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  1. Nose plugs when i lay down on side.
  2. Back head swelling
  3. Neck injury (?)
  4. Question about hearing loss after wisdom tooth extraction
  5. Painful Wierd Pattern
  6. CALCIUM intake
  7. Abdominal Pain
  8. Pressure in head
  9. Bad Eye
  10. pituitary tumor
  11. headaches~help
  12. Can someone please help?
  13. Scared out of my mind!!! Please help ASAP
  14. Symptoms: Dull lower back ache, nausea, bloating, feeling of fullness/forced burps..?
  15. Messed up anitbiotic doses
  16. Crazy symptoms & no diagnosis yet
  17. Advice Needed
  18. Pain wrapping around left side of chest
  19. Pain in my side
  20. Forgetting names, words, ets
  21. What is causing this groin pain/Femeral Artery Pain
  22. Head and scalp question
  23. blood in urine
  24. Swelling Around Finger
  25. Im really confused about symptoms
  26. Locking/child proof pill organizers
  27. Pilonidal Cyst - Wont stop bleeding
  28. Eyes problem
  29. Night sweats for 3 weeks
  30. Got hit by a waterbaloon on left ear now i cant hear properly
  31. Side cramps
  32. Ribs
  33. Night time only swelling that comes and goes
  34. More natural less intrusive pain relief
  35. Advice needed
  36. I'm having posture and breathing problems
  37. a huge cyst probably on my chest
  38. confused
  39. lumps, bumps under skin all over my body
  40. weight loss, alopecia areata, etc
  41. Pains and bacteria.
  42. Heavy period after taking Hydroxycut
  43. I put pressure about 2 inches above my head and now I have a headache
  44. Bones sticking out of the back of my hand.
  45. age 19 R.Hand problem
  46. Was it a seizure or did I pass out?
  47. Please someone tell me what i have???
  48. Prolly posting in the wrong place, but I'm a little frightened...
  49. DtaP shots question
  50. explanation for delayed muscle pain?
  51. getting off those meds!
  52. Left Thyroid Surgery
  53. Sprained ankle
  54. Chronic rhinitis allergies
  55. Anyone with family members who haveMyelodysplastic Syndrome
  56. Piles? causing a lot of issues
  57. Back pain / Bad Joints.
  58. Knee Pain/Popping
  59. Measles
  60. Body feels like it's overheating
  61. Stapedectomy recomendations for Doctor in Houston TX
  62. can anyone help me?
  63. Thyroid levels
  64. Questions about test results...
  65. Strattera and alcohol
  66. Interstitial cystitis diagnosis
  67. Can anyone help me with specifics of how to massage my scar after a partial thryoidec
  68. hyperthyroid
  69. Where to buy a non-AntiPerspirant deodorant?
  70. Recent skin & hair problems?
  71. Procrastination
  72. Impetigo vs. Herpes
  73. don't know what's wrong with me
  74. Doctor recommendations in Pittsburgh, PA
  75. abnormal pap??
  76. Severe fatigue, malaise, headache, vertigo, muscle pain.
  77. What do these numbers mean!? FREAKING OUT!
  78. Genital Herpes
  79. Tramadol 37.5 is not working
  80. Big veins/weight loss
  81. 15 year old hits head
  82. colonoscopy
  83. Human Growth Hormone
  84. breech baby problem in pregnancy
  85. Unexplained Constant Hunger
  86. Unexplained calf pain and swelling
  87. Tingle in my face yet no one knows!
  88. Fatigued, bruising, joint pain
  89. Sensations/minor pain to left of public area
  90. Severe Stomach pain
  91. peripheral neuropathy?
  92. Darker Eye Vision From My Left Eye
  93. toothpaste
  94. Random numbness
  95. need help
  96. cause for concern?
  97. This story needs to be heard
  98. Sudden Increase in TSH level
  99. Hello!
  100. cherokee32034
  101. question about stomach muscle pain and changes
  102. Skin problems and mucus build up.
  103. Ankle Ligament Surgery
  104. I regularily sleep 5-6 hours a day, will I have a short lifespan?
  105. excessive sweating help
  106. Hello
  107. Question about Throats
  108. What should i do to become a normal healthy man?
  109. Slammed Fingernail..
  110. Since Caffeine in headache medicine helps you absorb it faster, will soda do the same
  111. Subacute cutaneous lupus...new and scared
  112. Extremely high CRP level
  113. Sebaceous cyst removal..NEED HELP
  114. Sebaceous cyst removal..NEED HELP
  115. Possible athletes foot followed by small water blisters
  116. tennis elbow aka Lateral epicondylitis
  117. Hypotrhyroidism, Levothroid & Athletic Performance
  118. What are some possible diseases my grandpa could have?
  119. Mild testicular pain
  120. Itchy small rash on each side of hips
  121. "Twang" in Neck/Back of Head
  122. Why people with not a good personality allowed to be DRs?
  123. Right hip towards the back
  124. Oxycodone / Antibiotics interactions
  125. broken wrist and swelling after cast removal
  126. knee buckes following hip resurfacing
  127. Need info electric shock aftercare
  128. here I am, right rib pain
  129. ongoing thyroid issues..
