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  1. Dermatologists confused
  2. Help little pimples all over my body
  3. Dermatologists confused
  4. Help! Itchy bumps all over!
  5. Rash on my face
  6. Do I have scabies?? Please help
  7. Red spots
  8. 2 year itch
  9. need help with skin bumps ):
  10. Skin indentations and welts
  11. What is wrong with my skin!!!
  12. Scabies and scalp. Freaking out
  13. Things on my skin Help!!
  14. skin rejuvenaton
  15. Skin problems on foot
  16. 16 years, many doctors, and still lost - Please Help My Mom!
  17. Small itchy bumps on my back
  18. infected hair follicles on breast?
  19. Folliculitis Suddenly Destroying my Body
  20. Itch Arms for 25 years
  21. Ear problem please help!
  22. Excess Oil and Blackheads on face
  23. Skin spontaneously scarring and losing elasticity all over?
  24. Weird mass inside belly button
  25. Cannot figure out what this is all over body.
  26. Serve skin irritation/rash
  27. spreading sandpaper skin
  28. Tinea Versicolor ... does it get worse with medication before better?
  29. Ringworm?
  30. Itchy red bumps under armpits days after sex with stranger
  31. Does this look concerning?
  32. Cuts won't heal
  33. help me please
  34. Bump in between my butt cheeks
  35. Sore Not Healing
  36. Bellybutton rash
  37. Eyelid peeling
  38. Bruises taking forever to heal
  39. Itching skin when moist/wet
  40. Scabies? Swimmer's Itch? Chlorine Rash?
  41. Does anyone know what kind of bites these are?
  42. Anyone here familiar with Scabies?
  43. Eczema
  44. Itchy Skin Rash
  45. Pink bump on stomach
  46. Lifelong unidentified skin issue
  47. help! having small bumps on skin and they wont go away
  48. Recurring purple spot
  49. Does this sound like a pilonidal cyst?
  50. Skin condition ?
  51. hives? insect bite? suggestions?
  52. Skin rash what is it? (images)
  53. Aquaphor : Can it cause a rash?
  54. Dry skin patches, how to get rid of?
  55. rapid aging of skin
  56. white dots all over my face
  57. Stress rash or fungal?
  58. Dry cracked heels
  59. Stomach Rash won't go away + Brain Fog
  60. Skin red all over - in agony!!
  61. skin rash
  62. How to get rid of dry, sensitive, bumpy leather looking skin
  63. Skin Rash
  64. hundreds of white spots on face
  65. Bumps on feet and hands and stomach and itch
  66. Strange bumps help?
  67. Down there
  68. What is this?
  69. Hair, Skin and Nails Vitamins
  70. Scabies
  71. Can someone tell me what this is
  72. Have you ever seen this?
  73. Help - Rash
  74. skin biopsy
  75. Red peeling skin on sides of nose
  76. black mark in face scrape
  77. Skin issue on bum
  78. Taint Cyst
  79. Mysterious straight line rash
  80. How can I get rid of warts?
  81. Morgellons
  82. Random non itchy rash on neck/shoulder
  83. What happened to my skin ?
  84. painful red bumps
  85. Help! What is this?
  86. Rash on hands and arms
  87. Are these moles bad?
  88. Help!! Can't stop itching
  89. Lips: From tiny bumps to never ending chap-ness
  90. What is this? - Allergy? Animal Bite? Bug Bite? Wound?
  91. Help, Out of Town
  92. Help, Out of Town
  93. Deep Wine Color Spot on arm ... age spot?
  94. Allergy or Not?
  95. Skin issue on very lower back
  96. Rash on leg
  97. Burning/Lasering Off Angular Cheilitis?
  98. Terrible sunburn turning purple in spots?
  99. Crepey skin on upper arms, help!
  100. painful rash under armpits
  101. 28 year old scar blistered entirely!
  102. Can't get rid of skin parasites
  103. what is this on my face ?
