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  1. Knee pain when bending leg and constant pinching sensation in upper thigh - DVT?
  2. Chubby Face
  3. what can this be/?
  4. Bleeding in bladder due to tissue damage from radiation..?
  5. Horrible cough for two months - nothing works.
  6. Diastolic Blood Pressure
  7. Possible Meningitis?
  8. Burning,Stinging, Itchy Skin under cast. Please help!
  9. difficulties breathing.
  10. Wierd headache???
  11. I see almost black and my head becomes warm.
  12. Left rib pain difficult to breathe
  13. Pain
  14. anybody ever heard of dna fragmentation?
  15. Bald spot in mustache...Help me out?
  16. Trick to NOT Get Nausiated for Prep of Colonoscopy
  17. Girlfriend has been vomiting for 7 days - HELP?!?
  18. Help, psychological.
  19. Pulsating headache
  20. Need Advice
  21. Ovarian Cyst
  22. weird bump and im super scared
  23. Questions about a doctor
  24. Stepedectomy with bad results. can it be redone?
  25. Small Bump Above Adams Apple :/
  26. Can feel my intestines with my hand?!
  27. Sore Throat, Jaw Popping, Headaches...
  28. Constant sore throat for almost 3 weeks
  29. Sudden stretch marks and petechiae on hips
  30. Armpit smell reminds of cat pee
  31. Codeine addiction
  32. MS side effects (Hair Loss/Impotence), Stem Cell Treatment?
  33. Facial redness
  34. Neutrogena face cream.
  35. My left arm pain Miss Heart beats
  36. Does this sound like inhaling mercury vapor? And can it result in a prion disease?
  37. Rotten Tooth! Help!
  38. Mystery Symptoms
  39. Severe pain in abdomen on right side- Please help!
  40. Sinus issue or something else?
  41. Palmer Erythema
  42. My legs turned purple...
  43. Chest/Heart Pain, shortness of breath and labored breathing
  44. Pressure in side of nose & under eyes when head down
  45. Number of Oncologist Worldwide
  46. Lumps in neck
  47. Weird bites
  48. Cluster Heasaches
  49. Type 2 diabetes
  50. Rashes and strange, hard lumps...?
  51. Stickler Syndrome.
  52. leg pains
  53. what will happen if a diabetic teen passes out at a dr's office
  54. Dizziness, Fainting, Muscle Spasms
  55. Between a calf muscle pull or something more?
  56. Can anyone help? Knee pain
  57. Migranes after masturbation
  58. Help with bumps on arms and stomach.
  59. Question about Vaginal Smells.....
  60. welness physical!!!??
  61. Lumps on my neck
  62. recently prescribed testosterone....
  63. Possible undiagnosed conditions based on this list of symptoms/problems?
  64. Pregnancy and liver disease
  65. Liver Disease-Cirrhosis
  66. Post Hysterectomy
  67. Over heat,headache,pressure in head,little to start that
  68. Restrictive Lungs
  69. My files
  70. bitter taste after pregnancy
  71. Chest/shoulder pains
  72. want to ask doctor a personal question
  73. Something's not right. A lot of things aren't right
  74. I need answers...
  75. help me with my health.....
  76. Help with colon problems causing panic attacks!!
  77. Something has got to give!!!
  78. mouth bumps on both sides of my tongue and a bump on the bottom of my mouth
  79. Severe leg pain when sitting and laying down Walking relieves pain
  80. i have an increased ESR
  81. Is it possible?
  82. Mouth Full of Blood
  83. plz help me friends
  84. drug experimenting: heart palpitations
  85. Mystery Acne...
  86. Paget's Disease
  87. Positve ANA blood test
  88. Please help me sort this out.....
  89. ribs
  90. Why am I ALWAYS tired and cold
  91. Fiance and I wake up with Sore Throat and Chest Pains.
  92. I Honestly Don't Know How to Say This...
  93. upper left abdominal pain
  94. Foot issue.
  95. Stress and illness caused by a relationship break up.
  96. Avascular Necrosis of the Sesamoid, newly diagnosed.
  97. Please help?
  98. Twitching, bending, shaking, and lock up hands?
  99. Lumps
  100. Peripheral artery disease
  101. poragt
  102. someone please HELP
  103. Rolled into ribs -what did I do??
  104. not sure whats going on
  105. Oesophagus discomfort
  106. Staph infection help
  107. seeking advice for supporting those with eating disorders, urges to self-injure...
  108. Why have I lost weight?
  109. Calcaneal Osteotomy 39 Days post op-water therapy
  110. Feel awful after a day of heavy sweating
  111. Appendicits? Gallblader? Any input please, thank you.
  112. Neurological Problems???
  113. Vestibular neuronitis
  114. Pins and needles feeling :S
  115. Teenage Wrinkles Advice
  116. Some Advice Needed
  117. hidradenitis suppurativa
  118. Eye Dr
  119. Can I eat Ginsing root
  120. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)
  121. Something is interfering wth my work!
  122. pbc help
  123. Problems drinking alcohol after pill overdose
  124. metal work in arm ...need to know if i should be worried
  125. Tension Headaches in DD12...
  126. Almost blacking out, memory loss
  127. what happen to my breast?
