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  1. Nail Discoloration
  2. Red lines
  3. Nail separating
  4. Light Brown Vertical Line on Index finger of left hand and both thumbs
  5. brown/black spots/lines on/around fingernails
  6. Toenail growing back thick after removal
  7. Will my nail ever grow back?
  8. Toenail Issue - Keeps Returning
  9. White, horizontal line across nail?
  10. Blood under finger nail, need advice.
  11. Damaged Fingernail
  12. Black spot on toe nail
  13. Daughter in Law
  14. Nails detach from beds whenever I use nailpolish :(
  15. Could it be a melanoma?
  16. nail beds
  17. black cuticle streak on right finger
  18. Single nail problem?!?!
  19. messed up thumbnails - help!!
  20. Onycholysis
  21. I have no nails
  22. Nail problem
  23. Is this Melanoma
  24. Nail ripped backwards and is stuck on my cuticle
  25. Nail keeps growing back partly detatched
  26. fingernails curving downward from typing
  27. toenail fungus treatment
  28. Not itchy, just incredibly sore
  29. Big toe nail regrowth gone wrong
  30. Toenail fell off, unsure if it can grow back?
  31. Overgrown toe skin after injury - what do I do?
  32. Dark line down nail
  33. Damaged Lunula
  34. Toe nail injuries during sports.
  35. White circle in the middle of my thumb.
  36. Torn toenail halfway out of root, HELP
  37. Abnormal Nail.
  38. Nail has Brown Horizontal Line on 5 year old daughter
  39. Blood under big toenail bed
  40. Chunk of nail cut off of nail bed, will the nail grow out?
  41. Big piece of fungus goo from under toenail shot into my eye when cleaning. concerned!
  42. Toe nail has nearly been took off
  43. Help lunula nail problem
  44. Separation of nail from base ... nail loss :(
  45. Toenail infection?
  46. Nail infection/ingrown nail after nail loss
  47. I got my big toenail removed
  48. My nail broke half way down all the way across.
  49. Overlapping Finger Nail - Advise please?
  50. Nails in bad way after using varnish
  51. Broken Nail
  52. gray line down fingernail
  53. Multiple nail issues!!
  54. Not sure what this is...
  55. Dark light streak for 3 months on thumb only
  56. Ripped off toenail - or did I?
  57. Horizontal Ridge
  58. Fingernail issues ... 2 to be exact!!!!
  59. Toenail Fungus
  60. Uneven smile line on nails
  61. nail sliced
  62. Acrylic allergic reaction ... What now?
  63. Damaged toenail
  64. red spot on right hand middle finger lower nail
  65. Straight Dark Colored Line on Fingernail
  66. Big toe nail ripped from the root
  67. Split in Fingernail :(
  68. What do I do about my toenails
  69. Dark Line on Thumbnail
  70. Light pink colored toenail beds
  71. Slammed Fingernail Problems - is my nail matrix damaged?
  72. Nail Growth !!
  73. Gel nail polish
  74. Finger Nails
  75. Fingernail curves down
  76. please help
  77. Trapped my finger in a car door ... Very scared
  78. Side of nail not growing/growing diagonally
  79. Large toenail problem after Pedicure
  80. Fingernail not growing from bed after injury
  81. Large ridges on thumbs
  82. Nail lifted but still stuck to cuticle ):
  83. Foot fungal
  84. Advice for Proper Care?
  85. Black line on my big toe
  86. Hyponychium Problems
  87. melanoma under toenail?
