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  1. The Depo Shot
  2. Losing weight on birth control?
  3. my birthcontrol
  4. how long it's going to take
  5. starting Loestrin 24fe
  6. Just got birth control when should I start taking it?
  7. How long after going off the pill does your period take to appear?
  8. how long to get yaz out of system?
  9. just started the pill and have been spotting for 9 days and counting
  10. Tri-Sprintec....In need of HELP!!!!
  11. Changing the day I take my pill?
  12. dropped a freakn' pill on the ground and could find it??! missed a day!
  13. Stopping the pill after one pill of pack?
  14. bleeding while on pill
  15. how many people have taken necon 1/35?
  16. Some ? about Yaz and Ceftin
  17. pregnancy
  18. pregnancy
  19. when to start taking yaz
  20. Female condoms
  21. Birth Control and Antibiotics
  22. could i be pregnant
  23. Side effects?
  24. Problems with Mirena, pain and cramping!!
  25. took an extra pill
  26. how do i know if i have a blood clot
  27. Breakthrough bleeding on BCP's? Should I switch to a BCP with more Estrogen?
  28. bf afraid of Fertility Awareness Method?
  29. brown spotting after on Yasmin for 3 years
  30. Natural birth control
  31. Cut cervix during IUD insert??
  32. Skipping Placebo Pills
  33. does trinsprintec help me with acne?
  34. missed EVRA PATCH
  35. bacterial infectons d/t tri sprin tec
  36. Plan B effect on Menstruation
  37. Do Supplementary vitamins interfere with oral contraceptives
  38. Vacation....period.
  39. BCP & skipping period
  40. started bcp mid cycle when period come
  41. Vasectomy Cost?
  42. endless problems with The Pill
  43. Yaz vs Orthotricyclean
  44. Yasmin Help Please!
  45. still have my period
  46. started a week early ?????
  47. Broken Condom...very scared PLEASE help
  48. brith control
  49. how long does my period last with low ogestrel
  50. Chance for getting pregnent
  51. amoxicillin and the pill
  52. mirena stuck?
  53. Late Periods
  54. Birth control pill bleeding
  55. bc + yeast infections
  56. Can't feel Mirena strings!?!
  57. Just started the pill for the first time
  58. would i be able to choose the birh conrol pill i want?
  59. Nausea, Headaches, Burping!
  60. spotting immediately after unprotected sex, but, am on the pill.
  61. bleeding with a Mirena
  62. Bleeding while taking Loestrin 20, after changing from Cerazette
  63. Dr. couldn't find IUD to remove it!!!
  64. Which birth control at wits end
  65. how long do you need to wait when taking yasmin birth control before you can get perg
  66. if I switch from yasmin to yaz ?
  67. lightheaded from BC.. HELP!
  68. why do you have to wait 7 days
  69. coming off Jazmine
  70. Been on Loestrin24Fe for over a year and missed my period
  71. Pill Taking
  72. 1 year with out period
  73. Off Yaz for almost 3 weeks, no period
  74. First Day -OR- Sunday start???
  75. pill missed for 2 weeks
  76. sprintec
  77. Kariva Questions.
  78. if you can feel mirena strings does that mean it is still in place
  79. My girl has been off depo shot for 6 weeks , why are her breasts still sore
  80. help..
  81. Diane35 question
  82. sprintec
  83. I'm not a happy camper!!!
  84. BS recommendations w/ cervical dysplasia
  85. Birth Control Made Your Period, Better or Worse?
  86. what is a good birth control pill for someone who had bad reactions with others
  87. how long does it take for the depo shot to take effect
  88. birth control ????
  89. getting married and wanna stop bc will i bleed right away?
  90. how long does birth control pills last in your systems
  91. depo provera
  92. peroid after getting off the depo shot?
  93. Tubal question
  94. cost of Yasmin
  95. should i take plan b if we used a condom but i forgot a pill
  96. missed period, spotting, and Mirena
  97. Can I be Pregnant
  98. does birth control really work
  99. Thyroids
  100. when will i get my period with yaz birth control
  101. BCP side effects, or cervical cancer?
  102. problems when depo provera wears out?
  103. Skipped period on Alesse... Now where is it?
  104. kavira
  105. continuous breakthrough bleeding
  106. not taking the 7-day break on the pill
  107. doctor wants me to get off b.c. pills
  108. what is the difference in Loestrin Fe and Loestrin 24 Fe?
  109. how long does yaz birth control take to start working
  110. period while still on active pills
  111. how soon can i expect a period after stopping the mini pill
  112. irregular bleeding on the pill
  113. Emergency Contraception
  114. im on the iud, why am i still not bleeding?
  115. I need birth control advice
  116. going off the pill
  117. long term use and bleeding
  118. emotional on the pill?
  119. how long does the ortho evra stay in your body after not using it anymore
  120. How long do periods last with mirena?
  121. how long does it take for a depo shot to work
  122. missing pill. help!
