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  1. I need some help with a urination issue
  2. stomach cramps
  3. numbing
  4. Would like some speculation?
  5. What on earth could be wrong with me?! - Open to all wild speculation
  6. Headache, Nausea, Face pain and shoulder pain
  7. 25 yr old with chest pain and no one can figure it out
  8. dizzy spelles
  9. how long to wait to shower after eating
  10. How do i get through a fast??
  11. Marraige with first cousin
  12. convulsions while passed out?
  13. i feel like i'm bobbing up and down in water still!
  14. why does it hurt to lay on my sides and my stomache
  15. small lump in pubic hair area
  16. Aspirin overdose?
  17. Pain in upper left arm.
  18. Maxillary Frenectomy
  19. opinions needed regarding detox
  20. Finger Discolored
  21. cinnamon... is it bad? dad says so
  22. Out of ideas I experience pressure in head/nausea
  23. Bakers Cyst ???
  24. Nausea and Vomiting 24/7
  25. Can't Handle My Antisocial Self Anymore..It's creating a Downward Spiral
  26. Reaction to bleaching tray
  27. Wellbutrin & Adderall
  28. I have this weird pain in my neck, can it be because of a pinched nerve?
  29. Rush of blood to the head while I lift weights?
  30. depakote and seizures
  31. Diarrhea
  32. Bedtime- sickness- dizzyness
  33. Unbearable burning and pain in arm..
  34. 2yr old back surgery
  35. PT and electronic muscle stimulation - very sore today..
  36. why do I have a swollen and sore ankle?
  37. feeling shaky
  38. What hapened to me?
  39. shoulder popping
  40. Unexepected extreme behavior
  41. Needing some help
  42. Scared/down as health gets worse and surgery may needed.
  43. HELP...head spins on exertion..dont know just started 3 days ago
  44. i was wondering if someone could help me
  45. tegretol
  46. Thermoregulation
  47. asprin risk in patient with recent gastric bypass surgery.
  48. leg cramping?
  49. Skin Abscess
  50. Where do I start?
  51. Test before surgery
  52. Anxiety?????
  53. Post Nasal Drip/Chronic Bad Breath
  54. swollen under right eye
  55. why am i vomiting up blood
  56. Nosebleeds
  57. Severe intestinal pain and diarrhea: What food could be causing this?
  58. Side Effects of Cephalexin
  59. Help-dizziness, fainting, temporary loss of vision
  60. horney goat weed
  61. Terrible Neck Cramp
  62. hives and other maladies.
  63. Surgery with thrush?
  64. Ankle bone fusion pain
  65. sleepy all the time
  66. prozac
  67. OI and organ donor
  68. Help with Mom
  69. Damaged my arm?
  70. Dizzy funny spells, any ideas?
  71. Pain in left Arm. wrist elbow
  72. someone please help me i feel like no one listening to me
  73. Itchy blisters
  74. Canker Sores
  75. Biotin; Pros and Cons?
  76. my girlfriends throwing up blood.
  77. possible spleen injury fr. fall
  78. I hear crackling in the back of my head/ears.
  79. Chronic nerve damage caused but a surgery, any ideas!
  80. Change in Health
  81. open mri's
  82. A Pulled Muscle In My Chest Or My Heart?
  83. tonsil stones?
  84. What To Do
  85. headaches and pains
  86. Annoying stomach pain...
  87. burning pain in rectum
  88. Petechiae?
  89. throwing up blood?
  90. A couple problems...
  91. hemorroids check up
  92. Pain in calf
  93. i have had this quarter inch ball inside my jaw
  94. Problem niece
  95. HIPAA Laws Used As A Form of Murder
  96. Vasamotor Rhinitis
  97. Swooshing noises in my head
  98. right shoulder pain after IV
  99. blood test
  100. bruning sensation in the plams.
  101. lump on belly buttom
  102. Upper Lip
  103. Muscles Around Shins Hurt?
  104. Extremely Overactive Gag Reflex
  105. Pinched Nerve?
  106. bowel trouble.even hospital wont help!any advise please?
  107. Multiple symptoms
  108. Why am I dizzy and lightheaded?
  109. My hemroids...
  110. Son has extra skinfold on leg???
  111. hands
  112. Combining the use of Wellbutrin and Cymbalta
  113. what could cause pain in hip and down the side of leg?
  114. Elevated internal temperature
  115. carpal syndrome
  116. Injured leg pain and lump
  117. does sunburn cause swollen glands?
  118. Homocystine Question...
  119. Salmonella, few questions....
  120. My 22 month old son does not talk at all...Help!
  121. can anyone offer a diagnosis
  122. Dumbness arms legs face exercise induced?
  123. have to surfer bad smell from somewhere
  124. Interpreting some blood test results
  125. Cough
  126. Head Trauma
  127. left side hurts when i lay on my stomach
  128. throat tightens
  129. Treatment of rheumatoid
  130. Swimming in salt water
  131. growth near anus... what might this be??
