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  1. Combo-LowBP, HighChol, chest pain, anxiety
  2. Stinky Armpits!
  3. umbilical drainage
  4. HELP! Literally Fell For a Girl on The First Kiss
  5. weight lifting impacts on teenage bone growth?
  6. what medications would you recommend for RDS?
  7. Rash On Hands
  8. PLEASE READ! Sprained ankle!
  9. Don't know where to turn
  10. Severe long-term diarrhea..........sooo embarrassing.
  11. I cannot stand it!!!
  12. Is Saliva meant to smell?
  13. Tonsil Stones, a disease??!
  14. I don't know where else to turn to on this topic
  15. been loosing hair more than the usual... what could it be?
  16. bad ankle sprain
  17. am i worrying over nothing?
  18. help symptons getting worse?
  19. Wegener's Granulomatosis
  20. 3 Things that have been bothering me.
  21. many symptoms,no diagnosis
  22. Tick Bite
  23. My eyes hurt.....:(
  24. Weight lifting and ADD meds stunt growth?
  25. So many different problems.
  26. clues from blood results??
  27. shoulder aches?
  28. Small Lump on right side of neck
  29. Nose Picking Harmful?
  30. xanthones?
  31. How to cure a stiff neck
  32. itching, burning pain in arms (pins and needles)
  33. Ankles Swelling in Hot Weather
  34. Does anyone else have this problem?
  35. Please help me!
  36. leg pains , or calf pains
  37. numbness and back pain
  38. Painful shin. Injury never healed.
  39. Why Does Mommy Hate Me So!
  40. How to unplug my ears
  41. Please help--worried
  42. EGD results question?
  43. Question about a brain MRI any thoughts?
  44. Only consuming water
  45. Rumotologist
  46. small spots on chest and neck
  47. Problems with an old piercing...
  48. Septoplasty For Dummies
  49. stinggggg-some1 pls give me an answerr thnx
  50. Would really appreciate your thoughts or your experience with chronic pain
  51. please need help with a question....
  52. Ear problems
  53. psyatic nerve
  54. Sore tongue
  55. What metal can I pierce my ears with?
  56. Dizzy at random times when I stand up
  57. I have a question
  58. Tonsil Stones are RUINING my life!
  59. Infection after Hemorrhoidectomy
  60. After surgery question
  61. mild mono - when to regain activity?
  62. Headphones dangerous to health?
  63. Long-term low fever, and several other symptoms --PLEASE RESPOND
  64. How to stop getting sick after travelling on airplane?
  65. Chronic Dermatitis
  66. Numb Finger and Toe Tips
  67. Ghetto Clinics & The Underserved
  68. Dermo clinics
  69. Ew..Tapeworm
  70. Migratory Glossitis (Geographic Tongue)
  71. Annoying cough
  72. Numbness below shoulder
  73. Cut
  74. bad breath
  75. Am I the Only One???
  76. Tender Breasts
  77. no idea what's wrong...
  78. Can anyone help me
  79. Stomach Question.......
  80. Forehead Veins??
  81. Swallowing Problem - Urgent Advice Needed Please
  82. rash under armpit
  83. just a stupid question but if anyone knows that would be great
  84. bite
  85. Helicobacter pylori
  86. Cracking/clicking noise in ears?
  87. Lipitor
  88. Tetnus shot reaction
  89. Tumor in my lower gum?
  90. Been bothering me
  91. Left Ear feeling clogged/pressure.
  92. Red Spots????
  93. We need questions answered.
  94. Emotional Stress
  95. Itchy scars
  96. Prednisone Side Effects And More !!!!!
  97. leg just frezzes
  98. Not sure what this is..
  99. Stomach ache and bitter taste
  100. back of tounge
  101. What are these symptoms?
  102. Dizziness, weakness, head pain, Please help!
  103. Please help! desperate for some answers
  104. Run-in with a cactus
  105. Tummy Tuck & Lipo
  106. Strange brown Patches
  107. Is this pain normal?
  108. advice please
  109. delivery time
  110. Mole Removal
  111. Saline Breast Implants
  112. has anyone ever had this happen your large whole toenail falls off?
  113. PLEASE help. Scared
  114. My hands
  115. Worried Tonsils and adenoids getting removed this friday
  116. Help! Weird swelling
  117. Plugged Ear
  118. Belly Button Pain
  119. diphenhydramine
  120. Pencil Biting Problems
  121. QLink
  122. weird compulsion
  123. how do you move with 2 messed up legs
  124. Venous Insufficiency
  125. yellow coating on armpit hair?
