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  1. facial skin poor
  2. Chemical peel
  3. red spots on the face
  4. Red Rash on side of mouth
  5. scarred redness on skin again
  6. Red and itchy skin above eyes
  7. Small Itchy Pink Dots on legs
  8. red, purplish dots on skin after volleyball
  9. HELP!!! Red, swollen, painful eyelids
  10. swollen itchy ears
  11. Help! Tea tree oil caused very dark patch on skin!
  13. flesh colored bumps on arms what are these itchy rash
  14. sun damage
  15. Wrinkles under the eyes
  16. my skin turned yellow?
  17. water filled bumps on skin
  18. slight yellow skin tint (i look asian)
  19. Freckles
  20. Granuloma Annulare
  21. Skin condition regarding my lips.
  22. Eczema and stress
  23. Washing too much?
  24. 20 year old male mole removal
  25. Weird red rash under breast/chest area
  26. Bioskinexfol.....
  27. is the brown dots on my feet something to do with my liver
  28. Hello
  29. Freckle like thing appearing on the inside of my mouth, should I be worried?!!!?!?!
  30. red, itchy, bump rash
  31. problem with skin on ear
  32. Boils??
  33. New nurses aide, now ITCHY RASH on hands and arms...etc..
  34. Have you ever heard of this?
  35. Redness on Sore Muscles Day after Working Out?
  36. scarred redness
  37. does jojoba oil helps in skin pigmentation
  38. would you be abul 2 help
  39. blood under surface of skin when scab falls off
  40. rash in armpits
  41. itching and burning
  42. rash
  43. Stretch Marks 18 year old male.
  44. follicilitis
  45. Can stretch marks be serious?
  46. Hot showers
  47. Derma Wand - Electric Stimulating Therapy
  48. Anyone used Clenia Cream 5%?
  49. eczema
  50. Vitiligo and Clobex??
  51. will emu oil cause unwanted hair growth?
  52. lower lip
  53. how do you wrinkle at a young age
  54. Birth like mark on neck (both sides) due to skin pigmentation
  55. what can i use dark underarms
  56. bug bite concern
  57. bumpy rash
  58. Little bumps on both hands that itch like crazy!!
  59. Pimples on my private area
  60. Pimple like bumps
  61. winter itching skin on legs only
  62. V. Bad Dry Skin/Scaling on Right Hand
  63. mole removal
  64. bad skin rash: new pajamas or MaxZide?
  65. Small Bumps On My Skin
  66. a Vasculitis? Please take a look.
  67. How Can I Get A Skin Tag Removed From My Eyelid
  68. Extremely dry hands...
  69. Hard, Red lumps on my legs after removing hair
  70. red itchy eye lids
  71. Casoda product for mole removal
  72. faint red blotches and dots on the skin
  73. Probiotics and Eczema
  74. head itching
  75. itchy, bumpy elbow
  76. Red, aching spots after sleeping
  77. cherry angiomas-tiny red moles
  78. lichen planus in winter?
  79. Anyone here have Morphia?
  80. Red, patch on cheek & eyelid
  81. my mole
  82. Skin very itchy when hot...weird problem !
  83. book on eczema cure
  84. Puffiness under eyes
  85. Red Itchy Rash and Peeling Skin All Over
  86. Scaring
  87. Spots
  88. Severe Head Itching
  89. why does my back itch bad when i get warm
  90. problem still there
  91. What Are The Symptons Of Scabies ?
  92. itch like crazy and red bumps like bites
  93. what are small dots that look like blood that are at the surface on the skin
  94. ???
  95. How can you highlight your hair when you have scalp psorisis?
  96. Severe skin irritation!!!
  97. Forehead Wrinkle
  98. Tanning for eczema
  99. barmaids thumb??
