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  1. High triglycerides with low LDL
  2. Possible Digestive Issues???
  3. Help Vertebrae Pressing Against Each Other
  4. Is my baby allergic/sensitive to formula?
  5. va/28 years gerd/anxiety
  6. Diabetes
  7. I feel a pressure pain in my throat when swallow
  8. Odd red mark on forehead
  9. Muscle pain in the stomach?
  10. Ginko Biloba...
  11. flu??
  12. i got a question n need a answer
  13. I don't know what is wrong
  14. Broken Heels
  15. back
  16. flat liner!
  17. bone lesion
  18. Macular Hole Decision
  19. Worried... I don't know if I'm pregnant or it's stress
  20. Worried... I don't know if I'm pregnant or it's stress
  21. Hives
  22. reflex sympathetic dystrophy
  23. acne
  24. Quick Help Please Infected Finger
  25. Throat problem, gagging
  26. aura? or something else
  27. Sudden Pain Under Ribs On Left Side Which Generates To Pain In Neck
  28. Did over stress cause loss of feelings in my stomach?
  29. Belly Button Pain/Swelling/Discharge
  30. abdominal numbness
  31. acrylic alergy
  32. So frustrated
  33. Bunionectomy surgery
  34. Prolonged headache and other symtoms
  35. Lots of Symptoms, NO DIAGNOSIS! Please help :(
  36. Multiple Symptoms,ruining my life!
  37. danger of getting a tetanus shot too soon?
  38. Occasional blood on toilet paper
  39. Blood Tests Show Inflammation????
  40. Diarrhea
  41. horrific pain!!!
  42. Please Help.
  43. just getting over a virus
  44. Adrenal Disease
  45. Autoimmune inner ear disease
  46. Strange feeling around ribs. Should I go to urgent care???
  47. How do you remove antidepressants from the body?
  48. HELP..............Please
  49. Not sure where to start
  50. Broken Sternum
  51. Lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks for no reason
  52. sudden rib pain and nausea
  53. Torso Pains: spooked and confused
  54. seemingly unrelated symptoms
  55. popped blood vessel
  56. Chicken pox immunization: Shot or natural?
  57. human height
  58. Molluscum Contagiosum - would this work?
  59. Problem in oropharnyx resulting in gagging
  60. I have this red, dry, bump that's getting bigger. Need to know what it is.
  61. Knot in neck
  62. red dots on throat
  63. belly button red and irrritated
  64. pain on top of hand
  65. When I touch my leg, the bottom of my foot tingles...
  66. un-diagnosed problem! PLEASE HELP ME !
  67. total thyroidectomy surgery scheduled
  68. ear disorder or not ?
  69. Very worry!!
  70. bad breath
  71. lots of symptoms...need help asap
  72. having 2 tonsils
  73. diarrehea
  74. left foot pain
  75. Bloodshot eyes?
  76. electric brain jolts
  77. pain while on coumadin
  78. A question about overdosing on Hydrocodone
  79. sore throat and nothing tastes right.
  80. Pain
  81. Gas Symptons? Please Help.
  82. hip pain
  83. I'm a mess.. Please help. :*(
  84. palpitaions after eating/uneasy feeling
  85. Power bars
  86. Post epi-pen PAIN
  87. weird stomach pains.
  88. Strained, pulled, inflamed muscle?
  89. Eye bubble. Possible Conjunctival Cyst??
  90. at my wits end with stomach pains
  91. pain after smoking?
  92. need help on this asap
  93. Brain Lesions
  94. request to speak to anyone who has had a knee osteotomy
  95. mytonia congential
  96. crazy twitchin'!
  97. help me im soo scared
  98. Abnormal Kidney Size
  99. Help
  100. post op for bunionectomy
  101. Help
  102. bulging disks in cervical spine
  103. UGH...This Is So Annoying
  104. Why do I feel hungry after eating an apple?
  105. So Fustrated I don't know what to do...
  106. Red spots...
  107. Stomach Problems
  108. penicillin and amoxicillin... same or very different?
  109. Swollen lump in bellybutton
  110. What is called when peoples bodies randomly catch fire?
  111. Sulfur compounds and pitting edema
  112. Atkins diet physical symptoms
  113. Pain Between Ribcage
  114. Husband Had Short Loss of Consciousness....
  115. Appetite loss and Fluid intake
  116. Odd Rippling feeling in side of torso
  117. Help
  118. Dad was told has Lymphoma
  119. Does Anyone Know ?
  120. My body feels like hell (excess drugs? anxiety? worse?)
  121. Numbness in thigh?
  122. advice with MRI left shoulder 1w+1w/o contrast report suggestions?
