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  1. Mastocytosis? I itch A LOT after I shower
  2. Tinea versicolor & Exzema, please help!!
  3. my whole body is itchy
  4. Large Warts on knees 11 yr old, Laser was not helpful -now what?
  5. Pimple type bump on my sack?
  6. what is wrong with you if you itch a lot every time yu feel warmth
  7. Arm/Armpit Rash, lime disease?
  8. Hello
  9. AHA 50% peel has burnt my skin
  10. Quickly spreading rash, started on inner thigh, help!
  11. online doctor rash under 1 arm
  12. strepicoccus or staphacoccus
  13. Cleansers
  14. Dermatitis?
  15. Pimple Type Bumps Scalp
  16. bubbles on my skin that itch when I get hot
  17. Eye makeup remover ?? Irritation
  18. Pimples/rash on side of mouth
  19. ingrown chin hairs
  20. Small Bump
  21. What are these things?
  22. Core of a wart?
  23. Arteries & Veins very close to the surface of my skin
  24. Bright red spots on face
  25. help.
  26. Caffeine & Skin Problems
  27. i have got pityriasis rosea some more info please
  28. strange glazy spots
  29. how to stop pimple on my face
  30. Sores
  31. itching sensations when getting hot or sweaty
  32. blotches on skin
  33. buttock sweating
  34. boils
  35. TINEA VERSICOLOR...what works THE BEST?????
  36. strange skin condition for years now! PLEASE HELP!
  37. What are they? ):
  38. small bubbles on skin
  39. Damaged skin/sebaceous glands from benzoyl peroxide
  40. Uneven skin tones
  41. skin problem here red blotches
  42. Seborrhoeic Dermatitis
  43. does ringworm come from your bed
  44. What is this??
  45. Sore that wont heel on a 4yr old. what is it ?
  46. Strange spots
  47. Ear lobe infection
  48. post-viral skin sensitivity??
  49. bacteria infection
  50. Red bump on my inner leg?
  51. Hard, painful lump in armpit
  52. how does apple cider vinegar help with mole removal
  53. My Bad Skin
  54. Wound healing problems
  55. help, what to do about a sebaceous cyst??!
  56. how to remove moles at home
  57. :s
  58. jojoba oil
  59. after cold sore, still have red mark...worried
  60. what treatment options for flat mole removal on cheek?
  61. itch when sweaty
  62. Warts
  63. deep cut and stitches 18 yrs ago how do i remove the scar from face
  64. Birthmarks Appearing On My Stomach
  65. hi! dry and rough elbows
  66. skin
  67. Bacteria? Doxycycline?
  68. Painful itch with no rash
  69. how to cover up chicken pox scars
  70. New itchy, dry skin
  71. peeling / blistering on hands
  72. why am i getting more veins all over my body
  73. need advice re: poison
  74. Itchiness and small spot
  75. bumps on arm
  76. Dry blood spot on toe
  77. what can I do to get rid of white spots on my legs and arms
  78. Bump on head affecting hair growth
  79. Could somebody tell me what this is?
  80. Ingrown Hair/Boil popped beneath skin?
  81. why am i breaking out under my armpits
  82. red dots on breasts
  83. arm itching when sweating
  84. Diagnose this?
  85. Little brown bumps on my neck?
  86. Newbie needs advice - anyone used Emu Oil?
  87. skin
  88. What does this condition sound like to you?
  89. Itching???
  90. sunscreen question
  91. what happens if i cut off mole myself?
  92. bumps
  93. why do i have white spots on my arms and legs
  94. what causes red bumps on your chest
  95. Stretch Marks
  96. how to bad rough skin off the heel of my feet
  97. why does my head itch
  98. Bump under my arm
  99. Skin Condition, please help
  100. why does my back get itchy when heat comes in contact with it
  101. rash on hands
  102. scabies or eczema? that's the question
  103. Toe itching!!!!
  104. Lips
  105. Skin Peeling!
  106. Tiny colorless bumps???
  107. sunburns
  108. how do i get my white scar back to the pigmentation of my skin?
  109. skin outbreak
  110. moles
  111. red dots
  112. moles
  113. freezing treatment for keratosis made it worse
  114. spots on my feet ?
