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  1. Fibroids Turned to Cancer
  2. Endometrial Biopsy Results...........
  3. Other than cancer what else could it be?
  4. uterine cancer treatment obese patient
  5. having a cryo will help bleeding after sex due to leep month ago?
  6. Comment
  7. after first episode of post menopausal bleeding there hasn't been anymore-do you keep
  8. 4cm Uterine Polyp
  9. Is Uterine Cancer hereditary? I have Atypical Endocervical Glandular Cells
  10. what does an enlarged uterus look like
  11. Hysterosonogram
  12. I had a pap test and endometrial cells were present but nothing was considered abnorm
  13. Need help understanding biopsy results
  14. Uterine Biopsy - how long should the pain last?
  15. adenomyosis/painfull periods.
  16. stressed and worried waiting for uterine biopsy results
  17. mass on endometrial lining
  18. Fibroid tumor and thick uterus lining
  19. Help - Scared!
  20. Which anesthesia for D&C
  21. the lining of my uterus is 10mm thick, what does that mean
  22. My doctor removed some cancers cells off my uterus about 3years ago and now i have no
  23. Really worried.
  24. What could this be?
  25. vaginal ultrsound results?????
  26. i need help to make my mom go to the doc.
  27. thickening of the endometrial lining
  28. Confused, how could they NOT know if it's cancer?
  29. complex hyperplasia with atypia
  30. D&C Scheduled asymetrical uterine wall
  31. Hi Everyone, update on my diagnosis 3C uterine cancer after the radiation
  32. thickened endometrium
  33. thickened endometrium but no bleeding, post menopausal
  34. New to boards, possible uterine cancer diagnosis
  35. do i need an op?
  36. Looking for a good Gyne Oncologist Arkansas
  37. I am a hyperthyroid AND is diagnoised with thick endometrium lining of the uterus
  38. ablation
  39. Pain
  40. I'm litlle bit worry
  41. maligant epithelioid leiomyosarcoma in the uterus... i need help please
  42. What is weakly proliferative endometrium?
  43. lining in uterus thickened
  44. hi
  45. Uterine cancer stage 3c after the surgery radiation
  46. enlarged uterus
  47. Unexpected uterine cancer
  48. endometrial biopsy gone wrong
  49. Help!
  50. Bimbi 48
  51. Any help understanding my pelvic ultra sound?
  52. Some help, Please
  53. anyone have luck with prometrium for hyperplasia?
  54. Cells from uterus that show up in a pap
  55. Recurrence of Endometrial Hyperplasia
  56. endometrial hyperplasia and progesterone
  57. What is a high Blood count for cancer
  58. Does anyone know??
  59. Uterine Fibroids
  60. HELP Yet another D&C for post intercourse bleeding
  61. mri w/contrast
  62. Post Meno Bleeding - Please Input!
  63. Endometrial biopsy.
  64. Mass in Lower Left Quadrant
  65. Right Pelvic Pain
  66. what is d and c
  67. thick lining of uterus
  68. Should I worry about Polyp on Cervix?
  69. mom with uterine cancer
  70. whats is wrong when uteris is thickening to 11mm across
  71. vulva itching
  72. Periods 2 years after menopause?
  73. Very Scared Endometrial Cells On My Pap Test My Mother Died Of Uterine Cancer At 49!
  74. New info Cancer spread Please Help I Beg
  75. Can I have an Endometrial bx done in the Gyn office or should it be same day surgery
  76. Endometrial Hyperplasia
  77. my endometrium thickness 1 day before my period is 8.6 is this normal
  78. endo uterus cancer
  79. Endometrial biopsy
  80. How long from diagnosis to surgery?
  81. Thickened endometrial lining
  82. question...PLease share experiences
  83. scenario advice?
  84. 2nd opinion?
  85. Help I am Little worried?
  86. complex hyperplasia with atypia..surgery postponed
  87. bleeding after sex and cramping?
  88. Right sided pelvic / hip pain
  89. How long did you have pain after uterine biopsy?
  90. Do I have uterine cancer? Please advise - really scared
  91. Hysteroscopy?
  92. Ultrasound
  93. Bleeding after intercourse
  94. spotting-second opinions
  95. Post Menopausal Bleeding
  96. Dx Endometrial Hyperplasia 5 years ago
  97. Ultrasound
  98. Cervical ABLATION questions
  99. can prometrium be used to treat endometrial hyperplasia?
  100. VIN
  101. lower pelvic and back pain
  102. possibly endo cancer
  103. excessive bleeding/thick lining
  104. Bleeding
  105. Having Biopsy Today
  106. dominant follicle noted in left ovary means
  107. AUB anemia,fibroids,cyst & stuck ovary
  108. worried about having a biopsy...
  109. "mass" found in endometrium, what is a mass??????
