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  1. Skin help wedding in under 8 weeks!
  2. Lighter Skin on my Elbow?!! Please help!!!
  3. Weird "hole" on my cheek
  4. Zits
  5. Eczema turned something or incurable impetigo!?!
  6. Dermatitis
  7. Moles, sun damage, basal cell... PLEASE HELP
  8. itchy hands
  9. skin peeling on hands
  10. Naproxen and skin disorders
  11. unidentifiable skin marks occuring randomly
  12. I have an open scar between my right leg and my groin.
  13. Bad reaction to dermaplane
  14. posible rash on buttocks
  15. Extremely Painful and Stubborn Scalp and Facial Dermatits
  16. Please identify rash on face?
  17. small skin coloured bumps
  18. Identify this for me please!!
  19. Bump inside lip
  20. Is it eczema?
  21. Bizarre scalp symtoms! Please HELP!
  22. Seborrheic Dermatitis
  23. Ringworm/hives? help
  24. strange rash on the tops of my feet
  25. itchy skin especially after drinking alcohol
  26. Can someone identify this?
  27. Skin Problem
  28. Severe Itchy Skin After Shower
  29. really worried
  30. Mole Problem
  31. Kp
  32. Extremely dry lips
  33. Eczema? Ringworm? Help please
  34. NecK Discoloration on Left Side
  35. Red burning skin that comes and goes
  36. Tiny bumps
  37. Burnt skin... help!!!!
  38. Big itchie bumps on legs
  39. Sebaceous Cyst (TMI)
  40. spot on thump, normal or something else?
  41. Pink, square bump on shoulder
  42. Small white divot like thing below knee
  43. I have a skin problem near my neck... please take a look
  44. Red bumps inner thighs
  45. Itchy legs sores that wont heal
  46. Little bumps (like goosebumps) on chest area and shoulders, more goosebumps trumps cl
  47. painless palm and toe skin blisters
  48. psoriasis
  49. Light Pink blotches pubic area (guy here)
  50. Acne problems?
  52. Please help: bruises on breast won't go away
  53. I have a small bumpy rash on my arm that doesn't itch and have been there for months
  54. What is this?
  55. Very Concerned About Mole On Bottom Of Foot
  56. Help me figure this out please.
  57. Was this supposed to happen when I removed my warts?
  58. lower lip has got dead skin which chaps over and over...
  59. Wart Gone?
  60. Skin Damaged By Steroids Will Accutane Be My Cure? Please Help
  61. very sore hands
  62. itchy rash on lower leg
  63. Is this rash part of dyshidrosis? Or is it scabies? Or
  64. White worm string seed under scab that won't heal
  65. Contact dermatitis
  66. My lips are sticky and gluuey...
  67. Hey everyone! Why do I have a rash on my face?
  68. Help! Sort of freaking out
  69. White itchy bump
  70. Painless Lumps
  71. Red Flushed Face, Condition Unknown
  72. Mysterious swelling of my left cheek
  73. Weird thing on my knee
  74. Small itchy bumps on buttocks and now on back
  75. Lumps on my 11 yr old daughter's skin
  76. Weird skin "spots"
  77. HUGE Red Bumps.. Help me please!
  78. Bumps on chest sometime turn red
  79. rx cream for severe resistant eczema?
  80. Red Hands...
  81. Small red bumps on neck?
  82. Vitamin C relieves Dermatographic Uriticaria
  83. Psoriasis on Forehead
  84. Aquagenic Pruritus
  85. Skin colored bumps all over face?
  86. Rash for months
  87. Staphylococcus infection in face
  88. Acne all over upper and forearms, back, and chest
  89. Red lump on my thumb
  90. Atopic Dermititis
  91. Tiny bumps on face
  92. Strange bump, need help identifying
  93. Extreme dryness on hands
  94. Symmetrical foot itch with no rash
  95. Chronic lower leg & upper arm itching and digging
  96. Red itchy scalp
  97. Scar not healing well: staph?
  98. Mosquito Bite Nets?
  99. Help with Understanding Ultrasound Results
  100. Hydrocortisone Vs Benadryl For Bed Bug/Mosquito Bites
  101. Red blotchy spots on face, that don't have a head, itch or hurt. What is it!
  102. Rosacea/acne/skin cleansers
  103. underarm rash
  104. phlegm with cellulitis/sepsis
  105. identifing skin problem
  106. Finally a remedy for my itching
  107. Itching after I have been outside
  108. White Tissue Under Foreskin
  109. Just diagnosed with shingles
  110. Red Spots on Hands
  111. Ringworm or not?
  112. pimple in hip keeps coming back?
  113. dark ring around skin colored mole *previous severe dysplastic nevus*
  114. How to Lose Tan From Skin?
  115. pain blister like spots
  116. My sons skin rash
  117. Moles on neck, need help
  118. Moles on neck, need help
  119. Worried about my skin any help please??
  120. small bug-like bumps.
  121. Dry skin/face
  122. Itching
  123. "broken capillaries"...
