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  1. In need of ALL opinions/advice...PLEASE!!
  2. What is this? Sudden painful lump...
  3. Problems to the Head(?) Serious dizziness, light-headed, head-rushes... etc..
  4. Anyone have Sjogrens?
  5. Big ears
  6. svt medication
  7. Why am I having all these infections?!?!?
  8. Anyone been to Cutler Clinics?
  9. Vivarin
  10. Very itchy patch of skin
  11. Foot and leg swelling
  12. Scars
  13. Attn: TAGGER
  14. I feel like crap..any suggestions? Please READ!
  15. Elavil?
  16. sick way too often
  17. testicular lumps
  18. Hand Surgery
  19. Pimples on the......scalp?
  20. Lower back kidney area hurting and constant urination...
  22. tiny ball around jaw bone
  23. wart remedies??
  24. Symptoms of high blood pressure that go away with exercise...
  25. Can you help me?
  26. testicle pain/aches
  27. Hands - Tingle/Numb feeling
  28. OK to reference my website in a posting?
  29. White tounge
  30. Left side of body twitches, aches, tingles, numbs
  31. Weight gain.
  32. Magnaplasum
  33. Problem with my ears......any audiologist experts out there?
  34. Will I ever heal?!?!?!
  35. cough
  36. Tonsil Stones
  37. Horrible dry cough
  38. Very odd lumps in back of neck
  39. arg.. feet problems
  40. lower pains in back
  41. Trapped in a parallel universe?
  42. please help....
  43. Anyone use a neti pot for nasal irrigation?
  44. Does anyone have an answer to this question?
  45. urine odor
  46. strange symptoms??
  47. low white cell count, high hemoglobin
  48. Strange Smell
  49. Chest Pains
  50. Swollen Lymph Node
  51. Reducing Pores
  52. Diet Coke VS. Coke
  53. Need some help, symptoms are...
  54. Marriage and arguments
  55. My boyfriend cheated!
  56. I'm VERY scared. PLEASE talk to me!
  57. worried
  58. Ate alot of vegies yesterday.
  59. Tiny red spots on legs???
  60. joint pain
  61. AST/ALT mildly elevated
  62. Is there something going around??
  63. Help blood in urine?
  64. Armpit problem that's going for far too long
  65. belly button piercing scars
  66. Too Many Bloody Noses help?
  68. New to to This
  69. Seething over past (and very old) events...
  70. Mind laps
  71. "Episodes"
  72. Im Addicted!
  73. How do I add a signature to my profile ?
  74. Tonsil Stones
  75. canker sore with swollen upper lip
  76. Pill Identification....
  77. The All Clear
  78. Underarm odor?
  79. Weight Watchers
  80. Ambein
  81. Pitting Edema
  82. Odor...
  83. post nasal drip and chest prob
  84. I failed my hair test
  85. Leg temporarily paralyzed?
  86. neck twitching
  87. leg pains
  88. persistant painfull tennis elbow
  89. need girl input
  90. girl trouble
  91. Cysts, and styes?
  92. How many carbs should you take in a day?
  93. Mind never seems to work
  94. body hair
  95. Food (Digestive) Enzymes
  96. Advice on Birth Control
  97. Which major topic do you list this?
  98. whos skinny here? i bet im skinnier than all of you :(
  99. Carb question....
  100. chest pain
  101. re-occuring job related nightmare
  102. Sick, doctors unsure of causes...
  103. testicullar irritation HELP
  104. In need of advice
  105. Stomach pains causing confusion....
  106. I Need Help For my 6 yo Nephew?
  107. Face Cream for Dry Skin
  108. Tingling and Numbness
  109. Bump/Scab on neck that causes dull pain, bleeds and won't go away
  110. What does this sound like to you?
  111. Work hours/breaks
  112. Bumps in my mouth!!!
  113. yellow whites in eyes
  114. Coffee & Colestarol
  115. Quick question..
  116. Tattoo Removal.. Please Anyone
  117. ultram
  118. numb/painful cold hands
  119. Adhesive Capulitis
  120. Colour Blindness
  121. I feel like a worthless bump on a toad
  122. Undereyse
  123. bleeding
  124. Please I don't know what is wrong with my dad!!
  125. tonsil stones
  127. Unknown Pain
  128. Re: Pregnancy
  129. How long should I be on Coumadin?
  130. Any Nasty Trazadone Side Effects
  131. Maybe this is just silly but...
  132. swollen lymph nodes
  133. purple, splotchy legs...??
