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  1. Knee Pain When taking Stairs
  2. feels like something is in my throat
  3. Bi-Lateral Snapping Hip?
  4. prednisone and hormones... help!
  5. Going for tests friday... :(
  6. Facet Injection questions
  7. Unexplained skin discolouration and subsequent blistering in 2 year old.
  8. ANA test
  9. Immunocorp, Immuderm, Immutol
  10. Heat in left calf...
  11. anyone ever wake up to...
  12. Vaseline in Nose
  13. Does sitting down cause Hemorroids?
  14. "LA"Weight Loss
  15. Arthritis from Knee Injury?
  16. Neodymium Magnets - Health Risks
  17. This Is An Emergency Somebody Please Help Me :(
  18. Strange pain
  19. Pain under ribcage on right hand size of body
  20. beta blocker?!
  21. vascular problem
  22. opinions needed...please help!!!
  23. globus hysterectus??? Painful lump in the throat!
  24. What The Heck Is Wrong With Me?
  25. Can't stand bra on anymore
  26. do i have mono? help!
  27. Living with a torn knee, possible?
  28. Height enhancement for an 18y/o girl
  29. numbness in leg
  30. Strange Cravings
  31. Am I dying at 19?
  32. Bump on Side of Head
  33. wierd problem, can't find answers anywhere
  34. I'm hoping someone can help me get some answers!!
  35. Online Medical Records
  36. Regarding breathing
  37. Anyone scared of bird flu coming to usa?
  38. Huge red/orange/hot blotches on skin
  39. Post hemorrhoidectomy pain
  40. clicking joints?
  41. I feel helpless...
  42. soft lumps or swollen tubes/veins around left testical
  43. Hemorrhoids??? (Or something else - please help)
  44. Mouth/tongue constantly dry
  45. contact dermatitis
  46. Help needed please - am very confused!!!
  47. How safe is the brain from the cold?
  48. What could this be?
  49. tingling and lightheaded
  50. what could this be?-please help.
  51. Tingling PINKY finger
  52. having trouble running...
  53. heat sensation
  54. Question about testicle
  55. A strange red line under my arm, that comes and goes.
  56. -
  57. Can't tolerate pain meds anymore.
  58. Blotchy skin top of arms?
  59. Seizure research help
  60. my hand goes weak
  61. hyponatremia
  62. Rash on forearms
  63. My 8yo daughter is starting puberty
  64. Question on rare disorders
  65. Very Rare (please Help)
  66. Very Rare (please Help)
  67. I need help, please read..
  68. Quesion
  69. Caretaker of Elder Parent
  70. Are these hospital cost excessive?
  71. PLEASE HELP, What's happening to me?
  72. Mal Practice?
  73. Scabies
  74. what could this be?
  75. Mild Headache After MRI With Contrast Dye??
  76. Duromine!!!!! The Quick Jump To Weight Loss!!!!
  77. Is moxifloxacin made from penicillin
  78. Anyone recognize this?
  79. Gasoline Poisoning
  80. Pain in midback radiating thru neck
  81. Does prolonged mild antifreeze inhalation cause health problems?
  82. embarassing bellybutton
  83. Am I disabled? I'm so confused!
  84. upper arm/ shoulder/neck
  85. Excessively Sweating Palms
  86. Very scared!! Hubby is physically hurting me in real life in his sleep...
  87. Heaviness in Legs
  88. Would appreciate any answers.
  89. What's my sickness?
  90. diagnosed-they take it back
  91. Chicken Pox Carrier?
  92. Expiration Dates For Drugs
  93. Myasthenia Gravis
  94. what do you think the problem is
  95. a shopping list for tonight
  96. colour of disolving stitches...
  97. odd shaking and pain.
  98. Uneven Lovehandles
  99. strange numbness and cooling feeling on my back ...anyone know whats wrong?
  100. bumps on outer thighs
  101. My symptoms....Pls. Help!
  102. Castleman's Disease-Deb401 can I ask some questions?
  103. tinggling limbs and loss of sleep?
  104. Mornings good, Afternoons Bad
  105. please help... i smell like onions!!
  106. Help....Something stuck in my throat!!!
  107. Chest hurts, ruling out variable
  108. fever and rapid heart beat
  109. i feel bad and i'm red
  110. I want to be myself again
  111. I cannot cry
  112. New here...I have whiplash...
  113. Dry Mouth, Dry Blood
  114. Spina Bifida and bowel problems
  115. Phentermine and Birth Control
  116. Pleuracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  117. rusty brown phlegm...
  118. Pain: Left Ear, Eye movement, Face, other symptoms
  119. eeek! weird rash! what is it, please help!
