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  1. abnormal ct scan abnormal neoragical exam normal mri?
  2. Ammonia smell
  3. does he regret breaking up
  4. i have had pityriasis rosea for about 8 months ,,,,
  5. Vitamin B12 deficiency- causes?
  6. recurrent dislocated shoulder issue
  7. What could a white bump in the throat be with burning?
  8. tongue goes numb and my vision is blurry
  9. Please help!!!!
  10. Chest problems
  11. wart removal
  12. Mylegram...Have to have one this Monday. Any advice?
  13. Passive aggressive????
  14. I'm a long term anemic,desprate for energy .
  15. Anybody knows side effects of Tumeric?
  16. high body odour that smells like stool and has some kind of coughing smell
  17. colon cancer
  18. colon cancer
  19. What do these women systems mean?
  20. Unknown Diagnosis
  21. please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Insect bites? Help!
  23. Shaking, pain that never stops, dizzy, numbness and vision loss!
  24. Hi everyone can anyone tell me about a positive Babinskiís Sign?
  25. How can one person have so many health issues?
  26. young person that shakes
  27. husbands illness
  28. Pain in left underarm and tingling in big toes.
  29. P.O.T.S. is pregnancy safe
  30. Toxic Poisioned,Soooo sick! Doctor doesn't know what is wrong with me. PLEASE HELP.
  31. Ear Pain and Mouth Pain
  32. Avapro-HCT
  33. Got my first B12 Shot today.
  34. painkiller reducing coughing reflex - good or bad?
  35. pulled muscle in my back or is it?
  36. leg indentation, need help now!
  37. Stitches Under a Cast?
  38. anterior hip repair
  39. teenager dizziness
  40. Please answer now, I am frightened.
  41. Hi Everyone, new here
  42. gall balldder stone brief intro
  43. need help best doctors
  44. Ephedra and slower metabolism
  45. Large unmovable lump above and to left of adams apple
  46. What Causes Fingernails to Turn under
  47. Constant "Going"
  48. tsh,t3 n t4 concern pls help
  49. Swollen Throat / Tonsils Remedies?
  50. abdominal pain, naseau and pain in back
  51. I need a list of Doctors in the Chicago area
  52. Disappearing lump after painful breath?
  53. In Pain please someone help...
  54. ***please Help***
  55. dizzy when eating
  56. what could cause a incision to sting?
  57. Need help for mom (and me)
  58. how long till sertraline kicks in ?
  59. Granny's ill
  60. sick and tired
  61. constantly tierd and feeling sick.any advice???
  62. what's with my ear???
  63. Face Acne
  64. kidney stent
  65. Internal Quivers...anyone experience this?
  66. B-12 Shots
  67. Lump Under Scalp
  68. out of sperm?
  69. Thigh Feels Wet!
  70. pain in side when breathing , bloating feeling
  71. pain on lower left rib
  72. congenital hypothyroidism
  73. My mouth feels and tastes weird!
  74. why do i get red only on one side of my face?
  75. Need diagnosis...stomach pain.
  76. Forteo Tests
  77. 18th bday on friday and got extremly painful blisters on the back of my throat.
  78. food poisoning!???
  79. Post surgery for big toe joint fusion....help!
  80. Fleas
  81. Help with a question
  82. Miscarriage .. HELP?
  83. Broken toe- sore again after 5 weeks
  84. Arthroscopic Knee Surgery
  85. how long does it take for antibiotics
  86. Here we go AGAIN!!
  87. what is this? is it serious? what do i do? help!
  88. Lip numb after surgery
  89. Lung growth
  90. Leg Twitching
  91. Low pulse rate
  92. What is wrong with me???? Heh...
  93. Airline travel with swollen feet
  94. severe stomach pain - now bad pain in back
  95. How do you choose a new dr???????
  96. Heart Palpitations and Dizziness
  97. cyst with hip pain
  98. Dont ever try!
  99. Burning in face ,numbness and pain
  100. i got a biopsy done what does this mean
  101. please help
  102. anachoice (tm) screen/positive
  103. Any comments about Radio Frequency Neurolysis for L4 & L5?
  104. Went to doc yesterday for possible UTI but I'm freaking out...please read
  105. 4 months pregnant and developing lumps on my shins
  106. Next Physical
  107. Bump under my toe and swellen toe and top of foot hurts near toe, can anyone help me?
  108. Immune System
  109. ibprofen 800 mg and a bad stomach ache?
  110. Erectile Dysfunction / Viagra use for teen
  111. self medicating with xanax
  112. Weird Stool Issue - Orange Jelly?!
  113. I have pain in my right knee , need some help
  114. Do I still need to take the Dulcolax and TriLyte before the procedure?
  115. Conch bullosa
  116. Golden ring gives a black skin, why?
  117. plasma
  118. Could my son be autistic?
  119. bone marrow transplant and personal problem
  120. 58 to 60 bpm heart rate, but 2 to 4 in a row--anything to worry about?
