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  1. Substitution for Loestrin 24 that is inexpensive
  2. Irregular menstrual cycle and birth control
  3. Quitting Birth Control ?
  4. So Confused!
  5. Antibiotics/Birth Control
  6. about pregnancy
  7. birth control causing depression
  8. Doing a 28day cycle to miss period... (& TTC)
  9. Nuva Ring-- Hormone problem or pregnant?
  10. do you ovulate whilst on the depo jab?
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  12. birthcontrol
  13. Birth Control Symtoms
  14. what are the side effects of coming off bc
  15. bleeding and cramping for a week
  16. IUD & BC and Still Bleeding...
  17. anyone use the bc implant?
  18. Not sure where to post this....
  19. help is it a missed pill
  20. 2 missed periods on loestrin24fe
  21. How Long?
  22. Birth Control Pills
  23. continuous breakthrough bleeding on BCP
  24. Hormone problems caused by birth control?
  25. breakthrough bleeding?
  26. Alesse issues
  27. IUD upside down...is this normal?
  28. bc and diarrhea
  29. Help! IUD problem?
  30. Iud
  31. unprotected sex and bc question
  32. show me how can i inject myself
  33. condom broke but used pill
  34. antiobiotic
  35. essure
  36. essure
  37. Yaz and Weight Gain
  38. Birth Control & Very Serious Side Effects
  39. Loestrin 24 Fe Problems! Please help.
  40. how long should I go on bleeding with Depo until someone helps me
  41. No periods for 2 yrs on Mirena, bleeding now!
  42. Dizziness b/c of stopping the pill??
  43. when do periods stop after depo injection
  44. Depo shot killing sex drive?
  45. nuvaring keeps slipping down
  46. Levlen ED contraceptive pills..
  47. birth control question
  48. is this normal?
  49. the pill help..... please
  50. yasmins pills
  51. Birth Control and Pregnancy
  52. Took Pill Late, very nervous.
  53. having to pee a lot with ortho lo?
  54. Breakthrough Question
  55. Your experiences with different birth control pills?
  56. what causes Breakthough bleeding
  57. Should I stop taking my birth control pills?
  58. depo provera shot
  59. iud2
  60. iud
  61. When will my cycle be normal after BC+Plan B?
  62. Temporarily off the pill
  63. Alesse 28 Full Effects
  64. Best day for sex during cycle
  65. Ortho Tri-Cyclen Troubles
  66. hair regrowth and birth control pills
  67. The "Pill" Usage
  68. how do you know when something is wrong with your iud birth control
  69. Pill mix up-Advice!
  70. READ plz!!
  71. fleshy lumps and black thick period
  72. bc side effects and quitting the pill
  73. mirena
  74. Reduces the effectiveness of BC
  75. What is this Pain in my Right Side?
  76. Breakthrough bleeding on YAZ aafter 2 years
  77. does anyone get side effects from skipping periods?
  78. anyone still taking yasmin?
  79. can i concieve on the first day of my period?
  80. How can I make my period come sooner
  81. menstrual cycle question
  82. Can I stop taking the pill during a pack?
  83. constant breakthrough bleeding
  84. side effects from skipping a period
  85. how long does it take for loestrin 24 to take effect
  86. Yasmin + IBS
  87. Hormonal contracetion affecting sense of smell?
  88. Loestrin 24 and acne
  89. Nuva Ring/ estrostep FE
  90. Im switching birth control methods. Pill to IUD and scared.
  91. Strange side effect??
  92. depo users
  93. Birth control
  94. Going Off the Pill Soon...
  95. does famila-28 pills are effective in birthcontrol
  96. depo shot
  97. Bleeding and Cramping on birth control.
  98. This month my period came a day late. Should I be worried?
  99. Took Morning After Pill after unprotected sex....
  100. Iud
  101. Tri Lo Sprintec help
  102. Period mid way through contraceptive pill cycle
  103. spotting on birth control after 10 yrs
  104. Light bleeding/spotting on the patch?
  105. A few hours late
  106. i just got on the parguard and my period only was down for a week is that normal
  107. Skipped a pill....
  108. New to birth control
  109. Implanon + Spotting
  110. loestrin 24 fe
  111. new to pill and side effects
  112. Ortho micronor please help!
  113. Have been on birth control for 2 years, stopped, and no period
  114. Can I still get pregnant? D:
  115. Rythym method?
  116. can i quit my bc in the middle of a pack?
  117. Tri-Sprintec Birth control (HELP)
  118. Started new pack late! :(
  119. Nuvaring - start, protected
  120. long term bc use and excessive discharge
  121. Ortho Evra patch not sticking on corners?
  122. Vitamin C, Alcohol and the pill
  123. low libido?
  124. Loestrin Fe to help with bad periods
  125. Problems with my pill, discharge, low sex drive, depresion..help!
  126. cheap birth control?
