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  1. How long does it take iron to leave your system when you stop taking vitamins w/iron?
  2. My Anemia Story
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  4. son with hashimotos hypothyroidism and low ferritin
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  7. Low RBC, Hemoglobin, Hematocrit
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  9. Low Eosinophil, low RBC, high MCH - does this mean anything?
  10. Folate Deficiency Anemia - Breathing Issues
  11. Reticulocyte counts... need help with lab interp
  12. Hello fellow iron deficient folks! Any advice?
  13. Weird bruising... here's my blood results...
  14. Clumpled Platelets, INR 1.2
  15. help me understand lab results
  16. Questions about Iron Injections...
  17. Will ferritin increase along with hgb
  18. Headache from Anemia?
  19. Cause of low hb?
  20. ?
  21. Any insight to my labs?
  22. Low platelets, anemia, spleen, low wbc
  23. Enlarge spleen and Beta Thalmasemia
  24. Low Ferritin
  25. Sudden drop in HGB/HCT
  26. Side effects of iron supplements
  27. Runner can't run because legs are sore from anemia
  28. Need Advice - Lifestyle Changes Until Iron Rises?
  29. Iron stores
  30. Ferritin = 2, Anemia & Lyme
  31. Doc says I'm fine what do you think?
  32. What Iron level is normal?
  33. How Long for Low B12 Symptoms to Improve?
  34. Iron injections
  35. Sleep/Achy
  36. Corn Pollen
  37. Venofer Treatments
  38. Sudden drop in iron levels
  39. Anaemia & Joint Pain...
  40. Severe Anemia and Microcytic Anemia
  41. help with my 4 year old
  42. How bad should symptoms be?
  43. Anemic and a little scared
  44. starting iron injections
  45. How much iron is too much?
  46. Iron & B12 supplement intake
  47. Low Ferritin/ No anemia
  48. B12 test question... did I mess up :(
  49. Ferritin level 6
  50. Am I iron deficient or not??
  51. Chronic low ferritin & Guinness
  52. Can't figure out why I'm anemic
  53. Worried...husband has anemia..
  54. Anemia - what is it
  55. "Minimal Anemia" with no change?
  56. muscle twitching, spasms and tingling= iron deficiency?
  57. Doctor in SE Michigan For Possible B12 Deficiency
  58. Won't stop bleeding!
  59. Ferritin Issues; please help?
  60. Sons Consistant Abnormal Lab Results
  61. Ankles Swelling with Anemia
  62. B12 deficiency - questions
  63. Serum iron value of 1 (5 year old): advice please
  64. Anemia Help Needed
  65. Gelp university student suffering from anemia
  66. Difference between iron level and serum ferritin?
  67. Gastric bypass and aneamia
  68. iron def anemia...losing blood?
  69. folic acid deficiency and my b12 is 172
  70. trying to understand all this
  71. I know I'm anemic but what are these scores?
  72. Can a person have both Hypoglycemia AND Anemia?
  73. anemia extreme pain
  74. Low RBC,hgb,hct, TESTs included possible anemia causing dizzyness/fatigue?
  75. What could WBC mean for a man?
  76. Pernicious Anemia/B12 Deficiency
  77. Low Ferritin Level 19
  78. lost and confused...??
  79. Otherwise Healthy Adult Male - Iron Defecient
  80. need some help please!! got diagnosed with anemia
  81. Yellow Dock - When to take it for low ferritin.
  82. Not iron deficient, but iron boosts my energy?
  83. Ferrlecit v. Ferrahame-Which to take? Help!
  84. heye guys im 13 and im doing an assingment on anaemia and im hoping use can help me?
  85. numbness in feet and hands
  86. Low Ferritin
  87. Pernicious Anemia without an absorption problem?
  88. Anemia and Brain Damage
  89. Getting scared...
  90. Low blood counts
  91. sleeping better, what the heck?
  92. New to anemia
  93. Severe, Persistent Anemia & Fibroids
  94. Please help! What should I do?
  95. Any risk in taking more iron?
  96. low ferritin and tachycardia
  97. Double edge sword
  98. Simple question
  99. Does the skin under my lower eyelids appear to be pale?
  100. Methadone has worked for years and now I am sick all the time
  101. Low Red & White Blood Cells count
  102. iron deficiency - or more?
  103. Sharp Knee/Hip Pain, Fatigue, Got Labs Back
  104. Should I be alarmed?
  105. Got my MMA blood test results. What does it mean?
  106. Can Low Ferritin But Normal CBC Cause Achiness and Fatigue?
  107. Has anyone with B12 deficiency/enlarged red blood cells had doc give you MS scare??
  108. Can you help me interpret lab results?
  109. what to eat
  110. What do these numbers mean!?
  111. Severe anemia
  112. anemic
  113. Very long, yet very desperate!! Pernicious anemia, b12 def., iron def. anemia
  114. purple fingernails, sharp chest pain when deep inhale
  115. Ferritin level 6- feeling terrible
  116. Cant stand suppl. help please!
  117. Iron IV infusion and iron storage
  118. Iron Supplement Suggestion -- Please Advise
  119. Anemia & Kidney Disease
  120. Low Iron and B12 (PLEASE HELP.. very discouraged)
  121. Low Ferritin and Hashimoto.
  122. Frustrated with low ferritin
  123. PPIs and mineral absorption?
  124. What are symptoms of Pernicious Anemia?
  125. Recent Blood work - need help
  126. Recurring loss of Iron
  127. Natural things to help Autoammune Anemia
  128. tibc of 4, what does it mean?
