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  1. Fracture in my upper back any help???
  2. undiagnosed condition
  3. Toxins
  4. Help! Yeast Infection FAQ
  5. Ssd
  6. sudden sharp severe back pain
  7. Gagging/Retching feeling from PND, LPR, or something else?
  8. Travel by plane with broken ankle
  9. how to survive until social security hearing!!!!!!!!
  10. Lipitor usage
  11. Fluid retention problems..
  12. ankle and foot injury
  13. pregnant by a man w/ muscular dystrophy.
  14. Hard Heartbeat And Flutters,irregular Heartbeats
  15. appendicitis
  16. Detox patches for general good health
  17. Tongue biting while asleep
  18. Mri Results - Help Please
  19. redness after bunionectomy...please help!!!
  20. Several mouth symptoms showing up at once
  21. Lightheaded, dizzy and tingling hands
  22. protruding rib
  23. upper left quardrant pain
  24. Please help - in much pain
  25. i found a knot on my right inner back thigh
  26. Red dots on skin
  27. Adjustment Disorders
  28. Life's challenges, medical and spin
  29. Help, shakey thumb!
  30. How do I get rid of halitosis?
  31. My dog bit me. Should I be concerned?
  32. I need to get on beta blockers but!
  33. Swollen Veins
  34. Joint Pain
  35. MRI results have me wondering
  36. bumps...real embarassin bumps
  37. MRI results have me wondering
  38. A Warm stomach that feels like it's in the hot sun at all times-What's the diagnosis?
  39. heart disease and menopause
  40. Tampon help!
  41. Video Games cause seizures?
  42. Newb with a problem
  43. Right leg muscle spasm...need help
  44. chronically swollen, painful lymph nodes
  45. Please Help. Need Some Advice
  46. Waxing
  47. post op tonsillectomy & adnoidectomy
  48. drug test and strattera
  49. Weird Stomach Problem
  50. @ Problems.. lumps lumps lumps! help plz
  51. Alive and not well?? Internal Injury
  52. Soft Tissue lump
  53. Does anybody get good ol' water retention in their hands?
  54. Smelly Hands
  55. Can someone help
  56. Excessive Sweating:Palms and Glutes
  57. Tongue off-center in the mouth. Is this normal?
  58. Blood in Belly Button
  59. Under skin acne
  60. Throat problems, swelling in back of mouth
  61. Chest Popping When Breathing
  62. Menagerie of Symptoms
  63. xray
  64. swollen lymph nodes
  65. please help....... im pretty much freaking out :(
  66. Tingling, *****ly burning sensation in hands and feet
  67. Runny nose and sharp lung pain
  68. dog bite
  69. burning sensation in hand feet arms chest face
  70. Gagging from post nasal drip
  71. Help-Shortness of Breath, rapid heart beat, fatigue, intolerace to heat
  72. severe headache when lovemaking
  73. Hooray for Giant Eagle Pharmacy!
  74. Thyroid Ultrasound
  75. Dry white tongue/nasty taste............
  76. Mastocytosis ?
  77. What happened to our Doctors??
  78. Prolotherapy Gave Me Nerve Damage?!
  79. bad Pins & Needles
  80. feedback on neck surgery...pros and cons...
  81. Fx ribs still not healed after 7 months....?
  82. Pins & Needles
  83. Weird symptom in leg ?
  84. Can someone help me????
  85. Ache in armpit?
  86. Swelling Tongue
  87. Ankle injury and now fever / head cold ? PLEASE HELP !
  88. Does anyone have a clue what this is ??? :(
  89. Million Dollar Question
  90. What to be tested for??
  91. Pcos
  92. bumps on tongue and throat
  93. brownish-orange tongue
  94. Shattered Dreams
  95. Nose piercing has bump
  96. Anyone else feel ill effects from the sun
  97. Two questions ~ Is aloe available in block form? And what razor do you folks use?
  98. TOPAMAX Sleeping aid???
  99. General blood tests
  100. Problems with "Self Identity" among others
  101. dizziness and slow pulse
  102. Im so tired
  103. pain in neck
  104. The pharmacy gave me the wrong medicine!!!
  105. I fainted and hit my head, nerve damage?
  106. Chi machine
  107. Problem in my right calf muscle
  108. forgotton contraceptive pills
  109. What age do we stop growing?
  110. insurance plans
  111. paxil question help greatly appreciated
  112. Post Op abdominal wall hematoma
  113. Drinking Expired Milk, What Can Happen?
  114. neck cracking
  115. Advice on gettting off Verapamil?
  116. Drug Overdose/ Alcohol Poisoning First Aid
  117. Serious problem with soda drinking
  118. Confrontation with opossum, need advice and guidance regarding rabies.
  119. Pain/Shortness of Breath
  120. Can anyone else relate to these symptoms?
  121. lump in throat??
