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  1. BPD and Lithium
  2. Borderline personality stuff.
  3. Is Derealization causing this?
  4. Compulsive talking to self
  5. Recently diagnosed with a personality disorder, any tips on how to cope?
  6. I don't feel real - and other things
  7. Kinda emotionless ...
  8. am i too stupid for ppl
  9. Emotional Issue
  10. Emotionally connected?
  11. Childhood TBI & episodic mood disorder
  12. D.I.D. and ME!!!!!
  13. Meds and BPD
  14. What exactly is dissociation?
  15. hi
  16. Could I have BPD?
  17. Which medication is good for me? What's wrong with me?
  18. obsessive... please help
  19. Don't know what to do
  20. Am I feeling too emotional sensitive or is it others making me feel worthless?
  21. Im scared I have BPD... please help
  22. Borderline Personality Disorder. Can anyone else relate?
  23. Advice needed: Schizotypal relationship issues
  24. Please help diagnose me.
  25. Something is seriously wrong in my head
  26. New here Looking for friends and support
  27. Can BPD symptoms change or shift over time?
  28. Unusual tendencies... diagnosis, please?
  29. Is there something wrong?? HELP?
  30. Question- BPD
  31. Could I have a personality disorder, or could it just be Asperger's turned evil?
  32. help!!
  33. What is wrong with me?
  34. lack of empathy
  35. Borderline Personality Disorder. Can anyone else relate?
  36. I don't know where to post this...
  37. So I have derealization/depersonalization..
  38. Are racing thoughts a side effect of borderline personality disorder??
  39. paranoia
  40. Am I Crazy? Why I am so mean to my kids?
  41. personality disorder
  42. really confused HELP
  43. Where should I post? Where do I belong?
  44. BPD and crippling social fear
  45. BPD, completely ruining my life and friendships
  46. Habit of repeating things
  47. Please help me: Am I a sociopath?
  48. Help. What type of personality disorder do you think I have?
  49. Does BPD really have to be a life sentence?
  50. Avoidant Peronsality Disorder?
  51. BPD and suffering infinitely
  52. personality disorder and bipolar inter related?
  53. Histrionic disorder...
  54. Would like to know anyones opinions... :)
  55. Question
  56. Bpd?
  57. Letter from a Narcissist
  58. Unfair
  59. I have some sociopathic tendencies.
  60. I'm slow at work... how do I make a living?
  61. I'm lonely because I'm so easily triggered
  62. my childhood was horrible and because of that I got split personality.
  63. I feel trapped by my dysfunctional mind
  64. new/old relationship advice?
  65. This frustrating situation is turning desperate.
  66. feeling rejected for no reason
  67. Depression vs personality disorder
  68. What Personality Disorder do I have?
  69. Two Minds one body? Advice please!
  70. I may have BPD ...should I end my relationship?
  71. does this sound like pd?
  72. Does this sound like BPD (or some other personality disorder)?
  73. Ocd or bpd?
  74. I think I have some sort of personality disorder?
  75. borderline personality disorder
  76. How Can I Stop Cycling Thoughts??
  77. How do BPD deal with being left out?
  78. This may sound hypocritical, but...
  79. what does this mean ??
  80. Difference between BPD and DID?
  81. BPD - How to silence the voices??
  82. So Gents
  83. BPD? I need to know for sure.
  84. I am hiding and don't know how to exit my shell
  85. question
  86. Borderline Personality Disorder
  87. Does anyone w/BPD experience the following?..
  88. sociopath
  89. I think I may have BPD???
  90. Possible BPD? Please help
  91. Am I BPD or Bipolar I and does it matter?
  92. Dependant personality disorder
  93. why am i antisocial
  94. Personality Disorders ?
  95. Is this a personality disorder or just selfishness?
  96. talking himself and laughing
  97. BPD Treatment DBT?
  98. Am i a sociopath
  99. I'm angry all the time.
  100. Depression and / or BPD?
  101. borderline personality disorder- confused
  102. borderline? I need help please
  103. Narcissists: two questions on the post fall-out phase
  104. Stillinlove asking for BPD-Smart Bloggers' Adviice!!
  105. Avoidant Personality Disorder
  106. My C-PTSD And BPD Are Killing My Relatioship
  107. I think I'm Borderline -Sad and confused
  108. lies
  109. "Messed Up" doesn't even describe it
  110. Introduction
  111. BPD woman, cant stop cheating
  112. BPD And Me ...
  113. sociopathy
  114. What to do for the Holidays??
  115. Narcissistic Personality Disorder
  116. Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD)
  117. my medications have destroyed my imagination and motivation
  118. frustated
  119. why am i becoming so mean
  120. Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder-PLEASE HELP
  121. Stress..
  122. Im diagnosed with boder line personality but I think its much worse!
  123. just getting worse
  124. Borderline, but I think I'm normal.
  125. Never learned to accept "NO"
  126. Trying to figure out if I have BPD
  127. Does this sound like a personality disorder?
  128. Borderline Personality Disorder
  129. histrionic personality disorder?
