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  1. Best way to remove pesticides and baceria from food.
  2. read read read
  3. Allergic Itch
  4. Hip Sensations
  5. Bone graft due to Giant Cell Tumor on foot
  6. Unknown Pain
  7. Pain in left side of neck
  8. Various med problems but Doctors aren't listening
  9. 2 years trying to get diagnosis multiple problems chrons?
  10. side effect from Diovan 160 mg
  11. Looking for opinions on what may be wrong with me PLEASE HELP
  12. skitzophrinia does anyone know...
  13. Chin Muscle Stressed..Please help me
  14. tenderness in armpits
  15. rib discofort
  16. Legs swollen!Please help!!!
  17. Pain related unconsciousness
  18. Medical Records?
  19. I think everything is due to Zoloft but I may be wrong.Please help!!!
  20. weight loss pills
  21. Uncontrollable gagging since I was little
  22. Heart Palpitations
  23. diovan and vitamins
  24. Lyme-IGeneX Test Results
  25. Brain Zaps No Antidepressants Motion Balance Related?
  26. All Over Pain
  27. Deep Bruise
  28. black dot inside my skin..
  29. sun poisoning...
  30. Doctor right? or Meds withdrawl
  31. Eczema and Emu oil
  32. Whats the best way to reduce the risk of varicose ulcers?
  33. question about hypothyroidism
  34. Mole - Please Help!
  35. Pain in neck and upper shoulder
  36. Strange Thing happens when I sleep - what is this?
  37. Painful bite on calf
  38. Any1 Heard Of Hirschsprungs Disease?
  39. help advice needed about my dad
  40. Sprained Ankle Help please
  41. T9 compression fracture
  42. please read im worried
  43. schizophrenia
  44. Sleeping Issues
  45. i get dizzy, nausea when i sleep on my back. feels like head is full of fluid or? THX
  46. Please help calm my wife about her lab results!
  47. Anybody know the top home health care providers?
  48. MicroNutrient-2-Immunoglobulin-IgG-Antibodies VS Immunoglobulin IgG
  49. lip rash
  50. Surgery and Questions
  51. How Should I Go about Seeing a Doctor for All This?
  52. Blood Platelet Elevated
  53. Red skin / rash from antibiotics - do I have to see a doctor?
  54. left sided chest pain with gerd
  55. Help-Staph
  56. Bump on arm and hot
  57. How to get medication without prescription
  58. Please Advise - Post Brain Surgery Lifestyle
  59. Hello
  60. Blood in stool after fight
  61. Annoying Nerve Twitch?
  62. Xanax / Alprazolam - What is the recommended dosage?
  63. achy feelings in my body
  64. whole host of symptoms with no answers
  65. positional shortness of breath
  66. Tingling arm all day
  67. Period issue
  68. chest infrection advice please
  69. horrible to have to go to work
  70. Random pain in fingertips
  71. Possible Rectal/Vaginal Fistula
  72. Small Lump in Center of Lip (line)? Please read and answer
  73. Throat Virus for three months
  74. help!
  75. breast yeast infection
  76. Confused and Scared
  77. Linear Iga Bullous Dermatosis
  78. unexplainable knee and leg pain
  79. Melatonin, periodontal health linked
  80. Physicals ?
  81. Peri-oral Deratitis
  82. Need Advice On Testosterone, Please Help
  83. I withheld that I have cardiomyopathy from an MD..
  84. Occasional dizziness
  85. 11-yr-old Skin Breakout!
  86. slight bleeding in mouth that won't stop
  87. pulling feeling when i point my foot
  88. puesdo tumour ceribri
  89. Blood test results, long wait?
  90. nausea when sleeping on my back, head seems full
  91. ? about Drs
  92. Bump on thigh
  93. Source of Malabsopsion?
  94. ms relapsing remitting
  95. Rheumatoid arthritus
  96. chest pain
  97. Really bad breath
  98. chest spasms?
  99. Help with nursing degree
  100. Cold feeling in chest??
  101. Is Testosterone shots safe??
  102. Lymph Nodes/Other
  103. Weird neck problem...
  104. i need Advice???
  105. my friend killed himself
  106. Frozen Shoulder
  107. My leg
  108. Random dizziness?
  109. spots/blotches
  110. varicocele testicle problem
  111. Skull Storage?
  112. Leg Pain In Sun
  113. what shall i do next?
