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  1. Can someone help diagnose me?
  2. Could liver problems cause all this?
  3. Is this normal?
  4. System Questions
  5. What kind of doctor do i need?
  6. glycosylated serum protein
  7. Ms
  8. Helping a friend (OxyCOntin)
  9. Helping a friend
  10. numb lips and tongue. anyone familiar with this?
  11. Stomach flu for 4 days
  12. Can't Eat without throwing up or feeling Extemely Nauseous
  13. painful perineum cyst/abcess
  14. Numbness on lips and tongue
  15. Chest infection? sinusitis?
  16. Help with obesity!
  17. Painful bump on arm, PLEASE HELP!
  18. Hoarseness comes and goes!!
  19. my stupid bladder!!!!
  20. Cracked corner of mouth
  21. Reflexology if you have leg (swelling) problems
  22. bottom part of nose D:
  23. wet leg sensation
  24. Swollen nose
  25. How long?
  26. Pains All Over Body
  27. Rather worried tonight
  28. food safety question
  29. Nutritious brands
  30. Difference between Methadose and Methadone Hydrochloride
  31. Help with interpeting my MRI results??? Please :}
  32. coughing up blood
  33. Is life always going to be like this?
  34. I need some advice :(
  35. Congenital Radial Head Dislocation and another question
  36. Help please! cant figure out what is giong on.
  37. Mystery Illness Undiagnosed (9 years)
  38. Popin head, pressure in eye & bloody nose after coughing
  39. Cant figure out whats wrong, I desperately need help. Please.
  40. blood in phlem
  41. food stuck
  42. lower abdominal pain
  43. flu
  44. via my esophagus
  45. Lump in wife's abdomen!
  46. Length of prescription refills for prozac
  47. bump on the bottom of my middle finger
  48. Can a human acquire BSE/prion infection from a pork brain?
  49. Acid Reflux, Tonsillitis or something else?
  50. Skin Discoloration. Please help
  51. Sleep Disorder? Please help.
  52. please help- stomach issues
  53. Rhinitis... help
  54. Anyone know what these are?
  55. Link between BCP's and autism
  56. Lupus vs. Malignancy
  57. Little Help Please
  58. Nissen- Fundoplication / Yes or No????
  59. Rhinitis-Never Ending, help...
  60. Men 1
  61. Endoscopy - ERCP
  62. Frustrated
  63. I need good advice please...Stuck
  64. Worried that I might have ALS
  65. Way to much at once is wrong
  66. Anxiety, vertigo, brain tumor, I don't know what the heck is wrong with me.
  67. WBC count
  68. What could this be?
  69. Tick Bite
  70. In need of advice/information
  71. Need advice
  72. help
  73. Std help!!! Thanks
  74. Mid and inside Thigh Pain
  75. Slipping rib problem, need advice to help prevent it!
  76. Ouch... My Calf
  77. causes of inducible inchemia
  78. Possible long term effect of Aspirin overdose?
  79. Post infection fatigue but not tired
  80. Puking everyday in the morning but im not pregnant
  81. Avm
  82. IDK whats goin on??
  83. osteochondroma diagnosed in 2 year old
  84. Hip Replacement
  85. Possible cyst under ear?
  86. Injury in knee
  87. Can I be Anemic as well as have Hemochromatosis?
  88. total hip replacement low grade fever
  89. problem bending pointer finger after having stitches
  90. Anxiety and Smoking Preventing Sleep
  91. HELP! my SALIVA CORTISOL is 522.8 ??????
  92. High bp
  93. Help please!!
  94. Could I have passed a kidney stone?
  95. Ruptured Eardrum?
  96. scar tissue?
  97. Metformin
  98. Child with lump in armpit
  99. Are blood transfusions during childbirth common and is there any risk for the baby?
  100. Hip replacement surgery
  101. Burning Tearing eyes
  102. Fluoride in Water
  103. neck pains persistent one swollen gland and occasional throat pain
  104. Bacterial infection or other respiratory issue?
  105. Stomach pains and severe itching
  106. Skin peeling
  107. Neck Problem
  108. Torn ligaments
  109. Can finestaride interfere with hiv test (australian)?
  110. Should I have surgery?
  111. Celulitis and Edema of Leg
  112. Allergic Shiners
  113. Migraine for a week!
  114. Lumps?
  115. Is this just a pulled muscle, or something else?
  116. Even doctors can't tell me what's wrong. Help, please!
  117. Cloudy Plasma
  118. Pain, pressure, jugular?
  119. pain on left side under ribs
  120. what do I do now?