  104. Circular hard bump on my finger
  105. tingling burning scalp
  106. Rash not lyme but Doxy worked and returned?
  107. My Skin ripped off and won't seem to heal
  108. Itchy scaly singular patch on abdomen
  109. What To look For Thin Skin
  110. HELP? 8 months of SEVERE itching all over - 4 doctors later
  111. Skin Biospy from finger?
  112. Have a few places where it feels like there's a splinter, but I can't find anything!
  113. Dark ahrd spots on thighs
  114. Help interpreting biopsy results
  115. Hive turned red, painful, swollen and hot?
  116. Skin colored raised bumps on arm
  117. Painful calluses on my index finger and thumb
  118. Bump on finger. Black/reddish, small, painful on finger
  119. Dry skin around mouth? What is this?
  120. Non-itchy skin rash?
  121. Rashes caused by coffee?
  122. Tiny blisters/rash itchy after hand surgery.
  123. I keep getting cystic acne under my breasts!
  124. Can ringworm last two years?
  125. Red spots on my skin ... help me figure out what this is?
  126. What is this spot next to my navel? Liver spot or something else?
  127. Hydro/breakouts
  128. Skin rash after minor surgery - Lichen Planus
  129. What is this
  130. Red patch below lip line wont go away
  131. Darkened Corners of Mouth
  132. Red patches on skin, not itchy or raised, somewhat circular
  133. Painful red dry skin on chin and nose
  134. Should I be concerned? Or will this go away on its own?
  135. What does this skin condition look like?
  136. Can anyone tell me what this looks like??
  137. Body Rash
  138. Here for some keloids
  139. Skin rash
  140. Burning, peeling feet
  141. Rash on lower abdominal area
  142. Bad itching
  143. Skin Problem
  144. Red, dry rash on nearly the whole of my thighs.
  145. I can't figure out my skin condition...
  146. Unknown Skin Rash on Ankle
  147. Red, blotches/marks on face after exfoliating
  148. Psoriasis
  149. help please!
  150. Sizeable wart/mole on my face. Will removing it cause scarring?
  151. Little itchy, burning red bumps on hands
  152. Purple dots or paint?
  153. Sunburn before surgery
  154. Four Red Dots in a square formation
  155. Itch-less, pain-less bug bites? Or something else
  156. Bit by something
  157. Annoying abscesses that turn into skin ulcers
  158. I don't know what it is
  159. Foot Mole
  160. Extremely OILY DEHYDRATED skin and eyebrow hairloss.
  161. How is it like getting iv antibiotic for skin conditions though.Do they usually work.
  162. Dark spots on corners of mouth(angular cheilitis?)
  163. Stevens Johnson Syndrome
  164. Sudden skin problems all around the body
  165. Dark circles under eyes
  166. Bumps on Upper thigh
  167. Help me ... i ruined my skin.
  168. Poison Ivy, Prednisone
  169. Red spots on skin
  170. Is Hydrocortisone Safe for Lips???
  171. Unna Boot
  172. Itching/burning rash(?) at the back of my head
  173. Boob rash
  174. Bruise with no injury
  175. Help! Worrying like crazy
  176. Severe Skin Allergies
  177. Skin rash in the neck
  178. is this acne or something else at age 38???
  179. Unexplained rash on legs and arms
  180. Weird skin rash
  181. pls help I think my 6yr old son has flat warts on his face
  182. What type of facial for bumps on the face
  183. Spider bite aftermath - blood blisters??
  184. My legs feel like they're sunburned but aren't?
  185. Red Spots on Scalp
  186. marks from hair removal bleach
  187. I hope someone can answer this question
  188. Rash/Bumps on butt cheeks
  189. Itchy red rash on back and chest
  190. Redish brown skin color around mouth
  191. Wierd dots on arm
  192. Effects of Corticosteroids or steroids
  193. Is 21 way too young to have a skin tag?
  194. Hi i get issue with my face
  195. Non-itchy rash
  196. I can see veins in my hand
  197. Unknown rash please help
  198. Puss over hairs on legs
  199. Scalp Sores
  200. red skin under eye
  201. What is it?
  202. Feels like skin crawling
  203. We both itch
  204. White lines on arms
  205. Please help I want to learn about my disease
  206. Rash? What is this?
  207. Sensitive lump, first on pinky now on elbow
  208. Flushed, Red, & Pasty White
  209. Itchy backs of hands
  210. Chin Hair Growth
  211. Mole removal using Garlic
  212. Strange dry rash in my groins
  213. Nose peeling on sides
  214. Small, Itchy Bumps
  215. Keratosis Polaris and Skin Picking
  216. sweat is literally driving me crazy
  217. Big brown rash
  218. Purple marks randomly appear on skin
  219. Melanoma under toenail
  220. Someone PLEASE help me.
  221. Weird skin bump *Help*
  222. Bumps but not bugs
  223. Random tiny Red bumps
  224. Skin Rash ... Help!
  225. Red bump with whitehead on side of finger
  226. First herpes outbreak!
  227. Advair, Cortisol and Excema...
  228. Proper Culture Protocol
  229. Mole Removal on my Face
  230. fever blisters?
  231. Red sores along my arm
  232. Sun burn and massage
  233. Flesh colored goose bump looking bumps ?!?
  234. What's this on my face? Acne? Milia or something else?
  235. Itchy rash around wasitline
  236. spot on stomach that won't go away
  237. Xanthelesma
  238. Long snake-like rash on torso
  239. Dry White Sore On My Face From Picking At Pimple. How Do I Get Rid Of it?
  240. How long is ringworm/jock itch contagious once treatment has begun?
  241. Unexplained Hives/Dermographism/Itching
  242. Celexa Withdrawl rash
  243. Can anyone tell me what this is?
  244. What exactly is this on the corners of my lips?
  245. Really thick skin on wrist & palm and discoloration
  246. New Marking on Skin - Help!
  247. Weird mole
  248. What may be causing my red face?
  249. White skin
  250. Mole Help