  128. Unusual complete loss of appetite.
  129. Virology or Immunology results....please Help
  130. Temporal Arteritis
  131. Certainly Vitamin D Deficiency can't explain all these symptoms...
  132. White Painful Taste Bud Solution Remedy
  133. Lab results - please review and comment!!
  134. Bruised scalp
  135. What do I have???
  136. Seizures and Concussions
  137. Can an empolyer check my job application with it's insurance company?
  138. Leg hurt below the knee
  139. How do I find out if I have CFS/ME or Candida yeast problem or some other ailment?
  140. What sets off an episode?
  141. Fever and chills w/ no other symptoms
  142. Can AC flicker have any effect?
  143. lightheadedness
  144. Meibomitis questions, soo confused :(
  145. Strange Arm Problems
  146. Navel?
  147. kidney infection antibiotics not working!
  148. Very weird Mouth/speaking problem...
  149. Headaches in one spot. Off and on but for a month?
  150. Tongue problems.
  151. Stabbing pain above the large intestines
  152. Diabetes or eye problem ?
  153. Arm Pain and Menopause
  154. Transient Polycythemia
  155. Pain one year after navicular bone healed?
  156. What's the truth: All foods cause Cancer? if so, Drs don't tell us?
  157. Help
  158. ligament injury swelling presists
  159. Is it really heartburn or something else?
  160. What do I do?
  161. My wound after ankle surgery opened up when the staples were removed
  162. Nerve damage from fused back L2-S1
  163. How Online CPR is helpful?
  164. Muscles!
  165. Small OD
  166. palpitations chest pain ruining my life.
  167. wanting help
  168. clostridium
  169. Hypoxia
  170. Vasovagal... lingering symptoms
  171. brain trauma, headaches and hunger
  172. Problem with my hand.
  173. Need help
  174. Confused and looking for advice...
  175. Hi, can you please help?
  176. broken ankle
  177. why oh why
  178. mri in lamens terms please help!!
  179. Rsd
  180. I have the EXACT same symptoms as this guy...
  181. Diagnosis help, possible hernia?
  182. methadone
  183. Pain Below right rib, hurts more when I bend over.
  184. Nervous
  185. congested nose
  186. Shoulder Bursitis
  187. Weird pinching
  188. Help I don't know what's wrong
  189. CT Machines can they affect your health?
  190. Tingling and Soreness in Both Hands in AM
  191. Something Wrong With My Stomach
  192. My Leg Is Hurting
  193. Bump In Leg
  194. help with Belly Button pain
  195. Can't raise left arm up
  196. Has anyone had severe neck pain with painful swallowing?
  197. badly need help
  198. help required please
  199. Someone please help...
  200. how to raise the white cell count?
  201. Upper Middle Abdominal Pain
  202. "swooshing" noise, right ear
  203. Dopamine surge while laying down to sleep. Possible?
  204. Is this a symptom of Idiopathic insomnia or not?
  205. Help with father that I think is denying problems
  206. Can I go on roller coasters with mono?
  207. Dry, saggy skin under eyes after allergy
  208. dry, soggy skin under eyes after allergy
  209. Lack of energy
  210. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  211. Acai Blast Juice
  212. When it's family
  213. Opinions on Health, Diet and Exercise.
  214. Adult circumcision
  215. inability to get drunk??
  216. Xanax and Nuvigal
  217. EGD with bx, is it considered a procedure or surgery?
  218. Warifin/bp diastolic in 50's/get fatigued easily
  219. sleep deprived and anxiety-disorder
  220. Outgrowth(?) under butt
  221. Nose plugs when i lay down on side.
  222. Back head swelling
  223. Neck injury (?)
  224. Question about hearing loss after wisdom tooth extraction
  225. Painful Wierd Pattern
  226. CALCIUM intake
  227. Abdominal Pain
  228. Pressure in head
  229. Bad Eye
  230. pituitary tumor
  231. headaches~help
  232. Can someone please help?
  233. Scared out of my mind!!! Please help ASAP
  234. Symptoms: Dull lower back ache, nausea, bloating, feeling of fullness/forced burps..?
  235. Messed up anitbiotic doses
  236. Crazy symptoms & no diagnosis yet
  237. Advice Needed
  238. Pain wrapping around left side of chest
  239. Pain in my side
  240. Forgetting names, words, ets
  241. What is causing this groin pain/Femeral Artery Pain
  242. Head and scalp question
  243. blood in urine
  244. Swelling Around Finger
  245. Im really confused about symptoms
  246. Locking/child proof pill organizers
  247. Pilonidal Cyst - Wont stop bleeding
  248. Eyes problem
  249. Night sweats for 3 weeks
  250. Got hit by a waterbaloon on left ear now i cant hear properly

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