  129. Can someone please help me figure out my lab results??
  130. low ferritin treatment
  131. Ferritin falling after stop Iron
  132. Low ferritin symptoms
  133. Anemic
  134. Confusing symptoms - Anemia and swollen thyroid caused by chicken pox?
  135. Ferritin at a 3
  136. High iron to very low iron in 6 months
  137. Want to ask the Dr's the Right questions
  138. Palpitations since being anemic.
  139. Abnormal lab results
  140. Abnormal lab results
  141. I feel like I'm not being treated
  142. Still feels like anemia!
  143. Hematologist Visit.......
  144. Hi new here, I need advice about my blood tests
  145. After IV iron infusion
  146. Are we being used as Guinea - pigs?
  147. Autoimmune Anemia
  148. RDW High everything else normal?
  149. My Cousin's hemoglobin is 9 MCV is very high
  150. I was anemic for two years... until stopping a certain cholesterol drug!
  151. Anemic- Something to do with my ferritin?
  152. New to this whole anemia thing.
  153. Can someone help me understand my lab results?
  154. Help with question on Iron IV
  155. Could This Be A Blood Donation Thing?
  156. Help with lab results
  157. Low RBC, Hgb, Hct - then NOT?
  158. Anemia? Diabetes? Something Else?
  159. Confused over test results
  160. My hemoglobin barely changed after 2 months.
  161. Ferritin "normal" but still have Anemia symptoms
  162. is there a reason heme iron is not prescribed?
  163. Any Procrit partakers?
  164. Iron deficient anemia
  165. I feel a bit abandoned
  166. Low Ferritin
  167. normal B12 level
  168. Teenager overdoes iron - no poisoning?
  169. Ice Cravings
  170. Anyone else exhausted below 11?
  171. Low Ferritin w High MCH, MVH and swollen spleen
  172. Blood Transfusion 24 ht later HH Lower
  173. ear ringing
  174. Sublingual B12 for Pernicious Anemia
  175. Waiting for infusion, Angina
  176. Question for those who've had iron thru IV...
  177. My sons Ferritin levels
  178. Ferritin Levels: When do you feel best?
  179. what causes anemia
  180. Longtime anemia?
  181. Iron Deficiency Anemia and Neuropathy
  182. Newly Anemic
  183. Ferrous Sulphate side effects - advice needed!
  184. Low Ferritin and High Iron levels?
  185. Hemoglobin keeps dropping
  186. May I be anemic?
  187. when will I know if the anemia is gone
  188. Help...B12 and iron anemic
  189. Enlarged spleen and chest pains
  190. Mildly enlarged spleen
  191. Low Ferritin for 5 years...Dr doesn't care
  192. How much ice do you eat every day? Got my ferritin level back today...
  193. Macrocytic Anemia and high folate levels???
  194. Quick question from someone who understand anemia levels!
  195. Low Reticulocytes and Low RBC
  196. Popsicle Craving
  197. Low RBC Normal Ferritin?
  198. How much iron is needed?
  199. Very confused about anemia- almost normal iron but very low saturation and microcytic
  200. anemia/melena
  201. Low iron stores concern
  202. Ferritin level is 19
  203. what will a hematologist do?
  204. I had blepharoplasty 10 days ago
  205. i don't know whats wrong with me, help.
  206. Coombs test prewarm results;;; help
  207. high b12, low ferritin
  208. Help! My mum is very sick.
  209. Iron Pills leave a Metallic Taste
  210. If your iron levels don't improve after IV iron infusions...
  211. advice. I have a Heme Dr that is IV Iron crazy
  212. blood results am I anaemic or not ?
  213. what's going on??!
  214. low b12
  215. Newbie w/ Low Iron Saturation
  216. How bad is it to be Anemic?
  217. I need help from the best
  218. Anemic, but haven't taken any medication recently?
  219. Serum or Urine MMA
  220. Low B12, should I push for more?
  221. Thalassemia?
  222. Lab Numbers
  223. Need suggestions for treating low ferritin
  224. Anemia and Low B12
  225. IBS leading to Anemia
  226. My numbers...and a question about supplements.
  227. newly diagnosed-please help scared!
  228. Wish I was a Doctor
  229. low ferritin, is 1 iron pill/day enough?
  230. Help me with my numbers?
  231. anemia?
  232. Low B12
  233. Just diagnosed Pernicious Anemia due to Parietel Antibody
  234. Mild Anemia
  235. Symptoms from low ferritin, CBC in normal range
  236. Frequent illness/anemia
  237. low iron
  238. Low Ferritin
  239. So far nothing has worked.
  240. low ferritin but all numbers norm/bad exp w IV Infusion
  241. It must be MORE than just iron deficient anemia? Help?
  242. low hemoglobin, hematocrit and iron..is this deadly?
  243. sick with low normal hematocrit?
  244. re bruising
  245. do iron tablets make you overweight
  246. how do i know if i have anemia
  247. iron low
  248. Allergy or something else?
  249. Hemoglobin of 4, Internal Hemmorhaging
  250. Anemia/Gastric Bypass/ IV iron