  123. Missed Period After Restarting Birth Control
  124. how long do you bleed after the depo shot
  125. Looking for form of BC
  126. Alesse
  127. question on diane 35
  128. Last active pill might of been Expired!
  129. Urgent - Should I stop Birth Control?
  130. Pulmonary Embolism and Birth Control
  131. Is the moodiness from my old pill or new pill?!
  132. Mirena Spotting Help?!
  133. Switching pills - contraceptive cover?
  134. BC raising your cholesterol?
  135. tubal ligation.. rubber band or metal clamp?..
  136. BC pill choices/ alesse
  137. sore breasts stay when taking Yasmin
  138. First month on the pill....have question
  139. postive urine test for drug
  140. Nuva Ring fall out
  141. Takin protegra while on birth control
  142. Has anyone found a successful Birth control method?
  143. Started running....now bleeding mid-cycle. Help!
  144. Thinking about Essure
  145. depo shot
  146. continous bc pills
  147. Iud
  148. havent had a period yet
  149. period before sugar pills
  150. Insurance
  151. what to do if you did not read the instructions while taking diane b c
  152. Mirena IUD - Help!!
  153. how long does yaz stay in your system
  154. Mirena ?'s, Need help with those NOT using it for BC
  155. buying pills w/o prescription?
  156. Low-dose birth control suggestions
  157. Seasonique and Leg Blood Clots
  158. Bleeding two weeks after having period
  159. Birth Control
  160. Going off of the Pill: Endo Sufferers?
  161. Dose birth control work right away?
  162. skipping a period
  163. Please Help; OrthTri-Cyclen Lo
  164. i came off my contraceptive pill, could i be pregnant?
  165. loestrin 24
  166. Will mono make the "pill" not work?
  167. Yasmin - The good side?
  168. how to skip your period on yasmin
  169. birth control
  170. reminder pills and sex
  171. Microlut - no period
  172. side effect from ortho trycyclen
  173. the reminder pills
  174. Pregnancy after sterilization???
  175. Linessa 28
  176. I have been on Loestrin for 15 years - what will happen when I get off? Pleaes help!
  177. calculate safe day method
  178. Unprotected sex!! Help!!
  179. birth control patch switching to loestrin
  180. increased sex drive with birth control pills?
  181. missed 2 days of birth control pills
  182. how to take the pill when you travel somewhere that has a time difference?
  183. effects of Loestrin 24 Fe
  184. suddenly weird period on birth control...normal? or not?
  185. how much is tri-sprintec
  186. how long does it take for your face to break out after getting off the pill
  187. Contraception Method for women with ONE OVARY
  188. birth control pills that dont give me vaginal dryness
  189. Helpless and hopeless on BCP
  190. How soon after Mirena can you have sex??
  191. Stopping with six more pills to go...risk?
  192. does yaz make breasts bigger
  193. I'm a fool....
  194. 3 BC pills = emergency contraception
  195. Quit Pill no Period
  196. no period after using birth control
  197. Bleeding and pain in side?
  198. Anyone getting their tubes tied??
  199. I'm new to MG21 and don't know when I should take it
  200. when changing birth control how long do you have to wait
  201. Femcap
  202. starting placebo week early?
  203. Still protected for seven days? Stopping Oral BC...
  204. Depro Provera question please!
  205. Birth Control Question!
  206. Essure or tubal
  207. i'm torn -IUD or pill?
  208. Ortho Micronor - frustrated
  209. tri-sprintec
  210. Lo Estrin 24
  211. when taking yasmin
  212. Spotting on the pill?
  213. Trivora 28 and bleeding
  214. birth control pills
  215. Switching from Errin(pop) to Apri (combination)
  216. Why would the doctor do this?
  217. microgestin and unprotected sex
  218. GF is on Yaz, Will Plan B pill affect her body if taken?
  219. please help, no sex drive, boyfriend getting frustrated with me
  220. Mirena Question
  221. Bleeding mid-cycle first time in 8 yrs...
  222. tri-cyclen Lo how many days before intercourse
  223. Implanon Implant - Need some advice.
  224. Yaz BCP Forgot to take one pill.... HELP
  225. Late period on tri-sprintec
  226. Breakthrough bleeding and cycles lasting longer
  227. BC Pills: 8 years, Bleeding mid cycle first time...
  228. How long does it take to start working
  229. Combined Mirena and Ortho Lo----NEED HELP!!!
  230. Need info and fast!!!
  231. Problems after the depo shot
  232. where i can buy a NuvaRing in UK
  233. IUD, help please
  234. kariva
  235. does long term antibiotic use interfere with bc
  236. Loestrin FE 24
  237. Nuva Ring
  238. Lump in armpit and painful boobs.
  239. stop taking birth control when can i start again
  240. if condom broke, but she's on birth control,what are the chances of pregnancy
  241. switching - when am i protected?
  242. Please Help! pill problems
  243. Extended Regimen Pills
  244. Birth Control/Anxiety Help
  245. Depo
  246. Breakthrough bleeding?
  247. Mirena question
  248. marina coil
  249. when does yaz start working?
  250. ortho tri cyclen lo why havent i had my period