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  1. need to know
  2. MRI questions
  3. Bitter Taste
  4. High Blood Pressure
  5. Brain-injured friend can't speak for self,Christian Science dad says no treatment
  6. Unintentional weight loss
  7. disconnected, disoriented, have i gone crazy?
  8. One of my toes is dark purple!
  9. I REALLY want to be 6 feet or taller...
  10. how do i get rid of the bumps from writing to hard on my fingers?
  11. White lump in back of throat/mouth
  12. Please help!
  13. Reoccuring crack in lip corners for FIVE YEARS
  14. NEED TO VENT /General
  15. scared
  16. Watery Yellow Nose Drainage
  17. Why is that...
  18. feel sick from not eating
  19. numbness
  20. Help for a Sick Friend
  21. chest pains
  22. urinary tract infection
  23. Sexual problems due to Zoloft
  24. Chest pains when lying down
  25. Getting a tattoo....Safe??
  26. Herpes, fever sore, canker sore, what is it?
  27. Constant Headache
  28. Two health questions, please give advice
  29. Lead in calcium
  30. Question about swollen Lymph in groin
  31. Can incorrect pencil grip cause hand problems in longrun?
  32. Weird ... Feeling, I Guess :(
  33. Wierd feeling
  34. Tail Bone Contusion
  35. Very Sick Friend Needs Matching Cases
  36. NEED Information!! ASAP PLEASE
  37. swollen nose after sleeping?
  38. Ear clogged, but I can take any medicine...What do I do?
  39. Why can't I sleep?
  40. Mono~How did I get this?!
  41. Low temperature?
  42. Leg Pain and Swelling
  43. Sills Disease????
  44. gas pain ?
  45. Have I risked my life?
  46. Phlegm in throat, i'm seriously tired of it, help!
  47. Swollen Knee hard to bend
  48. Supraclavicualr Swelling...I Really Need Some Fresh Ideas
  49. Lower Chest/Abdomen Pains. . ..??
  50. Can't Get Medical Records. Ignored!!!!!!
  51. Tounge is hurting!!
  52. Pregnant...or is it something else?
  53. Clear Fluid, please help!
  54. Bruse?
  55. Help! 6 months of persistant ongoing nausea
  56. Why are my hands and feet suddenly cold all the time?
  57. So Scared!
  58. Canker soar
  59. has anyone ever heard of this?
  60. Stomach Bug
  61. Why am I so itchy???
  62. Cellulitis Causing problems?
  63. Shots
  64. help
  65. Where did my 4-month old granddaughter catch the flu?
  66. pain in my ribs
  67. ear congestan!! anything but sudafed help!!
  68. carotid artery and multiple sclerosis
  69. Swallowing Fish Bones
  70. Why Do I feel like the parent?
  71. Chest Pain
  72. underweight teenagers
  73. Ephedrine. Good? Bad?
  74. bloating
  75. Bactrim side effect or allergy?
  76. I feel all crazy inside (plus other symptoms)
  77. pain in my arm
  78. Shoulder Pain
  79. Effexor
  80. Whey protein
  81. sore throat and much more, help!
  82. Odd
  83. Sore throat.
  84. Cold Hands
  85. Does anybody recognize these symptoms?
  86. The best anti nausea, heartburn otc??
  87. Replacement Of Human Growth Hormone
  88. Hair Problem
  89. Question about Humatrope and Androgel
  90. Need Advice on what to do. Stitches partially open
  91. Post op Leg problems
  92. Weird Cramps
  93. Cant breathe
  94. Selling your plasma--is it safe??
  95. Not getting better...
  96. Family doctor or internist??
  97. I'm worried and i have no clue
  98. Antibiotics for a virus? Cures for nausea? Help :(
  99. Tingling right hand
  100. feeling soggy after shower
  101. ANA test results.
  102. Incident at the family clinic today
  103. dr not sure what it could be
  104. tonsils growing back w bumps around them
  105. Cholesterol Monitors
  106. Question about blood tests
  107. Digestive problem, pneumonia and more! The docs are baffled.
  108. bad throat
  109. Eczema or something else?
  110. I Want My Butt And Boobs Back!
  111. feelin lightheaded
  112. Always feeling tired
  113. Swallowing problems
  114. What is the matter?
  115. Leave the glass in or no?
  116. My Symptoms;Anyone else?
  117. Any ideas?
  118. Chest Pains
  119. feels like falling
  120. Help, severe Stomach pain with no diagnosis.
  121. Xray exposure...helppp!
  122. sharp pain on side of head
  123. A Friend with Leg Pain
  124. can i smoke st. johns wort?
  125. mystery illness (or something!)
  126. Ouch......
  127. pain in left gluteus maximus
  128. OUCH ear ache???
  129. sports therapist...angel of mercy!
