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  1. period during inactive yasmin pills??
  2. My breasts shrunk! Does anyone know why??
  3. On the pill, maybe pregnant?
  4. NFP (Billings Ovulation Method)
  5. Tubal ligation questions
  6. Starting the pill
  7. nuvaring
  8. seasonique
  9. Birth Control & Periods
  10. loestrin 24
  11. sprintec
  12. yasmin
  13. stopped taking birth control..help!
  14. what to do if you accidentally took st. john's wort with birth control
  15. cerazette and anxiety
  16. Why do you have to have kids before you can get the mirena
  17. CLA and Birth control
  18. i just started depo shot? how long till i get my period?
  19. Cost of different bc pills?
  20. birth contol questions... need recommendations
  21. how to clean the nuva ring
  22. NuvaRing Available in UK?
  23. Can BC Pills Cause Miscarriage?
  24. birth control
  25. Stopped BC, how long until I ovulate?
  26. Which day to insert Nuvaring when coming off Yaz?
  27. how long you need to wait wen you take the pillz before you can have sex without cond
  28. Pill user but condom broke
  29. changing birth control pills
  30. estrogen in YAZ
  31. Vitamins
  32. missed period on levlen- worried about possible pregnancy
  33. nordette
  34. tubes tied
  35. stopping the pill
  36. light period
  37. bleeding
  38. bleeding
  39. stop spironolactone how long to wait before ttc
  40. The three month period (desogen/cyclin)
  41. pregnancy after depo
  42. Yaz and nasal congestion
  43. missed Pill(yasmin) and no sign of period
  44. Need some suggestions for daughter
  45. is it normal to be a day late when being on yaz?
  46. Bleeding bad from Depo provera 10 year user.
  47. braekthrough bleeding after starting loestrin fe
  48. side effects of 4 tri- sprintec
  49. Just need reassurance that this is normal?
  50. yaz birth control and low libido
  51. Microgestin Birth Control = Pregnancy?
  52. Side effects of tubal ligation
  53. how to use famila 28
  54. cramping after iud insert
  55. I'm thinking about using the shot..
  56. stopping birth control pills while breakthrough bleeding???
  57. Long term use of birth control and side effects
  58. what kind out birth control i use while taking blood thiner
  59. Ortho to Tri Sprintec
  60. breakthrough bleeding with apri
  61. What is the difference between Loestrin 24 and Loestrin 28 1/20
  62. is stopping bcp in the middle of the pack bad???
  63. Birth control
  64. On & off BC all thru '08
  65. quick question about birth control and throwing up
  66. can i double up on my birth control pills to stop bleeding
  67. Starting BC for the first time...
  68. Need reassurance please!
  69. Birth control drama help me please im goin crazy!!!
  70. opps
  71. i forgot!
  72. starting yasmin when not having a period
  73. mirena cause discharge?
  74. Kariva Birth Control Side Effects: Your experiences
  75. how long does it take for the hormones to leave my system after an iud?
  76. Bleeding after stopping Birth Control Pill
  77. is it normal to feel down when taking yaz?
  78. late pills and changing times
  79. does it matter if you switch color pills in your birth control pack
  80. switching birth control pills
  81. Quitting Birth control
  82. BC Bloating and Cramping
  83. starting new pack late..
  84. how to tell if there is something wrong with your iud
  85. Just finished my period
  86. the pill and no period...!
  87. Is an IUD okay for someone without children?
  88. went from yasmin to yaz and no period
  89. So my girlfriend just started YAZ. And I have a question :)
  90. how to take apri
  91. Help Pharmacy gave me Tri-Sprintec instead of Sprintec???
  92. Need help with understanding pills
  93. When will I get my period post BCP
  94. can't find the string on an mirena iud
  95. Pill 5 hours late!
  96. Missed last active pill
  97. digesting birth control
  98. Got my period, been off the pill for a month.
  99. BC Issues / Long Period = Cancer???
  100. Should I start taking birth control again?
  101. how to quit the Levlen pill
  102. get pregnant after using birth control pills
  103. IUD strings too long after insertion ?
  104. Sudden bleeding after year on cerazette
  105. I cant swallow
  106. how do you overwrite the depo
  107. What is normal after IUD insertion?
  108. i am on the third day of my placebo pill and havent got my period yet, why is that?
  109. Been on birth control and now want to quit
  110. norvelo morning-after pill
  111. antibiotics
  112. how long to you have to wait to have sex after taking a birth control pill
  113. how long does a pill need to digest
  114. stopping birth control
  115. Yasmin
  116. does doxycycline interfere with YAZ breakthrough bleeding
  117. i got depo shot on the 13th of november and on and off bleeding,and also heavy bleedn
  118. Alesse and late period
  119. Kariva birth control - any experiences? please?
  120. New Yaz User with Immediate Questions.
  121. Help
  122. Tiny switch... still protected?
  123. vasectomy concerns ...is it as good as pill etc....
  124. The IUC ... any good thoughts?
  125. Is the pill still in my system, if not how come im not pregnant yet?
  126. how soon after you stop birth control do you get your period
  127. what is the best I.U.D. out there for young women?
