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  1. Burning sore lips
  2. Could This Be Bed Bugs?
  3. Tiny bump on pinky finger (w/pic)... is it a wart?
  4. Hidradenitis suppurativa
  5. Help!(pics)What is this awful irritation?!
  6. Itchy elbows and knees, small bumps
  7. Applied Too Much Neosporin Do I have an Infection?
  8. dark patch forehead
  9. Skin colored bumps on face?
  10. Orange Spots On Eyelids
  11. Red Blotchy itchy wrists and sides
  12. red itchy bumps on lips and legs
  13. Black eye wont fade!!
  14. "Pruritis" chronic itch...
  15. looks like bug bites but cant find any bugs at all!!
  16. looks like bug bites but cant find any bugs at all!!
  17. Adult Gianotti-Crosti Syndrome?
  18. Looking for suggestions (Allergy-Dry-Sensitive-Eczema)
  19. Sunburn / melonoma
  20. Itchy skin when embarrassed or hot
  21. Flaky, rough neck skin with unusual hair growth
  22. patchy skin...
  23. Doctor is Completely Clueless... Could use some thoughts
  24. Please Read im worried!
  25. tons of tiny hard lumps on calves?
  26. what is this rash? aching neck, +pics
  27. Can't explain itchy bumps
  28. mole/wart?
  29. Skin flap by anus
  30. small red dots on my body
  31. 9 yr old with pimple like rash on buttocks
  32. Rash on chest
  33. 3 yr. old diagnosed with vitiligo
  34. Dry Itchy Rash on Breast
  35. cracks on both sides of nose
  36. PLEASE HELPP ?! 2 problems.
  37. Bacterial infection
  38. Circular Itchy Red Rash on Breast
  39. Dry Itchy Circular Rash on Breast
  40. Pimply bumps
  41. Mole on daughters face
  42. Something in my ear
  43. Staph infection, possible complication
  44. Solid Sebaceous Cyst
  45. bumps on lower back right side and all over buttocks
  46. Poison ivy drying up and skin is very sore/dry... relief??
  47. Why in the world does poison ivy exist???
  48. Is this petechiae and what does it mean
  49. tiny itchy bumps on side of body
  50. Strange bump on face
  51. Smashed finger
  52. Rash from Tomato Battle/Sprinkler??
  53. Birth marks
  54. Rash for months? I Have no idea what it is.
  55. Hot tub itch
  56. Meningitis?
  57. Strange discovery
  58. Removing Seborrheic keratosis with hydrogen peroxide
  59. Tinea Cruris color still the same
  60. dry skin, flaky scalp, dry mouth!
  61. Has this happened to anyone here before?
  62. My skin problem.
  63. Long-term complications from Hidradenitis Suppurativa?
  64. Recurrent localized problem on hand
  65. Severe itch..help!
  66. Inflammation/Red Skin on Laugh Lines
  67. Eczema above lips?
  68. Prednisones for 12 days for Rash
  69. Scars
  70. red flakey itchy rash
  71. Hypersensitive skin
  72. Itching with skin coming off in large amounts
  73. Itchy small red bumps on legs
  74. help identifying a rash please?
  75. itchy bumpy lumpy circles on skin?? any help
  76. infection from removal of ingrown hair
  77. rash that will not heal
  78. Desperate for help!!
  79. Afraid
  80. Pictures: black spot on my inner thigh?
  81. After sunburn - when is it safe to go back outside?
  82. Really bad scalp
  83. Odd Rash
  84. remedy for cracked corners
  85. rash on hand
  86. Scar removal
  87. Visible Spots on Chest and neck?
  88. Hidradenitis Suppurativa
  89. Odd Scars on cheek
  90. Solution for Black Itch Scars on Groin Area
  91. Skin Moles?
  92. Chronic Chapped Lips My Whole Life
  93. Full body check at dermatologist?
  94. Persistent post-sunburn redness
  95. Small reddish rough patch? [PICTURE]
  96. Circular shaped rash
  97. White blotches on arms and legs when standing
  98. red blotchy palms
  99. I scratched my skin really hard and it's left dents?
  100. What is this????
  101. Small red dot on my middle finger - would like a second opinion
  102. Itchy Left Forearm
  103. Bump in Nostril
  104. Ultra dry skin help needed!
  105. Red, ring-shaped rash...not ringworm?
  106. facial skin discoloration
  107. Red bumps on hands and 1 on chest
  108. Lower leg itchy and skin is red
  109. peeling cracking fingers
  110. Red Sore Dry Skin on Penis Foreskin
  111. I have been biting my lips for years, Help!
  112. Preventing Boils
  113. Oily skin & enlarged pores
  114. what the heck
  115. Granuloma Annulare
  116. strange stinging slivers.
  117. Crepey skin
  118. chronic rash on belly
  119. Mole how to remove? PICTURES
  120. What could be wrong with the skin on my hands when I get hot?
  121. Rash on my back..
  122. Suspicious Moles...
  123. Weird Misquito-like bumps
  124. mystery bug bites, diagnosed as anxiety... help?
  125. Is Sunbath Helpful for People Who Have less Vitamin D
  126. Welts under skin on fingers with major swelling
  127. Itchy skin around eyes
  128. scleroderma
  129. what's the deal with planters warts?