  132. what else could this be
  133. profound muscle loss in leg? Where does it come from
  134. coughing, tight chest and a metallic taste
  135. PTTD 6th Day PO
  136. C-scopy results
  137. I Don't Know What I Have or Where to Look it up!
  138. About meningitis PLEASE HELP!
  139. Me and My wife get jerks, please help
  140. Pain in upper calf of leg
  141. No one understands
  142. scan seizures
  143. high levels of lead in adult
  144. More facts about andriol, plz
  145. Any information appreciated
  146. this might sound really stupid but
  147. I can't seem to feel full
  148. Itching around lesion on hand for several months
  149. Sporatic Groin pain.
  150. Is there any one else out there like me? I need to talk
  151. Swollen Gland
  152. My dizzy wife = I am afraid
  153. Why Isn't My Klonopin Showing Up In Urine?
  154. Desperately Seeking Good Oral Irrigator!
  155. Unexplained symptoms - please help.
  156. shin splints???
  157. Swollen Parotid gland
  158. New job and injured.....
  159. Gut.
  160. Chronic Myofascial Pain - My Experience
  161. Lots of Muscle/Bodyache Pain & Fatigue
  162. Baker's Cyst - Inflamation will not go away????
  163. info on topomax
  164. ringing ears / spacey / balance problems
  165. Is this a tumor? (pictures)
  166. Friend said its not possible to sneeze looking at sun....
  167. Itchy, red bumps
  168. broken nose
  169. help me .
  170. Onion Body Odor
  171. boyfriend very sick, food poisoning?
  172. blood test results
  173. Erythema multiforme Minor...Dr's no help
  174. cloudy and sweet smelling urine...??
  175. strange "crunchy" sensation in head
  176. Huge Vein bulging on my forehead ??
  177. relationship possible
  178. Need advice for a CT scan with contrast
  179. Leg & Abdominal Swellinng????
  180. Strange Stomach Ache
  181. Skin Problem
  182. ESR Sed Rate
  183. Stomach radiating pain to back and jaw
  184. pain moved and is worse
  185. Please help! Not sure what to do next.
  186. Hand pain and aggravation.
  187. Has anyone had this??? Pushing on chest near armpit creates pressure in ears?????
  188. Vaginal stenosis
  189. Help- Elevated Sgpt!! Scared!
  190. lab results question(Cardio CRP results came back at 13.6 !!! )
  191. "Gut Malrotation"
  192. Fainting teenager
  193. Electrolyte Tablets to suppress gag reflex
  194. Appendix Pain
  195. S One?
  196. Alcohol and Bars
  197. sharp pain in left side? help please!
  198. dehydrated? lightheadedness after gastroenteritis
  199. Why i am i so Forgetfull???
  200. I Fractured my ankle playing soccer and the Doctor said it may never heal???
  201. Lowering dosage of Synthroid
  202. colonoscopy prepping after an ileostomy reversal
  203. is this serious?
  204. Canker Sores Inside Mouth
  205. Completely numb on left side.
  206. Confused in Colorado
  207. Colon cancer survivor
  208. Swollen gland and/or lump in neck
  209. Wierd Sensation in my Back
  210. mucus in stool?
  211. Blisters on bottom of tongue and throat is raw
  212. How safe is a colonscopy
  213. Wound opening, friendly advice needed. :)
  214. Brain cyst on fetus
  215. Right lower quarant pain...please tell me what to do!
  216. No one knows why I'm still in so much pain
  217. Heart rate 224 after 1 1/2 mile treadmill run
  218. My joints crack...
  219. Factor 5 Blood disorder and the military
  220. I don't know what is wrong with me?????
  221. upper rib/chest pain?
  222. My daughter (stomach migraines)
  223. Radiation from a ct scan
  224. Spinal Accessory Nerve
  225. Shaky and dizziness?
  226. Stress
  227. Chest muscles !!!
  228. Re: pain in lower tummy...28 weeks on sunday! yay!
  229. Leg lump
  230. Tension headaches and head twitch
  231. General bad health - I'm tired of this!
  232. Voluntary Movement of Sternum-why?
  233. bad breath/body odor
  234. At wits end
  235. Pain In Right Side
  236. body problem
  237. need best endocrinologist on LI (or NYC)
  238. Cat Scratch, should I be concerned?
  239. Slightly OT about obesity and clothes
  240. Does This Seems Weird to Anyone Else?
  241. Black, burning stools.
  242. Lipoma
  243. Don't know what's wrong with me!
  244. Not a UTI-- What is it??
  245. Best Natural Health Books
  246. Two days of antibiotics and still in pain
  247. Kitchie Disease
  248. Feeling weird like im dizzy and stoned everyday
  249. Help with swelling issue...post barriatric
  250. Why do doctors change their minds??

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