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  1. cloudy and sweet smelling urine...??
  2. strange "crunchy" sensation in head
  3. Huge Vein bulging on my forehead ??
  4. relationship possible
  5. Need advice for a CT scan with contrast
  6. Leg & Abdominal Swellinng????
  7. Strange Stomach Ache
  8. Skin Problem
  9. ESR Sed Rate
  10. Stomach radiating pain to back and jaw
  11. pain moved and is worse
  12. Please help! Not sure what to do next.
  13. Hand pain and aggravation.
  14. Has anyone had this??? Pushing on chest near armpit creates pressure in ears?????
  15. Vaginal stenosis
  16. Help- Elevated Sgpt!! Scared!
  17. lab results question(Cardio CRP results came back at 13.6 !!! )
  18. "Gut Malrotation"
  19. Fainting teenager
  20. Electrolyte Tablets to suppress gag reflex
  21. Appendix Pain
  22. S One?
  23. Alcohol and Bars
  24. sharp pain in left side? help please!
  25. dehydrated? lightheadedness after gastroenteritis
  26. Why i am i so Forgetfull???
  27. I Fractured my ankle playing soccer and the Doctor said it may never heal???
  28. Lowering dosage of Synthroid
  29. colonoscopy prepping after an ileostomy reversal
  30. is this serious?
  31. Canker Sores Inside Mouth
  32. Completely numb on left side.
  33. Confused in Colorado
  34. Colon cancer survivor
  35. Swollen gland and/or lump in neck
  36. Wierd Sensation in my Back
  37. mucus in stool?
  38. Blisters on bottom of tongue and throat is raw
  39. How safe is a colonscopy
  40. Wound opening, friendly advice needed. :)
  41. Brain cyst on fetus
  42. Right lower quarant pain...please tell me what to do!
  43. No one knows why I'm still in so much pain
  44. Heart rate 224 after 1 1/2 mile treadmill run
  45. My joints crack...
  46. Factor 5 Blood disorder and the military
  47. I don't know what is wrong with me?????
  48. upper rib/chest pain?
  49. My daughter (stomach migraines)
  50. Radiation from a ct scan
  51. Spinal Accessory Nerve
  52. Shaky and dizziness?
  53. Stress
  54. Chest muscles !!!
  55. Re: pain in lower tummy...28 weeks on sunday! yay!
  56. Leg lump
  57. Tension headaches and head twitch
  58. General bad health - I'm tired of this!
  59. Voluntary Movement of Sternum-why?
  60. bad breath/body odor
  61. At wits end
  62. Pain In Right Side
  63. body problem
  64. need best endocrinologist on LI (or NYC)
  65. Cat Scratch, should I be concerned?
  66. Slightly OT about obesity and clothes
  67. Does This Seems Weird to Anyone Else?
  68. Black, burning stools.
  69. Lipoma
  70. Don't know what's wrong with me!
  71. Not a UTI-- What is it??
  72. Best Natural Health Books
  73. Two days of antibiotics and still in pain
  74. Kitchie Disease
  75. Feeling weird like im dizzy and stoned everyday
  76. Help with swelling issue...post barriatric
  77. Why do doctors change their minds??
  78. Why Are My muscles twitching all the time ?
  79. Myelodysplastic Syndromes
  80. needle to bone
  81. wringing rubbing feet (not hands) when awake
  82. question for a friend
  83. Multiple symptoms- does anyone have these
  84. nose pierced
  85. Fever and lower abdominal pain
  86. what kind of doctor treats metabolic disorders?
  87. Squam Epi in Urine Test
  88. First time posting-ice cravings
  89. help please!
  90. Lump that feels like it is connected to the chin/mandible
  91. Pea-Sized Lump on my neck
  92. Veins that "tickle" in the arms...what's happening here?
  93. My body temp gets real hot!
  94. freezing fish oil capsules
  95. Long hair = Scalp Odor?/More grease?
  96. numbness and tingling throughout body
  97. Always hungry for the wrong foods
  98. inflamed leg vein
  99. Scrapper's Arm?
  100. Dealing with weird symptoms
  101. Same Oh !! Same Oh !!!
  102. Over emotional
  103. Best way to hydrate.
  104. false positve brucellosis test???
  105. Rash on Inner Thighs
  106. 6 hours post dilation
  107. my legs are in pain, any suggestions?
  108. Nerve got hit
  109. Sleep Issue-Ankle Tightness
  110. I need a little help
  111. Weird Chest Pain...
  112. Help- Fatigue gets me nowhere
  113. having nightmares lately
  114. fast heart rate..........
  115. brown rash on chest<< PLEASE HELP !!!!
  116. Got Shocked By Electrical Cord
  117. Canker sores, tonsil stones, scratchy throat, malaise, nausea - brushing helps?
  118. hi please could you help me?
  119. dermatitus or allergy?
  120. 34.22 (C) Body Temp?
