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  1. Help please
  2. Knee injury and now foot ankle swollen red hot
  3. throat problems =[
  4. still confused
  5. i have burning sensation, please help
  6. Bye Bye Skin Continued Please Help !!
  7. Not sure wether to contact a doctor or not, need advice!
  8. Missplaced ER Records Question
  9. Stupid question(s)!
  10. Werid feelings
  11. swollen bruise that bleeds if I squeeze it
  12. Sensitive to frequencies.
  13. What is a Ua Stic?
  14. Rib Cage pain
  15. Bye Bye SKin =[
  16. Embaressing Smell
  17. Short of breath and heartburn when playing basketball?? Please Help!!
  18. Red dots on my arms/chest/back/hands
  19. what is up with my headdd
  20. Slightly Elevated C02 Level
  21. plse help...
  22. help, constant headache
  23. ShotConfidence
  24. Ulnar Nerve problems
  25. 2274 Cpk
  26. Are microwaves really that dangerous?!
  27. Sweating?
  28. Is it normal to have a breast exam done by.....
  29. Blacking out while drinking
  30. Vulva Yeast
  31. Bulging Disk Help
  32. need help on itchy skin around waist
  33. Why do I feel nausous and dizzy?
  34. Help-- I wake up at night with fast heart rate
  35. Looking for answer to multiple symtoms... Please help!
  36. son needs hospitalization
  37. bad earache and on methadone
  38. scoliosis
  39. Llmd
  40. Are raw potatoes toxic?
  41. weight gain and meds
  42. MLA, ALS, Mercury?
  43. Help, are these connected? and..
  44. Anyone ever fracture a humerus?
  45. BioHazard/HazMat Questions
  46. This is a long one... can someone help??
  47. Tube tied
  48. Bulging Disk In Neck
  49. body pimples/blemishes
  50. ok i'll try here
  51. Will the tingling go away?
  52. Lump under contour of jaw after widsom teeth extractions
  53. need some helping finding answers
  54. In alot of Pain
  55. can anyone help me with this??
  56. spinal fusion/spondyloisthesis
  57. Red dots all over arms and chest
  58. constant bad breath and constant bad tatse and constant dry lips
  59. swollen ankles and feet in general
  60. Fatigued
  61. Electricity running through my body
  62. leg cramps
  63. chapped lips wont heal
  64. Latex gloves really needed for vital signs?
  65. lump on ribs
  66. Pain in morning only
  67. i don't know what to make of this
  68. Mystery symptoms
  69. ear/jaw problems
  70. Post tibial tendon surgery
  71. Help,too sensitive to noises !
  72. what is wrong with my friend? please help
  73. tolsa hunt syndrome
  74. osteomylitis
  75. skipped beats or dangerous arrythmia?
  76. To All Those Runners Out There
  77. Stomach pain
  78. leg numbness
  79. Strange lumps?
  80. fever rash??
  81. Mysterious Hormonal Rush Like 'homesickness'
  82. What Could This Be??
  83. Hemmoroid questions,very alarmed!!
  84. weird recurring rash on finger
  85. Total body numbness/Emotional too
  86. left arm and chest pain
  87. Wierd rash
  88. Throat infection and tooth pain!?!?!
  89. Insane rash/ sores
  90. Marks on Shoulder
  91. Pimple popping problem...
  92. Denied copy of medical record
  93. smelly skin
  94. At what age do you stop growing?
  95. aggrivating diagnosis
  96. Crackling Gritty Sound When I Turn My Head
  97. i fell and i have a really nasty bruise
  98. back pain due to horse
  99. Mrsa
  100. upset stomach
  101. numbness and pins and needles in left leg below knee
  102. Cat and Hoarse throat
  103. Puffy/Stringy Muscle
  104. Raising Money
  105. What could it be? Pain in left underarm/pain in chest?
  106. Hot Rashy hands and feet
  107. Itch, that was a bruise?
  108. Peripheral Vasular Disease (PAD)
  109. Hypothyroid
  110. Fiber?
  111. Trying to come off Inderal LA
  112. weird rash, spreading over face and neck...
  113. chlorophyll for bad body odor
  114. infected bite
  115. Side Effect from Boniva Injections
  116. POTS Syndrome
  117. Kaiser permante Members
  118. husbands daughter-in-law does like me
  119. Shaky hands
  120. Lump in Hand. Opinions?
  121. Unexplained Hypokalemia
  122. Lump on my head
  123. Neck stiffness, awful pain in shoulder, numbness in arm & hand
  124. Puffy (swollen) spot. What could it be?????
  125. Cleveland Clinic
  126. I have a question?
  127. Stomach always feels full
  128. Help my face
  129. "The Bends"
  130. Tibia Fracture
  131. Bug Bites
  132. Muscle aches from drinking soft drinks
  133. Husband still doesn't feel any better
  134. right side dscomfort up in to neck
  135. movable lump on kneecap? WHATS THIS?
