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  1. eczema
  2. Looking to diagnose a 'blood spot' on my chin. Ideas?
  3. how to rotate shampoos in seborrheic dermatitis?
  4. Red spots in pubic area (girl)
  5. How common is it for 3 bacteria types to infect one boil?
  6. Purple Skin Moles
  7. Itching
  8. Skin on center of nipples
  9. rashes
  10. Does This Look Dry?
  11. Skin ulcer- Basal Cell Carcinoma
  12. Freckles developing in adulthood
  13. re: a ruptured cherry angioma
  14. Hydroquinone burned my skin help!
  15. "part" albino or just extremely fair skin?
  16. red spots on legs and back??
  17. Unusual stretch marks question
  18. Various skin problems.
  19. Skin Problem Please hel SCARED!
  20. Medium Sized Skin Tag Removal
  21. pityriasis rosea
  22. Red itchy spots on ankles
  23. How do I remedy my stretch marks?
  24. What is this?????
  25. Hand foot and mouth
  26. Strange black patch on foot
  27. Painful Rash
  28. skin itching & rashes all over body since last 4 months
  29. Miliaria crystallina & Topamax
  30. crawly itchy arm
  31. smelly discharge from skin abrasion
  32. will castor oil shrink skin moles
  33. Sensitivity to hot water now
  34. What can stop 10% wool itch from jacket
  35. tiny red dots on ankles
  36. Red spots on the roof of the mouth
  37. eczema on face
  38. Pityriasis Rosea Questions
  39. Dark spots on upper thigh (African American / Black)
  40. sun spots
  41. does applying potato juice dry up the skin?
  42. itchy bum area
  43. scar
  44. Palmar hyperhidrosis and Botox
  45. Black eye wont fade, nearly one month and a half
  46. Rashes in Flexion areas: Neck, Arm and Legs 10 year old
  47. rashes and blisters
  48. Red, non itchy patch on face
  49. Reddish/purple spot on penis glans. Bit worried....
  50. Striations
  51. Blackheads problem
  52. Make scars go away - redness go away?
  53. Cyst on chest
  54. Why does my body itch whenever i sweat?
  55. Bug Bites?? Raised itchy spots.
  56. Infected Bite
  57. my face gets itchy when i sweat
  58. Itchy legs!
  59. why do i get all red and itchy when I sweat?
  60. scratch bumps (itchy whole body) - Dermatographism
  61. My tanned skin is covered with small white spots. What is this?
  62. Delicate skin- What sunscreen??
  63. Rash covering almost entire body!...What is going on?
  64. Blisters on my hands and fingers
  65. white skin now dark
  66. Rash around panty line
  67. arms itching from shoulder to wrist no rash!!!
  68. Hands skins peeling off in thick layers
  69. acne like red pimples on arms and chest
  70. weird patchy skin
  71. Sebacious Cyst
  72. are these bites or what?
  73. what deficiency causes cracks at the cirner of your mouth
  74. Need cream for light scratch/cut marks
  75. how to heal skin without scab
  76. Is it safe to rub castor oil and baking soda mixture to facial moles?
  77. scabies
  78. Really weird paste-like substance on skin
  79. does gym make alergy?
  80. Finger Warts - Planned Surgery
  81. Have had a slight rash on my arm for months. Doesn't itch and doesn't hurt.
  82. itching all over
  83. i have white spots on my legs. what can that be?
  84. Please help! a red skin problem for about two months
  85. Please help me with eczema?
  86. dry and itchy scrotum
  87. Sunburn only getting worse...?
  88. how to get rid of skin moles?
  89. My Skin itches a lot and i dont know why
  90. Any ideas
  91. Very confused, Extremely ITCHY. Need help please D:
  92. Wound is taking FOREVER to heal!
  93. What are these dark red spots?
  94. Any remedies to remove graphite stains?
  95. Black mole
  96. Skin pigmentation problem?
  97. White spot in between my eyes
  98. Proud Dad NeedsTo Help His Daughter!
  99. What is this bump?
  100. best way to get rid of ringworm
  101. What are the cause of these rashes?
  102. AHA Peel-off Masques
  103. Castor Oil and Baking Soda for Mole Removal
  104. water blisters
  105. Bumps on stomach
  106. Sun Bumps-see my post below-anyone else have problem?
  107. Effective treatments for poor circulation??
  108. cure for facial mole with hairs..
  109. Red Blotches Under Skin (HELP PLZ!)
  110. how long does razor bumps on the vagina last
  111. Red shiny spots on Penis---need help!
  112. Nioxin
  113. circle rash, pretty sure it's not ringworm
  114. Poison Ivy??
  115. i have some white spots all over my legs
  116. Dry red flakey spots on my face.
  117. red itchy patches on cheeks
  118. Full body eczema.
  119. Wound on Scalp
  120. Alkergic reaction (welts) to cold water
  121. what can i do about my fragile skin
  122. Line of spots - Picture included :)
  123. Hypopigmentation on Neck
  124. Help with pinkish/red spots.
  125. jojoba oil --> initial breakout?
