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  1. itchy after taking shower
  2. Birthmark Changing? Help.
  3. Red dots on calves - Not itchy, not painful
  4. Black spot on tip of finger
  5. Waistline rash PICS PROVIDED
  6. Postinflammatory Hyperpigmentation in Butt Area
  7. tiny bump on face bleeds off and on?
  8. Urgent!!! Anti-scar cream!!
  9. whole body sweating, in cold or hot climates
  10. Discolored Circular Patches on fore hand
  11. Removing Moles? Dermatend? Please help!
  12. Hemorrhoids
  13. little "balls" under skin
  14. Small raised mole/wart like spots on arms/top of hands/face/thigh
  15. White Spots on Arms, Back and partial Neck! Please Help!
  16. Help please
  17. scratched off mole
  18. I have red cheeks all the time what can I do about it
  19. what is this!!
  20. Seborrheic Dermatitis On Face
  21. Fungus on skin
  22. bumps on hands and feet
  23. what are puss filled bumps on fingers
  24. piles
  25. red hands when cold or hot
  26. what is good for dry and acne face
  27. Hands
  28. Why do I have white circles on my arms
  29. Dry White Patch of Skin on Toe.
  30. Vitiligo has stopped?
  31. Ingrown Hairs?
  32. scalps bumps hair loss
  33. Recent problem - face become always rosey and red
  34. Brown spot on lower lip & red spot along border??
  35. Dry skin, skin loss, warts
  36. Hair Dye Reactions...
  37. Itchy wound with bumps
  38. Sweaty!
  39. Many others feel the "bugs under skin" on shoulder blade
  40. Hard boils/spots on my chin and forehead
  41. i have a boil on my eyelid what to do to help it
  42. rash?
  43. bites on the body legs arms hands feet and face
  44. White round dots with red dots in the middle
  45. Please! Help! Maculo-papular rash!
  46. Dry wrinkly nose a medical condition?
  47. Horse fly bite or what?
  48. why does the whole of my body itch
  49. A question about warts?
  50. Red Bump Under Eye
  51. Polymyositis and Dermatomyositis
  52. I can't get rid of my dandruff no matter what I do!
  53. Pale patch of skin on my shoulder.
  54. Keratosis Pilaris, Bleach baths are working
  55. Hard-ish lumps w/craters growing in center of chest below clavicle
  56. Hard lumps w/craters growing in center of chest below clavicle
  57. flat red spots on hands
  58. Strange Blotchy SPOTS on my arms
  59. sebaceous cyst - removed surgically, holes remininag to heal
  60. How to darken pre lighten skin
  61. Yeast infection/Skin rashes.
  62. Burn sensation & redness of skin
  63. what can be taken orally for stubborn ringworm
  64. rash or bites or something else please help?!
  65. Insect bites
  66. red lips infection
  67. Dry skin.. Has anyone ever experienced this?
  68. Please help! Black dot ringworm
  69. Red dots on the back of my head
  70. why is my skin so hot to the touch
  71. lump behind ear
  72. Itching with no rash?
  73. Ringworm- Terbinafine Treatment
  74. Red rash on arm? No doctor in thailand can tell!
  75. faint pinkish bruises on foot?
  76. SCAR REMOVAL for Excema on legs???
  77. Melasma - HELP!
  78. Hot skin, no fever
  79. Face rash
  80. Skin irritation help?
  81. Red blotches on breasts
  82. painful itchy forearms
  83. patches of slightly swollen pores
  84. Odd Skin Blemish
  85. I NEED HELP! :'( (problem concerning lip discoloring)
  86. non-itchy chicken pox
  87. Peeling Skin
  88. Can icing a bruise cause broken capillaries?
  89. Dry red skin with bumps
  90. Severe all over itching when tired
  91. Chest Flushing
  92. Unhealable Ulcer Healed with Manuka Honey
  93. Bump on Pad of Finger
  94. Pimple on Elbow
  95. sores on scalp
  96. Strange red sores - please help!
  97. why does my skin itch so bad??
  98. Itchy feet?
  99. scalp itchy/dry
  100. buttock skin
  101. sun burn
  102. Skin tag in mouth
  103. Left Calf and Knee Swelling - Not Cellulitis of DVT
  104. Hair Follicles? Dots on Legs
  105. Large itchy bumps on forehead
  106. peeling skin on fingertips?
  107. Flaky/scaley itchy skin on eyelids
  108. bumps on head
  109. Left nipple always hard
  110. Flat MOLES!!!!!
  111. Upper Lip - Dark Shadow
  112. Angular Cheilitis Not Going Away With Prescribed Medication
  113. Ingrown Hair or Something Else?
  114. I have a serious unknown skin condition
  115. Small White Spot on Chest
  116. colour change
  117. small rash
  118. feet
  119. Seborrheic Dermatitis: tips anyone?
  120. Mole removal
  121. my skin from my finger are turning all white
  122. Central Face Rash - help please
  123. rash/redness on nose
  124. why does my scalp smell after excercising?