  123. Who follows the Mayo Clinic model for patient care?
  124. Problems with My Head....need advice
  125. help with MRI left shoulder w/+w/o contrast report please
  126. itchy skin
  127. In need of some advise~!~ Birth control.. ugh..
  128. Why do I feel sick?
  129. sterilization reversal
  130. suspected overdose of sleeping pills
  131. Advice
  132. General Cancer - Research and Development
  133. No Periods In 10 Months Help !!!!
  134. Can't Figure Out What's Wrong With Me.
  135. rashes under arms
  136. Help With Mono...
  137. Help :(
  138. need advice
  139. hypo and joint pain
  140. swollen taste buds and dry mouth..
  141. need help, please read, need advice from people with these symptoms
  142. body malfunction
  143. horrible abdominal pain/chest pain
  144. Please Help Me Very Confused
  145. Fracture in my upper back any help???
  146. undiagnosed condition
  147. Toxins
  148. Help! Yeast Infection FAQ
  149. Ssd
  150. sudden sharp severe back pain
  151. Gagging/Retching feeling from PND, LPR, or something else?
  152. Travel by plane with broken ankle
  153. how to survive until social security hearing!!!!!!!!
  154. Lipitor usage
  155. Fluid retention problems..
  156. ankle and foot injury
  157. pregnant by a man w/ muscular dystrophy.
  158. Hard Heartbeat And Flutters,irregular Heartbeats
  159. appendicitis
  160. Detox patches for general good health
  161. Tongue biting while asleep
  162. Mri Results - Help Please
  163. redness after bunionectomy...please help!!!
  164. Several mouth symptoms showing up at once
  165. Lightheaded, dizzy and tingling hands
  166. protruding rib
  167. upper left quardrant pain
  168. Please help - in much pain
  169. i found a knot on my right inner back thigh
  170. Red dots on skin
  171. Adjustment Disorders
  172. Life's challenges, medical and spin
  173. Help, shakey thumb!
  174. How do I get rid of halitosis?
  175. My dog bit me. Should I be concerned?
  176. I need to get on beta blockers but!
  177. Swollen Veins
  178. Joint Pain
  179. MRI results have me wondering
  180. bumps...real embarassin bumps
  181. MRI results have me wondering
  182. A Warm stomach that feels like it's in the hot sun at all times-What's the diagnosis?
  183. heart disease and menopause
  184. Tampon help!
  185. Video Games cause seizures?
  186. Newb with a problem
  187. Right leg muscle spasm...need help
  188. chronically swollen, painful lymph nodes
  189. Please Help. Need Some Advice
  190. Waxing
  191. post op tonsillectomy & adnoidectomy
  192. drug test and strattera
  193. Weird Stomach Problem
  194. @ Problems.. lumps lumps lumps! help plz
  195. Alive and not well?? Internal Injury
  196. Soft Tissue lump
  197. Does anybody get good ol' water retention in their hands?
  198. Smelly Hands
  199. Can someone help
  200. Excessive Sweating:Palms and Glutes
  201. Tongue off-center in the mouth. Is this normal?
  202. Blood in Belly Button
  203. Under skin acne
  204. Throat problems, swelling in back of mouth
  205. Chest Popping When Breathing
  206. Menagerie of Symptoms
  207. xray
  208. swollen lymph nodes
  209. please help....... im pretty much freaking out :(
  210. Tingling, Prickly burning sensation in hands and feet
  211. Runny nose and sharp lung pain
  212. dog bite
  213. burning sensation in hand feet arms chest face
  214. Gagging from post nasal drip
  215. Help-Shortness of Breath, rapid heart beat, fatigue, intolerace to heat
  216. severe headache when lovemaking
  217. Hooray for Giant Eagle Pharmacy!
  218. Thyroid Ultrasound
  219. Dry white tongue/nasty taste............
  220. Mastocytosis ?
  221. What happened to our Doctors??
  222. Prolotherapy Gave Me Nerve Damage?!
  223. bad Pins & Needles
  224. feedback on neck surgery...pros and cons...
  225. Fx ribs still not healed after 7 months....?
  226. Pins & Needles
  227. Weird symptom in leg ?
  228. Can someone help me????
  229. Ache in armpit?
  230. Swelling Tongue
  231. Ankle injury and now fever / head cold ? PLEASE HELP !
  232. Does anyone have a clue what this is ??? :(
  233. Million Dollar Question
  234. What to be tested for??
  235. Pcos
  236. bumps on tongue and throat
  237. brownish-orange tongue
  238. Shattered Dreams
  239. Nose piercing has bump
  240. Anyone else feel ill effects from the sun
  241. Two questions ~ Is aloe available in block form? And what razor do you folks use?
  242. TOPAMAX Sleeping aid???
  243. General blood tests
  244. Problems with "Self Identity" among others
  245. dizziness and slow pulse
  246. Im so tired
  247. pain in neck
  248. The pharmacy gave me the wrong medicine!!!
  249. I fainted and hit my head, nerve damage?
  250. Chi machine

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