hard stomach...
  217. Your thoughts about this, and yes I am going to the doctor.
  218. Light pink spotting
  219. numb scalp
  220. Haematoma - Blood Test
  221. High maintanence child with bad attitude at home
  222. Is is possible to have a relapse of Mono?
  223. Post ACDF and nervous
  224. evens syndrome
  225. Neck, Back, Scapula, Rib Cage Pain!
  226. Desperate!
  227. Left Arm Ache & Pain
  228. Need Help- Facial Tightness
  229. i'm looking for advise on muscle spasms
  230. Unknown cause of Chest Pain + Apnea?
  231. Worried
  232. feel fluids running down my left part of chest and straight down my chest as well
  233. Are there any health concerns related to this?
  234. why does the tip of my noes tingle
  235. swallowed foam
  236. Cant stop vomitting...stomach really hurts
  237. what is pain in left side of back and also in legs
  238. after effect of car accident
  239. Help!!!veins Hurt!!!!
  240. I have auto-immune disease of the thyroid and insomnia for years
  241. Bruising
  242. can I get blood work done when I am sick?
  243. Underarm painful lump
  244. hard painful lump
  245. Constant shoulder blade pain
  246. BURNING above elbows IN MUSCLES
  247. help me, so bloated
  248. I really could use some help...
  249. Throat closing and cant swallow
  250. nausea and diarrhea

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