  110. my results from d&c and endo biospy
  111. what is the thickness of the uteral lining
  112. D&c
  113. complex hyperplasia with atypia
  114. How often does a thickening of the uterus mean cancer?
  115. How can they tell if it's fibroids or other types of tumors?
  116. Radiation treatment for stage 1 B uterine cancer
  117. happy new year to all
  118. Help ..... thick uterus and fibroyds
  119. what is the difference between a d&c and a endo biospy
  120. please help.....had biospy and now have follow up letter
  121. Need advice ..... I am concerned
  122. going into hospital for hysteroscopy next tuesday under a GA so scared
  123. endo biopsy
  124. new 'simple'test for uterine cancer
  125. Thick Endomentrium Strip and Fibroids
  126. vulvar cancer? symptoms of cancer
  127. vulvar cancer
  128. feel unwell what are the symptoms of uterine cancer
  129. worried with symptoms?
  130. thicking of the womb........is it always cancer?
  131. Complex Hyperplasia with atypia
  132. can you tell if a fibroid is cancerous by doing a biopsy of the uterus?
  133. New to Board & Worried
  134. Large polyp small polyp?
  135. Very concerned about these symptoms!
  136. endometrial biopsy for 7mm thickness with no PMB
  137. No polyps, what now, cancer?
  138. help
  139. can uterin polyps turn into cancer
  140. Going for an endo biopsy Monday, I am scared.
  141. im frightened
  142. uterine cancer
  143. Just had D&C, endo biopsy and ablastion...
  144. HELP....Still Bleeding after Endo Biopsy
  145. help with symptoms
  146. Cryotherapy, for the 2nd. time.....
  147. please help....advice needed
  148. Stage IV Uterine Cancer...Mom diagnosed
  149. weird cells,lining,& ovary?
  150. Abnormal Pap: Endometrial Cells Present - could this be cancer or something else?
  151. Endometrial Biopsy - Possible Cancer Of Uterus?
  152. Please help with results of TV Ultrasound!!!
  153. Is this a symptom of uterine cancer?
  154. uterine spasms???
  155. Can you help? very worried
  156. Scared........
  157. lining of uterus "irregular"
  158. Tenderness During Bi-Manual Exam
  159. hoe long got uteriou lining to thicken
  160. Surgery Time
  161. Need Women's Opinions, Please.
  162. Mom had Biopsy
  163. Treatment - Gemzar-Docetaxel
  164. Mom just diagnosed
  165. Anal cancer/radiated pelvic & bleeding from vagina
  166. pap results
  167. recurrent endometrial cancer?
  168. Worried about my mom!
  169. Fibroids or ovarian c.
  170. u/s report..could it be ADENOMYOSIS?
  171. 64mm polyp
  172. Mom has uterine polyp, worried about cancer!
  173. Megestrol 160mg and weight gain
  174. strange pains
  175. Are these symptoms typical of uterine cancer?
  176. Scared s
  177. uterine cancer ??? really worried and sick
  178. marie
  179. Cone Biopsy
  180. A Typical Glandular Cells
  181. need advice
  182. worried about uterine cancer
  183. questions about thickened uterine lining
  184. Not having the best week, need some help
  185. What symptom's for uterine cancer? PLEASE
  186. how does a pap tell u if u have ovarian cancer?
  187. concerns about an enlarged uterus the size of a 12wk preg. !!!!
  188. Worried about uterine cancer being genetic
  189. boggy uterus??
  190. I'm really scared!
  191. Sister Uust diagnosed with uterine cancer need info
  192. chemo
  193. Advanced uterine
  194. I'm not sure if a lump in the vaginal canal is normal.
  195. Worried
  196. anyone with complex hyperplasia with abnormal cells?
  197. Help
  198. is my doctor too aggressive?
  199. Thick Uterus Lining at 26 years Old
  200. complex hyperplasia with atypia-- pregnancy?
  201. Provera for uterine polyps? Is this med safe?
  202. uterine cancer
  203. Dr has really scared me
  204. worried here
  205. Uterine Cancer Symptoms? What are they? Age 39 here.
  206. enlarged uterus
  207. At the beggining of the process
  208. metatasis uterine cancer
  209. Could this be cancer?
  210. Senior, post menopausal bleeding
  211. Biopsy in September
  212. risk of uternie cancer
  213. HELP - smaller than a pea lump near my uterine opening
  214. Prolonged severe bleeding
  215. She said she has 6 months !! please.....
  216. AGC on pap and irreg periods
  217. Endometrial Biopsy
  218. can a uterine growth cause hormonal symptoms?
  219. Newbie seeks info
  220. I'm scared
  221. ultrasound results
  222. Adenomyosis & Leiomyoma?
  223. Complications 18 years after original diagnosis/treatment
  224. Bleeding during sex and BMs
  225. New sypmptoms, advice please.
  226. terrible uterine pain
  227. Anyone Else Have This Problem?
  228. abnormal pap smear 3 years ago
  229. future possibility of uterine cancer???
  230. D&C - What The Doctor Told My Husband
  231. Uterine/ovarian cancer testing
  232. Genetics
  233. Thickened uterine lining
  234. Bleeding...Uterine Cancer
  235. Cancer Question Help Needed
  236. Should I be worried?
  237. Precursor to Endometrial/Uterine Cancer
  238. Anyone Ever experienced recurrent uterine cancer?
  239. My Gram...

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