  125. Red spots around the pelvic area
  126. Chronic Peeling Lips
  127. SKIN: Dark complexion in the shaving area of the face
  128. face problem
  129. What can be done about this rash?
  130. why do i get itchy when i get hot
  131. Sensitive skin hands- need help
  132. my cheeks go flushed when im hot what can i do
  133. Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation
  134. Eczema/Atopic Dermatitis: Hydrolatum vs. Petroleum Jelly
  135. Red/purple bleeding lump thing...
  136. African American female with dark "moustache" above lip
  137. Tinea Versicolor and nutrition
  138. Itchy scrotum skin.
  139. i have white splotches all over my body, they feel dry yet and it won't tan like the
  140. Road rash - wha's this liquid?
  141. moles
  142. Boil with three types of bacteria, one or more antibiotic resistant?
  143. poison ivy or scabies?
  144. hairloss over my birth mark
  145. brown spots on feet
  146. red marks
  147. eczema
  148. Looking to diagnose a 'blood spot' on my chin. Ideas?
  149. how to rotate shampoos in seborrheic dermatitis?
  150. Red spots in pubic area (girl)
  151. How common is it for 3 bacteria types to infect one boil?
  152. Purple Skin Moles
  153. Itching
  154. Skin on center of nipples
  155. rashes
  156. Does This Look Dry?
  157. Skin ulcer- Basal Cell Carcinoma
  158. Freckles developing in adulthood
  159. re: a ruptured cherry angioma
  160. Hydroquinone burned my skin help!
  161. "part" albino or just extremely fair skin?
  162. red spots on legs and back??
  163. Unusual stretch marks question
  164. Various skin problems.
  165. Skin Problem Please hel SCARED!
  166. Medium Sized Skin Tag Removal
  167. pityriasis rosea
  168. Red itchy spots on ankles
  169. How do I remedy my stretch marks?
  170. What is this?????
  171. Hand foot and mouth
  172. Strange black patch on foot
  173. Painful Rash
  174. skin itching & rashes all over body since last 4 months
  175. Miliaria crystallina & Topamax
  176. crawly itchy arm
  177. smelly discharge from skin abrasion
  178. will castor oil shrink skin moles
  179. Sensitivity to hot water now
  180. What can stop 10% wool itch from jacket
  181. tiny red dots on ankles
  182. Red spots on the roof of the mouth
  183. eczema on face
  184. Pityriasis Rosea Questions
  185. Dark spots on upper thigh (African American / Black)
  186. sun spots
  187. does applying potato juice dry up the skin?
  188. itchy bum area
  189. scar
  190. Palmar hyperhidrosis and Botox
  191. Black eye wont fade, nearly one month and a half
  192. Rashes in Flexion areas: Neck, Arm and Legs 10 year old
  193. rashes and blisters
  194. Red, non itchy patch on face
  195. Reddish/purple spot on penis glans. Bit worried....
  196. Striations
  197. Blackheads problem
  198. Make scars go away - redness go away?
  199. Cyst on chest
  200. Why does my body itch whenever i sweat?
  201. Bug Bites?? Raised itchy spots.
  202. Infected Bite
  203. my face gets itchy when i sweat
  204. Itchy legs!
  205. why do i get all red and itchy when I sweat?
  206. scratch bumps (itchy whole body) - Dermatographism
  207. My tanned skin is covered with small white spots. What is this?
  208. Delicate skin- What sunscreen??
  209. Rash covering almost entire body!...What is going on?
  210. Blisters on my hands and fingers
  211. white skin now dark
  212. Rash around panty line
  213. arms itching from shoulder to wrist no rash!!!
  214. Hands skins peeling off in thick layers
  215. acne like red pimples on arms and chest
  216. weird patchy skin
  217. Sebacious Cyst
  218. are these bites or what?
  219. what deficiency causes cracks at the cirner of your mouth
  220. Need cream for light scratch/cut marks
  221. how to heal skin without scab
  222. Is it safe to rub castor oil and baking soda mixture to facial moles?
  223. scabies
  224. Really weird paste-like substance on skin
  225. does gym make alergy?
  226. Finger Warts - Planned Surgery
  227. Have had a slight rash on my arm for months. Doesn't itch and doesn't hurt.
  228. itching all over
  229. i have white spots on my legs. what can that be?
  230. Please help! a red skin problem for about two months
  231. Please help me with eczema?
  232. dry and itchy scrotum
  233. Sunburn only getting worse...?
  234. how to get rid of skin moles?
  235. My Skin itches a lot and i dont know why
  236. Any ideas
  237. Very confused, Extremely ITCHY. Need help please D:
  238. Wound is taking FOREVER to heal!
  239. What are these dark red spots?
  240. Any remedies to remove graphite stains?
  241. Black mole
  242. Skin pigmentation problem?
  243. White spot in between my eyes
  244. Proud Dad NeedsTo Help His Daughter!
  245. What is this bump?
  246. best way to get rid of ringworm
  247. What are the cause of these rashes?
  248. AHA Peel-off Masques
  249. Castor Oil and Baking Soda for Mole Removal
  250. water blisters