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  1. Post ACDF and nervous
  2. evens syndrome
  3. Neck, Back, Scapula, Rib Cage Pain!
  4. Desperate!
  5. Left Arm Ache & Pain
  6. Need Help- Facial Tightness
  7. i'm looking for advise on muscle spasms
  8. Unknown cause of Chest Pain + Apnea?
  9. Worried
  10. feel fluids running down my left part of chest and straight down my chest as well
  11. Are there any health concerns related to this?
  12. why does the tip of my noes tingle
  13. swallowed foam
  14. Cant stop vomitting...stomach really hurts
  15. what is pain in left side of back and also in legs
  16. after effect of car accident
  17. Help!!!veins Hurt!!!!
  18. I have auto-immune disease of the thyroid and insomnia for years
  19. Bruising
  20. can I get blood work done when I am sick?
  21. Underarm painful lump
  22. hard painful lump
  23. Constant shoulder blade pain
  24. BURNING above elbows IN MUSCLES
  25. help me, so bloated
  26. I really could use some help...
  27. Throat closing and cant swallow
  28. nausea and diarrhea
  29. Itchy muscles???
  30. Seizures, numbness in leg, ect.
  31. neck clicking
  32. Constant nausea
  33. exercises after bunion surgery
  34. how many mg should i take of cq10
  35. Antibiotics not exactly helping?
  36. how to tell your parents you are mentally unstable
  37. scaphoid fractures
  38. running machine.
  39. Congestion after eating meals
  40. Blood Pressure Monitoring
  41. Thyroid care
  42. Thyroid care
  43. Hipaa Violation??
  44. low sodium level
  45. wisdom teeth removal can't open mouth
  46. headaches on left side, and down into my neck
  47. I'm 15 and have a lump on my left testicle
  48. Pain!!!!
  49. broken ankle
  50. What could this be?
  51. breast reduction
  52. Dull Ache Under Bottom Left Rib
  53. Ultrasound Clinic in Canada,Ontario.How to get license?
  54. Paralyzed Stomachs
  55. Where do I go from here??/suggestions
  56. Is Novacaine considerd anesthesia?......
  57. immune system
  58. Titanium Discs
  59. Where to buy shoes/medical supplies in SLC
  60. Concerned About Stomach...
  61. endocrinologist exam
  62. Insect bites?
  63. gout attacks all over
  64. Blood Blisters on roof of mouth
  65. shortness of breath or asthma which is it?????
  66. excessive gas and stress
  67. Multigenerational Flushing
  68. Height Question, please help.
  69. Chest pain that wont go away! please help!
  70. MRSA infection PLEASE HEELLPP!!!!
  71. what is my sickness?
  72. what are the symptoms to have a tonsillectomy
  73. Don't know what to do
  74. I got a really severe bruise
  75. Is a 102 fever for a 5 year old too high?
  76. Breathing issues... Short of breath?
  77. Chemical Burn in the Anus Area?
  78. Hard to breathe and feels weird when I inhale or take a deep breath
  79. Bone Marrow Biopsy
  80. Ear Pain...Worse At Night
  81. Hypersensitive Touch
  82. Cosmetics
  83. Bathroom At Night
  84. Anonymous Lab tests?
  85. Very tired during the day
  86. Mertazapine / Fibromyalgia / sleep
  87. Parathyroid Doctor in Minnesota
  88. porcelain veneer risks misrepresented--alternatives?
  89. What is a SED RATE? A blood test for ....?
  90. I have a Duodenum Ulcer
  91. strange feeling in my chest
  92. Flu Shot side effects or Virus
  93. Cranial vault surgery
  94. terminal nhl/just had zevallin
  95. confused with blood results ESR, TSH, IRON
  96. what does onion body odor mean
  97. little cuts in corners of mouth
  98. Questions about bone marrow
  99. what cause coldness and tingling in a finger
  100. A childs death
  101. early morning work-out / diet
  102. what happens when you get an inflamed taste bud
  103. Leptropril
  104. I Am Despairing
  105. Chest Discomfort!!!
  106. help any one please
  107. 7 year old son not eating
  108. what to do for a toddler with digestive problems
  109. Someone Please help
  110. Help!
  111. Bleeding after period ended . . . please help.
  112. HI I Need some major help
  113. help and advice sought with my throat problem
  114. pain going down outer side of left leg
  115. Need Suggestions, Please!!
  116. Blood clot?
  117. Little lump on foot
  118. help/advise needed regarding my silicone breast implants
  119. Down after surgery
  120. Need help fast!
  121. Help figure my friend's serious mental problem
  122. 1st 2 weeks periods now neck pain
  123. bunionectomy/osteotomy 9/12/08
  124. Has anyone had any bad side effects from Anesthesia???
  125. ICH - GCP Clinical Research Workshop 15th &16th November 2008 at Delhi
  126. HI there im new and have infirtility probs (hydrasalpinx)
  127. clicking OR pop feeling in heart beat
  128. lower, lower stomach pain..
