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  1. Torn Tendon
  2. I have a strange illness. Please help.
  3. To All The Ladies
  4. Dr Visit / Test
  5. light-headedness or dizziness while sleeping
  6. i need help to identify a pill
  7. what could it mean?
  8. Menopause/IBS/Anxiety or what??!!
  9. What’s wrong with my dad? (Cough related)
  10. Mental Problems? Please help!
  11. can some1 pls ease my worry and tell me if this is part of the throat anatomy?? TIA
  12. Anyone Bitten By A Brown Recluse???
  13. not sure where to put this
  14. Bilirubin In The Urine??
  15. wisdom tooth extraction
  16. bumps in throat
  17. alcohol and weight gain...
  18. Navel Piercing Issue
  19. Very Bad Uranary Infection
  20. a question about cat scans and drugs
  21. Can this be a tumor , benign or cancerous? Please read, im scared
  22. "Hidden" Disabilities
  23. Is using Q-Tips bad for your ears?
  24. Tingly head!
  25. What does this mean exactly?
  26. Sweating disorder?
  27. Cut myself.
  28. I need help on signs of being unfertile
  29. One of my eyes has turned red !!
  30. Please Help! Should I see a Doctor?
  31. Potato in my left side!!
  32. Cant breath
  33. Fish allergies: anaphylaxis shock
  34. how do I find out how much my injury is worth?
  35. Biting Feeling
  36. wake up covered in sweat
  37. can coughing cause a brain anerurism? should i go to the e.r?
  38. Gillian-Barre
  39. Too Much calcium?
  40. Does Vicodin cause severe leg pain at night?
  41. My head hurts and doesnt feel right
  42. sore eye..cyst?
  43. veins... grrr
  44. lipoma??
  45. Time to Notice Difference with Change of Diet and Vitamin Supplements
  46. Feeling HOT
  47. What's wrong with my throat???
  48. Terrible leg pain when walking/standing...help
  49. scratchy buttocks crack
  50. Nausea
  51. Strange bump in throat
  52. Deviated septum anyone?
  53. Endometrial Biopsy: how much do they cost?
  54. Tums - Expiration Date
  55. Can an internal infection not show up on CBC?
  56. can someone identify a pill?
  57. why does no one ever help me?
  58. someone please help me
  59. Cracking your knuckles.
  60. New here. Where do I belong? (Chronic Pain)
  61. *** is wrong with my heart and lungs
  62. Why Me ?
  63. blood in stool
  64. Temperature 96.7 Why?
  65. tingling nose
  66. My belly button has been bleeding
  67. This Sound ?
  68. Would this be ok?
  69. lymph nodes
  70. Persistent little bug bite... :)
  71. not sure where to post this one
  72. worried / fustrated
  73. maggots?
  74. Help Please...so much pain
  75. Tonsils?
  76. Help Me!!
  77. Calcium deposit
  78. Ordering prescriptions online.
  79. Twitching hand...
  80. hayfever
  81. Blood in stools when finished...
  82. what is this pill?
  83. my Belly button
  84. ok I'm really scared
  85. lymph node cancer?
  86. an embarrasing problem
  87. cyst in the jaw
  88. Occasional drug usage
  89. Transnasal endoscopic surgery
  90. Anyone experience or hear of this??
  91. Fifth Disease?
  92. Had EGK done yesterday
  93. One numb toe
  94. Funny stuff going on lately and I'm scared!!!
  95. something stuck in tonsils
  96. urine therapy
  97. "Kank A" anyone heard of it?
  98. Transverse Myelitis
  99. Enlarged Submandibular glands
  100. Chest Pains
  101. heart and anatomy question ???
  102. Help ! What is wrong with me?
  103. Ear Trouble (Anyone else had this kind of problem).
  104. Not a Heavy Drinker
  105. bad breath caused by mono?
  106. Bilateral Pica Syndrome
  107. Help..Feet Pain
  108. growth
  109. Morphia
  110. Please Help
  111. Bruising easily
  112. Is Sucralose the same thing as Aspartame???
  113. pathology question
  114. anyone heard of APECED?