  100. Itchy skin: (groin, scrotum, & anus) fungus/yeast
  101. New here- looking for insight on skin issues- seb derm?
  102. how to get rid of keratosis
  103. Keloid injections
  104. why do red bumps that look like pimples appear on my chest
  105. how to get rid of stretch marks
  106. around my eyes are itchy
  107. Rash/fungal Infection
  108. Whiteheads
  109. dry hands
  110. what are these small itchy bumps on my body
  111. Question about stretch marks
  112. Recurring Rash Every Winter
  113. Please help, have had this problem for 4+ years, redness near mouth won't go away!
  114. Tired of all these moles, need some help please!
  115. Porokeratosis of Mibelli: If we have kids will they get it?
  116. Levaquin.. Exposed to sunlight..
  117. sebboric dermatitis not going
  118. Age Spots
  119. staph
  120. Burning Cold Sensation
  121. Strange Bump On Penis Shaft - Pusy with white liquid
  122. when to start anti aging cream on face
  123. Itchy red bumps all over my back
  124. Facial rash originating from chapped lips.
  125. aqueous cream
  126. Some pimple like thing under my right breast
  127. iichy skin
  128. rash
  129. This cant be right...can it?
  130. infected underarm cyst
  131. what is the best way to cure dry skin
  132. stitches and surgi strips
  133. Indoor Tanning and SUPER dry skin...
  134. Bioskincare Cream
  135. Keflex may have helped my dry/cracked skin?!!?
  136. *****ly itchy skin when i get hot
  137. Very Red Face With Flaking Dry Skin On Face
  138. tiny bubbles on skin!
  139. Swollen Feet and Hands
  140. dark birth marks with hair growth in adolesence
  141. skin change from oily to dry
  142. Do not know what it is
  143. skin rash
  144. i have bumps under my eyes, what are they?
  145. knuckle lumps
  146. friction rashes
  147. Red Hands
  148. how to treat white sunspots
  149. phylar cyst on tail bone
  150. 2 skin problems
  151. Itching, and scaling on skin...
  152. how do i get rid of blackheads near my bikni area
  153. Lump/Sack Under Earlobe
  154. anyone had a cyst
  155. red bumps on hips?? ongoing issue for a couple of years
  156. In need of HELP with infant eczema!
  157. tretinoin help!
  158. skin reaction to adhesive strips from surgery
  159. Recurrent skin problem
  160. uneven skin tone on face.
  161. Scalp Psorisis And Getting Desperate
  162. Eczema all over
  163. what enfintigo looks like
  164. Lip Rash
  165. Bumps along veins on arms
  166. White spots in arm
  167. why does by body begin to itch when i start to work out
  168. Not sure about this 1!
  169. seborrich dermatitis on scale and face
  170. teatree oil & emu oil
  171. what are small bumps a form of a rash?
  172. severely oily skin
  173. entire body itching, can't sleep
  174. chest odor
  175. Scary arm pit...HELP!
  176. Mole removal
  177. bumps on my leg
  178. Red, scaly patch
  179. Weird Rash
  180. Breast lumpectomy incision not healing and is blackI
  181. bumps on top lip
  182. skin rash under armpits for 8 yr old
  183. Itchy scaly spots that won't go away
  184. sorry no pics this time scarred red skin
  185. Finding what type of rash I have
  186. unexplained facial scaring
  187. facial hair
  188. I am seeing spots on my daughter
  189. Red Itchy Bumps That Come and Go?
  190. veins!!!!!!
  191. skin is red and blemished
  192. Itching all over too much!
  193. why do I get red cheeks
  194. Anyone have suggestions for really dry skin caused by eczema?
  195. black spot on lower lip
  196. peeling skin
  197. Birth Mark
  198. what could this be
  199. itchys!
  200. why does sweating cause itching
  201. boils
  202. what does a ringworm looks when healing
  203. red dots around eyes
  204. Dots On Skin
  205. itch
  206. oily nose
  207. Skin Problems
  208. my whole family is itching
  209. hydoquinone
  210. What causes redness of the skin around the eye
  211. I have a lump on my forehead
  212. anything i can do to help fade stretch marks?
  213. red dots around eye
  214. prematurely wrinkled hands
  215. untreated abcess=????
  216. facial peels
  217. Bumps on legs due to leg hair :(
  218. facial hair with scars
  219. Facial skin problem
  220. telangiectasia
  221. My skin is dry can I use cleanser on it
  222. What to use to help heal skin
  223. white spot arms
  224. sore spot under breast
  225. Stretchmarks and loose skin
  226. Can you get folliculitis from thyroid or adrenal dysfunction?
  227. Red, Swollen Lips
  228. rash on face from doxepin
  229. i think i have a boil on my butt
  230. Skin peeling
  231. Wierd Red patches on my chest and belly
  232. Looking for natural remedies, dietary suggestions
  233. eczema
  234. The Peeling Lip Cycle Returned...
  235. does anyone know anything about psorisis?
  236. another skin issue
  237. itchy blisters
  238. Severe Itching.
  239. Reactions to Washing Products
  240. Urinary tract infection
  241. Peeling Skin - PLEASE HELP!
  242. rhinophyma
  243. bumpy skin on arms and legs
  244. Vitiligo treatments
  245. Chronic blistering and pealing on my fingers
  246. what can i use for dry red skin around my eyes?
  247. Eye Skin Problems
  248. Itchy skin in sometimes the same places..and with wet skin or ooze!
  249. Red bumpy, itchy rash
  250. itch

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