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  1. Weird feeling in my left Leg
  2. What product to use for Rash on my thumb
  3. Antibiotics and alcohol
  4. Why does my tummy make so much noise?
  5. Really GROSS..burps that smell like rotten eggs? WHAT IS IT?
  6. Strange and sick
  7. Need Help, please reassure me before I really FReak out!
  8. What do they inject you with?
  9. blisters on tongue
  10. What's wrong with me??
  11. Is this normal for a teen? (long)
  12. shot gone wrong
  13. Lung mass questions
  14. B12 deficiency
  15. Inflammed Lymph Node
  16. Fecal fat
  17. Infrared Saunas
  18. Two odd things... any thoughts?
  19. Crackling sound when mouth is open
  20. Chostrocondritis
  21. any advice?
  22. Help needed - please
  23. Spreading rash, and im getting worried
  24. Head is thumping and hurting when my heart rate increases - please help.
  25. Swollen Hands?
  26. what is Positive TB without conversion ?
  27. Bleeding for a half hour....
  28. Pneumonia
  29. super bad pain....
  30. Melatonin and long term effects
  31. Wierd question!!!
  32. Stiff neck
  33. electirc shock?
  34. Stitches
  35. Injured by injection?
  36. Odd swelling in fingers
  37. Questions About This Site
  38. Can someone please explain those test results?
  39. emotional
  40. surgery questions
  41. Shortness of Breath
  42. Prednisone Question
  43. sore/itchy throat...white bumps on tounge
  44. Hypocalcemia - Can Anyone Help
  45. Lower right quadrant pain.
  46. Night sweats
  47. Need Help: FishBone in Throat
  48. Ear Problem Help!!!!!
  49. Anyone ever get this?
  50. Help.....Urethra Infection
  51. ankle pain and give way
  52. Please Help - Petechiae Fade Time...?
  53. Numbness, no feeling week after surgery ?
  54. Pseudo Tumor Cerebri (sp?)
  55. need an answer quick please
  56. bad reaction to flu shot
  57. Sex Organ and other Sexual issues, PLEASE READ.
  58. Small, hard, yellow pieces in phlegm????
  59. Mom has less than a year to live if she has cancer?
  60. Problems with a doctor and in need of advice.
  61. Soft Tissue
  62. 'Marble' under tounge after tonsils removed
  63. tonsils are gone!
  64. Too much sugar?
  65. Have a question? PLEASE REPLY
  66. What could this be?
  67. Geographic tongue
  68. Left rib sticks out
  69. Meningitis shot
  70. General
  71. too much sleep and too little sometimes!
  72. My Problem...
  73. Hard, swollen upper abdomen
  74. Navel Rejected Piercing
  75. Pain/burning feeling on my tongue
  76. severe leaking capillary syndrome
  77. Nostril piercing
  78. Another thought on tonsil stones.
  79. Throbbing in my stomach
  80. Please Help Me
  81. Anesthesia problem
  82. Best radiology for vagus nerve
  83. always tired
  84. Chicken Pox exposure
  85. Numbness
  86. Eck!
  87. Global Annesia
  88. I need some answers...QUICK!
  89. Trying to find information
  90. swollen lymph nodes in breast
  91. food allergy/silent migraine
  92. Chest Pains For 2 Months...Docs Don't Know
  93. Q about recent Dr. visit
  94. HELP!! Itching!!! No rash!!
  95. White bumps on my uvula (hangy thing in the back of mouth)
  96. Getting to a Dr. Without Insurance
  97. A big sore in my mouth
  98. started working out for the first time in months!
  99. questions about stuff nose
  100. Electric scooter hitch!!!
  101. Help I'm gonna die! (prolactinoma)
  102. What's The Best Thing For Nauseousness?
  103. Jaw Pain
  104. West Nile Fever
  105. ear piercing
  106. Blood pressure?
  107. too skinny
  108. Deviated Septum
  109. Does anyone know what to take for a mild concussion?
  110. What does it feel like to be in a cast? - patella realignment procedure
  111. whats this wierd mark on my upper lip??
  112. cramps when running
  113. Proteinuria in 15 yr old boy
  114. Growth
  115. swollen lymph node
  116. Joint Pain/Body Aches/Finger Numbness
  117. How to make hair smell good?
  118. Always cold
  119. nighttime arm/leg numbness .......or something
  120. Belly Button problem
  121. Best way to treat a burn
  122. Anyone feel ill everday?
  123. Sodium in relation to nosebleeds
  124. mono
  125. Anyone with Ataxia
  126. -What To Take If I don't eat enough Vegetables and Fruits-
  127. Anyone ever have those irritated taste buds?
  128. Bump on arm
  129. online nhs prescriptions????
