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  1. Body hair problem (Male)
  2. Painful itchiness on legs, butt, and vagina.
  3. Tiny Painful Bumps on Finger Pads
  4. Recurring red, itchy spots on face - hives?
  5. small white spots on my face
  6. Is this Seb Dermatitis
  7. Brown skin
  8. scar after thyroid surgery
  9. Bumps on skin, think its KP?
  10. Dandruff on Face
  11. Try coconut oil
  12. Red ring on lower back?
  13. Is this Acne, or something else?
  14. Very odd, very painful rash
  15. Skin patches due to Psoriasis
  16. ATTENTION: Cystic Acne CURE!
  17. rash all over feet
  18. This one even has the Doc puzzled!
  19. non itchy rash keep popping up
  20. Thin Skin
  21. Please help i have a scab on my neck will not go away.
  22. Skin problem
  23. Sudden itching behind ears & on neck
  24. Red bumps and hive like on arms
  25. Small bumps/spots
  26. strange bruise symptoms
  27. Extreme Itching and Needle-like Pain in Hands
  28. squeeze bump on back weekly for months
  29. was this a Raynauds attack
  30. what's the best meds for dry itchy skin?
  31. Need help with rash
  32. Itchy redness near armpits and chest.
  33. Strange skin disease I am suffering for 10 years
  34. Is a sebaceous cyst dangerous?
  35. Rash with Swelling Deperate Please Help
  36. Skin Problems
  37. Something's wrong: Ingrown hairs + totally dry,wrinkly skin + sick and twisted hair
  38. Rash looking thing on my side
  39. White spots
  40. Irritation for month due to work pants!
  41. red dots on hand/body
  42. Patch of dry, peeling skin on face
  43. Red streaks on my legs?
  44. Does lotion contain chemicals that make your skin dry?
  45. Discoloration under arms Please help
  46. Using Ketoconazole cream, 2% (Nizoral) for Seborrheic Dermatitis
  47. Sore peeling on bottom of toes, help!
  48. skin problem that won't get away please help !
  49. Something like "pimple'" on side od anus
  50. Red dots in a line and discolorization on hand?
  51. photosensitivity?
  52. vein suddenly started showing
  53. Lumps under skin filled with blood?
  54. cellulitis on penis shaft
  55. Two slightly pink/white/feint slightly raised circular mark on leg?
  56. two pinkish red pea size lump on scrotum
  57. Un-Explained Scratches
  58. Me too!
  59. white hard lump in nostril and white like spreading pimple like things on neck and fa
  60. Worried sick..Shaft of penis is quite puffy
  61. Burning & Itchy Skin Conditions
  62. Skin around finger nails peeling, bleeding easily
  63. Long term peeling and cracking of skin
  64. Could it be chicken pox or some other skin disease?
  65. Not a zit, not a cold sore... cyst?
  66. Horrible, possible rash or hive situation..?
  67. Corticosteroid Cream for Cheilitis?
  68. Terrible cyst... Can anyone offer me some comfort?
  69. Recurring boils on the same area on my nose
  70. New Acne Problems?
  71. Problems after using Alpecin Shampoo
  72. Itchy legs
  73. Steadily pulling out hair
  74. littledog
  75. long term itchy leg rash
  76. Unknown Rash on Legs
  77. What the heck is this? (pictures)
  78. Vitiligo - Can it be Covered Up?
  79. itchy bump quarter size returns in exact spot
  80. Perioral dermatitis not going away
  81. Help strange rash!
  82. Scratches and extreme redness in groin region
  83. Dark red bump
  84. Is this Raynaud's?
  85. my spots
  86. Please help me identify what this is..
  87. 14 yr old son atypical abnormal mole foot
  88. bumps on skin
  89. Itchy rash
  90. Mystery rash is driving me crazy!!
  91. Face Rash... Any Ideas?
  92. Tinea Versicolor Question
  93. What are these flakes in my beard?
  94. Moles on Foot and toes
  95. Top of hands itchy with bumps that pop
  96. Possible Melanoma with Halo Moles
  97. Genital Wart Question
  98. itchy red spots on arms, legs, buttocks and tummy
  99. Hyperpigmentation
  100. perioral dermatitis
  101. Reappearing dead skin/pale white beneath
  102. Cellulitis - Question about antibiotics prescribed
  103. odd looking mole.opinions?
  104. Help!
  105. :/ need information bout my mole plz.(idk if it is one)
