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  1. NO Diagnosis
  2. Question
  3. dizzy, feeling disconnected
  4. lower right side stomach below ribs feels pain during gym
  5. dizziness
  6. hi everyone
  7. My husbands having a weird feeling in his shoulder/chest
  8. My fortune cookie
  9. please help, desperate and clueless
  10. Not feeling right at all...
  11. Possible foreign object in lung?
  12. Entrapment due to scaring
  13. Liptor problems?
  14. burning sensation in lungs
  15. Feeling really wierd for 3 months now
  16. Upper body Muscle weakness, knee pains and dizziness
  17. New to the HB
  18. Neurontin
  19. im new but in need of some advice please....
  20. undiagnosed problem - any ideas?
  21. out of my head with worry
  22. "Reformed Drunk Tells All In Juicy Post"...
  23. Flu virus lifespan on money. Can other conditions do the same?
  24. 5th metatarsal fracture and pain
  25. Left rib higher.
  26. high iron and high liver count
  27. bruise feeling in armpit
  28. POTS Syndrome
  29. How to get bigger (more visible) arm veins?
  30. "Rice Krispies"
  31. How to control my stomach when I am nervous
  32. Stomach virus
  33. is there a vitamin for focus?
  34. last stages of cirrhosis of the liver - how long
  35. why do i have acne in my thirties
  36. To much Vitamin D
  37. Neck shaking from nervousness?
  38. PLEASE READ - smoking! no smoke on exhale!!
  39. How to remove a 14 month old red blood spot under the skin ?
  40. plagued by strange dizziness over the pass 2 days
  41. I'm Uncertain, Help!!! Please!!!
  42. Bone Chip?
  43. Weakness?
  44. Neverending infections! =[
  45. Dreams disturb my sleep
  46. Woke up next to a dead bat
  47. body
  48. Curious event.
  49. Stage3 CKD
  50. Pain, sleep, and euphoric prescription drugs. PLEASE help!
  51. mosquito bite
  52. Weak, Numbness, and fatigue.
  53. Pain on left side of body from hip down to the leg
  54. Twitching nerve/muscle at front of waist
  55. Blood Clot?
  56. D & C and Cone Biopsy how long bleeding ?
  57. large redish/blackish lump on tonsil
  58. Curious about symptoms
  59. Veryconcerned about my husband
  60. when one finds out
  61. help, bacterial vaginosis won't go away!
  62. HELP! Overcorrection of Bunionectomy!!
  63. swollen lymph nodes in 4 yr old
  64. contact lenses and birth control pills
  65. Headache
  66. Chest Discomfort
  67. bump on the roof of my mouth
  68. Blood tests
  69. Flu and wierd smell
  70. help!!!!!
  71. I really need some help!!
  72. Suffered With Hand Pain, But No Diagnosis!
  73. undiagnosed chest pains
  74. Spot on Pancreas
  75. Strange feeling, probably my fault.
  76. Tender bump on scalp
  77. side of face feeling hot.
  78. What is going on with my son??
  79. Weird Symptoms...
  80. Tachycardia?
  81. Severe headache
  82. Chronic Neck/Shoulder Pain
  83. Help!!!
  84. Spinal tumor
  85. numbness
  86. why elderly people stay so cold
  87. rib pain, please help me
  88. itchy sore tongue
  89. How to talk to my doctor about making trade-offs
  90. Urgent! Can you get altitude sickness just by going skiing at low elevations?
  91. why do i have blue veins showing on my body
  92. An ideal mate for having children
  93. falling apart
  94. Excessive Mucus buildup.. Night time
  95. Can this be a sign of mono? Worried!
  96. Sharp burning pain in jaw while eating
  97. Vitrectomy Healing
  98. zoloft and withdrawal
  99. chest pain
  100. Medical Records Question..........
  101. Eyelid Twitching...HELP, please ???
  102. Does anyone know what might be wrong with me?
  103. How much is temperature?
  104. is it safe to take klonopin with zyprexa?
  105. Psychological disorder?
  106. 2nd Tear ACL...NEED Opinion from everyone!
  107. Suffering from blurred vision and having headache!
  108. prolo therapy
  109. Staples From Hemorrhoid Surgery
  110. Shrinking an enlarged Spleen.
  111. Jaw Realignment
  112. Intense Stomach Pain
  113. Burning nose-- PLEASE help!
  114. Damaged Superior Vena Cava
  115. Cholosteatoma
  116. which thoughts do you believe?
  117. Burning Mouth Syndrome
  118. Mesenteric adenitis...really?
  119. little red bumps
  120. mullerian aplasia
  121. Food poisoning?
  122. Anxiety and slurred speech
  123. Big Boney Lump Protruding atthe Back of My Skull
  124. dna cost help me
  125. Rapid Heart Beat
  126. throat problem..help
  127. please help diagnose my illness
  128. zapp things
  129. Anyone else have these hallucinations?
  130. hard movable lump in mouth
  131. Suggestions for a living situation for my father
  132. Lymphoma
  133. Toxic Mould Exposure, My Family & Municipal Gov. Negligence
  134. Low Iron
  135. Need help with sleeping with my girlfriend
  136. Swollen, tender and PAINFUL underarm
  137. mucus in throat
  138. Hallux Limitus - surgery for bone spur
  139. disability insurance after transplant
  140. constant music in my head?