  126. fibrous dysplasia
  127. Upper Back Pain - More Right Sided
  128. Paranoia?
  129. Leg cramps in children
  130. Urgent Poo Problems!!!!
  131. Woke up vomiting black...
  132. Knee Problems
  133. contaminated well water(town)
  134. Anyone know about the Actin Smooth Muscle Antibody Test?
  135. High temperature
  136. taste of blood in mouth
  137. severe undiagnosed illness
  138. Hypertrophic Tonsils... shnswms?
  139. Can anyone help me out?
  140. Someone has made a doll of me and is sticking pins it's stomach.HELP!
  141. Pains in head... very frightening
  142. Integrative Medicine Question....
  143. Mono
  144. road rash from bike wreck
  145. Gyne and UTI's?
  146. light headed?what to get tested for
  147. Need advice!
  148. Frightening anxiety attacks and pain in head
  149. Ruptured spleen
  150. thirsty 24/7
  151. Numbness & cold spots on foot
  152. Any ideas what would cause this
  153. very worried!!!!about pain on the left side of the body
  154. Atrial Fibrillation
  155. Question regarding asthma...
  156. Tongue hurts to certain foods (Eggplants, Potato, etc...)
  157. Maybe someone can offer some advice....?
  158. small Skin tags
  159. what is wrong with me?
  160. Not sure whats going on :/
  161. chest
  162. Tiny black visitors
  163. Malpractice?
  164. Quick Question, Please
  165. Question concerning prednisone and diabetes
  166. Groin pain
  167. My leg hurts
  168. Please Help Cannot Find Anyone With Answers /cervical Mylopethy
  169. Can someone diagnose my condition?
  170. Cerebellar Atrophy
  171. this is gross but i need help.!
  172. Yoga In Houston?...
  173. Deperately wanting to talk with someone about URETER CANCER
  174. Feeling something in stomach
  175. I live above a chain smoker
  176. Blood boil?
  177. Dizziness... No Idea Why
  178. Canker Sores
  179. Constant sore throats, before and after tonsils removed!
  180. Mumps and babies
  181. Please Help!! Girls Needed!
  182. Help please..my partner is fading away on me
  183. Tan Problems
  184. Bad Breath question
  185. Adopted and want info...
  186. Fever after surgery
  187. need help light headed all the time
  188. Crow footed
  189. Gross sweating!
  190. Loss Of Taste And Smell
  191. Ear problem
  192. Heartburn?
  193. IV in your arm = numb hand?
  194. Certain foods causing lower back pain. HELP!!!
  195. Bad Pain In Mouth
  196. Ate expired yogurt and tongue started to burn..
  197. zoloft cause runny nose
  198. pain in stomach just below ribs
  199. Please Respond!!!
  200. bright green urine?
  201. Body odor problem
  202. which board should i choose
  203. I need help!
  204. cyst? behind ear
  205. being woke up to a choking sensation?
  206. Mitro-vavle
  207. Loosing my hair!
  208. Asymmetric tonsils
  209. swollen tonsils no pain
  210. Stretch marks on boobs
  211. Is it normal that im 15 and havent started my period yet?
  212. question regarding health insurance
  213. Strange symptoms..
  214. How much of this is too much?
  215. everything has a sweet taste
  216. Dry, Red Rash! Please Help
  217. mail order prescriptions
  218. just a story to tell
  219. heat rashes
  220. Broken Femur Bone
  221. Barbars bending ears ...
  222. strange bump on hand
  223. Wasp Sting
  224. shadow on left lower lung on x-ray
  225. Anyone know what a UNI is?
  226. MRI on Brain
  227. Next Step Toward Digitized Health Records
  228. stimulation from excercise,stress,heat
  229. Cost of removing moles?
  230. mono-like symptoms, but no mono?
  231. Answers to Questions
  232. enlarged taste buds
  233. Hello,I am new looking for information please
  234. natural remedies for anxiety
  235. shortness of breath and lightheaded when just sitting down?
  236. area where IV needle was placed
  237. Burning Mouth Syndrome
  238. facial swelling, ingrowing facial hair
  239. Bruised Ribs
  240. Nosebleeds
  241. Lost in self inflicted injuries.. What to do?
  242. in HOPES to help my brother
  243. Abscess
  244. help, muscle twitch
  245. Unsure where to go next.
  246. blotchy thing on my leg
  247. Drinking water
  248. Can you become addicted to Pseudoephedrine/sudafed?
  249. Found way to grow taller
  250. Voices b4 sleep

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