  127. When does your period start on Kariva/Mircette?
  128. Please help alarming things happening!
  129. New pills lowering my sex drive please help
  130. starting loestrin 24 fe
  131. Birth Controll pills and hormone imbalances!
  132. Problem with the Generic or Just the Drug Itself? (Junel Fe vs. Microgestin Fe)
  133. Will blood clots go away on their own?
  134. Bleeding....
  135. How long will i bleed for after stopping birth control? please answer ASAP
  136. Heavy Breakthrough bleeding, what todo?
  137. If you got pregnant on the pill, would you still have the withdrawal bleed?
  138. Depo/prego
  139. Fed up! Do any of these symptoms sound familiar?
  140. Yaz and tingling arms and legs
  141. really need some help don't know where to find this info!
  142. does going off of birth control after 10 years have any affects
  143. two packs without a break
  144. Antibiotics and birth control
  145. Need to change birth control
  146. Missing A Pill? HELP!?
  147. do you still ovulate on the depo
  148. Birth control-Tri Sprintec
  149. no period after stopping bc
  150. How to switch time I take my birth control
  151. Skipping period or not? :S - Yaz BC
  152. Muscle twitching since put on Loestrin FE
  153. how long does Alesse stay in your system?
  154. Question about side effects of Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo?
  155. Nothing's Working, Suggestions?
  156. Solia
  157. Loestrin 24-Has Anyone Not Experienced Weight Gain?
  158. Loestrin 24-Any Good Feedback?
  159. Mirena IUD and Pap Smear
  160. Plan b
  161. how long does it take for the depro shot to go away
  162. Sprintec Birth Control
  163. Birth Control Pill with no Weight Gain?
  164. Mirena-Has Anyone Had a Positive Experience with and IUD????
  165. Getting pregnant on the pill?
  166. changing Birth Control
  167. paragard
  168. Loestrin 24 Fe question
  169. pregnacy on sprintec
  170. Bleeding and Depo provera
  171. the pill
  172. Periods were 28 days apart, but are now 37
  173. Kariva Help Please
  174. Kariva
  175. Late Period on Ocella
  176. Best Birth Control?
  177. Starting Yasmin
  178. Yasmin Warnings
  179. Yasmin and changing period date
  180. yasmin pill
  181. Took wrong pill
  182. Took wrong pill
  183. Help!! Plecebo pill taken day early
  184. Taking the first pill late
  185. missing pills and pregnancy... please help
  186. How long before yaz affects subside?
  187. Pregnant or not?
  188. how long does it take for breasts to shrink back after stopping the Pill?
  189. Chances of pregnancy on the placebo week???
  190. The patch??
  191. ANY pill no good for my body, I want to come off it ASAP help!
  192. bleeding between my period but on the pill!!
  193. Birth control and antibiotics when am I protected again?
  194. Yasmin the WORST birth control pill I have taken
  195. on marina birth control and have brown discharge what does that mean
  196. What should I do?
  197. pregnacy
  198. seasonique
  199. Estrostep FE vs. Generic Brand: Help
  200. Tri-Sprintec/ Ortho Tri cyclen LO
  201. Depo Shot
  202. 43 yr old-iud or essure??
  203. Trinessa vs. Tri-Sprintec
  204. Comming off Depo Provera And hemorrhaging
  205. Spiro and Yaz to treat acne
  206. Loestrin 24fe - early period
  207. Pls. Help......pls.
  208. The best or safest BC pill?
  209. Pill 11 hours late
  210. anyone else experienced this with yaz?
  211. detrimental to my health?
  212. birth controll and severe headache
  213. Started birth control pack a day early, would like to get back on previous schedule.
  214. Bleeding before sugar pills
  215. why am I seeing this Yaz / Yasmin stuff everywhere now?
  216. how do I know there is something wrong with my IUD
  217. ovulating
  218. The Pill and Depo at the same time
  219. breaking out on cilest...
  220. Levora side-effects?
  221. missed a period when on ortho evra
  222. Yasmin or Mircette?
  223. HELP! Stopped BCP, broke out, got back on...how long 'til I return to normal?
  224. how long do u stay on ur period when your on depo
  225. yasmin & methylprednisolone at same time
  226. Tri-Sprentic/Spotting
  227. Period after stopping birth control??
  228. Quick questions about birth control and cycles...
  229. Looking for others who removed Mirena by themselves
  230. i stopped taking my birth control couple days ago
  231. Nordette 28
  232. Stopping Loestrin FE 24 - what to expect
  233. Progesterone-only pill to delay period
  234. Birth control causing my migraines?
  235. can i have a tattoo over where my contraceptive implant is?
  236. Issue with Yaz and decreased libido
  237. paragard iud side effects
  238. Micronor and CONSTANT bleeding...
  239. side effects
  240. Birth Control Pill and Acne - please help!
  241. Prempro gave to me as birth control!!!!
  242. I need help/advice fast...please!
  243. Questions about Loestrin
  244. Getting Off Depo shot.
  245. postpone next period?
  246. Broken pills
  247. good idea or bad for 17 year old
  248. Major Unbalance
  249. Loestrin FE-heavy periods with clots
  250. So confused :(.. Please ANYone give me some insight.. Much appreciated xx