  136. Mom had stroke, where to go?
  137. Help! got attacked
  138. Whats up !
  139. Husband breaks out sweating.
  140. toe pain
  141. Antibiotics and side effects
  142. Keep having to go to the bathroom
  143. Extremely worried about my brother
  144. Problem too skinny drink way to much liquid help!
  145. Pain In Kidney
  146. little worried
  147. Lump in butt cheek
  148. Is This Serious?!
  149. Steroids and Chickenpox
  150. I think my ankle feels weird
  151. Static noise in head
  152. Adderall and Seizures
  153. ammonia gas poisonous? need a quick answer
  154. Really concerned about Prescription Contradictions-are these drugs safe to combine?
  155. Chest Pains
  156. Sharp pain on my right side, what could it be?
  157. Major cramps/spasms in colon
  158. Pain in side which moves
  159. 3 year old- lung problems???
  160. Swollen Hip
  161. Light Sensitivity - Inflammation in corneas
  162. blisters after shaving, infection??
  163. microfracture of tibial talus joint
  164. Tired at the.....
  165. Swollen Knee but no pain
  166. horrible pain in collarbone?????
  167. visiting new york(from sweden) need to find a doc
  168. Trying to find the right board to get answers!
  169. Lip piercings
  170. is it strep throat or something else? Please respond!
  171. Iritis and cramping in toes
  172. A few questions. smell related.
  173. Blue legs
  174. Pheochromocytoma/24 hour urine study
  175. Constantly hungry..please help!!!
  176. suspicious cyst in hip joint
  177. Pain in left Shoulder-what is it?
  178. tumour?
  179. My son...huffing???
  180. Need advice on what kind of doctor I should go to.
  181. Ear infection or TMJ?
  182. Colitis & C-diff
  183. Need Help with my Scalp!
  184. Coughing and keep loosing voice... Help!
  185. What's wrong with me? I can't think/concentrate
  186. breast help.
  187. Medical Mystery not sure if this is the right board please help!
  188. Help.. Wellbutrin causing Acne
  189. Radiofrequency Ablation-Anyone done it?
  190. Flat rubbery lump in arm
  191. Gaining Weight...
  192. Palpitations, dizziness, but not at the same time
  193. neck/lymph node pain?
  194. lymph noid stayed enlarged
  195. Jaw Pops when i open it
  196. lightnes/icyness in chest
  197. Pyrodermia gangrenosa
  198. Put Me Out of My Misery
  199. Strange stomach sensation...
  200. traumatic injury leading to other symptoms
  201. Any ideas,always tired??
  202. Surgery
  203. High Iron
  204. Tia
  205. tri-sprintec
  206. problems since very young age
  207. Psorasis and Enbrel
  208. Bizarre hair problem
  209. wrist pain
  210. Kenalog Steroid Injection Atrophy
  211. Throat & Chest Tightness Help
  212. 15 yr old asking for help
  213. Bump on leg and bruising in foot
  214. Need a little advice on a fairly bad cut
  215. Very painful shoulder
  216. Help
  217. upper stomach pain after eating
  218. Bad Headache and Nausea
  219. searching for possibilities
  220. My Mum Is Unwell
  221. creatine
  222. Insurance
  223. Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  224. bruising after sclerosing
  225. Canker Sores
  226. Coughing to Death!!!!!!
  227. Thirsty, exhaustion, nauseated
  228. Loss of libido from Levaquin, Cipro, etc?
  229. to much phlem
  230. "Stomach-Friendly Coffee"???
  231. any idea what illness i have please help
  232. Toe Fungus
  233. Tennis elbow
  234. Hyzaar side effects
  235. Help i am concerned with my 8 month old
  236. How do i reduce Subutex (Buprenorphine)
  237. Racial Smell
  238. My Wart....
  239. PICC line broken/left in my 5yr old. Help!
  240. clear, translucent worm?
  241. Too many anti-biotics
  242. What is this?
  243. Blood sugar level
  244. Numbness in left arm(elbow to fingertips) for long periods of time.
  245. Chronic ankle pain
  246. Medical Bracelet
  247. feeling ill all the time, i need some advice...
  248. bump inside of cheek
  249. Doctor keeps running tests without give me any medication Whats going on
  250. What does headache, vomiting mean with stomach flu?

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