  121. Gaining?
  122. Is 99 degrees a fever?
  123. Ulnar nerve
  124. herman problem
  125. somethign on the side of my neck
  126. Finally a cure for my tinea versicolor!!
  127. Stomach Virus---Help Please
  128. sleeping problems
  129. My eyes are *****ling
  130. Pancreatitis
  131. How to find out about an old childhood medical issue
  132. Dizziness, Off-balance 24/7..Unable to Drive..HELP!!
  133. Afraid I Have A Tumor
  134. I think i have Vestibular Neuritis.
  135. Can someone help?
  136. anyone got any clue as to what's wrong with me?
  137. Chest Tightness + Stomach Problems + "Girl" Problems... Desperate for Help
  138. What should a mole removal scar look like after 3 and a half months?
  139. Can't stop moving Help
  140. diabetic & low sex feelings
  141. Need help understanding MRI reading
  142. cystoscopy/kidney stent masturbation
  143. Wondering if I should be concerned
  144. What kind of blister is this??
  145. Yellow fluid blister on lower leg
  146. H.pylori
  147. 52 could it be altzhiemers
  148. Pancreas issues--what to eat?
  149. Are fabric softeners toxic?
  150. Pheo and Addisons?
  151. Help
  152. Chronic Head Pain
  153. No doc appointment yet but...
  154. Feltys syndrome
  155. Dr. say to stop taking Osto D2 50,000 IU
  156. what do you do if someone turns blue during a seizure
  157. uncontrollable body twitching
  158. Test Post
  159. Toe Pain
  160. 3 Month old with abdominal pain
  161. Insecure about nose
  162. probiotic
  163. crohns symptoms?
  164. Could my Daughter have Leukemia?
  165. sharp sudden pain in either temple
  166. High Nitrites in Urine
  167. Heart Related
  168. several abscess... what??
  169. Fitness/Stamina help please
  170. VA & Medicare
  171. Tender painful scalp
  172. Tap Water Makes me Sick
  173. Stretchmarks or veins?
  174. Can i get my tonsillectomy in two days if I currently am sick?
  175. Wait time to see a surgeon
  176. How long to get a result back from Mammogram
  177. Pain following Rotator Cuff Surgery
  178. Has anyone ever left their body?
  179. Post Menopausal Bleeding
  180. Undiagnosed Problem. Help?
  181. constant cold and pain in arm and weak hand
  182. Blood clots in legs
  183. Concerns about implanon
  184. leg pain
  185. Hair on mole?
  186. my saline breast implant ruptured
  187. Ankle Fusion: AVN, What to expect
  188. Myelography and LP sedation
  189. Lump in upper abdomen
  190. kidney cramp?
  191. posterior-lumbar-interbody-fusion-plif
  192. Physical LImitations after Additional Spinal Fusions
  193. Loestrin24FE
  194. Test that rule out pancreatic cancer
  195. Newly found thyroid nodule with Hurthle Cells
  196. Post Appendectomy Pain & Gastric Issues
  197. ultrasound and lump on forearm
  198. New dx of COPD
  199. New dx of COPD
  200. frequent cramps or muscle pulls?
  201. What kind of doctor for a ganglion cyst?
  202. Does any one else have these symptoms
  203. Face and head slowly going numb...
  204. Information on wet macular degeneration
  205. SOmebody please answer my question as I'm scared to death
  206. Pressure in my right leg
  207. salad in my urine?
  208. Feeling Like I Have A Fever When I Wake Up
  209. Scary leg pain
  210. Gum headache and nausea
  211. celexa and insomnia
  212. Symptoms of a UTI??
  213. Knot inside my cheek
  214. Hit my head
  215. Bad cut now I cant write.
  216. bp 150/105
  217. Painful bumps along vein in leg while running
  218. 2 1/2 years sick. Can this be anxiety??
  219. Bizarre symptom - Help!!
  220. Lump in intestine/lower left abdomen?
  221. Should i wait or go to A&E?
  222. Unknown infection in the face with weird feeling of coldness
  223. rash
  224. Dont know whats wrong with me!
  225. I CAN'T figure this out!
  226. Random symptons
  227. unusual symptoms
  228. stop breathing as I fall to sleep the day after I drink
  229. weird symptoms
  230. basic question
  231. Need help if "it's just me" or if how I'm feeling is valid.
  232. comminuted calcaneal fracture
  233. Intrathecal. Pain pump catheter problems
  234. Is it IBS ?
  235. Canker Sores
  236. chest pain
  237. HELP! Fibromyalgia??
  238. Help- bad black eye and lump under skin
  239. Crazy bowel and brain, feeling abandoned by doctor...
  240. Cell phones and Tanning beds
  241. Facial Numbness, Swimmy Headed and Headaches
  242. Roof of mouth burning sensation
  243. conflicting probiotic info
  244. Brain Hurts, multiple symptoms, PLEASE HELP
  245. inability to black out from drinking??
  246. Does this sound anything like Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease case in my family?
  247. Bruising from car accident
  248. Symptomatic Diverticular Disease
  249. anyone still uses excedrin after the recall ?
  250. Issues after appendix was removed

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