  129. Lump on chin
  130. Frequent mini-dizzy spells followed with tingling/numbness in fingers, face, and lips
  131. Did someone kill my daughter by spiking her drink?
  132. Seeking head and neck pain advice
  133. Phlegm problem
  134. heart
  135. Plaquenil ???
  136. Bad Experience Donating Blood
  137. multiple symptoms
  138. can't take it anymore !
  139. It's Been going on for a long time and I'm fed up...
  140. PCOS and me
  141. shakes
  142. worrisome problems
  143. Fluxuating Body Odour
  144. I had to take my mom to the emergency room again....
  145. Thyroid Nodule
  146. Spinal Cord is too thin
  147. Can someone help me?
  148. Pectoralis Minor
  149. I'm not even sure how to start, or if this is the right forum for this
  150. blood test results
  151. Bloody Nose
  152. what is rbc 12.6
  153. Dr. did drug screen on ds15 without his/my knowledge or consent.
  154. Question about germs
  155. Is This Ok?
  156. how do i locate my tonsils?
  157. vein on my forhead
  158. Reaction to 2008 Flu Immunization
  159. False Negative Test Results???
  160. plantar fasciitis
  161. Swollen Lymph Node/Parotid Gland??? Help!
  162. Cant focus, reduced mental performace, awareness??????? i need help.
  163. Please help
  164. Nerve Damage?
  165. Constant Nausea for two and a half weeks.....
  166. Exhaustion at age 22??
  167. i'm feeling pain and cold sensation in the upper left arm, what is it?
  168. nighttime knee and ankle aches
  169. confused
  170. not sure where to post this.
  171. Help!!
  172. what can the pain in my side be
  173. colon resection
  174. trouble falling asleep and joint pain
  175. entire body & join pain
  176. Artificial sweeteners & Pleurisy
  177. 18 year old with chest pain
  178. Radio frequency on cervical area
  179. I have a c5 fracture on my neck, and I have halo on, need INFO!
  180. Polycythemia
  181. Pain 8 weeks after bowel surgery.
  182. Cost of dermatologist?
  183. gagging, choking
  184. I am 7 months pregnant and have OCD
  185. Weird feeling on the top of my head
  186. Serious skin rash
  187. I Just Don't feel good.......
  188. Habit/Obsession of Stretching stomach. Help!
  189. any ideas
  190. burning leg sensation
  191. someone please tell me what might be wrong
  192. Rectal fissures
  193. Cold Laser Therapy
  194. Pain throughout the body
  195. numb fingers
  196. frozen shoulder
  197. CSF Leak Following Bacterial Meningitis - Can I ever fly again?
  198. Is there a virus going round in UK
  199. Numb Fingertips - need advice
  200. hot flashes?
  201. how to get rid of stomach heat
  202. Short term memory loss...
  203. hands and feet hurting.
  204. headache, sore neck, rash ???
  205. C6 C7 problems...any advice??
  206. Constant Nausea+other symptoms
  207. What in the world is going on here?!
  208. what causes pain at the base of the neck
  209. Burning near Trachea and in ear - Any Help is Apreciated.
  210. Lost NuvaRing
  211. Horrible pain in middle chest sternum area....
  212. unexplained bruise
  213. fatigue during the day
  214. abnormal ct scan abnormal neoragical exam normal mri?
  215. Ammonia smell
  216. does he regret breaking up
  217. i have had pityriasis rosea for about 8 months ,,,,
  218. Vitamin B12 deficiency- causes?
  219. recurrent dislocated shoulder issue
  220. What could a white bump in the throat be with burning?
  221. tongue goes numb and my vision is blurry
  222. Please help!!!!
  223. Chest problems
  224. wart removal
  225. Mylegram...Have to have one this Monday. Any advice?
  226. Passive aggressive????
  227. I'm a long term anemic,desprate for energy .
  228. Anybody knows side effects of Tumeric?
  229. high body odour that smells like stool and has some kind of coughing smell
  230. colon cancer
  231. colon cancer
  232. What do these women systems mean?
  233. Unknown Diagnosis
  234. please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  235. Insect bites? Help!
  236. Shaking, pain that never stops, dizzy, numbness and vision loss!
  237. Hi everyone can anyone tell me about a positive Babinskiís Sign?
  238. How can one person have so many health issues?
  239. young person that shakes
  240. husbands illness
  241. Pain in left underarm and tingling in big toes.
  242. P.O.T.S. is pregnancy safe
  243. Toxic Poisioned,Soooo sick! Doctor doesn't know what is wrong with me. PLEASE HELP.
  244. Ear Pain and Mouth Pain
  245. Avapro-HCT
  246. Got my first B12 Shot today.
  247. painkiller reducing coughing reflex - good or bad?
  248. pulled muscle in my back or is it?
  249. leg indentation, need help now!
  250. Stitches Under a Cast?

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