  115. Is there a cure or treatment for fordyce spots?
  116. how to get rid of scabs and scars overnight homemade
  117. how to get rid of moles on your face
  118. dirt spots all over skin, but its not dirt
  119. Dealing with Skin Atrophy from Cortizone
  120. Itchy is one thing. Rash is another.
  121. Red marks on the fourhead and on left eye skin of my new born baby boy.
  122. itchy toes
  123. shiny small silver dots on skin
  124. skin rash
  125. bumps on chest/stomach
  126. son's scalp
  127. Mosquito Bites
  128. What is this rash on my forearm?
  129. Tiny Pinpoint red dot clusters
  130. Rash - Advice please
  131. Lemon and age spots...
  132. Losing skin elasticity
  133. Bug Bites??
  134. Brown spots suddenly appearing?
  135. Itchy, red armpits, excessive sweating
  136. egsima
  137. red dots on body
  138. Raised pink bump w/ tiny white spots..is this a wart
  139. Sun burn turning legs purple
  140. why do i have lots of red capillaries on my arms and chest
  141. why do i have tiny red dots
  142. Itchy red bumps on my whole family
  143. cyst in belly button
  144. Painfully itching scalp
  145. Rashes and hives on arms?
  146. little bumps on leg
  147. mole falling off?
  148. what causes the corners of my mouth to crack
  149. rash on face
  150. Keloids
  151. exezma, has ruined my self esteem.
  152. Red blotch problem
  153. Constant Itch on my head, no lice, eggs, sores etc
  154. Fungus Rash
  155. why does my face burn and turn red after i shower
  156. Itching so much!
  157. i have a bump on my butt cheek what is it?
  158. white dots/pimples under eyes
  159. seborrheic keratosis
  160. swollen bumps all over lips!
  161. tiny red dots under skin two shoulders only
  162. Small Red Rash on corner o mouth
  163. Guttate Hypomelanosis
  164. What are these reocurring small, puss-filled, itchy bumps in the arches of my feet? I
  165. Nothing works for extremely dry/sore/irritated scalp
  166. Mole removed, breast leaking milk now
  167. Borage Oil for Eczema?
  168. little bumps
  169. moisterizer or sunscreen
  170. liver splashes
  171. Red bumps on stomach and on my sides
  172. Multiple skin problems
  173. Anal Itch
  174. Would a Rheumologist be able to diagnose a premature skin aging disorder?
  175. bug bites leave scars
  176. white patch on tummy?
  177. scalp, neck , face sores
  178. what do razor bumps look like
  179. what can I do for age spots on my face?
  180. black marks on body parts
  181. dried skin bumps on fingers
  182. skin disorder
  183. Dandruff!
  184. skin problems
  185. red cheeks
  186. ant bite like bumps that do itch alot
  187. I found out I'm iron deficient....no wonder
  188. itching public hairs
  189. Stretch Marks (removal)?
  190. Placenta Collagen masks?
  191. Why do my cheeks get really red when work out?
  192. annoying bump!
  193. Eczema...rashes ugghh!
  194. bumps where your pubic hair grow
  195. ingrowh hair in my chin
  196. Oily face!
  197. What kinda skin condition is this?
  198. Black spots on leg?
  199. Is this an allergy to wood?
  200. Lip
  201. red spots underskin..what are they?
  202. Edema/dryness of dry eyelids areas in face
  203. Impetigo - Antibiotics not finishing the job.
  204. Super Dry Skin
  205. how to remove a blackhead from bottom lip without pain
  206. thinning skin under breasts
  207. Is this eczema and if so how do I treat it?
  208. fairness & dakr spotes on face
  209. tinea versicolor questions
  210. Help with poison ivy ???
  211. what worked for your eczema?
  212. Sebaceous Hypertrophy
  213. Possible Excema? I have no clue!
  214. Orange lumps from sun burn
  215. what are little bumps on my finger
  216. why do the hair follicles in my legs itch?
  217. Skin imaging scan
  218. Problem with Ingrown hair?
  219. red bumps around anus
  220. Red pimple like bumps on forearm???
  221. I have no idea what I have!
  222. home remedies
  223. Red flare up
  224. Red/tan splotchy area
  225. Lip Sore won't heal
  226. why do i keep getting chin hair?
  227. something is on my skin
  228. Bumps under skin
  229. Makeup question...
  230. need help
  231. Incredibly random, crippling itching condition - any ideas?
  232. why my skin will not tan
  233. whats good for musculum
  234. Can Retin A and Strivecton be used together
  235. Pinpricks & eruptions on hands and feet
  236. Brittle Birthmark
  237. blackheads on upper lip
  238. after I shave I still have black dots on my legs
  239. what to do for itching of a mole
  240. Petechiae in 19 month old? please respond if you have dealt with!
  241. Bump + Bumps on Elbow
  242. Car accident - cut chin with stitches
  243. Pulsating Bumps Above Eyes
  244. HELP! What Happened to My Face?
  245. Chronic Hive
  246. my body is itchy what could be the problem
  247. why does small pimple boils come in the breasts of women ?
  248. Ingrown Hairs
  249. red rash on face and in scalp.
  250. Chronic Abscess