  121. Noonan Syndrome
  122. Red blotchy rash on 10 yr old son
  123. Blood balls under skin
  124. underarm mass
  125. Smelling things that are not there
  126. Siezure and other odd occurances
  127. persisting chest pain, right side, above heart
  128. C5-C7 fusion months in lot of pain and testing
  129. My father's strange illness.
  130. this hurts so much :/
  131. was not sure where to post this broken shoulder advice please
  132. Cant get Pregnant
  133. BPH relief
  134. Lump in Parotid area and flu-like symptoms
  135. breathlessness
  136. Testicular question...
  137. how is spinach,tomato & beetroot soup for kid
  138. Numb Tongue and Blood from Nose - VERY worried!
  139. Causes for rapid unexplained weight loss...
  140. waking up feeling like too much gas
  141. Can anyone help me diagnose myself? Please?
  142. how to get someone to go to the dr for help in chest pain
  143. Hi, I was hoping that someone on here could help me.
  144. Chronic abdominal pain
  145. Upset Stomach and Frequent Urination
  146. My Stomach
  147. why does my stomach and my left side hurt
  148. worried son needs help[lipitor]
  149. Weird Chills
  150. how long do you have to keep your foot off after bone graft surgery?
  151. swollen joints
  152. Update on red cheeks
  153. Jaw make gravel sound hard to close
  154. haemachromtosis
  155. Hip Replacement Therapy
  156. My doctor did a IVP and didnt find any kidney stones, so why am I still in pain?
  157. Why do I pespire after eating chocolate/candy?
  158. Terrible stomach pains from gas every 3-4 months
  159. Strange sickness. is it in my head?
  160. Can I Have The HPV immunization?
  161. when should you go to the doctor
  162. Teenager passes out and dies for NO reason!
  163. virus
  164. when i sneeze i get really bad chest pains and its hard for me to breathe
  165. swelling on elbow
  166. Does Shou Wu Wan Reverse Hair Colour
  167. My big brother--------HELP.........:(
  168. Lots of different symptoms.
  169. help! pain right below rib
  170. Hello Evreybody
  171. Darker / deeper voice medicine
  172. last stages of cirrhosis of the liver
  173. Knobs on collarbone
  174. Profuse sweating
  175. What can I do to bring/stop my menstral cycle
  176. Hip Replacement Surgery and Rehab
  177. Need your advice
  178. Enlarged taste bud on tip of tongue
  179. Clindamycin cause tongue sores?
  180. Help with protection for sex
  181. I Have Sharp Painful Heart Flutters!
  182. stenosis of the celiac artery
  183. allergic to sulfa?
  184. Septated Ovarian cyst cont...
  185. do i have a hyserectomy?
  186. why do my legs feel weak and ache
  187. husbands blood tests results?
  188. I have a white bump on my uvula, what is it?
  189. swelling of ankles
  190. A father dealing with his seven year old's impulses....
  191. groin pain
  192. Front of right leg numb from the knee to the ankle...
  193. Burning head
  194. Chest Pain, Not sure What to do.
  195. How contagious is Herpes?
  196. eye surgery
  197. Ache Behind Knee
  198. Has anybody experienced a P.A.O. procedure?
  199. Ovarian Cyst!
  200. cystic acne
  201. Medical Question ? Swollen ear lobe itchiness faint?
  202. Phaontom smells
  203. Dont know what to make of this
  204. my daugther has a neck tic what should i do?
  205. pneumonia
  206. Is this an eye problem or normal?
  207. need help for a friend in the UK
  208. Husband's confusing symptoms
  209. Embarrasing problem...
  210. hungry all the time whats wrong with me
  211. my legs hurt they keep bruising very easily sore achy stiff pain what's wrong?
  212. what is under right bottom rib
  213. Can enlarged Adenoids cause an extremely sensitive gag reflex?
  214. shoulder pain
  215. Choking in Sleep
  216. red raised dots on abdominal skin
  217. LIke Antifreeze
  218. What happens after I complete my 9 months of prostap???????
  219. i have pityriasis rosea skin condition
  220. My tongue
  221. what size neede do I need for B12 injections
  222. Spacey Feeling etc...
  223. numbness when i sleep on left side only
  224. possbile fungus infection in lungs-Help
  225. neuropsychological problem
  226. why are my fingernails curling
  227. loss of mobility and lumps in hands and feet
  228. Throat problem
  229. burning feet
  230. Unknown Lump or "hump" in the middle of my upper chest
  231. Uknown pain in right side.
  232. Am I just paranoid???
  233. Currently having some abdominal pain that is getting severe
  234. Torn tendon
  235. Please help.
  236. Fever and sore eyes
  237. Back pain after eating corn
  238. Nerve conduction test,dont know whats wrong..
  239. How much damage will this have done?
  240. Headpain and constant diziness? help.
  241. Right Rib Pain
  242. Can smoking delay my recovery?
  243. Pain in Right Side Unexplained
  244. Brown tongue
  245. hip replacement
  246. Dislocated Shoulder
  247. Feeling of passing out...please help me find some answers!
  248. Persistent pain in left leg
  249. Chest and back pain issues
  250. air bubbles in IV tube

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