  88. Nail Fungus
  89. Fingernail entirely torn off-2 months & nothing
  90. Help My grandma's nail is growing weirdly
  91. Nail ripped off but still attached to cuticle
  92. Salicylic Acid/Alcohol for Toenail Fungus?
  93. Toenail Issue for YEARS
  94. Habit tic/ washboard nails
  95. Toenail Biopsy
  96. 20 Mile Hike, both big toes are 1/2 black and blue
  97. Black spot under the toenails
  98. Damaged Lunula??
  99. Penlac weekly application and removal with alcohol
  100. Possible nail infection?
  101. Infected Cuticles
  102. Hole in fingernail
  103. Black spot under toenail what is it?
  104. Blackish Blue Toes -> remove them?
  105. Purple fingertips
  106. Exposed Nail Bed
  107. Big Toenail - how long to grow back?
  108. Not sure what is going on...
  109. Big toe nail fell off... two years ago. Hasn't fully grown back.
  110. What's wrong with my pinky toenails?
  111. Nail Separation from Skin
  112. Black lines in nails
  113. fingernail crisis
  114. Toenail fungus and emtrix
  115. Faint purple moon above Thumb moons?
  116. Dark Line in left big toe?!?!
  117. My Toenail got separated from the nail bed because of an injury. Will it fall?
  118. Please Help Me! Toenail Fungus, Athlete's Foot, or other?
  119. Deep Verticle Groove in Big Toenail
  120. Wierd Toenail!
  121. Fingernail Fungus?
  122. Horizontal nail ridge
  123. Horizontal ridges or bumpy/lumpy nails - Beau's lines or just trauma?
  124. Splinter under toenail causing ingrown
  125. Dark Lunula on Big Toe
  126. New Therapy for nail fungus
  127. free end of my fingernails curves up
  128. Cannot cut nails short without pinching
  129. Toenail separates at the base and grows out?
  130. I have been suffering from nail fungus for the past 4 years.
  131. Thumb nails
  132. fingernails
  133. How this nail biter suddenly got longer nail beds
  134. Damaged nail bed
  135. fingernails lunula starts peeling off
  136. 1 black vertical line in my 10 yr. old grandson
  137. Recurring bruised nail for no reason
  138. toenail not growing
  139. Hole in nail at cuticle
  140. multiple toenail surgeries
  141. Toe nail gone black after acrylic toenail help!!
  142. Thumbnail and the car door
  143. I really need help!!! my nails!!
  144. fingernail
  145. fingernail
  146. half and half nails
  147. Damage to Lunula
  148. White moon shapes on 16 yr old finger nails
  149. Weird fingernail??
  150. Help!!! NPS
  151. Nail patella syndrome
  152. Thick nail, separating on only 1 finger
  153. White part of fingernail spreading down/hard skin
  154. Half Circles on my finger nails... creepy looking
  155. Problems months after toenail removal.
  156. Toe Nails and Nail Polish
  157. Black spot?
  158. Nails thick and breaking on one hand--Any help welcome; Can you help, Titchou?
  159. My 9-month-long nail bed weirdness...
  160. weird dark brown line on nail
  161. Does this sound fungal?
  162. weird lines under nails.
  163. Gel Nails
  164. Splinter hemorrhage
  165. Damaged nail?
  166. Nail Splinter Hemorrhages - Help
  167. Dark Brown-Black Patch Under Toenail?!
  168. epilepsy and toe fungus
  169. an odd pain under my nail
  170. Ingrown Toenail Reccurring - Docs clueless?
  171. Toe nail pulled up
  172. Damaged Toenail Removed.. now what?
  173. deformed toenail
  174. Grow out nails?
  175. Will a partially torn nail join together?
  176. fingernails
  177. Brown Vertical Line On Nail
  178. Yellow, brittle, painful toe nails I'm only 29!
  179. my cuticle has been detached from my fingernail for six years now.
  180. nails light purple, bottom half
  181. Toenail Fungus but Allergic to Lotramin
  182. Habitual tic deformity?
  183. Big toenail growing out problem
  184. what's wrong with my nails?
  185. Any ladies here w/either those square gels or acrylics, HELP?
  186. lunula suddenly appeared on pinky finger
  187. Koilonychia in one thumb only
  188. Koilonychia in one thumb only
  189. Toenail...
  190. I want beautiful normal nails!
  191. Well along with Beau's lines I now have
  192. Ridged nails
  193. Black Spots on both big toenails?
  194. White streaks on toenails(NOT fungus)
  195. toenail fungus/athletes foot fingernail fungus
  196. Damaged Nail
  197. stubbed toe, nail now lifted
  198. Dark lines under your fingernails
  199. Weird Second Nail
  200. fingernail problem
  201. Small hole in nail, now Soft squishy puffy skin??
  202. Black Spots Under Toenail or inside toenail
  203. Black Line on my nail
  204. Thumbnail removed due to Paronychia
  205. toe nail
  206. Damaged Nail Bed?
  207. Horizontal lines and grooves on finger nails
  208. Fingernails
  209. toe nail black
  210. Misshapen nail, extreme cuticle pain
  211. Nail separating from cuticle
  212. I seem to have major problem with my toenail?
  213. Nail Fungus Cured
  214. Thumbnail Problem
  215. My toenail separated from nailbed
  216. Does splintering finger nail mean a deficiency in a vitamin?
  217. Potential fungus
  218. Itchy cuticles after 'fill' for acrylic nails
  219. The white edge of my toe
  220. After ingrown toenail surgery.
  221. Brittle misshaped nails
  222. Finger nail has come off
  223. White pale areas under each nail.
  224. Help pls! Detached/yellow patch on toenail
  225. Slammed finger, hole in nail, puss...yuck...
  226. Dark Spot Under Nail
  227. toe nails...
  228. Huge like scab on the side of my nail on my big toe?
  229. Should I pull my nail out?
  230. Nail not growing right
  231. Wavy Nails...continued!
  232. Help: Will my nail grow back?
  233. Nail not growing on nail bed after wart grew on my finger
  234. Big Toe Nail Fell Off. Need Advice.
  235. splitting peeling nails
  236. Dried blood in nail
  237. Worried about daughter!
  238. allergy to acrylic nails
  239. Jammed Acrylic Nail
  240. pale fingernails, white band
  241. Discolored toeNails (Brown/black) Splinter like lines under nail. Marti please Help!
  242. infected big toe HELP !!
  243. serious toe nail problem
  244. Problem with thumb nail - help please
  245. when will my big toe nail grow to be as before
  246. Longitudinal melanonychia: TREATMENT???
  247. Toenail Growth Problem
  248. Dark pink part of nail bed
  249. Nail bed colour - any concern?
  250. Wonky nails