  126. former boil, now a cyst?
  127. poison ivy rash + swelling
  128. Pink Skin!
  129. skin peeling under arms
  130. vitiligo or not
  131. Constant cold and clammy hands
  132. difference between vitiligo and tinea versicolor?
  133. Milia
  134. Low Iron
  135. Brown rash inside buttocks cheeks
  136. Skin infection, help?
  137. why is there white spots appearing on my shoulder
  138. Strange skin infection...I think I was misdiagnosed
  139. My mother's had an itchy finger for years.
  140. red line across nose
  141. bump on back side of ear lobe
  142. rash on the stomach
  143. I'm sure it's not a rash, but I'm so ITCHY!!!
  144. Sun Burn (HELP)
  145. rash on penis
  146. white patch on the eyebrow
  147. What can i use to clear my face up?
  148. Scars and Stretch Marks
  149. bug bite or cyst?
  150. rash on finger
  151. mole check cost?
  152. What's wrong with my chest and how do I fix it?
  153. My sons mystery rash has me Worried
  154. strange bruises on my left armpit
  155. Post-chafe trauma - undiagnosed problem D:
  156. OTC Cheap Tinea Versicolor Treatment
  157. Book--"Superbug"
  158. Weird rash on neck after using expired sunscreen
  159. Black patches
  160. dry skin on finger
  161. Unexplained nodules on arm
  162. White Patches : Is it really vitiligo?
  163. when i get hot i itch all over
  164. 2 weeks after surgery temp. cast removed and skin around incision is black.
  165. Anybody Have Eczema
  166. Soft growth -- no pain?
  167. unexplainable itchy red rash?
  168. Really worried
  169. sunburn help!
  170. My face is peeling!
  171. how to cope emotionally
  172. Sunlight/UV Sensitivity
  173. Developing patches on skin
  174. Bumps on knee, what are these?
  175. Tinea Versicolor treatments?
  176. Blister problem
  177. Full body skin exam
  178. Red, raised, itchy rash umder my arms but above next to my bra line
  179. Spots from the sun
  180. what causes cold to hot itchy
  181. Red Sore Itchy Bumps on bottom of feet with dark dry skin.
  182. BOIL? How to treat...
  183. ear
  184. Tiny skin-coloured bumps beneath eyes
  185. Blackened Skin Around Wart
  186. premerin
  187. Vitamin k creme major allergy
  188. some type of bug bit me??
  189. Sebhoric Keratosis - spelling??
  190. Heat rash but no itching?
  191. Exposing to cold does white patches on my skin.
  192. Scar removal- Silicon pad
  193. Knee Disease
  194. Excessive scarring
  195. Heat Rash?
  196. Removing Freckles & Other Spots?
  197. HUGE underarm bumps!
  198. why have i got white small dots on my skin while im suffering from pigmentation
  199. Possible scabies? Ahhh!
  200. Rash
  201. rash all over arms legs feet and spreading
  202. Brown sack-like growth
  203. Jojoba oil drying out skin and allergic reaction?
  204. seborrheic dermatitis redness(face)
  205. Hives and allergy testing
  206. red spots on body
  207. What type of rash is this?
  208. red spot on my arm
  209. what is low acid stomack
  210. For Keloid Sufferers - My experience (excision).
  211. important
  212. Young, small, stretch marks.
  213. Bug bite...helpppp!!!
  214. Sore appears on my stomach and then bruises
  215. Strange single recurring sore
  216. Dark ring around front of neck
  217. Necrotic Wound and Unna Boot
  218. Does garlic work on flat moles?
  219. Prickly Heat
  220. White itchy wart like bumps on tops of feet
  221. Was a black dot, I think I made it mad
  222. Know the Ingredients in your Skin Products
  223. Onset of pale skin and red ****
  224. random rash on knees, elbows, and finger
  225. Sticky Skin
  226. Impertigo
  227. Itching all over!
  228. small red dots, appear and disappear daily, hands feet and other places
  229. Is my dermatologist not doing his job?
  230. Advice please, this is bugging me out
  231. Vitamin E oil + scars(minor)
  232. please help with some advice
  233. Getting Rid of Granuloma Annulare
  234. Granuloma Annulare
  235. Itchy bump on neck
  236. Odd skin rash
  237. Red Blotch On Thigh
  238. Red lumps on leg and muscular pain?
  239. White blotches on forehead and cheeks
  240. Mastocytoma in an adult?
  241. Dermatofibroma Removed
  242. Pimple Problems
  243. burning skin sensation
  244. Cyst Type on Sac? Please
  245. skin
  246. pitikia
  247. Itchy skin for 5 weeks now
  248. Itchy, weeping bumps where cat scracthed
  249. white dots on my skin after sunburn
  250. Hives for about 7 weeks