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  1. emergency pill HELP!
  2. IUD.. Cant feel strings or bottom of IUD!!?? Anyone else ever had this?
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  4. stopping BC two days into new pack.
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  6. Can she be pregnant?
  7. what do you think????
  8. Am i pregnant?
  9. Depo shot help please.....
  10. continous Ortho Cyclen switch (sprintec, mononessa), bad nausea - also boo Walgreens
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  14. Paragard Hell Update
  15. Birth Control Need
  16. Birth control mess-up... what do I do?
  17. One Day Period with Lo-Ogestrel
  18. Took birth control late - spotting - antibiotics?
  19. Kariva severe anxiety
  20. Pain while on Depo- Please help!!
  21. Lo Loestrin Fe (birth control) totally messed up my period
  22. Birth Control for irregular periods
  23. Is it normal to get your period in the middle of your pill pack?
  24. Bleeding every day on the pill?
  25. Switching from combination pill to mini pill
  26. birth control effect
  27. Birth control pills
  28. Too-Early Period
  29. Low libido :o/ on Birth Control Pill for years-help!?!
  30. 1st day of Ovranette ?
  31. Ovranette and confused?
  32. stopped depo shot for 1mo. brown blood plz help!!!!
  33. Ortho Tri Cyclen help?
  34. Yaz
  35. Question...
  36. hi
  37. Missed Period on Alesse 28
  38. Trying to conceive after Yasmin pill
  39. Birth Control Pills
  40. Stop pill mid-through a carried on pack
  41. Stopping birth control after 2 weeks, wihdrawal bleeing or actual period?
  42. BC Pill + Condom - How Safe Am I?
  43. Depo shot.
  44. Beyaz help
  45. Paraguard Hell
  46. Bleeding while on my pill
  47. Mistake of using baby oil with condom...
  48. How to prevent breakout after getting off birth control?
  49. Extended Pill Regimen
  50. Delaying period by one week for vacation
  51. Birth control and facial hair
  52. Help: Forgot to take my pills!!!
  53. took only one birth control pill, then stopped taking them.
  54. I have an issue I lost my pill!! with no back up!!!
  55. i missed taking pills
  56. looking for the right birth control
  57. Beyaz birth control & Fioricet
  58. microgestin, didnt skip a week.
  59. Just stopped nuvaring
  60. Just stopped nuvaring
  61. IUD and Cramping
  62. Pleaseehelpp!!
  63. Helpppppp on yasmineeee
  64. NEW here! Coming off the Depo shot.
  65. Birth Control for someone with depression
  66. Spotting on 21st day of the Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo BC pack, but intended to skip period.
  67. Period very late - Negative tests so far
  68. No Period After Stopping BC
  69. Confused
  70. Alesse - Does it delay my period?
  71. Bleeding after depo shot for almost 3 weeks, will it ever stop?!
  72. Confused
  73. Lo Loestrin Fe Period???
  74. weird mirena side effects?
  75. Help Please
  76. Taking Birth Control to Delay Period - Messing Up Cycle??
  77. My problem...
  78. Side effects of leaving the pill
  79. Mirena and hair loss
  80. Yaz-First Month-no Period.. yet
  81. Had my period twice in a month!!
  82. Taking birthcontrol late
  83. Missed a week of birth control
  84. Am afraid..please help!
  85. Late period on first month of birth control
  86. how long should i leave it?!
  87. Which Form Of BC Should I Go With?
  88. no menstruation after taking diane 35 pills..
  89. Break through bleeding on Loestrin.
  90. - Pretty sure BC killed my relationship....
  91. Q on BC and risks of pregnancy without use of condom
  92. Advice please, condom broke, taking OCP but also taking antibiotics.
  93. help!started diane 35 on day 2 of my period
  94. How soon will I get my period after coming off the pill?
  95. generess?
  96. Sterilization Question
  97. Should i start my new pack?
  98. Microgestin. Question!
  99. Hair loss after birth control
  100. Went off of birth control, help!
  101. Should I talk to my boyfriend about my BC?
  102. Levlite,Alesse,Micrette?
  103. Stopped taking my sugar pills, help!
  104. What is going on???
  105. Had sex, missed the pill the day after. What are the chances of being pregnant?
  106. Zarah?
  107. Levora almost killed me!
  108. Odds of pregnancy for this situation? I'm nervous
  109. alesse no sex drive
  110. Yaz - Last White Pill - No period
  111. Starting the pill
  112. vomiting after birth control patch
  113. Stopped BC Pill and Feel Horrible
  114. birth control sudden increasing spider veins
  115. Mirena
  116. Alesse Birth Control Breakthrough bleeding
  117. Tried Lo seasonique, Tried Depo, Tried Nuva, (side effects of low labido)
  118. Yaz birth controll
  119. Birth control for uterine fibroids?
  120. Skipping active Seasonale
  121. I really need advice PLEASE :(
  122. taking a break? breakthrough bleeding/spotting
  123. Really need advice! Please help!
  124. Ortho Tri-Cylen Lo Vomiting
  125. levora vs loestrin(junel) 1.5/30 vs loestrin 1/20 ??
