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  1. Ectopic preg while on BC, NOW WHAT?!?!
  2. Is there such a Birth Control?
  3. One more question.
  4. depo shot or other options
  5. Is this weird?!
  6. Yasmin/Ocella
  7. Does everyone lose hair when quitting bc?
  8. Urgent Please Help Me
  9. Problems after stopping the pill
  10. OK..44 year old female needing advise on BC.
  11. emotional wreck?
  12. Loestrin 24 Fe problem!
  13. started nuva ring been on period for 17 days
  14. started nuva ring been on period for 17 days
  15. I took Plan B, but i didn't exactly take it RIGHT. HELP!
  16. birth control and emotional numbness
  17. Condom broke while on the pill...took plan B, was that safe?
  18. Info on breakthrough bleeding
  19. condom broke, sometime forget to take pills
  20. Potentially messed up pills, really scared
  21. Plan B Before Ovulation
  22. implanion
  23. Help!
  24. Period lasting more than 2 weeks!
  25. Heavy bleeding on loestrin 20 mg
  26. Missed period on Diane 35
  27. Need advice, When to stop birthcontrol?
  28. Bleeding on Implanon
  29. is it possible to get pregnant while on sugar pill?
  30. First time Pill user
  31. Growing concerned, please advise!
  32. Could I Be Pregnant? Please Help!
  33. Mood Swings with Apri
  34. Yasmin vs Ocella
  35. When can I have my pill free week?
  36. Breakout, back on birth control. Help?
  37. no period after switching pill and then completely stopping birth control
  38. I always get my period on my last day of placebos.
  39. Early period...
  40. Nuvaring?
  41. breakouts on birth control
  42. Mirena side effects?
  43. Spotting on Birth Control...Please Advice
  44. Pregnancy... Possible?
  45. Contraceptive pill expiry?
  46. on diane 35+spiro for acne. distraught 19 y/0
  47. implanon long sorry couldn't stop typing lol been a long time
  48. Famila 28 Use during Breast Feeding
  49. seasonique
  50. how to use famila 28 tablets
  51. Noriday prostegen only side effects?
  52. Continuous use of Birth Control Pill
  53. On the pill, got sick, am i covered....Need to put my mind at ease
  54. Alesse Generic Aviane
  55. Depo and spotting
  56. fed up with my bc!!
  57. how quick can i get pregnant after going off of tri sprintec birth control
  58. Which birth control is best?
  59. Support for Breakthrough Bleeding
  60. Birth Control (Portia) and high blood sugar?!
  61. Microgestin 1.5/30 vs. junel
  62. TriNessa Problems
  63. Need Advice about the pill
  64. Mirena IUD...comments from users please...
  65. Missed Pill
  66. Depo-Provera
  67. spotting after stopping the pill?
  68. Depo Provera and getting pregnant
  69. Vaginal Bleeding/Hemorrhage If stop the pill ..Help!
  70. Getting period but on pill, 2 weeks
  71. The Mysterious Vanishing Nuvaring... am I pregnant??
  72. On b.c. for years - sudden change?
  73. Advice for new yasmin user!
  74. getting ParaGard as a prescription at a pharmacy
  75. Freaking out, help!
  76. Do I need to use Plan B in this case
  77. Copper IUD????
  78. mucus glob
  79. NuvaRing.
  80. On Implanon and Ortho Tricyclen at same time, even after a pulmonary embolism
  81. period came before i finish YAZ
  82. Ortho tri cyclen, pregnant?? Help!!!
  83. Unsure whats going on!
  84. Mini pill
  85. Chances? please.
  86. Mirena Questions
  87. Evra patch pms late 4days
  88. Tri-Previfem
  89. Loestrin 24 Fe question
  90. Help
  91. do you bleed after getting the depo-provera shot?
  92. LoSeasonique Anyone?
  93. Mirena may have caused problems...?
  94. The pill and bleeding
  95. Using Spermicide Burns
  96. how long on sugar tablets before start withdrawl bleeding
  97. Affordable methods?
  98. Question for those of you on Lostrin 24fe
  99. Stopping Nuvaring 63 days no period??
  100. Going off the pill.
  101. Ortho tri cyclen lo lost white pill?
  102. Depo shot before Essure procedure?
  103. Has anyone experienced negative side effects of Loestrin24 fe?
  104. Its Starting to Confuse me (Implant)
  105. breakthrough bleeding?
  106. Nuva Ring caused cystic acne bumps on back after 4 days
  107. seasonique at age 45??
  108. birth control and old age
  109. Double up on pills to stop breakthrough bleeding?
  110. Giving Lybrel a second try-any tips on controlling weight gain?
  111. Day 3 of stopping yasmin .. FML or ?
  112. Contraceptive pill may be ruining our relationship
  113. Please...I REALLY need some advice and/or personal experience...Nuva Ring?
  114. Ovulation
  115. Trouble with Microgynon, should I give up on all other brands?
  116. please help.. stopped birth control-problems
  117. Question.. Please help
  118. what if you dont get it out on time?
