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  1. normal iron test result?
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  10. High Serum Gastrin
  11. Opinions Appreciated
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  14. B12 deficiency
  15. what does trace of protein in urine mean
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  18. So how low is low?
  19. how much B12 to inject?
  20. How long for Ferritin to drop?
  21. Still exhausted after iron/B-12 levels increase to almost normal.
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  23. Mediterranean Anemia?? Help??
  24. When do you see a hematologist?
  25. High Blood Pressure & Anemia?
  26. chronic anaemia
  27. I am new, please i advice me....
  28. Is this maybe iron deficiency anemia?
  29. Too soon to exercise?
  30. ?? about Folic Acid defiency
  31. Breathing Problems with Anemia and low iron levels?
  32. Iron injection bruises are not going away
  33. Need some help please with blood results:)
  34. what is the normal ferritin level
  35. Need help with these blood results
  36. How long does it take for you to become anemic?
  37. Ferritin Update and CBC Lab History
  38. what kind of doctor should treat pernicious anemia
  39. ONE more time....what is the ferritin # that most see hair regrowth at?
  40. 6 month Hematology follow up! ~UPDATE~
  41. New and need some advice
  42. Low Ferritin Level
  43. Hi I'm new and need some advice
  44. Procrit-Hurry-Should I request autopsy?
  45. having FATIGUE & 'the chills'
  46. Now what...
  47. Useful information
  48. what is:
  49. **Could** iron supps. cause/encourage weight loss OR at least make it hard to lose>>>
  50. Low ferritin, normal cbc??
  51. Hi to everyone, new here, looking for help!!
  52. how long after iv iron infusion will i feel better
  53. Dr's Visit
  54. low iron stores in small child
  55. gastric bypass
  56. B12 is 94
  57. Help?
  58. Symptomatic with Ferritin of 15?
  59. Ok, what's the deal here?
  60. Update - Good news, not-so-good news
  61. Is this very dangerous ??????
  62. Latest Lab Results - confused more than ever...
  63. Hello, confused about CBC
  64. Does anyone know the difference...
  65. platets
  66. what is the right blood count
  67. Spatone...One or two???
  68. how much iron supplement should I take a day
  69. Merry Christmas
  70. b12 level is 175
  71. low iron
  72. marinade liver in milk?
  73. ferritin going down
  74. show me how to give b12 injections
  75. Doc says Red Cells are not shaped normally
  76. Iron sulfate with meals or not? I'm confused
  77. just diagnosed, any tips?
  78. A question for the ladies
  79. Sever Stomach Pain after Venafer
  80. Any thoughts on these numbers, PLEASE!
  81. I am really scared guys!
  82. Best way to keep "things" moving?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  83. Anemia of Chronic Disease
  84. What Is An Iron Transfusion?
  85. Blood test interpretation
  86. I need some support really freaked out about anemia diagonsis
  87. Help, Ferritin bottoming out again
  88. iron levels not going up enough
  89. Reticulocyte Counts...
  90. 25 iron infusions this year. Anyone here Gastric-by patient?
  91. Question about my test results......
  92. Just told by a nurse I need IV iron and I am sooooo scared
  93. ?? on low ferritn
  94. hydrocromic mycrocystic anemia?
  95. Very low ferritin, moderate anemia?
  96. ferratin
  97. I need help with numbers I am new to this.
  98. Why Is This Happening?? :-(
  99. How long to take Vitamins
  100. New Here....Going Crazy HELP!
  101. Post Colonoscopy Issue
  102. medicine
  103. i know i have anemia, but my question is.
  104. Ferritin Level of 2 !!!
  105. Reach For The Wine Girls!
  106. Optimal Ferritin Level??
  107. Hb levels when donating blood -- when to be concerned
  108. As far as you gals know, vitamins, herbs, and minerals don't have a negative effect>>
  109. Once iron supplementation begins, what is the "average" rate of ferritin increase?
  110. Very best OTC iron supplement?
  111. How much of an effect do nsaids *really* have on ferritin levels?
  112. Venofer side effects
  113. Some Not-So-Great Test Results Today
  114. what are the symptoms of low iron
  115. Help with Lab Results
  116. B12 shots
  117. My 4 year old is Anemic....
  118. what are the side effects of having a ferritin level of 5
  119. moderate anemia - how much iron?
  120. Herbal assistance to help iron absorption
  121. overdose of iron pills
  122. how much iron do i take for amenia?