  106. small itchy spot on skin
  107. Odd spots on my Chest, stomach, and back
  108. Psoraisis on Hand
  109. Bumps INside of my arms...???
  110. 8 year old's infected ear piercing
  111. Question about Infected Cyst
  112. Help
  113. Homemade mask for Eczema
  114. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
  115. Lump on scrotum
  116. Really itchy red circular spots that have turned bruised color the last 3 days?
  117. Problems with studying
  118. Redness, rash swelling under eyes
  119. Can someone help me figure out this mystery rash, please?
  120. Marks under Breasts
  121. Sudden new skin on my penis.
  122. burning skin
  123. Rash/Fungus on right buttock.
  124. lumps under skin on chin
  125. Rash in the back of my head
  126. Erythrasma scars (brown skin)
  127. melasma
  128. Non Itchy Skin Rash!!!
  129. Constant skin blemishes on forehead, doc puzzled, pics here---anyone know?
  130. Contact dermatitis?
  131. Pubic Hair Shaving
  132. Waxing or removing hair from sensitive skin face
  133. Red flaky dry patch
  134. help with facial flushing
  135. Strange scar-like circles under arms and spreading. With Photos.
  136. Numb stiff skin on finger...
  137. Strange scar-like circles under arms and spreading
  138. Very Dry/Itchy/Flaky Skin on Head and Beard
  139. itchy, painful mole at base of neck
  140. Help
  141. Redness & swelling under eyes solution?
  142. Itchy skin problem
  143. dirty neck
  144. Needle and Pins Pain on Shoulders, Upper Back, and Neck
  145. Jock Itch
  146. Round circular type of rash with white dots coming out of it under my left breast
  147. Ulcer in pubic hair region
  148. Finger wound healing help?
  149. Face, neck, chest, and arms flushing
  150. rash??
  151. recurring dry/flaky patches on forehead
  152. Skin Rash - Itchy, then scabs over
  153. Unknown Skin rash
  154. Small mosquito bite-like hives on face
  155. Rash under arm
  156. What is this? :( *Pics included*
  157. Seborrheic Dermatitis!!!
  158. Really dry skin around eyes
  159. Strange rash on legs.
  160. Small bumps
  161. Non-itchy rash- it is spreading
  162. Hello,im new here and i have a facial problem
  163. Hello world
  164. Possible bacterial infection
  165. Scalp issues
  166. cellulitis? small bump underneath
  167. need dry skin help!
  168. Random red rings/circles appearing/disapearing on stomach
  169. First Dermatologist Visit
  170. Why does my skin feel so inflammed?
  171. Herpes or Pimples
  172. First Timer
  173. New freckles and etc after 2nd degree sunburn
  174. Possible folliculitus?
  175. Dry skin behind the ears
  176. Identify bug bites or not
  177. Tiny dry pieces of skin coming out of hair follicle
  178. Not easily diagnosed itch?
  179. Flaky/irritated skin around eyes.
  180. Worried about my Mom. Some secondary advice?
  181. facial skin tags
  182. Hidradenitis Suppurativa
  183. what causes severe itch in palm of hands
  184. Skin Rash
  185. Dr said Ringworm, advice please?
  186. Chigger Information
  187. Is this Acne or something else???? Help!!!!
  188. wrinkles even makeup won,t cover!
  189. losing color on penis. is it really vitiligo?
  190. Perioral Dermatitis?
  191. Red Itchy Rash
  192. OMG!! Suddenly PIMPLES!
  193. Advice on a Cyst
  194. Perioral dermatitis or papopostular rosacea
  195. Skin bump removal, how long to healand why some bleeding now?
  196. painful itchy hands and feet
  197. Small, red painful bump near anus?
  198. Anckle Bruise, thoughts of what it is?
  199. Itchy Backs Of Hands DRIVING ME CRAZY
  200. Skin pigmentation
  201. red upper chest
  202. Itchy Red Scrotum that has progressed to stinging but invisible butt rash
  203. Here's one you probably never heard of...
  204. Weird callus
  205. tiny blisters on my face. what could this be?
  206. Small blister-like bump on nose that comes and goes...
  207. Feels like a million needles....
  208. whats this rash?
  209. pink animal scratches- bad?
  210. used topical steroid for six months destroyed my skin
  211. Large painful knot/bump near my taint/anus/rectum
  212. Skin Peeled Off Fingertips
  213. Can't Get Rid of Seb. Dermatitis on Face
  214. Burning sore lips
  215. Burning sore lips
  216. Could This Be Bed Bugs?
  217. Tiny bump on pinky finger (w/pic)... is it a wart?
  218. Hidradenitis suppurativa
  219. Help!(pics)What is this awful irritation?!
  220. Itchy elbows and knees, small bumps
  221. Applied Too Much Neosporin Do I have an Infection?
  222. dark patch forehead
  223. Skin colored bumps on face?
  224. Orange Spots On Eyelids
  225. Red Blotchy itchy wrists and sides
  226. red itchy bumps on lips and legs
  227. Black eye wont fade!!
  228. "Pruritis" chronic itch...
  229. looks like bug bites but cant find any bugs at all!!
  230. looks like bug bites but cant find any bugs at all!!
  231. Adult Gianotti-Crosti Syndrome?
  232. Looking for suggestions (Allergy-Dry-Sensitive-Eczema)
  233. Sunburn / melonoma
  234. Itchy skin when embarrassed or hot
  235. Flaky, rough neck skin with unusual hair growth
  236. patchy skin...
  237. Doctor is Completely Clueless... Could use some thoughts
  238. Please Read im worried!
  239. tons of tiny hard lumps on calves?
  240. what is this rash? aching neck, +pics
  241. Can't explain itchy bumps
  242. mole/wart?
  243. Skin flap by anus
  244. small red dots on my body
  245. 9 yr old with pimple like rash on buttocks
  246. Rash on chest
  247. 3 yr. old diagnosed with vitiligo
  248. Dry Itchy Rash on Breast
  249. cracks on both sides of nose
  250. PLEASE HELPP ?! 2 problems.