  130. My interesting life
  131. Possible Avoidant Personality Disorder?
  132. Double Life
  133. Two Minds one body? Advice
  134. Serotonin Discontinuation Syndrome
  135. I don't understand myself.
  136. starflyer is back
  137. Is This Right or Wrong?
  138. Depersonalization Disorder
  139. For anyone who thinks they may have or someone else has a personality disorder.
  140. angry and hyper
  141. help?
  142. Borderline personality disorder
  143. medication ineffective for borderline?
  144. Things I Can Do To Keep Busy???
  145. Can anyone please say something calming...
  146. Borderline in every sense...
  147. what's going on here?
  148. Expressing How I feel...
  149. Its like theres 2 people in my head
  150. Tough Stuff for a teenager like me
  151. Does anyone have DID that can understand
  152. always angry
  153. Histrionic PD, NOS, or something else?
  154. Is there any medication for APD
  155. Who am I? anyone feel like this?
  156. No Emotion
  157. i would realy really appreciate it if someone took the time out to actually read this
  158. been to hell and back
  159. The Relationship Between Borderline Personality Disorder and Split Personalities?
  160. i am always tired, angry, and irritated
  161. Dependent Personality Disorder -Please help me!
  162. Managing instability with borderline personality disorder
  163. is it possible to be semi-sociopathic?
  164. BPD & Break-up.... Please Help!!
  165. Evil Genes
  166. New to Borderline Personality Disorder
  167. Anyone ever challenged their Dr's or shrink over diagnosis of BPD?
  168. not been in a good way
  169. 20 Years of Blame....
  170. borderline - no thanks
  171. Pervasive Developmental Disorder-NOS diagnosis at 16
  172. Increasing ideations & Feeling very flat and quite unstable at present
  173. question?
  174. has ANYONE found relief with meds
  175. I often feel tired and lack motivation to do anything. What's wrong with me?
  176. The Borderline-Narcissistic-Antisocial Combination
  177. Does anyone here have D.I.D.
  178. Am I BPD? :(
  179. Borderline Personality Disorder
  180. New to the group - I just got diagnosed with BPD
  181. Is there a cure for BPD?
  182. Obsessive disorder
  183. i think i have SERIOUS social issues
  184. Is borderline personality disorder inheritable?
  185. Paranoid Personality Disorder
  186. so antisocial it makes me nauseous...?
  187. nervous scared lonely
  188. Reminder: This is not a chat room, stay on topic.
  189. why do i feel like the looser?
  190. need help with meds
  191. why call it a p disorder
  192. psychiatry
  193. living with pd
  194. Is this typical PD
  195. i just cant do this anymore with pd
  196. How do you deal with the guilt?
  197. concern for 18 yo stepdaughter with possible PD
  198. Addictive personality? Very lost right now.
  199. can anyone help me?
  200. why am i antisocial?
  201. depersonalization disorder
  202. I work full time, and on my days off I'm super depressed. What's wrong with me?
  203. I think I have a BPD
  204. When times get tough...the BPD is back with a vengeance
  205. Arguments
  206. BAD LUCK...truth or does it just seem that way? (Houston...??)
  207. Information on Schizoid P.D. PLEASE!!!
  208. im confused?
  209. May Is Borderline Personality Awareness Month
  210. Being a BP in a relationship
  211. anger probelm
  212. Any suggestions?
  213. I am in trouble now..very scared.
  214. Weird Dreams
  215. am i doomed for life???
  216. Pri Lily, Can I get some advice
  217. Boderline Personalitity Disorder
  218. What is this?
  219. If somebody relates to this? I don't know what I have.
  220. Pressure to stay here!!
  221. Tooooooo Much
  222. wrong emotions
  223. Being Borderline is so frustrating!!!
  224. Bad couple of bpd days I guess
  225. Cannot seem to handle my career anymore
  226. I am ready for nursing home
  227. Cooperating with a smile? Flight Commander, are you there?
  228. Borderline Personality Disorder
  229. lexpro & wellbutrin sr
  230. I Don't Know What's Wrong With Me
  231. Just been diagnosed!
  232. I am not sure what is wrong with me.
  233. More Than Depression... Is It BPD???
  234. Medication troubles
  235. I think I "outgrew" borderline personality disorder!
  236. Just joined today.
  237. Skitzo
  238. Do I possibly have BPD?
  239. Houston and all...my life
  240. Dual Personality
  241. what is wrong with this person
  242. Dx w/bipolarII for insurance purposes when the true diagnosis is really BPD?
  243. Is this BPD, is there hope?
  244. idk
  245. A new beginning
  246. New name for Borderline Personality Disorder
  247. Feeling Inferior, lack in confindence ?
  248. Help me help her (SUPER long, but i need advice)
  249. Does anyone else have MPD?
  250. I'm back and I'm okay sort of