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  1. Please help......
  2. how to inject 12 shots
  3. More understanding of my results. I need advice re low ferritin.
  4. Ferrous Sulphate=chest pain?
  5. how long will it take to feel better from anemia
  6. side effects after an iron infusin
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  8. high MCH, MCHC levels
  9. abnormal blood count
  10. Repliva - skin dryness
  11. newly anemic - need support
  12. Changes in gums w/ anemia or B deficiency?
  13. Iron Deficient Anemia
  14. Finally got my results...
  15. Oprah Show-Hypo
  16. Please help me understand these results
  17. Cerealed out!
  18. Bad News
  19. Post Colonoscopy-Weird Feeling
  20. Your input please,iron infusions r not absorbing in my body?
  21. Canker sores due to anemia?
  22. Done with Colonoscopy
  23. low rbc
  24. Severe Anemia
  25. I need to lose weight. Any suggestions?
  26. I just cant seem to get my iron up!
  27. Diagnosed with depression. Wrong!
  28. Is there a limit?
  29. Have you tried taking wheat out of your diet?
  30. Just Got My B12 Lab Results Back Today, Could My Results Be Causing My Symptoms?
  31. what is a normal iron count
  32. my dr. told me to take iron pills
  33. Thrilled!
  34. leg pains..
  35. Upcoming Colonoscopy
  36. What Is a Normal Iron Count
  37. Where do I begin
  38. Anemia...only getting worse
  39. Heaviness in Head?
  40. Microcytic Anemia Pain
  41. Anemia but no blood lose
  42. Need your advice!!
  43. Is your immune system compromised when you're anemic?
  44. Anemia & Pregnancy?
  45. Poikilocytosis?
  46. Colonoscopy for anemia?
  47. Low Iron Symptoms
  48. Need a pep talk - B12
  49. My mom needs some help
  50. new wondering if ny can help
  51. Weird leg/heart racing
  52. pain swallowing?
  53. Steroid side effects - Infed infusions round 2...
  54. Worried!
  55. Those of you taking iron iv shots.
  56. Rbc
  57. Micro-cytic Anemia. Any information please.....
  58. What To Do About Fibroids?
  59. Goats milk
  60. Iron injections
  61. Husband has good iron levels but still low ferritin!!! answers
  62. question about test result
  63. Blood tests back, Ferritin up, Iron DOWN???
  64. How much Vitamin C to boost iron absorption?
  65. Iron injection vs. Iron infusion?
  66. My latest labs after taking iron slow fe for 2 months
  67. Husband Has Low Ferritin Need Answers??? Help!!!
  68. Venofer vs.Ferrlecit
  69. Severe Allergic Reaction To Iron Iv Ferrlecit
  70. Symptoms of Loww ferritin????
  71. Help: Low ferritin 7
  72. gastric bypass 4 years ago and iron is at a 6 please help
  73. What does this mean?
  74. what does my anemia have to do with my addiction to ice and cornstarch?
  75. Anemia..close to death
  76. Mom with years of chronic anemia....please help!
  77. My Serum Ferritin is 4
  78. chronic anemia and iron infusions
  79. What do you do during 4 hours of iron infusion?
  80. Partial Facial Swelling after Iron Loading
  81. Detox?
  82. Ringing in ears -- anemia/B12
  83. Can Long Term Anemia cause permanent heart damage?
  84. Highest Quality Organic Supplements
  85. Safety with Low Iron Levels
  86. Has your fatigue caused you to lose friends?
  87. CDA Type II or HEMPAS
  88. Is there anyway you can test your iron level without a $300 blood test?
  89. How would it take to solve naturally?
  90. Ferrous Fumarate or Gluconate
  91. When did everyone...
  92. Long awaited, first ever, Iron Injections started!!!
  93. Iron Infusion and Counts NOT going up - Scared
  94. Newbie- So frustrated with doctors!
  95. Newbie: Nervous for next appt, feeling so tired
  96. What is Milo Anemia?
  97. B-12 Pro's
  98. Does anyone have low white blood cell levels too? (along with anemia)
  99. blood tests???
  100. sublingual methylcobalamin (b12) therapy
  101. New here....AIHA
  102. I'd rather be anemic!
  103. low b12 and low testosterone
  104. What is going on??!!
  105. New macrocytosis???
  106. B 12 Anemia
  107. anemia from small bowel bleed
  108. can't seem to figure out what's wrong.
  109. Anaemia (B12)
  110. Help needed with Vitamin B12 problem
  111. Fainting... anemic?
  112. Still anemic?
  113. Just looking for someone to talk to
  114. Three weeks post InFed infusion.....
  115. Iron supplement ..
  116. my B12 ordeal
  117. Low ferritin - anemia?
  118. Busy Mum Out of Action Please Help!!!
  119. anemic.....need advice
  120. Is iron deficiency anemia ALWAYS caused by blood loss...
  121. anemia and low ferritin levels
  122. pernicious anemia
  123. Please help me
  124. B-12 Sublingual?? how much? please help!
  125. anemia and gastric bypass
  126. Low TIBC
  127. Latest labs, doubts, and venting
  128. Help with lab results
  129. Chromagen Forte Caplet TRX- Need info, please. Am posting lab results as well!
  130. could anemia be the cause?