  141. Milk after dinner
  142. (non) epileptic seizures
  143. who is the best revision Doctor ???
  144. Mitochondria
  145. cold turkey withdrawal off of ativan, need help with questions
  146. bump under jaw bone below ear
  147. Dots On Skin
  148. Upset with health system. Can't get proper treatment..
  149. Radiology reports?
  150. Total Colectomy
  151. finger injury
  152. Is this a migraine?
  153. HELP!I'm constantly nauseous,vomiting at least twice a week.what's wrong with me?
  154. chest pain,what is this.
  155. What is this hand clapping test good for
  156. metabolic issue..please help
  157. Eye Problem
  158. Knee Locking
  159. Friends 12yr old Daughter has swollen nymph nodes Has been to doctor & has healthy bl
  160. Palpitations, numbness, lightheadedness. Virus? Bacteria? Thanks!
  161. Is anyone there!!
  162. advice please
  163. Concussion, Long Term Effects
  164. Pain in Arms After Sneezing
  165. Skin peeling on finger tips
  166. Help! Bed Bugs!!
  167. 3 years of misery help!
  168. Lump under skin!
  169. MAN BOOBS (help me pleez)
  170. two weeks post op shoulder surgery
  171. hip replacement
  172. Help! Large Bumps in my arm
  173. Hi, I am new here and in need of some major help!!
  174. what is causing my stomach to look like im pregnant all the time
  175. My hands are locking up?
  176. Really wierd feeling lately. Please help me out
  177. hi all
  178. Statins\Lipitor
  179. Flu Shot- Need Advice
  180. long time no type..lol
  181. Rings/circles eyes
  182. Help! Weird Lip Lesion. Doc can't fix yet
  183. Swollen joints, fatigue, hive-type rash and 5 people have it...
  184. New member with wierd syptoms!
  185. not feelin so hot
  186. Cold?? allergy?? need help....
  187. rib cage
  188. Paralized Diaphragm
  189. Pain in my upper left rib area
  190. Salmonella????
  191. fracture tibia fibula with compartment syndrome
  192. upper left abdomen and heart problems
  193. Is Nix Dermal Cream any good?
  194. Bleeding
  195. Newby, but serious concern, Random EXTREME sharp head pains
  196. Staph and Rabbits
  197. TIghtness inside head no painso much so felt like something was going to happen to me
  198. Advice Please~ Both feet at same time?
  199. Congestive Heart Failure
  200. Anyone know about post surgical infected shoulder?
  201. For anyone with cortisol and/or addison's
  202. tylenol + alcohol?
  203. wound vac
  204. watering eye
  205. Fingers feeling like there is a string
  206. Feel like i've lost control of my body
  207. Wellbutrin XL how long does it take to notice effects?
  208. sugar in urine what does it mean
  209. Uroquid Acid?
  210. The doctors seem baffled
  211. throbbing or pulsing in lower abdomin
  212. clear jell type substance from anus/colon
  213. Fatty deposit on back
  214. Does my bf have bipolar or is it anger issues?
  215. Serious illness!!!!!
  216. pill caught in "throat" for 17 hours
  217. Blood from gut?
  218. my ears get hot n red n sometimes itchy
  219. Twitching
  220. Spinal Meningitis
  221. question About mayo CLinic
  222. Something in my belly hurts {sigh}
  223. Commonwealth Care (Massachusetts) help needed
  224. Recurring Stiff Neck & Tiredness throughout day
  225. I got a dog bite at our humane society.
  226. can't stop neck cracking!!
  227. toxic mold do i have it?
  228. Vasotec 10 mg
  229. Greetings all of you
  230. Dr says "up to me" if i get Diagnostic laparoscopy???
  231. Can't hold in restroom needs... always going
  232. Sudden Hearing Loss treated with Prednisone
  233. Vitamins and herbs
  234. Rightside Rib pain, and leftside stomach pain
  235. Adderall 30 mg XR
  236. infection?
  237. Double-Edge Razors, Shaving Cream
  238. Full Body Stinging Sensation
  239. Dark patches around neck
  240. Colesteral
  241. neuropathy and its pains
  242. Ear Swelling
  243. Watertherapy - real or gimmic ?
  244. Urinary problems
  245. dizziness
  246. B12 low - should I be concerned?
  247. Muscle Pains - side effect from Lipitor?
  248. More than friends but not yet together. HELP!
  249. HELP!!! I have a pill stuck in my throat...
  250. I have Systemic Lupus, Has anyone heard of bullous lupus rash

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