  119. Birth Control..
  120. No period?!
  121. Anyone have the Mirena IUD??
  122. erm, whats going on (patch)
  123. Im on Mircette. Few issues here help!
  124. bc pills and thyroid function
  125. Switching from Depo-Provera to Ortho Micronor
  126. the contraceptive implant (implanon)
  127. Ortho tri cyclen pills
  128. Question about missing BC, please answer!
  129. need some support
  130. how long does it take for micronor to be out of your system
  131. bleeding for 2wks after pill
  132. Need to find a form of bc--fast
  133. Tri Nessa / Placebo / discharge
  134. Numb emotionally
  135. Loestrin 24Fe Continuous Bleeding
  136. WOW major side effect???
  137. Getting Off Birth Control
  138. Concerned about BCP effectiveness...advice???
  139. Side Effects after Yasmin
  140. plan b/nuvaring/birth control question please help!
  141. Off Yasmin for a month...
  142. worried i will not be able to concieve
  143. Messed up my pills... what should I do now?
  144. depo and pregnancy
  145. quitting YAZ gradually to avoid side effects?
  146. Depo Provera less effective in obese women?
  147. Abdominal pain after plan b
  148. 2 missed periods after being on the pill for one month
  149. Reliability of Birth Control
  150. Confused if im pregant or not
  151. loestrin 24
  152. Blind spots
  153. What to take?
  154. Stopped Yaz - help?
  155. Birth control
  156. stopping birth control and diarrhea! HELP!!
  157. Prolonged Period with Loestrin 24Fe
  158. problems after stopping birth control
  159. Going on the Pill
  160. Brevicon
  161. Heavy prolonged bleeding - Loestrin 24fe?
  162. how does going off birth control effect your skin
  163. Can I get sterilized without first having had any kids?
  164. Birth Control Pills cause UTI?
  165. Is it possible to shorten my period on birth control pills?
  166. period two months after starting pill
  167. will this hurt her
  168. When it's ok to stop using a condom
  169. Health benefits of Mirena IUD?
  170. switching from Loestrin24FE to Ortho tricycline
  171. St. John's Wort interaction with the pill?
  172. Loestrin 24fe & breakthrough bleeding gggrr!!!
  173. Methods of Birth Control for a Forgetful Woman??
  174. Aviane
  175. No Period ??
  176. Why is birth control so hard?!?
  177. Loestrin 24 fe
  178. Nuva Ring
  179. Questions about Plan B
  180. Cramping throughout month?
  181. bcp sensitivty predict pregnancy mood swings?
  182. Getting paragard soon What to expect?
  183. Spotting on the pill...switched pills. Please help
  184. How many days does your period usually last while on birth controll pills?
  185. Plab B, 2nd Period Late ? :-/
  186. Missed pill during 3rd week Yaz. What to do?
  187. Ive Just Swapped Brand Of Contriceptive Pill And i have got brown distcharge
  188. Implanon
  189. missed pills after sex
  190. Best birth control for hormonal acne!!
  191. im on the pill and i am late ?
  192. Microgestin Fe 1/20
  193. depo shot
  194. Cerazette and Coil
  195. Breast
  196. Yaz birth controll verses generic
  197. paraguard IUD partial expulsion- saw doc, she left it in, what to do now?
  198. Please Answer... I'm Scared
  199. birth control mess up?
  200. karvira birh controll
  201. Period after birth control
  202. 1 Month of Apri = NONSTOP 20 DAY PERIOD! Doctor wants to start Glucophage! Help! :(
  203. Yaz vs. Ortho Novum 1/35
  204. brown discharge after going off pill
  205. Should I come off the pill? Can't deal with the mood swings...
  206. GF at risk for pregnancy?
  207. Need help with copper IUD
  208. bleeding...Stress??
  209. Please help. "Spotting," or actual period? Risk of pregnancy?
  210. loooong period after stopped taking birth control
  211. My belly been acting funny
  212. bcbs birth control
  213. my boobs are hurting
  214. A Combination of Odd Symptoms
  215. can i get pregnant if i take my birth control a week early?
  216. Evra patch
  217. IUD lost, Missing strings, HELP
  218. unusal bleeding
  219. clomid
  220. Injection Birth Control
  221. Headache after removing NuvaRing? Can anyone relate? Is it just me?
  222. Period or not??
  223. Kariva- missed pills
  224. Can Depo-Provera use cause permanent infertility?
  225. to stay on or stay off
  226. nordette as birth control
  227. qestion
  228. Can i get pregnant while spotting on BC Pills?
  229. Birth Control Pills
  230. should i take it or not?
  231. Ortho-Cyclen or Femcon Fe?
  232. Question about the birth control pill Desogen!
  233. Went off the pill - what the heck is wrong with my body?
  234. getting pregnant
  235. I need some help, this is really annoying!
  236. heavy bleeding for two weeks on microgestin
  237. Sprintec
  238. New to BC/question
  239. when you stop taking birth control pills in the middle of the pack
  240. acne
  241. Please help :(
  242. starting diane35
  243. Am i pregnant or what?
  244. Morning After Pill (Plan B) long term effects
  245. Furustrated!! dryness related to birth control!
  246. birth control
  247. The Drug PRIMODOS
  248. Want to go off the Pill, suggestions?
  249. Taking pill nonstop without placebos
  250. had to go off birth control, when to start again

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