  120. Tendenitus or arthritus, somone please help!!!
  121. Potassium extremely low, what means? and what does it cause if you have it
  122. Colorless urine
  123. depression anxiety copd
  124. UNDIAGNOSED! please help.
  125. Fainting
  126. Fell down stairs
  127. Protein in urine...what does it mean?
  128. anyone experiance this?
  129. PLEASE help with CALF PAIN!!
  130. Missing period for 5 years
  131. skin rash
  132. Okay, is this all in my head?
  133. Saw dust effects?
  134. Do you think I'll get mono?
  135. What happened to my face???
  136. Gastric by past with a prior history of colitis and chrohns
  137. Poka dots on stomach
  138. Always sick and dont know why
  139. ginger ale
  140. had stomach ache for 3 days now!!
  141. Prolonged Swelling
  142. Impaired vision after physical work?!
  143. Dermatend
  144. Urinating Problems
  145. Hypoplastic thumb
  146. food poisening????
  147. edema in the feet
  148. Is bloody mucus normal??
  149. cancer concern
  150. constipated...
  151. Do You Know What These Labs Mean
  152. Scar Question..........
  153. dont know what else to ask
  154. What is the term for...
  155. I just don't know what this is- curious, more than worried
  156. Lipitor Side Effects
  157. Body cleanse/detox
  158. Throat problems, pls help!
  159. My Fiance is in constant pain :(
  160. Can Anyone Help Me?
  161. gas/smoke smell in my nose
  162. Sleep Aids
  163. confused about cleansing
  164. Sudden growing of lymph nodes?
  165. eyebags?
  166. I finally can get this off my chest
  167. tounge hurts...
  168. discomfort in left ribcage area help
  169. Update on my paranoia/chest pain.
  170. Stolen Body Tissue!!!
  171. OTC worm medicine
  172. arms going numb and fainting
  173. Tide, chemicals, allergic reactions--what to do!?
  174. Lip Bump
  175. sharp pain behind eye
  176. Brain Zap
  177. Urinating blood
  178. Anybody know anything about colon cleansing?
  179. hair-like "worms"? Plz Help!
  180. Strange bumps on fingers
  181. strange thing..
  182. Pressue on Rib Cage
  183. I'm Really Worried - Help me please!
  184. Upper abdomen/lower chest pain
  185. Morning Fog
  186. Red Ears! Can Someone Help?
  187. Do all of these things mean anything?
  188. Achilles Soreness
  189. My Knee Hurts
  190. Tissue Recall
  191. one enlarged tonsil 6 mos. anyone have this?
  192. Under-eye twitch
  193. random muscle spasms?
  194. What could possibly be causing all of this?
  195. wrist pain
  196. Dizzy/Benadryl feeling with no meds!
  197. Legs and thighs
  198. tingling in the toes
  199. Strange Pains.
  200. protruding bones related to disease?
  201. pressure in rectal area
  202. Amonia and Bleach
  203. arterial blockage or PAD
  204. hurt by doctors
  205. Tingly feeling in head
  206. what is the cause of bitter taste
  207. Need Help!
  208. LOW body temp?
  209. 99.8?
  210. Winter/windows open - Summer/No Air conditioner
  211. Lou Gerhigs Disease
  212. Waking up after sleep.....
  213. can someone please tell me what this is?
  214. chest pain in mum...need help ASAP plz...
  215. Friend's family can't eat food in the morning.
  216. possible knee injury
  217. still dont' know what is wrong :( very worried
  218. Rib pain is back--what is this?
  219. Help! Don't Know what's wrong
  220. Don't know what this is - any suggestions?
  221. infection had appendix surgery help!
  222. itchy!
  223. Knee injury -Pain?
  224. I don't know whats wrong with me?!
  225. Hip pain
  226. Anesthesia for Arthroscopy
  227. Shoulder Pain
  228. Oxicontin withdrawls
  229. white bump on my lip
  230. NEED HELP or suggestions at least
  231. Question About Facial Changes
  232. what can cause this
  233. hi all
  234. soothanol x2
  235. autoimmune and alcohol
  236. MRI Questions
  237. toxic mold exposure
  238. Upset...
  239. Superfast Metabolism
  240. one big tonsil
  241. Really Scared...
  242. Lightish pain left side chest/bone area after eating?
  243. vaginal odor
  244. Light Headed / Brain Fog
  245. pain
  246. Embarassing but Ringworm still lives ?
  247. Neck pain considering surgery
  248. very bad rib area pain
  249. Gallstones?
  250. appropriate therapist behavior??

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