  130. Red bumps under one arm from shaving
  131. stomach palpitations
  132. ears ringing
  133. Name the symptom, I've got it.
  134. Vocal Chord Paralysis
  135. HELP! Afraid to take ACIDOPHILUS
  136. Urgent
  137. i got the feeling of "fishbone-stuck-in-throat"
  138. Pityriasis Rosea...ugh!
  139. Shortness of Breath
  140. Healthcare Professionals Who Are Unhealthy!
  141. Tendon pain - Any ideas would be greatly appreciated
  142. Lump under my skin...
  143. scam or possible?
  144. Chronic Pain Undiagnosed? Any Advice?
  145. Torturing Problem
  146. Hand Laceration
  147. Bead up nose
  148. Left knee Problems (pops)
  149. sudden jealousy thoughts
  150. MindFrame Technique
  151. eating
  152. living spirit?? please respnd with imput!!
  153. leg pain
  154. What happened to my ankle?
  155. undereye circles
  156. Painful Skin Sensation
  157. Upset stomach after eating
  158. sudden ringing in the ears
  159. Im 18/m and dont know what to do.
  160. Need Brain Surgery And Employer Left Me Go
  161. Free Psychological Evaluation/Counseling?
  162. Endometrial Thickening..please Help!
  163. Sex after Surgery
  164. Can your employer find out your health records?
  165. Pulse rate
  166. Head Pain When Swallowing?
  167. sweets = sore throat?
  168. temporomandibular joint surgery
  169. Heart rate increase from normal numbers
  170. pain after cast removal
  171. Chest pain
  172. small bump on neck
  173. nausea/dry mouth/loss of appetite
  174. Right side pain...
  175. Right side pain...
  176. dodo
  177. Knee Injuries -Athletic
  178. Severe neck pain
  179. Mysterious black eye
  180. Neck/shoulder Pain
  181. belly button lint
  182. Problem with Shoulder
  183. is this bad?
  184. Prednisone-- YUCK !
  185. Nose Bleeds
  186. swollen taste bud on tongue....how do i get rid of it?
  187. What the heck is this?
  188. abdominal aorta bypass
  189. Lump behind left tonsil
  190. Baking Soda Cravings
  191. pelvic pain...please help
  192. Some Questions
  193. 8 Days Post-Op
  194. bump inside nose
  195. Veins showing on shoulder blades? Wierd...
  196. HELP! This is ruing my life!
  197. Lack of Sleep
  198. I need advice!! Please
  199. Farmed Shimp Bad For Your Health
  200. Sweating too much...
  201. Living Wills (Advanced Directives)
  202. Checking new baby for PK levels - WHY?
  203. Painful "Hot Flashes" on a guy
  204. Poss. recluse bite!
  205. I can't take the heat!
  206. Lip problem (not chapped lips)
  207. HyperParathyroidism---Please Help!!!
  208. ingrown toenail trouble
  209. Poor fitness levels and lack of weight.
  210. Ear Infection - cold remedies
  211. where can i buy this?
  212. taking 'desloratadine' plus 'celexa' together
  213. My dad is getting horrible bug bites
  214. improving the IQ
  215. Is there a board for GERD or acid reflux disease??
  216. Torn Tendon
  217. I have a strange illness. Please help.
  218. To All The Ladies
  219. Dr Visit / Test
  220. light-headedness or dizziness while sleeping
  221. i need help to identify a pill
  222. what could it mean?
  223. Menopause/IBS/Anxiety or what??!!
  224. Whatís wrong with my dad? (Cough related)
  225. Mental Problems? Please help!
  226. can some1 pls ease my worry and tell me if this is part of the throat anatomy?? TIA
  227. Anyone Bitten By A Brown Recluse???
  228. not sure where to put this
  229. Bilirubin In The Urine??
  230. wisdom tooth extraction
  231. bumps in throat
  232. alcohol and weight gain...
  233. Navel Piercing Issue
  234. Very Bad Uranary Infection
  235. a question about cat scans and drugs
  236. Can this be a tumor , benign or cancerous? Please read, im scared
  237. "Hidden" Disabilities
  238. Is using Q-Tips bad for your ears?
  239. Tingly head!
  240. What does this mean exactly?
  241. Sweating disorder?
  242. Cut myself.
  243. I need help on signs of being unfertile
  244. One of my eyes has turned red !!
  245. Please Help! Should I see a Doctor?
  246. Potato in my left side!!
  247. Cant breath
  248. Fish allergies: anaphylaxis shock
  249. how do I find out how much my injury is worth?
  250. Biting Feeling

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