  134. Shy-Dragger Syndrome
  135. Little help please...
  136. Heavy bleeding in early pergnancy!!?!??!?!??!?!?!
  137. I don't know what's wrong with me
  138. Ringworm
  139. spotting during 1st trimester pregnancy
  140. pins & needles feeling all over my body
  141. patellofemoral syndrome
  142. DR won't tell me diagnosis
  143. What a mess - need advice badly!
  144. I need help
  145. Help! Abnormal Back Problem
  146. Knee arthroscopy not successful?
  147. A guy with hot flashes?
  148. Thank you, Everyone!!!!
  149. Worried for my mo,
  150. A girl I like but I dunno if she likes me.
  151. Weaning off Paxil, is my doctor correct?
  152. windsor pillates
  153. Can anyone tell what this is??Please
  154. my dad
  155. help me!
  156. Chronic Pancreatitis/ Immune Diffecency???
  157. Kind of heah aches
  158. 6 days be4 ovulation??? PLZ H ELP!
  159. black outs
  160. body shocks (lexapro)
  161. Infected Ear Peircings
  162. I cant believe it took me 25 years to find this AWESOME site
  163. Do these UTI symptoms sound familiar?
  164. Freezing warts...
  165. Bumps on each of my legs
  166. pettymal seizers
  167. i hate my nose
  168. Pro-Active? (Acne stuff)
  169. Sweat!!!
  170. Ankle injury
  171. tvt and cystocele repair and pain
  172. Mercury
  173. 76 year old/fractured hip
  174. Deep Vein Thrombosis
  175. Anyone else have this prob?
  176. Lymph Nodes
  177. ear candling??
  179. urinary track infection
  180. One stinky armpit!
  181. Lump in the groin
  182. pimples on arms
  183. Need a quick answer...
  184. Hair
  186. Banking blood for surgery
  187. help! chest pain, worse with breathing
  188. "Popping" sternum
  189. Fresh Start BUT have a big problem
  190. irregular heart beats
  191. Neck crunches when I move it...
  192. belly button scars
  193. Toddler Surgery???
  194. twitching and fleas?
  195. Sex Problem
  196. Help me, please!
  197. Nausea
  198. Opionions on broken neck treatment
  199. My dad needs help, calf muscles wasting away!!
  200. Anyone know about EEG's?
  201. muscle twitching and pins and needles feelings lately
  202. strange symptoms, Mold?
  203. Neck Problem
  204. warts on fingers?
  205. constant pain
  206. rapid pulse rate
  207. my freind wants to know?
  208. Lichen Planus - Help!
  209. pressure on sternum, increased w/deep breaths?
  210. A reoccuring problem!!!
  211. Little blackouts? Help!
  212. back, neck and head pain
  213. Bad Circulation Or Something??
  214. dizziness
  215. heart probs
  216. Do locations of headaches signify problems?
  217. Trouble Breathing. Need advice.
  218. Dramamine Abuse
  219. Writing letter to doctor...do they actually answer?
  220. Smooth patches on Tongue
  221. Foot calluses hurt when I exercise - help!
  222. Why can't I wear contact lenses, eyes too sensitive, any help would be appreciated!!
  223. my fiance a carrier of molluscum?
  224. Can anyone help answer this?
  225. Dry eyes, nose, & mouth...what's happening???
  226. Afraid of being fired PLEASE READ THIS ONE INSTEAD OF THE LAST
  227. I am afraid I am going to be fired, very scared
  228. bump on my face... is it a tumor?
  229. coffee allergies
  230. low white cell, high hemoglobin
  231. Very Painful Head Rushes
  232. Sudden pain in big toe
  233. Pit cyst and fractionated radiation
  234. Bad breath has altered my personality
  235. Deodorant suddenly stopped working
  236. Drug Test......MAJOR PROBLEM
  237. weird mark on leg
  238. Swollen Upper Lip
  239. Can you help me diagnose my mom?
  240. not sure where to post this
  241. painful legs
  243. Tonsil Stones
  244. out of patience
  245. Strange lumps above ears
  246. Ear Infection...again
  247. Bad abdominal pains, and trouble breathing??
  248. Breathing problems...can you have apnea when you are awake?
  249. Just curious, Vagal Tone?
  250. this is really embarrassing

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