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  13. Blood Test Results
  14. Body aches
  15. Leaving to college in a week with anemia
  16. Anyone has anemia from having long periods though.
  17. Not sure if this fatigue is anemia
  18. Iron Infusion Side Effects
  19. Am I anemic?
  20. Anyone know how long it takes to not have anemia anymore though.
  21. Iron dropped whilst on medication
  22. Can the hemaglobin become more low after doing a transfusion though.
  23. Criteria for iron infusions??
  24. Anemic or not?? Help, please?
  25. Why am I still tired after doing a transfusion though.
  26. How to get energy to do things with the anemia condition though.
  27. Gave myself 1st B12 shot today
  28. Anything to do for a burning throat from gerd though.
  29. B12 shots
  30. Iron pill side effects.
  31. What kind of test will a hematologist do at an initial appointment though.
  32. Help with anemia
  33. Could ferritin be low if other tests are ok?
  34. How is the hemaglobin after doing a transfusion though.
  35. Are you tired after doing a transfusion though.
  36. Does a low hemaglobin need a transfusion for sure though.
  37. Severe IDA and thrombocytosis
  38. Can ferritin level of 22 cause symptoms?
  39. Do these results appear normal?
  40. Anemia question for my ailing mother
  41. anemia
  42. Repeat lab's no improvement!
  43. Low Ferritin, Hemoglobin and Hematocrit - Help please
  44. Advice- Could Anemia be from Liver Nodule/Tumor?
  45. High ferritin, doctors can't figure out the cause.
  46. Low ferritin How to increase fast help
  47. Ferric Carboxymaltose infusions
  48. Too much iron?
  49. Hair loss
  50. Ferritin and vitamin D normal why am I still having symptoms
  51. Anemia & Walking long distances in the sun
  52. Teen boy with low ferritin
  53. Anemia??? My heart?? Anxiety?
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  61. Vit B12 levels
  62. Iron Levels & Exhaustion
  63. Anemia with no reason?
  64. Confused...
  65. Can you have two types of anemia?
  66. Injectafer IV
  67. i was told today i have anemia
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  69. first iron infusion had reaction; scared
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  73. GI bleed work up
  74. ? about low ferritin level
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  76. Do you experience a lack of understanding?
  77. Can Iv iron infusion make your poop change color
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  90. anemia treatment
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  99. Questions about my lab work
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  102. What would you do?
  103. iron deficient anemia
  104. Anemia High MCHC?
  105. Iron via IV
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  107. Where do I go?
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  112. Hemoglobin 6.5. Thought I felt fine!
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  115. 46 Yr old Man with horrible symptoms
  116. How long does it take to get ferritin levels up?
  117. Low Hgb, Low Htc, Low MCH (all barely below norms) + Normal RDW
  118. Anyone else have acne with anemia?
  119. Abnormal period after iron infusions -- female advice needed
  120. Can someone help decipher these blood test numbers?
  121. Does anemia always have an underlying cause?
  122. Has anyone increased their iron significantly through an iron cast skillet?
  123. Unexplained Iron Deficiency after 5 different specialists and not GI related?
  124. My hemoglobin and hematocrit went up but my ferritin went down?
  125. Can ulcer cause anemia?
  126. Can i exercise with anemia?
  127. Low ferritin still but iron coming up!
  128. For those who have dizziness/balance issues..
  129. Strange blood results - could I have been given someone else's results?
  130. 19 year old anemia - low ferritin/normal hemoglobin
  131. Is this normal iron deficiency anemia or something else?
  132. Anemia - Transfusion?
  133. help
  134. Headaches?
  135. newly diagnosed - results
  136. Anemia, Weird RBC Morphology, Fatigue/Heart Issues. Just Iron or More?
  137. Anemia, Skin/hair problems, and sleeping disorders
  138. Iron deficiency
  139. Low MCHC, low MPV, low iron concentration
  140. Iron supplement withdrawal?
  141. Low Ferritin, Normal Haemoglobin
  142. 5 dotors, no answers! How much iron?!?
  143. low ferritin
  144. Anemic, but WHY?
  145. Determining Blood Volume
  146. How serious is any of this?
  147. CBC Normal, Ferritin 30, Feel like I am dying :(
  148. Recently diagnosed. Has anyone been hospitalized for this condition?
  149. Could dizziness be from Low Iron Saturation ONLY? (non anemic iron deficiency)
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  153. Fatigue
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  156. Iron and hunger
  157. Labs came in, can you help me figure it out?
  158. Help Please!
  159. Please does anyone have these symptoms?
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  161. infusions & blood transfusion.
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  167. Ferritin is 5
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  169. Advice please?
  170. Problems for Grandchild with anemia
  171. Does low ferritin cause lifeless hair and hair loss?
  172. I don't think this is iron deficiency anemia.
  173. Severe iron deficient anemia and insurance
  174. under eye bags from low iron?
  175. ferritin rising, iron is not
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  177. Transfusions in the UK
  178. Infusions and Transfusion
  179. Do I really have iron deficiency?
  180. Funny numbers
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  184. Symptoms with low iron? At what levels did your symptoms subside?
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  186. Fanconi Anemia
  187. Please help me...My boyfriend has anemia.
  188. 15 yrs old and anemic
  189. iron deficiency anemia
  190. Normal ferritin but borderline hemoglobin
  191. Anaemia, B12 & Blood testing
  192. Pernicious Anemia Misery
  193. Iron Infusion & Hair Loss
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  196. Newly Diagnosed Test Results
  197. Using diet to raise iron levels?
  198. Confused!
  199. Tibc and feritin both low.
  200. Still Tired After Iron Infusion
  201. B-12 Deficiency
  202. Can Anemia low iron make me feel so tired
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  204. continue supplement? ferritin up to 54
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  206. Allergies with Anemia
  207. When Will Fatigue Go Away
  208. My IV iron treatments
  209. How do you determine how severe anemia is
  210. Not sure how to fix....
  211. My Experience
  212. Iron Infusion
  213. Anemic and low blood pressure
  214. Iron/Sucrose I.V. Care To Share..
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  217. Abnormal CBC
  218. Low Iron (5) & Low WBC
  219. Gastric Bypass and Anemia
  220. So wiped out
  221. Ferritin level of 2!!??
  222. 1 year to increase ferritin from 3 to 22! So disappointed
  223. Should I request a new doctor or am I just being dramatic?
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  242. Guess who's body doesn't like iron?? LOL
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