  131. test results..ughh need input please
  132. Long term Anemia
  133. I've been offered Iron Injections
  134. iron mystery...help!
  135. Please help with my results (NEW)
  136. iron supplements
  137. How anemic is this? I don't want to be on Birth Control Advice Please!
  138. Need Advice!
  139. anemic and venifer injections
  140. Could I Be Having a Negative Reaction to IV Iron
  141. Anemia?? Please help
  142. Am I anemic?!?!
  143. New here! :)
  144. Arm and Leg Pain/Cramps/Jumping
  145. Relapse of Iron Deficiency?
  146. Bruises and anemia
  147. very low iron and ferritan levels after baby
  148. Not really anemic? Keep looking!!
  149. always cold
  150. anemia and stretch marks
  151. Slo Fe Causing Anal Pressure/Pain?
  152. I need some input on my labs, Please help!
  153. Is is possible to have normal iron levels and low ferritin and
  154. diet and iron levels...
  155. Iron Deficiency or Anemia
  156. Iron/Bone Pain
  157. Smoking and CBC levels
  158. Iron supplement and vitamin C question...
  159. Confused by Test results, Please Help
  160. Newly Anemic
  161. Somebody please explain anemia to me
  162. Ideas to gain energy...please!
  163. is it typical to have a relapse?
  164. low ferritin and severe chaped lips
  165. what is ferritin? what does it do?
  166. Cholesterol Medication Causing Iron Deficiency?
  167. anemia or heart problem?
  168. Thalassemia, anyone have it or understand it?
  169. Iron supplements and gastric problems
  170. athletes?
  171. Anemia Causing Dental Problems?????
  172. acne caused by B12 injections?
  173. So... how did your anemia start?
  174. oxygen therapy for chest pain & headache?
  175. I Finally Tried the Floradix
  176. Is it really necessary to see a Hemo?
  177. Any clue what's going on here?
  178. sublingual B12 clarification needed
  179. iron and b12 deficient anemia
  180. how to get tested for ferritin?
  181. Does this sleeping problem happen to you?
  182. Anemia - Doctors conclude the cause is...
  183. ? regarding oral iron tablets
  184. First Iron Injection Today
  185. liver extract
  186. Could this be caused by my Pernicious Anemia?
  187. anemia - what are your symptoms?
  188. Think My Iron Is Low, but I Also Have Another Problem
  189. ~*~I have Anemia and.....~*~
  190. Ferritin=25 ug/L...good or bad?
  191. Taking iron pills, HCT falling?
  192. Iron Deficiency--Could it be more?
  193. Amount of iron in human body?
  194. How long does Iron Deficiency Anemia last?
  195. low ferritin and foods to eat
  196. Does anyone know about iron levels?
  197. Iron Saturation
  198. Low ferritin, how much iron?
  199. cost of venofer therapy?
  200. Lysine For Ferretin Levels
  201. Sore lip and tongue
  202. How is iron absorbed?
  203. My ferritin seems to be dropping fast
  204. Fatigue - Iron Deficiency/Anemia
  205. In a holding pattern, but know I'm anemic
  206. prenicious
  207. slow fe on an empty stomach?
  208. Ferritin/Serum iron/Transferrin - testing
  209. Just discovered I'm Anemic - or am I?
  210. LABS...how low is too low?
  211. 1st Infed infusion tomorrow and have some questions
  212. My fingernails are bluish purple, does this mean I am anemic?
  213. Am I Anemia or not really?
  214. Got My Ferritin Results Back Today
  215. just had iron tests, need help understanding
  216. Iron Injections
  217. Confused- low ferritin, high HCT
  218. To all...
  219. new at this, just need some direction
  220. Small Vent About My Doctor
  221. To transfuse or not to transfuse that is the question...
  222. Low ferritin in 19 month old
  223. Folitab 500 - Pros & Cons
  224. swollen ankle
  225. Anemia and painful headaches
  226. Help--Which Blood Tests?
  227. Sideroblastic Anemia and Transfusions
  228. slow fe-best place to buy?
  229. Exhausted all the time.
  230. Auto Immune hymolyptic aneamia (AIHA)
  231. new on this anemia thread
  232. Help ... Blood results
  233. please help with lab results..
  234. Ferritin Drop
  235. floradix question
  236. More iron infusions?
  237. Looking for answers
  238. Low ferritin, fe, wbc,rbc-what's up?
  239. Symptoms all the time??
  240. trying to understand lab results
  241. B12 levels
  242. Interesting Washington Post Article
  243. Spatone
  244. How fast can ferretin drop?
  245. I don't understand raising ferritin??
  246. Do Any of You Have Allergic Reactions to Iron Supplements (Oral)?
  247. Low Ferratin Need Help
  248. Had 1st Dextran Infusion
  249. Mysterious bruises
  250. iron/protien difeciant anemia