  128. Yaz: Will This Period Ever End?
  129. what if i don't start yaz on a sunday or 1st day?
  130. Started new BC Sunday...period stopped???
  131. How long does Yazz take
  132. took pill late
  133. IUD Removal, and my period
  134. can my rash be caused by the nuvaring?
  135. Will my doctor give me the Mirena IUC even though I have never had children?
  136. Birth control pills, Irregular period, Unprotected sex, Could I be pregnant?
  137. Long periods while using BC
  138. So confused... pill question
  139. please help
  140. Starting new birth control on the right day?!
  141. Loestrin 24 fe- breakthrough bleeding
  142. Allergic to the combination pill, what other contraceptives can I use?
  143. why am I bleeding all month?
  144. Period when on pill.
  145. bc
  146. YAZ white pills & period !!
  147. alcohol and the pill
  148. Birth Control and Keflex?
  149. Total loss of libido...
  150. how do i know if my iud is expelling
  151. nuvaring
  152. Thought I was pregnant on the pill
  153. how long after taking birth control pills do you have to wait and not get pregnant?
  154. BC help and opinions needed.
  155. Birth control help needed
  156. how long does breakthrough bleeding last
  157. lost birth control package! HELP!
  158. how common is breast growth with Yaz?
  159. missed a pill and break through bleeding ... not sure what to do
  160. Need a bit of advise on nuvo ring
  161. Going off birth control this week for the first time, please help!!!
  162. does nuvaring affect sex drive?
  163. Loestrin 1/20FE Vs. Loestrin 24FE
  164. what is the difference between loestrin 1/20 fe and loestrin 24 fe
  165. Mirena Side effects??? Please Help!
  166. Help Urgently
  167. Mirena users...questions please
  168. I Really Need Advice!!!!!!!!!
  169. loestrin 24
  170. I feel funny...
  171. Mirena strings length...
  172. coming off depo
  173. I need to alter my period
  174. Period 2 weeks late, negative HPT, cramping, increased discharge, just changed BC
  175. moving my period with ortho tri lo
  176. safe to have sex?
  177. Stopped taking BC a few months ago and no period :S
  178. Unhelpful (rude) clincian=Desogen. HELP =]
  179. Birth Control and antibiotics
  180. could i be pregnant????
  181. Period pains and birth control pill
  182. going back on the pill
  183. I need BCP ideas from you ladies =]
  184. how long does the spotting last taking Seasonique
  185. pill Q
  186. Lunelle???
  187. Almost 33 and need major help on what to do, PLEASE HELP!
  188. Skipping Periods and Bleeding
  189. geting off the shot
  190. tri sprintec
  191. 21 day pill pack for Microgestin 1/20
  192. Switching Birth control pills
  193. does birthcontrol work when you are on antibiodics
  194. I Am Using Mirena
  195. mirena iud removal
  196. birth control IMPLANT
  197. please help...
  198. Anyone on Ortho Evra patch with my background?
  199. i want to come off bc pill end of this month,
  200. Trying to Get Pregnant After Using Mirena
  201. Diflucan and the Pill
  202. Mirena
  203. Anti-biotics and the pill
  204. why did i use to start my period on wednesday and now its mondays
  205. does yaz have low androgen levels
  206. discontinued BCP--weird cycle
  207. What on earth is happening to me - Yaz/Yasmin
  208. what if you start your birth control late
  209. could I b pregnant if tubes tied and burn but still have period. how can I find out
  210. when i will get prgnent
  211. Morning after pill
  212. Please, any advice on diaphrams?
  213. What is the safest?
  214. does mirena last 5 years?
  215. Did I Have A Miscarriage???????
  216. Yasmin pill
  217. Marvelon 21 for Treating Amenorrhea
  218. Yasmin and bleeding
  219. Does any one know...?
  220. Side effects..
  221. What can I expect after stopping yasmin. I am 55.
  222. IUDs - Mirena IUS and copper IUD - my experience
  223. Question about Tri-Sprintec
  224. Desogen: Negative Side Effects- Alternative option?
  225. what to do when the time changes and you are on yaz
  226. If you take the placebo pills monthly, does that lower the chances of side effects?
  227. when on yaz pill if u take the wrong day are you still protected
  228. how long after taking yasmin can i expect a bleeding
  229. Mirena IUD
  230. BC and the stomach flu
  231. Birth Control Question...
  232. short and sweet!
  233. period for a month now?
  234. missed period
  235. Switching BC question
  236. Pmdd
  237. do i have to wait for a period on microgestin
  238. what do you do when you start your birth conrol pack late
  239. Lo/Ovral HELP
  240. Waiting time in between switching pills?
  241. bc newbie yaz
  242. delaying my period
  243. so . . . Yaz?
  244. Effective in 7 days???
  245. birth control pills
  246. Just started Nuvaring... very moody?
  247. morning after pill and getting my period
  248. Still breaking out on Ortho tri cyclen at end of 3rd month, Should i switch?
  249. Microgestin-periods stopped...has this happened to anyone else?
  250. IUD Mirena or Implanon Implant

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