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  1. just wanted to let you all know about a great iron pill ,from my hematologist
  2. what do test results mean?
  3. What is MCV and MCH?
  4. What is MCV and MCH?
  5. 1/2 diagnosis ,bleeding?what does this mean?
  6. 13 year old with anemia, high monocytes need direction
  7. Does Prilosec affect absorption of Feosol?
  8. New to this thing called Anemia
  9. Side effects from Ferrus Sulfate? TMI
  10. crazy blood disorder
  11. can anyone help make sense of my bloods?
  12. Ravenous hunger on iron pills?
  13. Continue with Blood Transfusions?
  14. Have a few questions!
  15. Tablet troubles.
  16. My first iron infusion.
  17. test iron in blood
  18. test iron in blood
  19. Tired and having too many naps
  20. Any Input?
  21. Confused...
  22. Venofer Injection
  23. Thanks Gals
  24. Low Ferritin, Low B12, High Folate
  25. First infusion, what to expect?
  26. should i be WORRIED?
  27. Low B12-Pregnant-GP not treating
  28. can anyone help, please?
  29. Is anyone else finding themselves REALLY irritable--or am I just crazy?
  30. new girl, anemia 6 years post gastric bypass
  31. High WBC, Low HGB, MCV, MCH, Iron, Ferritin
  32. Anemic/scuba diving experience???
  33. Do I have Hemochromatosis?
  34. What is the next step?
  35. severely anemic and on coumadin
  36. Am I Anemic?
  37. Upcoming First Iron Infusion
  38. Advice needed
  39. B12 and Ferritin in range but low - monitor, supplement or investigate further?
  40. Iron supplement
  41. Severe anemia caused by frequent blood donation... HELP!
  42. Anaemia and early pregnancy
  43. Ferritin dropped from 75 to 11 in 4 months
  44. Can a man be iron-deficient with "normal" basic labs?
  45. Delayed negative reactions to iron infusions?
  46. Post-bariatric syndrome, anemia
  47. B12 deficiency/Sciatica
  48. First post: Ferritin level 5.4
  49. Colonoscopy question.
  50. Right Scapula and chest pain post iron dextran infusion!
  51. First Post - My Lab Results - Anemia in men
  52. What might cause a large quick drop in iron?
  53. Mvc
  54. anemia symptoms
  55. Extreme Exhaustion and Shortness of Breath During Menstruation
  56. serum or ferritin level
  57. Low iron but no anemia?
  58. New! 2 teens: one not responding, other overresponding to tx
  59. Cold sweat, exhaustion, extreme discomfort, during period
  60. Newbie here and 1st post...
  61. dropping ferratin/hemoglobin levels
  62. normal ferritin but low hemoglobin
  63. Increase my Hemoglobin URGENT
  64. Low ferritin
  65. Ferritin is 7
  66. Anemia increase surgical risk?
  67. Feedback on #'s please
  68. Not sure what to think...
  69. Iron Bisglycinate for Anemia
  70. Newbie! Question about Prolonged Periods and Anemia
  71. Level 4
  72. Norm range for Ferritin
  73. Why would my HGB rise while ferritin dropped??
  74. How do they determine supplements, injections or infusions?
  75. anemia problems
  76. New here, have lotsof questions
  77. Anemia and numbness of the feet and lower legs
  78. another IV iron post...
  79. anemia and low ferritin
  80. IV Iron Fusion?! Kinda skerd. Questions...
  81. Can someone help me with CBC results?
  82. Pernicious anemia/high Gastrin levels
  83. Iron Question
  84. Difficulty swallowing/ plummer Vinson syndrome
  85. Should I be concerned?
  86. Alpha Thalassemia Trait and Calcium Channel Blockers
  87. Does anemia decrease immunity?
  88. Weigh gain after IV iron?
  89. Need a good doctor to help diagnose ferritin issues
  90. Low ferritin
  91. Anemia, Feltys Syndrome, enlarged spleen
  92. low hemoglobin, Dr wants blood transfusion
  93. Only prescribed iron for two months, but ferritin at 4?
  94. heart palps from anemia?
  95. milligram that should be taken
  96. anemia and severe shortness of breath
  97. Full Panic Over New Diagnosis
  98. Low Vitamin D levels
  99. low ferritin and swollen tongue?...
  100. Are your friends/family supportive---anemia/vit D def
  101. Confused... need some help
  102. new diagnosis---what could be the cause---scared
  103. New here and can't make sense of bloodwork
  104. Anemia? Iron is normal range? HELP!
  105. First iron infusion after waiting 1 year coming up!
  106. Iron defienciency Anemia, Heavy periods and Lightheaded/dizziness/fatigue
  107. Type of Vitamin C and Iron Absorption
  108. Iron tested 5
  109. Blood work numbers
  110. iron injections
  111. Three low iron tests, but not anemic?
  112. What the numbers mean
  113. Borderline cobalamin and high methylmalomate
  114. i have a question low iron could this be why?