  121. Toilet No.2 dark colour --HELP---
  122. Electric shock sensations
  123. Foot(bottom)&Toes numb w/redness;feels like walking on "hard boards";spasms-2nd toe
  124. Bad Dr. vs Good Dr.
  125. Constant electric shocks!
  126. many symptoms , not sure, needs advice
  127. symptoms: slow heart rate, pressure in head, loss of hearing one ear
  128. have i got lupus ?
  129. any ideas?
  130. weak immune system
  131. Possible Strep throat?
  132. Just not in very good shape, or something else?
  133. In desperate need of help and advice
  134. Swollen Salivary (Parotid?) Gland
  135. Help!! I'm not sure what's wrong with my mother
  136. Depression/anxiety related?
  137. Genitic or Just a Muscule issue-twisted
  138. Swolen feet and legs
  139. Spinal Tap made me really sick! Help!
  140. radiation poisoning
  141. Hurts when I drink tea, breathlessness, indigestion like pain.
  142. nerve and/or muscle ,tendon pain
  143. 19 month old with elevated lymphocytes??
  144. arsenic
  145. Please Read need Help
  146. Hydro-colon Therapy: Testimonies, Benefits, Safety?
  147. genetic question
  148. Syringe size for b12 injection
  149. question
  150. Arm Pain
  151. Confused about ER doctors diagnosis
  152. Under arm rash
  153. Desperate for answers
  154. I possibly ingested human blood from fast food.....
  155. Numb Pinky finger
  156. Norovirus? :( Please help me!
  157. any input PLEASE!!!!
  158. B12 Deficency
  159. Can a person be allergic to this??
  160. Worried Need advice!
  161. Height increase
  162. A Punch to the Nose
  163. Any advice for outpatient surgery
  164. Low DHEA/Adrenal fatigue
  165. pain in side/back
  166. Swishing Noises
  167. Help Needed
  168. Allergy?
  169. bleeding belly button
  170. Worried..
  171. difficulty focussing left eye several weeks after freak accident
  172. numb top of head
  173. lower abdomen is puffing out...
  174. ankle surgery
  175. Please, Help!
  176. Please advise!!!
  177. Advice needed
  178. upper stomach pains
  179. big pain help
  180. An inconsistent disease that causes muscles to weaken the body?
  181. Sudden collapse. Few seconds loss of control of balance and (?)temporary paralysis(?)
  182. Gaining weight
  183. Student Constinantly Urinating
  184. Scared in my own house
  185. Bad breath
  186. Effexor XR
  187. Hi.
  188. Fear Of Sleeping
  189. Left side chest pain and nausea amongst other symptoms...
  190. girlfriend faint w/hot/cold spells, advice needed.
  191. Please Advise...:(
  192. Junior Member
  193. Itchy rash - help!!
  194. stomach
  195. pinworms
  196. don't understand
  197. alzhiemers
  198. I have 2 swollen Nodes, in different places in my neck and 1
  199. A couple of concerns that I have
  200. what medication can be brought on airplane
  201. aches from hips down legs
  202. dislocated rib?
  203. hi
  204. Dizzy and out of it for 6 months and counting
  205. Serious motivational problems have ruined my life. (Hidden Disability?)
  206. Embarrasing odor problem -any help appreciated
  207. Phlem in throat after strenuous exercise
  208. blood circulation problem
  209. mysterious bug bites
  210. What is Wrong With Me??
  211. Need Help concerning a Hematoma
  212. Warts in hands - NEED HELP PLEASE!
  213. red raw patch on tongue
  214. Throat problems
  215. Nobody seems to know & Nobody seems to care
  216. Costant dull chess pain
  217. Lightning Strike Survivors
  218. Diff between 'Phys Med and Rehab' and 'Phys Therapist'??
  219. Topamax Users-Did you break out?
  220. Microdisectomy
  221. Pulsing that goes up and down back, very painful
  222. Ultracet
  223. Lumps around stomach/abdomen area
  224. Dizzy and Light Headed..... Help
  225. Re:Lab result questions
  226. Odd health problems. =/
  227. Need some ideas
  228. Weak Urinary Flow
  229. Are there nerve endings in hip joints?
  230. Smoking in Moderation?
  231. Some information about mercury poisoning please?
  232. Fatballs on my side of my stomach???
  233. My Cheeks!! :(
  234. Cerebellar Ataxia
  235. PLEASE help!!!
  236. Can someoe help!
  237. I dont even know what to name this
  238. Diabetes/Cholesterol connection
  239. Severe Nausea
  240. Un-used medication
  241. Itchy legs- Which medication side-effect
  242. Leg Vain bigger that the other , with in a year
  243. Most annyoing rash ever...can someone hlep?
  244. Has anyone had this done!
  245. eating in a fast way
  246. HELP myself and my children please
  247. Sudden loss of use of hands and feet
  248. Susacs Sydrome
  249. Extreme Itchiness
  250. Urgent information need for brother

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