  126. Protected Sex
  127. Switching pills?
  128. I seriously need advice. Please !!!!!!!!!
  129. I was on alesse, switched to yasmin, will i have side effects going back?
  130. Birth Control & Skin
  131. 2 weeks of period and on birth control
  132. Urgent
  133. Missed 2 days. Emergency contraception?
  134. Missed 12 days of pill
  135. Birth Control Questions?
  136. No semen in condom?
  137. PLease help, urgent advise
  138. I'm confused about whats going on with me!
  139. After The Pill
  140. Emergency Contraceptive while on Birth Control
  141. Spotting on Pill?
  142. Loestrin20 or pregnancy
  143. Help me!!!
  144. switched from ortho tri-cyclen to ortho tri-cyclen LO...breasts are KILLING me!
  145. Can I put all the birth control pills together? Are they all the same?
  146. Loestrin24Fe
  147. My Nightmare with the Depo Shot
  148. Is Switching to Seasonale a Good Idea?
  149. Broken Condom & Pill mess up
  150. birth control pill
  151. missing/vomiting after a yasmin pill
  152. Can she be pregnant?
  153. Birth control frustration
  154. Cerezette - brown discharge
  155. Injection
  156. I'm on Azurette (generic of Mircette) and have been bleeding ever since
  157. Sort of failed contraception?
  158. birth control pills
  159. Nuvaring Position
  160. Depo provera for 7 years with no bleeding now I've got a period
  161. Cryselle. Help
  162. loestin
  163. Birth control and losing weight, please read the whole thing
  164. Iud removal fears
  165. Could I become pregnant-Kariva
  166. 15, girlfriend may or may not be pregnant =[
  167. Stupid pill!
  168. Help!!
  169. If you get your period on the pill can you be pregnant?
  170. 9 days of spotting
  171. New to cerezette - effectiveness
  172. Monophasic BC better for acne?
  173. Forgot to stop pill during 7 days intake free break!!
  174. Have antibiotics/running2packs together caused this early discharge?
  175. NuvaRing side effects... enough to stop?
  176. Freaking out!
  177. Mirena IUD - no children
  178. is my birth control working?
  179. Birth control..
  180. Took birth control a little late
  181. Kariva success stories?
  182. in need of URGENT response
  183. PLEASE READ! Emergency question!
  184. Emergency contraception
  185. please read....withdrawal bleeding off pill....!
  186. How does a "period" on birth control actually work?
  187. Switched bc brands, weird period? (Sorry so long)
  188. Birth Control and Breast Tenderness
  189. after implanion removal
  190. Mercilon
  191. period and birth control
  192. OrthoEvra- Late period?
  193. Missed one birth control pill, should I go for plan B pls help
  194. (Depo) Cramps no bleeding
  195. New to non-hormonal IUD
  196. I've been winging it with my Seasonale... erp, need advice?
  197. depo... kinda confused
  198. Missed a pill and I used a condom...what are my chances of not being pregnant?
  199. Photophobia??
  200. When will I stop spotting? Help!
  201. Birth Control for one month and no period???
  202. on patch and no peroid for over a year
  203. Questions, experiences, opinions and thoughts on Essure
  204. Taking ogestrol tBlets
  205. My breasts shrank on implanon?
  206. Alesse and decrease in breast size
  207. Tri sprintec
  208. On birth control but having left "ovary" type pains during intercourse.
  209. Plan B emergency contraception Blood Clot risk??
  210. switch days on BC pill
  211. no period?
  212. Brown Discharge on Birth Control
  213. On the pill but had unprotected sex....
  214. Two Hours Using Birth Control After Sex. Period or Breakthrough Bleeding?
  215. Feeling hyper after stopping birth control pills....
  216. Need to find a pharmacy that has Paragards??
  217. Junel Fe just switched, breakthrough bleeding normal?
  218. Anyone use Seasonique for ovarian cysts?
  219. missed a pill, took plan b, negative preg test
  220. Possibility of blood clots after just nine days on tri sprintec
  221. Sick bug during 7 day break, still protected?
  222. Quitting birth control- crazy story.
  223. Hormone imbalance after coming off the pill
  224. Please tell me I'm paranoid -- late pills
  225. tricyclen lo and 1 missed dose, very worried
  226. Microgynon 30 and diarrhoea! Had diarrhoea 1 hour after taking it! Help!
  227. Periods and Birth Control
  228. Uncharacteristic Breakthrough Bleeding
  229. On Microgynon 30 & took fluconazole capsule for thrush! Affects birth control? Help!
  230. On Tri-cyclen... Week early peroids two months in a row
  231. Is it weird that I still feel nauseous after over a week?
  232. Birth control, never been LATE
  233. Is this anxiety related to my birth control?
  234. Condom broke BUT IM ON BIRTH CONTROL!
  235. Got off depo-provera, but still bleeding?
  236. what are your thoughts...
  237. Missed pills, vaginal discharge after restarting them, pregnant?
  238. birth control and antibiotics. HELP
  239. Loestrin/Junel/Microgestin - your thoughts?
  240. Birth Control Pills
  241. messed up birth control !
  242. Starting period a week earlier on birth control pills
  243. No period after stopping birth control
  244. alesse/sronyx birth control pill and major weird side effects and symptoms.
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  246. Bleeding after stopped taking BC
  247. Depo Provera depression
  248. Which birth control is better the IUD or the Implanon
  249. 1 day late starting Loestrin 24
  250. Nervous about being pregnant