  130. AGHD....Does anyone know anything about this?
  131. Blue Toes?
  132. question about medication
  133. Headache related to Altitude?
  134. Any Idea????
  135. hip pain or sciatic???
  136. Why do i shake?
  137. feeling sick
  138. elbow/wrist.... OUCH!
  139. I'm having severe chest pain
  140. Left Jaw Burning when Yawn or Deep Breath??
  141. Please Help
  142. 2 things?
  143. Question about my sister:Swollen Lymph node?
  144. Pain getting worse
  145. Coughing and rash
  146. Wellness assessment
  147. Very painful swelling in my right arm!!!He
  148. white spots on tonsils
  149. Laryngitis
  150. Gastroparesis
  151. Unexplained gradual weight loss
  152. Alternative to Antibiotics
  153. head swollen and painful
  154. Starting another round amox - ? about acidophilus
  155. Pain in the lower-right abdomen
  156. Cipro - HELP!!!
  157. Suprclavicular Intermittent Swelling
  158. Excess fluid in mouth while sleeping
  159. XS fatigue/lightheadedness after exercise?
  160. Blinding Pain
  161. Pain coming from lower abdominal area.
  162. Why do doctors ALWAYS ask this question??
  163. Constant Coughing
  164. Am I the only one?...
  165. gerd and retention of food in stomach
  166. pain in arm, what is it?
  167. always having bad dreams
  168. I grow more facial hair than my boyfriend!! Please HELP!!!
  169. Groin Ultrasound
  170. water in the ear?????
  171. Not really dizziness, but black out like feelings. Light headed
  172. Please Help Stomach Discomfort And Nausea After 1 Drink
  173. Infection.
  174. Mouth Ulcers
  175. Blood test results
  176. Throat Problem! PLEASE HELP
  177. Alcohol consumption
  178. aggrenox vs plavix
  179. Question about Ambien...
  180. withdrawing from hydrocone
  181. X-rays
  182. question about antibiotics and when side effects occur
  183. drunken bed wetting
  184. lostsoul15204 LOST SOUL are you out there?
  185. Dry underarms?
  186. What are we not seeing?
  187. Gall Stone Flush
  188. Soreness/tenderness allover body
  189. head sore
  190. skin disorder
  191. hyperprolactinemia
  192. problems
  193. Hot flashes during bowel movements.. (fainting)
  194. unsure of what's wrong ???
  195. Just wondering..........
  196. greenish - yellow tongue; severe diarrhea
  197. No weight gain
  198. Constant Canker Sores, Why??
  199. somebody please help!
  200. Cervical Discectomy with fusion
  201. clinical trials
  202. Weight Gain Problems
  203. Dialated Pupils
  204. hard to breathe sometimes..what's wrong?
  205. Boils under arms
  206. eye ball down is blue at morning and day long after it...
  207. Getting taller, do i have a change?
  208. Doc doesn't know whats wrong, can anyone help?
  209. Pink Eye & Contacts?
  210. Popping and cracking in sternum & neck?
  211. In pain and at a loss ...so are the docs
  212. AST, ALT, CREAT, Total Protein & RDW levels
  213. Drinking warm water for constipation, general bowle movements???
  214. Breast Cysts
  215. Strange pain...any advice?
  216. Not sure what this is... Anyone know?
  217. What could be the cause of a High White Blood count?
  218. strange feeling in my throat
  219. Swolling Problems After Cervical Surgery
  220. Why is my forehead so big?!!!!
  221. Stomach twitch
  222. Is a temp of 99.5 degrees more or less "normal"
  223. My daughter is miserable & so is the family
  224. please help
  225. Inability to cry
  226. Shall I Drink Glucerna Diabetes Shakes?
  227. Tissue in back of throat
  228. am i gunna die?
  229. muscle wont stop quivering
  230. Viral Infection?
  231. Lifestyle, Lipitor, and possible side effects?
  232. My upcoming oral biopsies (questions)
  233. help for my father re: rectal bleeding
  234. Still Not Sure: Thrush...
  235. found pill
  236. LOoking for good or bad general anitesia experiences?
  237. Escaping from a hospital ?
  238. Can't talk to people
  239. please help...theres blood when I go to the bathroom
  240. Fiberous cyst.....
  241. Can't Stop Coughing, please help
  242. rectal bleeding
  243. Swollen Veins Please Help
  244. White film on my tongue and bumps on the back
  245. Bump On Middle Back Of Tongue...help!
  246. Ear ringing, faintness
  247. Second-hand smoke
  248. Teenage daughter? Dizzy Spells/Fainting...
  249. Advice Please
  250. PARASITE in my leg?! HELP!!

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