  115. Measuring units of ferritin in your country
  116. Am I getting enough iron?
  117. Iron level at 6, is this anemia?
  118. Could this be something other than iron deficiency anemia?
  119. Low Ferritin
  120. Problems with Lyrica
  121. Previous B12 deficiency. Now pregnant
  122. low ferritin affecting the hormons?
  123. Ferritin levels
  124. Chronic Anemia
  125. can anyone advise
  126. iron pills and hair loss
  127. Ferritin Problem or CFS? Advice Needed
  128. low red blood count and high platlets
  129. Iron injections question
  130. I need your help!! Please read.
  131. Ferritin at 14.. symptoms???
  132. Right place?
  133. Anemic-progressively worse on supplements, began infusions. Still no reason; help?
  134. ladies can you advise please
  135. Test results Need help understanding the numbers!
  136. Iron deficiency
  137. Need some advice please???
  138. Decade of Anemia
  139. iron makes me feel crazy! need advice
  140. Iron Deficient but not Anemic?
  141. Anemia with above average B12 and normal iron/folate
  142. Anemia recovery
  143. New to Iron Supplements
  144. Gastroscopy
  145. ideal B12 level
  146. Had my first iron infusion and extremely fatigued
  147. Hi, new here, just need someone to take a look
  148. Newbie with a question
  149. Dr. did not retest low ferritin
  150. High RBC and RDW after severe anemia
  151. Low Ferritin, High B12 and Transferrin Saturate
  152. Ferritin is a 4 - advice appreciated :)
  153. Ferritin level is 4 - talking to doc tomorrow, what should I ask?
  154. desperate B12 question please
  155. Help - Mom Anemic,going to oncologist, cbc reading
  156. Back to square 1. Hematocrit 29!!
  157. Iron supplement causing anxiety
  158. looking for persons in the know
  159. Any good Rx liquid irons out there?
  160. Anemia? Symptoms... but B12 "normal", iron weird?
  161. can somebody pls explain...
  162. can somebody pls explain...
  163. Low ferritin and B12 - no diagnosis
  164. Lab results in - what's my problem?
  165. Should I take iron supplements?
  166. Blood transfusion and Hb increase
  167. What do docs do for Iron Anemia
  168. Please help -
  169. please help , need to know sumething about blood group
  170. A warning for those that take PPI's(acid blockers)
  171. New to boards
  172. What do they do for Anemia?
  173. Really Tired and No energy
  174. Iron Deficiency Anemia - declining hemoglobin (worried)
  175. possible causes of anemia?
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  177. Female carnivore with ferritin of 6--confused!
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  182. My iron level is 8...
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  184. Is this anemia? PLEASE help!!!
  185. Low Blood 11.3 Low MCH 26.5 and High RDW 16.3 Anemia.
  186. Help Please (low ferrtin 2 years +)
  187. hair loss
  188. IV Iron Infusion vs. Iron Injections
  189. Iron Dextran Infusion = How Long Flushing
  190. Could I be Anemic?
  191. Anemia and Anxiety
  192. High FSH, No Period, Anemic, RBC, low hemoglobin what could this be?? Please Help!
  193. Worldwide web assistance with health issue
  194. Symtoms...life is getting hard
  195. Anemia causing hand and arm pain? ..
  196. Help, my doctor says I'm fine- I'm not so sure...
  197. why does ferritin drop so quickly?
  198. Test results confusing
  199. College Algebra + Anemia = FAILURE
  200. Pernicious anaemia and pulmonary edema?
  201. ferritin
  202. Missed Periods
  203. Pernicious anaemia?
  204. New Member -- Anemia?
  205. low iron stores?
  206. Ferritin Level after miscarriage
  207. Acute anemia
  208. New here...possible anemia
  209. Test Results, doctor hasn't called or returned calls.
  210. Daughter is passing out, iron tests came back suspect, low everything
  211. hematology/gynocolgy
  212. Anemia Still?
  213. Low Cortisol Levels
  214. Low Ferritin
  215. Anemia, low ferritin, other iron labs are normal?
  216. Macrocytic (high MCV) with high folate and high B12?!
  217. Locked Out- My Anemia Story
  218. Anemia the Culprit after all?
  219. ferritin at 9
  220. my iron and ferritin levels are both 4, what exactly does that mean?
  221. Thalassemia Carrier
  222. help...
  223. How long does it take iron to leave your system when you stop taking vitamins w/iron?
  224. My Anemia Story
  225. Consistently high MCV levels and neuro symptoms
  226. son with hashimotos hypothyroidism and low ferritin
  227. Iv iron infusion side effects
  228. Would she be suffering from Anemia?
  229. Low RBC, Hemoglobin, Hematocrit
  230. How long to raise iron levels?
  231. Low Eosinophil, low RBC, high MCH - does this mean anything?
  232. Folate Deficiency Anemia - Breathing Issues
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  234. Hello fellow iron deficient folks! Any advice?
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  236. Clumpled Platelets, INR 1.2
  237. help me understand lab results
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  240. Headache from Anemia?
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  242. ?
  243. Any insight to my labs?
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  246. Low Ferritin
  247. Sudden drop in HGB/HCT
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  249. Runner can't run because legs are sore from anemia
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