  130. Intense Itching
  131. Burning, tingling, swollen lips with cracked corners
  132. Extremely annoyed and upset
  133. Attempting to cure my Seborrheic Dermatitis by cutting out Gluten, Wheat and Dairy...
  134. Need help with "Mystery" rash that four dermatologist failed to diagnose
  135. Circular marks on inner thigh
  136. red spots
  137. What the heck is this? Maybe I'm just getting old.
  138. Sebaceous cyst
  139. Kenalog Spray
  140. advice for shaving/trimming after pilonidal surgery
  141. Red face problem
  142. Constant Itching and Red Patches
  143. Eczema
  144. Any key signs to tell staph apart from a pimple or bug bite?
  145. Medium Chemical Peel
  146. Yellow skin?
  147. My tinea versicolor is fading!!!!!
  148. Rash goes away and reappears
  149. how long for pilonidal wound to become strong post op?
  150. yeast issue??
  151. Itching Bumps on Scalp
  152. sunscreen for oily skin
  153. Red dots everywheres
  154. Help needed pleaseeeeee!!!!
  155. flat warts
  156. (Mental supports needed) Is having flat warts a serious skin condition?
  157. red spots/rashes
  158. itchy scalp, open sores
  159. Itchy scalp/ sore spots
  160. Home remedy: Baking Soda + Castor Oil for moles
  161. Vitiligo
  162. Facial flushing ugh! :(
  163. Itchy Forearms
  164. Itchy bumps like bug bites only on my face...
  165. Razor burn gone bad?
  166. what REALLY works for white sun spots?!?!
  167. unusual skin problem
  168. Help regarding mosquito bites
  169. blotchy skin on lower back
  170. allergic contact dermatitis
  171. White discolouration after using callus remover with salicylic acid
  172. Tiny hole in center of blister/wart-like thing on finger
  173. should be be cleaning closed pilonidal wound?
  174. facial hair
  175. Red Spots around healing bone
  176. I have a question about using moisturizer?
  177. Exzema or Pityriasis Rosea?
  178. Eczema and humidity...
  179. Red Mark
  180. Itchy skin
  181. Bump on face
  182. Removing skin moles
  183. Weird scabs???? Nutrition problem?
  184. Air pocket under skin?
  185. how best to shave the area of a pilonidal cyst, plus any other tips?
  186. went to dermatologist, left with appointment for 2 biopsies
  187. Giving me skin care tips ?
  188. Do I have psoriasis?
  189. Weird Bumps
  190. Random Itching
  191. rash, then itchy armpits?
  192. Extremely dry/infected lips
  193. Atypical Mole Syndrome
  194. Recurring scabies
  195. Breasts that are Itchy breasts
  196. bumps when I itch my skin?
  197. What's going on?! Itches, spots etc
  198. Non-itchy jock itch for a year; been to 2 doctors already
  199. Tiny clear bumps above lip/below nose
  200. Recently got Ring worm and i need some advice
  201. Can anybody identify the cause of this rash?
  202. Foods that are bad for Angular Cheilitis?
  203. ibtest03--29/02/2012
  204. Sunburn like rash
  205. Cure for White Spots on Skin
  206. Suggestions for dealing with blemishes?
  207. Have two red spots on my arm just appeared out of nowhere kind of scared please help?
  208. Interigo and extremely itchy rashes
  209. Single crusty/scaly scab on scalp
  210. Skin on both of big toes
  211. Vitiligo treatment with Oral mini-pulse therapy
  212. Something weird is going on with the skin under my eye...
  213. Rash, Swelling, Hives, and Bloating (Uticaria)
  214. Tiny "blister" like bumps on Feet
  215. How do stretchmarks form?
  216. big lump on skin have had on and off for about 3 years now.
  217. Dark skin patches after angular cheilitis
  218. Pin Sized Red Dots
  219. Very faint red spot on forehead
  220. Painful, sizable lumps on face
  221. Tinea versicolor nightmare
  222. Can I get stretch marks without gaining/losing weight.
  223. eyelids sagging
  224. Rash on inner panty leg line~
  225. Please Help! Hives & Rash
  226. Skin Issues Bumps and Redness
  227. Painful lumps in pubic area
  228. Lump behind my knee
  229. very intense itching
  230. hidradenitis suppurativa
  231. Rash around 2 year olds mouth
  232. Lump on scalp :(
  233. Bad rash... need help!
  234. red skin patch
  235. Rash All over Body
  236. Insane Itchy Skin Problem
  237. Feels like pebble under skin
  238. Molluscum contagiosum -- anyone had it?
  239. Oily skin driving me mad
  240. So, my skins peeling off....help?
  241. Really Bad Chapped Lips
  242. Is taking cod liver oil or other fish oils good to prevent eczema break outs?
  243. Skin splotch/sore. Not sure.
  244. Scar?
  245. Peeling Fingers
  246. Red Ring Around Edge of Lips
  247. What hormones could be causing thin skin and sagging
  248. Rash on face, can anyone help with a diagnosis?
  249. Help Tiny black specs on my on my thumb finger.?
  250. Rash on my chest for 5 weeks.

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