  130. Peripheral Artery Disease - help with foot/toe pain?
  131. What is wrong with my 14 yr old daughter?
  132. Am I looking at this wrong?
  133. Please help me
  134. Pots Syndrome - Need help with a doctor referral
  135. Mild black eyes, headaches, vision impairment...
  136. liver and kidney ache after drink ?
  137. Hypochondriac and i need help
  138. Please, Please Help Me
  139. Random temporal anosmia, very weird
  140. bumps
  141. Swollen fingers and red lines on the edges
  142. What happened to me???
  143. What's the deal with Aspartame?
  144. Respiratory
  145. Water diet
  146. alcohol and enzymes
  147. Weight Lose tips,..
  148. Blue spots
  149. What's wrong with me?
  150. Lightheaded During Yoga
  151. Methylprednisolone & Alcohol
  152. Multiple health issues
  153. Pain on left side of brain.
  154. Pain
  155. Could use some advice...
  156. Weening off Pristiq
  157. poison ivy
  158. Pulses
  159. Fatty Stool/Mucus 21 Weeks Pregnant
  160. Testicular Pain. :(
  161. uterine fibroid
  162. Help with weaning off clonazepam...please
  163. Hot flashes and Dizzy Spell
  164. Does anyone know anything about asthma?
  165. Cysts on ovary, in breasts,spleen and kidney
  166. More changes...need reassurance
  167. HELP having trouble breathing
  168. Shortness of breath
  169. would antibiotics make you sleep all the time and not eat
  170. Male hormone treatment
  171. Food
  172. What does this sound like?(wasnt sure where to put it)
  173. Need help understanding TSH
  174. looking for advice..not sure if I should go to the doctor
  175. Help
  176. How do i stop Dry Heaving?
  177. Elevated White Blood Cells - How Bad is It?
  178. Pulmonary Hypertension
  179. Roof of Mouth Hurts!
  180. nightsweats, dizzininess and MUCH more! please help!
  181. neck pain
  182. Awkward health concern with new girlfriend?
  183. Broken Jaw no treatment for a month????
  184. back pain
  185. Heart Rate When Sick
  186. tongue/throat
  187. swelling not going away
  188. CFS or possible tumor in HPA axis?
  189. How Much Water
  190. Pain and discomfort 3 inches below left breast male
  191. painful breast lump, male
  192. Gastric pain below shoulders, nausea, head spinning, stomach upset, c5 c6 protrusion
  193. Is there anything wrong with me?
  194. Weird feeling like im about to have a seizure
  195. Blurred Vision, elevated heart rates!
  196. when to take meds. & supplements
  197. Help, its annoying
  198. Rapid gain of neck fat with almost no weight gain?
  199. Brain fog, tingling, jaw and neck pain
  200. Seizures
  201. cortozone shot for tendonitis
  202. 59 years of Dehydration
  203. Myelodysplastic syndrome mds‏
  204. Please help with Info if you may have it.
  205. Drop in pulse ox upon exertion
  206. Need Help
  207. Bad Doctor
  208. Having problems breathing. Can't finish my yawn!
  209. Sign of cancer?
  210. need help to diagnose my condition
  211. Eating fruits..
  212. somebody please figure out what is wrong with me!
  213. 24yrs with pulmonary hypertension????? is this bad?
  214. seasonal affective disorder
  215. surgery question
  216. childs eye problem
  217. Nausea HELP please
  218. seizure cause heart failure?
  219. reddness inside belly button
  220. Wound Vac
  221. weird pigmentation?
  222. burning,swollen finger tips
  223. concussion question. help. please.
  224. Stitches then scars then self-esteem
  225. Left side of face is numb
  226. problems with my dad and drinking too much (choking and shakes)
  227. Concerned
  228. pain
  229. Gagging when eating.
  230. Blown Pupil / Back Tingles
  231. never ending hallux pain
  232. butt pain and lesion
  233. Confused :s
  234. daughter vomits almost every weeknd when shes away from home
  235. Urgent! Possible Cyanide Poisoning
  236. tongue disorders!! HELp
  237. A pain in the upper back part of body. plz help....
  238. Completely Drained after one glass of wine
  239. Life after a broken knee cap??? Please HELP!
  240. MRSA vs Cellulitis
  241. Prepartum Anxiety & Medication
  242. Pain in foot/leg from groin region after masturbating.
  243. chills for 4-5 days and a fever if you coming down with something ?
  244. Migranes/headaches leading to numbness?
  245. what is a difference between the osteopath dr. and a chiropractor ?
  246. 4 Years of Follow ups with surgeon
  247. hand and wrist
  248. What is my skin, hair and nails telling me!!!
  249. Serious Concern
  250. Syncope? Psychologist? what?

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