  123. SO fed up!
  124. Happy Thanksgiving To All
  125. My Iron Results. Looking For Some Advice, Thanks.
  126. funny head
  127. iron injections
  128. Newbie - can I get advice re test results?
  129. low ferritin low iron low vitaminb12 low calcuim
  130. Do these labs point to anemia?
  131. iv iron side effects
  132. Hows things fflowergirl
  133. My Blood Test Results - a little nervous
  134. Just the opposite, high iron and ferritin, what does it mean ???
  135. Red spots in mouth?
  136. What Does Slightly Anemic Mean
  137. what results of neut% and abs neut means
  138. Anemia and easy bruising
  139. High Sed Raste And Crp
  140. Input please, B12 shot after affect?
  141. Could it be?
  142. Blood results in
  143. Good News!!!!!
  144. Ferritin has increased ... YAY !!!
  145. What does a low RBC, AUTO level mean?
  146. Low Hemoglobin
  147. low ferritin levels
  148. SlowFe
  149. False high ferritin test questions
  150. Hi, I'm new. Can anyone help me out?
  151. B12 and exercise
  152. I could cry!
  153. HI, new here
  154. Procrit Injection
  155. For The Tea Lovers
  156. b12 dropped 110 pmol in a month!!!
  157. What does these values mean...? Iron saturation high
  158. Anemia - Craving Lettuce?
  159. IV iron infusion therapy
  160. New to B12 Shots have question
  161. Low Ferritin & Spatone
  162. side effects
  163. How to read iron results?
  164. hemogloban 10, worried
  165. Am I crazy?? Are these symptoms?
  166. Low Ferritin and Thyroid
  167. Hey I am new here.
  168. Worried I'm severely anemic..
  169. New here, tired and extremely stressed
  170. Newbie Here - Anemic looking for advice
  171. Iron Deficiency - allergic to iron medications
  172. Chronic Cough Linked to Iron Deficiency
  173. Test results low ferritin, high transferrin, low saturation
  174. Coffee,Tea and Iron Absorption
  175. itchy skin and boils
  176. Stopping iron supplements for a week before repeat blood testing
  177. Please help......
  178. how to inject 12 shots
  179. More understanding of my results. I need advice re low ferritin.
  180. Ferrous Sulphate=chest pain?
  181. how long will it take to feel better from anemia
  182. side effects after an iron infusin
  183. Low iron - borderline - is this anemia?
  184. high MCH, MCHC levels
  185. Repliva - skin dryness
  186. newly anemic - need support
  187. Changes in gums w/ anemia or B deficiency?
  188. Iron Deficient Anemia
  189. Finally got my results...
  190. Oprah Show-Hypo
  191. Please help me understand these results
  192. Cerealed out!
  193. Bad News
  194. Post Colonoscopy-Weird Feeling
  195. Your input please,iron infusions r not absorbing in my body?
  196. Canker sores due to anemia?
  197. Done with Colonoscopy
  198. low rbc
  199. Severe Anemia
  200. I need to lose weight. Any suggestions?
  201. I just cant seem to get my iron up!
  202. Diagnosed with depression. Wrong!
  203. Is there a limit?
  204. Have you tried taking wheat out of your diet?
  205. Just Got My B12 Lab Results Back Today, Could My Results Be Causing My Symptoms?
  206. what is a normal iron count
  207. my dr. told me to take iron pills
  208. Thrilled!
  209. leg pains..
  210. Upcoming Colonoscopy
  211. What Is a Normal Iron Count
  212. Where do I begin
  213. Anemia...only getting worse
  214. Heaviness in Head?
  215. Microcytic Anemia Pain
  216. Anemia but no blood lose
  217. Need your advice!!
  218. Is your immune system compromised when you're anemic?
  219. Anemia & Pregnancy?
  220. Poikilocytosis?
  221. Colonoscopy for anemia?
  222. Low Iron Symptoms
  223. Need a pep talk - B12
  224. My mom needs some help
  225. new wondering if ny can help
  226. Weird leg/heart racing
  227. pain swallowing?
  228. Steroid side effects - Infed infusions round 2...
  229. Worried!
  230. Those of you taking iron iv shots.
  231. Rbc
  232. Micro-cytic Anemia. Any information please.....
  233. What To Do About Fibroids?
  234. Goats milk
  235. Iron injections
  236. Husband has good iron levels but still low ferritin!!! answers
  237. question about test result
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  240. Iron injection vs. Iron infusion?
  241. My latest labs after taking iron slow fe for 2 months
  242. Husband Has Low Ferritin Need Answers??? Help!!!
  243. Venofer vs.Ferrlecit
  244. Severe Allergic Reaction To Iron Iv Ferrlecit
  245. Symptoms of Loww ferritin????
  246. Help: Low ferritin 7
  247. gastric bypass 4 years ago and iron is at a 6 please help
  248. What does this mean?
  249. what does my anemia have to do with my addiction to ice and cornstarch?
  250. Anemia..close to death