  114. Ovarian cyst, gallstones, fatty liver, choleithiasis, and larger left kidney........
  115. Spot that comes and goes.....
  116. Silkis or Dovenex ointment.
  117. Laying on bathroom floor
  118. Nauseous Mornings (not morning sickness)
  119. Anyone have any ideas?
  120. scalp mole
  121. Skin Peeling
  122. Malaria, Sexually Transmitted?
  123. Serum V moistureriser
  124. Recent Head Truma -> Tender Left Side of Skull, Spinning
  125. Any one have unitedhealth care?
  126. Irregular Heart Beat
  127. Cyst on Wrist
  128. Debilitating Dizziness - Much worse when I eat solid FOOD!
  129. High Ankle Sprain - Recovery Question
  130. unexplained syncope
  131. awaken by choking on my own vomit
  132. Bumpy tongue
  133. small white bumps
  134. Fractured ribs/swollen abdomen
  135. crinkling/crunching noise in my head or nose
  136. Small Bump Under My left ArmPit
  137. Has anyone had any problems with SOY PROTEIN shakes?
  138. Innocent nurses and doctor sentenced to the Deaht Penalty
  139. Itchy bumps on skin, sore throat, ear ache, etc.
  140. Detriorating Cartilage but no concrete cause (or name)i or known cure for the disease
  141. Help please
  142. Knee injury and now foot ankle swollen red hot
  143. throat problems =[
  144. still confused
  145. i have burning sensation, please help
  146. Bye Bye Skin Continued Please Help !!
  147. Not sure wether to contact a doctor or not, need advice!
  148. Missplaced ER Records Question
  149. Stupid question(s)!
  150. Werid feelings
  151. swollen bruise that bleeds if I squeeze it
  152. Sensitive to frequencies.
  153. What is a Ua Stic?
  154. Rib Cage pain
  155. Bye Bye SKin =[
  156. Embaressing Smell
  157. Short of breath and heartburn when playing basketball?? Please Help!!
  158. Red dots on my arms/chest/back/hands
  159. what is up with my headdd
  160. Slightly Elevated C02 Level
  161. plse help...
  162. help, constant headache
  163. ShotConfidence
  164. Ulnar Nerve problems
  165. 2274 Cpk
  166. Are microwaves really that dangerous?!
  167. Sweating?
  168. Is it normal to have a breast exam done by.....
  169. Blacking out while drinking
  170. Vulva Yeast
  171. Bulging Disk Help
  172. need help on itchy skin around waist
  173. Why do I feel nausous and dizzy?
  174. Help-- I wake up at night with fast heart rate
  175. Looking for answer to multiple symtoms... Please help!
  176. son needs hospitalization
  177. bad earache and on methadone
  178. scoliosis
  179. Llmd
  180. Are raw potatoes toxic?
  181. weight gain and meds
  182. MLA, ALS, Mercury?
  183. Help, are these connected? and..
  184. Anyone ever fracture a humerus?
  185. BioHazard/HazMat Questions
  186. This is a long one... can someone help??
  187. Tube tied
  188. Bulging Disk In Neck
  189. body pimples/blemishes
  190. ok i'll try here
  191. Will the tingling go away?
  192. Lump under contour of jaw after widsom teeth extractions
  193. need some helping finding answers
  194. In alot of Pain
  195. can anyone help me with this??
  196. spinal fusion/spondyloisthesis
  197. Red dots all over arms and chest
  198. constant bad breath and constant bad tatse and constant dry lips
  199. swollen ankles and feet in general
  200. Fatigued
  201. Electricity running through my body
  202. leg cramps
  203. chapped lips wont heal
  204. Latex gloves really needed for vital signs?
  205. lump on ribs
  206. Pain in morning only
  207. i don't know what to make of this
  208. Mystery symptoms
  209. ear/jaw problems
  210. Post tibial tendon surgery
  211. Help,too sensitive to noises !
  212. what is wrong with my friend? please help
  213. tolsa hunt syndrome
  214. osteomylitis
  215. skipped beats or dangerous arrythmia?
  216. To All Those Runners Out There
  217. Stomach pain
  218. leg numbness
  219. Strange lumps?
  220. fever rash??
  221. Mysterious Hormonal Rush Like 'homesickness'
  222. What Could This Be??
  223. Hemmoroid questions,very alarmed!!
  224. weird recurring rash on finger
  225. Total body numbness/Emotional too
  226. left arm and chest pain
  227. Wierd rash
  228. Throat infection and tooth pain!?!?!
  229. Insane rash/ sores
  230. Marks on Shoulder
  231. Pimple popping problem...
  232. Denied copy of medical record
  233. smelly skin
  234. At what age do you stop growing?
  235. aggrivating diagnosis
  236. Crackling Gritty Sound When I Turn My Head
  237. i fell and i have a really nasty bruise
  238. back pain due to horse
  239. Mrsa
  240. upset stomach
  241. numbness and pins and needles in left leg below knee
  242. Cat and Hoarse throat
  243. Puffy/Stringy Muscle
  244. Raising Money
  245. What could it be? Pain in left underarm/pain in chest?
  246. Hot Rashy hands and feet
  247. Itch, that was a bruise?
  248. Peripheral Vasular Disease (PAD)
  249. Hypothyroid
  250. Fiber?

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