  122. LUNG Problem, high PDD reading- 26 mm
  123. tension headaches
  124. Burning itching arms
  125. IBS Sufferer with some good advice
  126. Blood in Toilet
  127. Black eye for 2 MONTHS! And I'm getting married! HELP!
  128. Numb Leg
  129. Strange leg sensations
  130. heel pain
  131. Lump under right rib cage
  132. help - Red Face Thing
  133. Help!
  134. Need Advise On Effexor Withdraw - Please
  135. Tingling in face and head area
  136. Norco vs. Vicodin
  137. What am i suffering from?
  138. red, raised nodule/lump on side. insect bite or other?
  139. lumps on neck/pains in nose/around stomach ???
  140. unboiled milk
  141. I need someone's help!
  142. Whats P With Dr.s And B-12 Levels
  143. Stent gone Bad!
  144. Undiagnosed! What could this possibly be?
  145. Mild Chest Pain
  146. Pencil Wound
  147. concerns
  148. Skin Tags
  149. is it acceptable for doctor to see a patient that comes in ill and deny them an excus
  150. Help with Medical Malpractice
  151. coughing up Yellow, Solid phlegm stuff
  152. NeuroReplete anyone?
  153. Autoimmune Screen
  154. - - -
  155. Botox... Don't do it.
  156. Drinking to much water
  157. Alcohol
  158. Drinking water and peeing
  159. fainting
  160. Different Moles
  161. Pins/needles type pain in knee - ironically I suspect that acupuncture did it
  162. Fatty lump on my bellybutton
  163. foot problems
  164. Shoulder popped. Now bicep muscle seems spasmed. Help!
  165. I think my medical mystery could be solved -- Might be Staph...
  166. MRI and irregular menstruation connection?
  167. missed period
  168. Thrombophilia and trying to get pregnant- Lovenox and heparin
  169. skinned knee scarred badly
  170. severe herpes-I am vey worried
  171. Mederma Users..
  172. Please Help! Does someone else out there have the same problems?
  173. Need Advice - Hallucinations (and so much other stuff)
  174. DLA/Grand mals siezure
  175. Always tired.. Sometimes worse than others.. What could it be?
  176. Fat muscle or what?
  177. Frozen shoulder manipulation vs home therapy
  178. I Need Plain English
  179. is there any cure for shy-drager syndrome?
  180. I can hear but can't hear the volume of my own voice.
  181. Dorsal Column Stimulator
  182. x ray results
  183. Heavy headedness: what does it mean?
  184. Antibiotics: Forgetting to take them, is it bad?
  185. Broken heel
  186. read.read.read
  187. postural tachycardia syndrome
  188. Not sure of what kind of doctor to go to
  189. Can allergies make your vision bad and make you tired all the time?
  190. Various range of symptoms, and no answer!
  191. Wandering Appendix?
  192. Is it safe to have x-rays ,radiation?
  193. stomach pain
  194. Stupid question. Is chugging water in a short time the same as drinking it over...
  195. Wake up, can't breathe, vomiting, sore throat, acid...
  196. childs face rash
  197. Gout
  198. 2 weeks ago my bottom lip was red and always hot, now its my left hamstring???
  199. Do calluses on feet bother men?
  200. Left chest, shoulder/back, arm ,rib cage pain
  201. Left Side Front & Back Pain w/ Severe Fatigue
  202. Has anyone tried CitriStat??
  203. Possible brain tumour?
  204. NFS(Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis)
  205. Forminal Stenosis and slurred speech . Are they related?
  206. Gyms...what to know, and what to look for.?
  207. I feel my lungs 'shaking'... is this a problem or not?
  208. Rabies from Cat Saliva
  209. Tremors...need help!!!
  210. Pain In right temple behind eye
  211. Some Do-it-Yourself Research Websites- For All
  212. advice 4 question
  213. Strange Headache
  214. Anyone have any ideas as to what is wrong?
  215. Anyone ever get a mole removed?
  216. swollon sticking out more than the other one
  217. Hemoglobin
  218. Swollen stomach, blocked passage, old person
  219. Men's health
  220. i am freaking out!!!
  221. I have something stuck in my throat. How do I get it out?
  222. i cannot breathe
  223. Sore belly button
  224. I need a ? answered asap about suboxone
  225. Shoulder Impingement and Surgical Correction
  226. Prescription Drugs Help
  227. not sure what is wrong with me
  228. desperate for answers
  229. Seemingly never ending urine problem
  230. Best way to remove pesticides and baceria from food.
  231. read read read
  232. Allergic Itch
  233. Hip Sensations
  234. Bone graft due to Giant Cell Tumor on foot
  235. Unknown Pain
  236. Pain in left side of neck
  237. Various med problems but Doctors aren't listening
  238. 2 years trying to get diagnosis multiple problems chrons?
  239. side effect from Diovan 160 mg
  240. Looking for opinions on what may be wrong with me PLEASE HELP
  241. skitzophrinia does anyone know...
  242. Chin Muscle Stressed..Please help me
  243. tenderness in armpits
  244. rib discofort
  245. Legs swollen!Please help!!!
  246. Pain related unconsciousness
  247. Medical Records?
  248. I think everything is due to Zoloft but I may be wrong.Please help!!!
  249. weight loss pills
  250. Uncontrollable gagging since I was little

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