  124. Pimples?
  125. Face break out
  126. bumps on forheads
  127. Bumps & Topicort/red hands
  128. Redness On Chest, Previously Peeled
  129. bumps on arms that go away
  130. Itchy bump all over arms and legs
  131. Boils on buttocks
  132. Light redness and small bumps on chest
  133. Red patches on palm and feet which itch
  134. Red spot on nose and chin
  135. Spots beneath jaw line
  136. bumps on joints that hurts but joints dont hurt
  137. tinea versicolor
  138. Strange Rash and Symptoms for 5 days...Please Help
  139. Are these ingrown hairs or something else?
  140. help strange skin problem
  141. Worryingly-sized mole?
  142. Tons of tiny, ichy bumps on hands! What gives?
  143. One Red Dot!
  144. Skin pain/red bumps/pimples on shoulders??
  145. Unbeatable Dandruff
  146. Body hair problem (Male)
  147. Painful itchiness on legs, butt, and vagina.
  148. Tiny Painful Bumps on Finger Pads
  149. Recurring red, itchy spots on face - hives?
  150. small white spots on my face
  151. Is this Seb Dermatitis
  152. Brown skin
  153. scar after thyroid surgery
  154. Bumps on skin, think its KP?
  155. Dandruff on Face
  156. Try coconut oil
  157. Red ring on lower back?
  158. Is this Acne, or something else?
  159. Hard Lump under skin on arm
  160. Very odd, very painful rash
  161. Skin patches due to Psoriasis
  162. ATTENTION: Cystic Acne CURE!
  163. rash all over feet
  164. This one even has the Doc puzzled!
  165. non itchy rash keep popping up
  166. Thin Skin
  167. Please help i have a scab on my neck will not go away.
  168. Skin problem
  169. Sudden itching behind ears & on neck
  170. Red bumps and hive like on arms
  171. Small bumps/spots
  172. strange bruise symptoms
  173. Extreme Itching and Needle-like Pain in Hands
  174. squeeze bump on back weekly for months
  175. was this a Raynauds attack
  176. what's the best meds for dry itchy skin?
  177. Need help with rash
  178. Itchy redness near armpits and chest.
  179. Strange skin disease I am suffering for 10 years
  180. Is a sebaceous cyst dangerous?
  181. Rash with Swelling Deperate Please Help
  182. Skin Problems
  183. Something's wrong: Ingrown hairs + totally dry,wrinkly skin + sick and twisted hair
  184. Rash looking thing on my side
  185. White spots
  186. Irritation for month due to work pants!
  187. red dots on hand/body
  188. Patch of dry, peeling skin on face
  189. Red streaks on my legs?
  190. Does lotion contain chemicals that make your skin dry?
  191. Discoloration under arms Please help
  192. Using Ketoconazole cream, 2% (Nizoral) for Seborrheic Dermatitis
  193. Sore peeling on bottom of toes, help!
  194. skin problem that won't get away please help !
  195. Something like "pimple'" on side od anus
  196. Red dots in a line and discolorization on hand?
  197. photosensitivity?
  198. vein suddenly started showing
  199. Lumps under skin filled with blood?
  200. cellulitis on penis shaft
  201. Two slightly pink/white/feint slightly raised circular mark on leg?
  202. two pinkish red pea size lump on scrotum
  203. Un-Explained Scratches
  204. Me too!
  205. white hard lump in nostril and white like spreading pimple like things on neck and fa
  206. Worried sick..Shaft of penis is quite puffy
  207. Burning & Itchy Skin Conditions
  208. Skin around finger nails peeling, bleeding easily
  209. Long term peeling and cracking of skin
  210. Could it be chicken pox or some other skin disease?
  211. Not a zit, not a cold sore... cyst?
  212. Horrible, possible rash or hive situation..?
  213. Corticosteroid Cream for Cheilitis?
  214. Terrible cyst... Can anyone offer me some comfort?
  215. Recurring boils on the same area on my nose
  216. New Acne Problems?
  217. Problems after using Alpecin Shampoo
  218. Itchy legs
  219. Steadily pulling out hair
  220. littledog
  221. long term itchy leg rash
  222. Unknown Rash on Legs
  223. What the heck is this? (pictures)
  224. Vitiligo - Can it be Covered Up?
  225. itchy bump quarter size returns in exact spot
  226. Perioral dermatitis not going away
  227. Help strange rash!
  228. Scratches and extreme redness in groin region
  229. Dark red bump
  230. Is this Raynaud's?
  231. my spots
  232. Please help me identify what this is..
  233. 14 yr old son atypical abnormal mole foot
  234. bumps on skin
  235. Itchy rash
  236. Mystery rash is driving me crazy!!
  237. Face Rash... Any Ideas?
  238. Tinea Versicolor Question
  239. What are these flakes in my beard?
  240. Moles on Foot and toes
  241. Top of hands itchy with bumps that pop
  242. Possible Melanoma with Halo Moles
  243. Genital Wart Question
  244. itchy red spots on arms, legs, buttocks and tummy
  245. Hyperpigmentation
  246. perioral dermatitis
  247. Reappearing dead skin/pale white beneath
  248. Cellulitis - Question about antibiotics prescribed
  249. odd looking mole.opinions?
  250. Help!