  115. I don't know if this is the right board...
  116. Inside of ears burn when brushing teeth
  117. Why?
  118. My 7 Yr Old Daughter And Scolliosis, Some Help Please
  119. Sore bumps on tongue?
  120. How Long a sperm stays alive in the air after ejaculation?
  121. Hit my head... pain three days later
  122. Surgical Site Won't Heal
  123. Abdominal pain after eating
  124. Mysterious symptoms: Guillian Barre?
  125. Post Nasal Drip
  126. Wart inside nose
  127. menstral cycle
  128. Tonsilitis, adult, would like to know info on why they were removed!
  129. Everything Looked Distant
  130. Tonsils Or Strep Please Help
  131. I am only 16 & have ½inch long spider vein!! help!
  132. Woozy/Dizzy/Cloudy/Fatigue
  133. shave bumps
  134. Bronchitis question....
  135. Need Advise Please Help!!!
  136. Whats wrong with me?
  137. help needed soon!!
  138. Shoulder Pain/Popping When Weightlifting--What Is It?
  139. baterial infections and antibiotics
  140. Sharp Pain In Tendon
  141. General
  142. please help my mom
  143. Period issuses
  144. Ouch!
  145. Blood pressure question
  146. Adrenal Gland
  147. Sick of being sick (tonsils?)
  148. What would you do about NF?
  149. Black Stuff in Mucuss
  150. lump behind ear
  151. How Long Does Sunscreen Work For?
  152. Burning up
  153. Amusement Park Ride Warnings
  154. Fractured Calcanium
  155. Phantom smells?
  156. lexapro withdrawal!!!!
  157. I need to thicken my skin
  158. sick!
  159. Canker Sore - HELP!
  160. White soft stuff in throat
  161. weight gain on antidepressants
  162. red and dry face
  163. All sorts of issues
  164. Plaster Cast Removed
  165. facial mole
  166. Sweating
  167. Trying to help daughter with a health question for her class
  168. Bump in throat
  169. Jaw Pain! What is it?
  170. Pinched Nerve or something else?
  171. Embarrassed Nbr 2
  172. has anyone had these symptoms when coming off of prednisone?
  173. Mad Cow Disease
  174. Really weird question..
  175. Heat exhaustion?
  176. just an observation
  177. skin in the mouth
  178. Asbestos
  179. I have a problem...
  180. What is going on with me?
  181. Dizziness
  182. Fractures
  183. swollen eye lids?
  184. Can anyone please explain this?
  185. Help!!! Is anyone suffering with this????
  186. Tight Neck, Throat, back of head and chest area
  187. What's wrong with my knees?
  188. help identify pain in wrists/hands
  189. Knee Arthroscopy
  190. Question on a CBC blood test
  191. What wrong with my tonsils and ears???
  192. Mosquitos....are they a health threat?
  193. "Pins and Needles" Behind Left Ear
  194. Stomach aches - what's the problem?
  195. What is happening to my body
  196. Rashless itching is driving me crazy, don't know what to do. Read on please!!!
  197. ALL my symptoms, can you help?
  198. Alcohol Tolerance
  199. Poor circulation in foot - toe amutation needed
  200. Vein In Me Leg
  201. Antipersprint?Deodorant Help (Guy&Girl)
  202. Pain on RT Side (kind of long)
  203. Fingers against the throat
  204. upper left hand corner right below ribs
  205. Sore ankles
  206. caffeine
  207. Continuous NAUSEA
  208. Dazedandconfused1 read please.. thanks
  209. Arm fell asleep for hours
  210. Nerve Damage Help please
  211. lumps in body that are painful
  212. Pain in the Belly
  213. Black and Blue
  214. Lymphatic system- increase the capability?
  215. so helpful
  216. Blackouts Inquiry
  217. Small Bumps Under Tongue and on inside of lower lip
  218. Tingling sensation in limbs
  219. What is it?
  220. need insurance help!
  221. Swollen Ankles???
  222. A Multitude of Problems
  223. Fainting spell--- possible transient ischemic attack????
  224. Trauma/Varicose Veins
  225. What are some symptoms for mono?
  226. Weak Legs
  227. Two pink spots on rear
  228. Side Effects of Cipro AFTER Use?
  229. vioxx plus aspirin
  230. Belly button problem
  231. Dirty skin.
  232. Rash on Neck
  233. Lightheaded and tired
  234. Tongue Piercing?
  235. What is wrong with my shin?
  236. Loss of color and feeling temporatily in foot!
  237. Red lines in my mouth?
  238. Unknown Meds
  239. pain in thighs
  240. What is going on
  241. Violent mood swings?
  242. X-Rays and Cancer
  243. Pain in my right ankle
  244. Have you heard of Cynical internetworking disorder?
  245. Lump On My Wrist
  246. stomach
  247. Safe doses of Caffeine..
  248. Ringing in my ears! Why??
  249. Wife's Thumb
  250. Why can't I use Zoloft anymore?

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